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Chapter 334

There was the sound of servants moving around outside the house, and someone stopped at the door and whispered, “My lady, are you all right?”

Nina stiffened.

There was no need to think about it, but I knew it must have been the maid who heard the noise inside and was worried before coming to ask.

She was too busy glaring at the man in front of her, motioning for him to let go of her hand.

Yet it was as if Kepler was invisible, his hands still on her waist, locking her between her body and the door panel, against the dead.

Nina Hua was helpless and could only manage, “Nothing.”

The maid was confused, but didn’t ask any more questions and turned to leave.

Only after everyone outside had left did Nina Hua glare at Kepler again and said in a cold voice, “Still not loosening up?”

Kepler looked at her calmly and didn’t let go, instead he leaned forward slightly and got closer to her.

A strong sense of oppression came over Nina Hua’s heart like a thunder drum, and he couldn’t help but shrink back with his entire body.

Kepler suddenly laughed lightly.

“Distant, you have me in mind.”

Nina Hua trembled fiercely.

As if already certain of the outcome, Kepler reached out and gently cupped her chin, forcing her to look up at herself, her eyes dark and sunken, the coldness in the depths of her eyes faded quite a bit, but there were a few more emotions she couldn’t see.

“You know what I’ve been thinking about a lot these past few years?”

Nina Hua was confused and didn’t say anything, looking straight at him.

Kepler fondled the skin on her chin and whispered, “I often wonder why you abandoned me when you were so passionately in love with me.Was it true what you said to me at that time?You’re with me just for a novelty, a poor boy with nothing is not worthy of your status as Miss Hua…”

Past memories flooded into the mind like a wave.

Five years ago, when Nina Hua was still young and young and energetic, the first time she saw Kepler, she fell in love with the young man with the cool temperament and wild eyebrows.

But at that age, even if you like it, how can you say it easily?

The more I like it, the more I struggle with it, the more awkward it gets.

You obviously love it so much in your heart, but you must act like you don’t care on your face.

Especially, she was still the eldest Miss of the Hua family.

The friends she made around her were all either rich or noble, all of them upper class sons of Visterdem.

Even Jenny Jing, before Mo Caiwei’s accident, was a jewel in the palm of the Jing family’s hand.

More climbing in rich circles, when one day, someone asks if she’s with a poor boy and makes snide remarks about her.

And for some reason, she just ghosted off, it was just for fun, what’s the fuss!

The other side provoked her, saying that she would only be able to marry a wild boy from the countryside in the future, and that she would never be a good match for someone else.

She clearly didn’t mean it that way.

She just wanted to say that the young man she identified with was not a poor boy from the countryside.

He has insight, guts, and courage.

He was a dusty jewel, by no means comparable to the really vulgar country bums.

So, she believed in him and would one day be able to use her strength to prove that he could be worthy of her.

But she didn’t get a chance to say any of these explanations.

Kepler stood at one end of the alley and listened to all the words she said toe-to-toe.

To this day, Nina Hua had never forgotten his gloomy and indifferent eyes at that time.

It was as if an instant had pushed her a thousand miles away, and they were so close, so close that they were only a few steps away, but it was as if they were so far apart, so far away that she was simply out of reach.

The next day, Kepler disappeared.

With just under a week to go before the entrance exam, he left, quietly, without leaving her a word.

Nina Hua was angry and hateful.

After all, she’s so arrogant and spoiled, who hasn’t held her in their hands and spoiled her since she was a child?

But what is this man, who just because he heard a few words, just walks away without saying goodbye?

During that time, she searched frantically, called him frantically, and even snuck off to his old home to find him.

But nothing came of it.

Later, she overheard the ones she was arguing with before, and someone saw Kepler leaving the country, as if he was still with a woman.

She didn’t believe it, and chased her father out of the country after the exams were over, despite his objections.

It was a car race, he was still cold-eyed, but he was in high spirits, the car was fast and steady, and he took the first place without any doubts.

He opened the door, got out, and then embraced a girl next to him.

A pleasant, happy smile broke out on his face, stabbing into her eyes like a knife.

Look how stupid you are!

The guilt she refuses to admit, the anxiety, the worry, the missing, the tangles of youthful love, the self-righteousness of love, may be a trivial affair in the eyes of others.

She was on this side of the Atlantic, imagining how sad he must be to hear those words, but the truth was, he was so intent and beautiful that he never even put her words in his heart or felt sorry for her.

In the end, she didn’t show up and went home disappointed.

In time, this bone-deep love was buried in the heart, never to be brought out on display again, never to be known again.

Nina Hua’s thoughts drifted far away, upstream against the current of time, and for a moment, staring into the eyes of the man in front of him, it was as if he was truly seeing the young man from the beginning once again.

Kepler was still going on.

The voice was low and hoarse.

“I had given up on you, I thought that the distance of space and time would change everything, including my infatuation and fondness for you, in fact, I did, I haven’t seen you for four years and I really seem to have faded away, I could have fallen in love, flirted and even slept with another woman.

But why is it that every time you get to that crucial step, it’s your face that appears in front of you?Do you think you’ve put some kind of parasite on me?It made me no longer able to like other women, even, even the simplest physical touch felt disgusting, and for a while I even questioned if I was a normal fu*king man or not.

In fact, your reappearance proves that I am, distantly, and you know this no better than I. There is a voice inside me that rejects all the women out there for me, just because it hasn’t quite put you down and forgotten you, it belongs to you, and now, do you still want it?Forget everything that was right and wrong in the past, accept it and love it all over again, okay?”

Chapter 335

Nina Hua cried out.

Tears rolled down in big drops like beads with broken strings.

Her heart felt like it was being squeezed hard by something, sore and swollen, and there was an indescribable feeling spreading through her that made her tremble slightly.

Kepler sighed sorrowfully and took her into his arms.

Nina cried even harder as she clung to his clothes, burying her face in his arms.

Five years, four years of separation, the craziness of that night a year ago, and then, she gave birth to Happy alone.

The tangled feelings, grudges, and rights and wrongs between the two of them made her almost exhausted.

She wanted to give up, and now she just wanted to take her child and go away, live quietly, and never touch something as hurtful as love again for the rest of her life.

She had even given up her father and favor as the eldest daughter of the Hua family for this.

But then, at this very moment, he came to say such things to her, to make such demands.

Is he doing this on purpose?

Intent on not making her feel better, a slap on the wrist and a sweet date, so that there was no way she could give up hope completely and keep fishing for her like a fish.

Why should he?

Just because you still like him a little bit?

The more Nina Hua cried, the more frustrated he became, sobbing, shaking his fist and hitting him hard.

Kepler didn’t resist and stood there motionless, letting her vent her anger.

It took a long time before Nina Hua got tired of crying and finally stopped crying.

I was about to get up from his arms, but unexpectedly, a man suddenly pressed the back of his head, followed by a deep k*ss that fell.

Nina Hua’s heart shuddered and gripped his clothes, only to feel that his entire body was so weak.

It took a long time before Kepler finally let go of her, pulled out his phone, and made a call out.

“Li, get the car ready, and the series of documents you’ll need for the wedding formalities, and then wait downstairs…”

Nina Hua stared at the man, and before he knew it, the man had finished his instructions and hung up the phone.

She snapped, “What are you doing?”

Kepler put away his phone and looked at her carefully.

“Yao Yao, will you marry me?”

Nina Hua: “……..”

“Let’s not get into anything else and just get married, okay?Your family, my family, and all that messed up past, we were always worried about it before, so we never got a good result, and in the end we only made each other more tired, now, we are not young anymore, and Happy needs a complete family, so let’s not think about it too much, get married and everything will be solved, okay?”

Nina Hua was stunned there for half a second before he shook his head.

“No, no.”


Her face changed slightly, and her heart sank in the end.

“Kepler, what is the reason you’re proposing to me now?Don’t say it’s because you love me, I don’t believe it.”

Kepler’s face also sank.

He stared at her, and his eyes seemed to grow cold again from before, but in the end, he tried to restrain himself and said quietly, “And what do you think it’s because of?”

Nina Hua pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

Kepler suddenly sneered.

He reached out, caressing her face, his voice cold and low, “Yao Yao, five years ago, you hurt me once, so I hung you out for four years as revenge, that night a year ago, you came over to me, but you took the initiative that night, now, you want to hurt me again, and abandon me again?”

Nina Hua trembled fiercely.

She clenched her fingertips and felt the nails sink into her palm, a bit of a sharp pain.

Kepler’s eyes suddenly went completely cold and gloomy as he looked at her.

“But now, I’m no longer the Kepler of five years ago, so I will also never allow you to leave again, this marriage, you have to get married or not, understand?”

Nina Hua opened his mouth to say something, but gave up.

Kepler patted her cheek with satisfaction and whispered, “I will love you, Yao Yao, just like you loved me in the beginning.”

Nina Hua: “……..”

After a few minutes, Kepler’s mobile phone rang and he pressed connect, it was his assistant, Xiao Li, calling.

“Young Master, the things are ready.”

“Okay, I’ll be right down.”

After saying that, he dragged Nina Hua out the door.

The maids didn’t know Kepler, but felt a little strange watching him pull Nina Hua out.

The reasoning is telling her that when her father comes back later and finds out about this, he won’t have any good results for her.

But the other voice, still unable to stop jumping with excitement, was obviously just a small flame, but it was also so big that it overpowered all reason.

Kepler quickly dragged Nina Hua to the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Since they had been greeted in advance, the staff there was ready when the two arrived.

Signed, photographed, all in one go.

In less than twenty minutes, it was done.

From the civil office, until he got into the car and looked at the marriage certificate in his hand, Nina Hua still didn’t feel real enough, feeling as if he was in a dream.

It’s incredible.

In the next second, the hand was empty and the marriage license was drawn away.

She froze slightly and turned to look at the man beside her in puzzlement.

“What are you doing?”

“I’ll keep it for you.”


“Where’s the why.”

The man, without fail, took away both marriage licenses.

Nina Hua: “……..”

Why does she feel like she’s completely jumping out of the pit?

Thinking of Kepler’s current identity, a fluke suddenly rose in my heart.

She cautiously asked, “That… does this thing have any legal effect in the country?”

Kepler looked at her coldly.

“What do you think?”

Nina Hua: “……..”

All right!It’s really screwed up.

Did he put some kind of parasite on her just now at home?

Why did he come out to testify against her?

Nina Hua was a bit raw.

Around the time of the complex, the return journey seemed to get a little faster, and it wasn’t long before we were back at the Chinese villa.

Nina Hua wrenched open the car door and wanted to get out, but was stopped by Kepler.

It wasn’t long before the assistant, who had been called Little Lee, came over with a suitcase of luggage.

“Young Master, the stuff is here.”

Kepler nodded and instructed him to put his things in the boot, then, he started the car and drove out.

Nina Hua’s eyelids jumped, and his face turned pale with fright.

“What are you doing, Kepler?Why are you taking my luggage?”

Kepler tugged at the corners of his mouth as he drove.

“You’re married, do you have to change that name?”

Nina Hua choked.

Chapter 336

The man gave her a sideways glance, and in his gaze, Nina Hua didn’t hold back in the end and complained, “This proposal ceremony isn’t romantic at all, and there’s no wedding, so I won’t admit it, so don’t be delusional.”

Kepler shrugged his shoulders indifferently, “It doesn’t matter, legal recognition is fine.”

Nina Hua: “……..”

The car soon reached the airport.

When looking at the ticket the man in her hand had already prepared, Nina Hua hesitated.

After imagining the reaction to learning of all this when Wa Kyung Thaek went home, he eventually followed him on the plane.

She knew that some things, once chosen, there was no turning back.

Although it’s hard to admit it on the lips, the heart of the matter has actually agreed with it, right?

Recognize the voluntariness, the authenticity, and the true voice of that marriage license, deep within yourself.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon when we arrived in Kyoto.

On the plane, Nina Hua’s phone was turned off, so he didn’t receive any calls.

As soon as we got off the plane, however, the phone kept ringing.

There’s Wa-Kyung Zee’s and there’s Belinda’s.

She hesitated, and instead of answering her father’s call, she took her brother, Huayu’s.

As soon as the call came through, Belinda’s exasperated voice came through.

“Nina Hua!Are you out of your mind?Bringing that man into the house when you know Dad doesn’t even approve of what you guys are doing?Where are you now?Hurry up and get back here!”

Nina Hua sat in the car, head down, his face expressionless as he picked at a hole in his ripped jeans with his finger.

“We’re married.”

“What marriage?Don’t you dare talk to me…what did you just say?You guys…”

Hua Yu only now reacted, the opposite side was quiet for several seconds, no need to look, Nina Hua also knew that he was probably ruthlessly angry, choked for a moment, not by saying: “brother, I’m also in a bit of a messy mood, do not want to fight with dad for the time being, you help me to calm him down, after a while, when he has calmed down and thoroughly digested this news, I will take Kepler back together, and talk to him face to face again!Once.”

Hua Yu was furious and laughed back, “Nina Hua, you’ve grown wings and skills, haven’t you!Let me calm you down?How the hell am I supposed to calm you down?Did you ever think of your brother before you started?I fuking stole that contract for you and you’re going to marry the kid named Ji, how the fuk am I going to explain this to Dad?Are you trying to get your brother killed?”

“Sorry, brother.”

“Don’t call me brother!I didn’t even want my family for a man, and I don’t have a sister like you!”

Nina Hua’s heart was also a bit clogged at the moment, and even though he knew that Hua Yu was speaking in anger, he still couldn’t help but control the red eyes.

She looked up even as she turned her head to look out the window, keeping her eyes wide open so that the tears wouldn’t fall so quickly.

“Brother, you’ll always be my brother, even if you don’t recognize me, I’m still relying on you, you’ll have to worry more about your family, don’t worry, I’ll take good care of myself, I’ll be back when Dad’s anger subsides, that’s it for now, I’m hanging up, you take good care of yourself too.”

She said, and hung up the phone quickly, as if she was afraid that if she said one more word, she would collapse.

The entire time, Kepler sat on the other side, watching with cold eyes and not speaking.

There was a strange silence in the car.

This silence was not broken until the entrance to the villa.

“Young Master, here we are.”

Kepler nodded, pulled open the door and got out of the car.

Nina Hua rushed out without even thinking about it.

Back home, Nina Hua went straight to the bedroom, and Kepler followed after putting his luggage down.

There were only the two of them in the house now, so Nina Hua didn’t lock the door, and Kepler was able to enter the bedroom and see her sitting in front of the window, her face covered in tears.

His eyes dimmed a little.

But in the end, he didn’t go over there to comfort, and he knew that there were some things that comfort wouldn’t work.

Hua Jingze didn’t like him, and he didn’t like the Hua family, especially since that dislike wasn’t something that could be changed by either side bowing their heads.

She had to make a choice.

After crying for a while, Nina Hua finally felt better, and when he turned back and saw him standing in the doorway with his arms folded, he was furious.

“What are you doing over here?”

Kepler raised his eyebrows.

“This is my house, why can’t I come over?”

Nina Hua gave a direct laugh.

“You’re really shameless, this is the house that Jenny helped me prepare, don’t say you, I’m not even good enough to lick my face and say that it’s my house, but you’ve got the nerve to say it!”

Kepler’s face remained unchanged, still saying, “If you like it, I can buy this house, or, if you like somewhere else, pick as you like.”

Nina Hua choked.

When the anger came up, he went to push him regardless.

“You get out and go back to your own house, it has nothing to do with you here.”

Kepler suddenly held her hand.

She was startled, and when she looked up, she was met with his serious eyes.

“Yao Yao, I’m serious, where you are, that’s my home, and I don’t recognize anything else.”

Nina Hua stalled.

There was a sour feeling that came up from the bottom of my heart, a mixed feeling.

She quickly withdrew her hand and flicked her eyes to the side, not quite meeting his eyes.

But his mouth was still hard, “Who wants to be in the same family as you, self-interest!”

Kepler doesn’t care, only laughing lightly, “Husband and wife are one, such a simple truth, you should understand.”

Nina Hua: “……..”

For a moment, she was left speechless.

Looking at her deflated appearance, Kepler smiled pleasantly.

He leaned over slightly, leaned in close to her, squeezed her face a little indebtedly, and whispered, “Call your husband to hear.”

Nina Hua stared at him hard.

“Good thinking!”

Finished, ignoring him again, he turned and walked to the bed.

The man didn’t get angry when she threw him a cold face, but instead gave a low chuckle.

He was a little tired after a long day of running around and didn’t want to dwell on this verbal spat with her any longer, so he took his clothes and went to take a shower.

Some time before that, Kepler would occasionally come over to stay, so there were his clothes here.

Nina Hua lay on the bed somewhat tired, gritting her teeth and thinking that she should never have, never should have gone soft and agreed to his request.

So now it’s neither in nor out.

She was suddenly at a loss again when she thought about everything that had just happened.

They’re really married?

How come it doesn’t feel real?

She reached up and pinched her arm, some of the pain showed it was real.

She sighed again and grabbed the pillow next to her, covering her eyes.

After a while, there was a squeak from the bathroom door and someone came out.

She immediately removed the pillow and turned to look at the man who had just gotten out of the shower.

He was shirtless, wearing only a white towel, revealing a large expanse of honey-colored skin and a body with strong, beautiful musculature, as if each piece had been carefully sculpted from the heavens, s*xy but not overdone.

I don’t know why, but she’d seen this body more than once, but she still couldn’t help but blush every time she saw it in such a big, bold way.

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