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Chapter 361

After all, the day before yesterday, the old man had acted like he was protecting his shortcomings and was very unhappy about her forcing Clara to apologize.

It’s like a different person today.

Jenny thought there was something strange about this and declined without even thinking about it.

But on this side, just after rebuffing the old man, on the other side, Xu Hui called her again.

She didn’t know Xu Hui well, but because she was closer to Guan Ji Ming and Xu Hui was Guan Ji Ming’s wife, her relationship would naturally be slightly better.

Xu Hui called her to ask her to go to the spa with her.

This time Jenny was even more surprised.

After asking, only to find out the original she opened a chain of shops, the shop recently introduced a new massage, it is said to be very comfortable after pressing, for women’s maintenance effect is particularly good.

But not to invite her sooner or later, but at this juncture.

Jenny instantly felt overwhelmed.

It must be because Master Guan invited her to the Guan family on the front foot and she didn’t say yes, and only then did Master Guan ask Xu Hui to invite her on the back foot.

Jenny cried and laughed, but didn’t think much of the Guan family’s big battle, though he felt confused.

Since they were all so enthusiastic, it was not a good idea to push and push again, lest they call again later, so they agreed.

That afternoon, the two went inside a high-class beauty club, changed clothes, and came in two massage technicians.

They were both wearing overalls and masks, and Jenny noticed that one of them had a familiar shape, but since he couldn’t see with the mask on, he wasn’t sure who it was.

But she didn’t think much of it, after all, she couldn’t know anyone here.

The masseuse’s craft really is very good, Jenny since that night jumped into the water, these two days the body always feel some chills, the heart knows that there is a possibility of cold, at home a few anti-cold medicine, at this time some faint valley yawn sleep.

When pressed by such a good maneuver, the whole sleepiness was deeper.

So it didn’t take long to actually fall asleep.

She did sleep carelessly, but had no idea how shocked the person who was massaging her at the moment really was.

A spa session took over an hour.

Jenny was woken up by Xu Hui.

She hadn’t expected to be comfortable enough to fall asleep, and smiled a little embarrassed.

I thought the service was pretty good and the technique was great, so I got a membership card and made an appointment to come back next time before leaving satisfied.

She didn’t notice, however, that as soon as she left on her front feet, the technician who had given her the massage immediately changed his clothes, drove off, and left the other way.

At this time, the Guan family’s old house.

Master Guan sat in his room, looking at the gray-haired old woman in front of him.

“Are you sure you saw the birthmark on her back, really?”

The old woman’s name was Mrs. Xiang, an old maid who used to be with Guan Jiwan, and had brought that child for a while when she was young, so she knew the characteristics of the child very well.

She nodded, “Yes, I’m sure.”

“What about the hair?”

“Got it too.”

Sister-in-law Xiang said, and took a small transparent bag out of her pocket, only to see that what was inside was exactly a few hairs.

Master Guan sank and said in a cold voice, “Take it for a DNA test, along with Clara’s.”

Mrs. Xiang nodded her head and thought about it, but she was a little confused.

“We also tested Clara’s DNA in the first place, or I personally supervised it, so by all rights there shouldn’t be a problem, so how could it be fake?”

Master Kwan snickered.

“Maybe it was moved from the middle, or maybe there’s another secret?Anyway, test them all again, and this time, make sure you’re watching every step of the way, and never give anyone a chance to interfere and make sure the results are true, understand?”

Mrs. Xiang nodded her head evenly, “Understood.”

Master Guan waved his hand and Mrs. Xiang was about to leave.

However, at this moment, a maid’s voice was suddenly heard from outside.

“Second Miss, why are you standing here?Why don’t you go in?”

They were both startled, looked at each other, and then looked slightly different.

Master Guan gave a wink to Mrs. Xiang before saying in a deep voice, “Is it Clara who’s here?”

The door to the room was pushed open from the outside and Kyoia walked in.

I saw a box of tea in her hand and smiled, “Grandpa, with the door closed in broad daylight, I thought you weren’t here, but you were in your room!”

Kwan looked deeply at her.

Clara looked harmless, and looked at Xiang’s wife beside her again, seeing that both of them looked a bit strange, and asked curiously, “Did I say something wrong?”

Master Guan said in a deep voice, “Did you hear anything just now outside?”

“I don’t hear anything, are you guys talking about something I can’t hear?”

Looking at her dazed and innocent appearance, Master Guan frowned deeply for a moment, finally believing her.

“Okay, nothing much, are you coming over for something?”

“Oh, last time you said you wanted to drink Yunshan Mao-tip, and it just so happened that a friend gave me some this morning, and they’re all top-notch, so I’m hurrying to bring them over to you!”

Kwan looked at the tea in her hand and nodded, “You have a heart.”

Clara smiled and said, “Since you and Mrs. Xiang have business to talk about, I’ll leave first.”



Clara left the room, her face instantly sinking.

She didn’t know if she didn’t know that Jenny was the real child of Guan Jiwan.

This secret had been told to her by Kelly Wang long ago.

At first, Jenny was determined to get back the relic her mother had left her, but little did she know that the seemingly ordinary necklace was actually a token.

At that time, Kelly Wang accidentally learned the secret and stole the necklace, replacing the blue gemstone with a red one.

And, secretly, she arranged for her to take over the role in place of Jenny.

But the secret had been kept well hidden, and she thought it would remain undiscovered for the rest of her life.

I didn’t think it would be known so soon!

Clara sneered.

Jenny, Jenny, why do you think you’re so annoying?

I hadn’t really intended to kill you, after all, and she didn’t want to get herself into trouble.

But no matter where you are, you’re always in her way, and that’s true in Visterdem, and it’s still true in Kyoto.

Why should you be born to be a high and mighty lady while she has to be the dirt beneath someone’s feet?

Heh.Verified, right?

Is there no point in finding out if someone is dead?

If that’s the case, then you’re not going to live!

So as not to be obnoxious to look at and block people’s progress.

Clara quirked a wicked smile and pulled out her mobile phone, making a call out.

“Our secret has been discovered, and now I need to talk to you about what kind of death to give her!”

Chapter 362

The next day, Jenny returned to the set.

Recently she had taken on a costume drama, a rare martial arts theme nowadays, not a big hit, but Jenny Jing liked it after reading the script, so even though it was only a third female role, she still agreed to do it.

On this day, it just so happened that a martial arts scene between her and the second man was to be filmed.

Instead of performing indoors and then pinging the backgrounds later, the director chose to shoot at real locations in order to make the scenes realistic.

The location chosen by the crew was a rather famous mountain on the outskirts of Kyoto.

The mountain is famous for having a nationally known Taoist temple on it, and the scenery is beautiful and lush, and it happened to be a warm sunny day, so standing on it was just refreshing.

The crew cleared the set and set up the camera before filming, and Jenny got dressed and walked out to start preparing for the hanging wiya.

For this scene, the location was chosen to be on the edge of a cliff.

Jenny plays the female San, who is ostensibly a geisha who sells her wares at a fashionable place, but is actually a killer in a neighboring country.

For the survival of his homeland, he assassinated the crown prince of the dynasty.

The second male found out who she was and kept hunting her down to the edge of the cliff.

In the end, she is seriously injured and falls down the cliff to her death, but she is unable to defeat him and a group of soldiers.

The character’s characterization is rather aloof, which fits Jenny’s character perfectly.

After getting dressed and posed for Weah, the director shouted “Action!”

Jenny Jing’s gaze instantly turned cold.

She covered her wounded chest, a trace of blood still on her lips, and with a knife in one hand, she retreated to the edge of the cliff.

Lin Zongye, who played the second male role, said in a deep voice, “You have no way out, just tie your hands!”

Jenny Jing slowly lifted the corner of his lips.

That smile, cold and resolute.

“No, I have a way out!”

She said, releasing the hand that covered her chest and holding the knife upright by the handle.

The officers and soldiers chasing after him turned pale.

Lin Zong Yu’s face was as pale as water and he said in a deep voice, “You’re working for your mother country and seeking nothing more than a chance to be rich and prosperous, things have come to a dead end, I’ve already pleaded with Lord Shang to spare your life, so why do you have to be so stubborn?”

Jenny sneered.

There was no sign of emotion in the cold and delicate face.

“If you do your duty for your country, why should you both die!”

After saying that, holding the knife, he rushed straight towards Lin Zongye’s direction.

As soon as Weah moved, the fight began.

Jenny had already set up a good move with Lin Zongshi ahead of time under the guidance of her martial arts teacher, so they fought beautifully against each other.

It ends with Lin Zongye slapping her on the left shoulder, and Jenny spitting out a mouthful of blood and falling down the cliff.

Of course, not actually falling down the cliff, just watching her disappear down the cliff from the camera, Weah will actually be hanging on until the end of this split shot and then pulling her back up.

But at that moment, something changed!

The original Jenny had been ready to follow his palm breeze and fall down the cliff.

But as soon as my foot left the ground, I heard a clattering sound.

Before she could react, she only felt her centre of gravity shift, and the left VIA rope had snapped in response!

Jenny turned pale with fright.

However, that wasn’t the worst of it, the scary part was that, looking up, the right side of the rope was also only holding on by a single tendon, which was also apparently about to break.

She reached for the rope and grabbed it, and just then there was a click, and sure enough, the right rope snapped too.

Jenny could only grasp the rope with two strong hands, like a kite that was hanging in the air.

That’s when the people up there noticed something was wrong.

“What’s going on?Why hasn’t anyone been put up yet?”

The props crew turned pale and rushed over, saying urgently, “Director, it’s bad, there’s a problem with the machine and Weah can’t put it up.”

The director’s face changed dramatically.


He scrambled to his feet and hurried over to Weah’s machine, “What’s going on?What could go wrong?”

The colleague in charge of Weah said, “I don’t know, it was fine this morning, but now it’s stuck.”

The director’s name was Zhou Article, and he cast Jenny in the role because she had the right temperament for the role, and also because Lu Yanzhi highly recommended her.

Thus, Jenny Jing’s identity and background was known to him.

At this point, his heart sank as he watched the machine just not budge, no matter how much the prop team tried to manipulate it.

The crew has never had this problem in all the time they’ve been filming, so why is it suddenly broken today?

Zhou Wen didn’t have time to think deeply, he arrived at the edge of the cliff, looked down and shouted, “Jenny, how are you?”

At this point, Jenny could only rely on the strength of his arms to grip the rope, his body already overwhelmed.

But she gritted her teeth and said, “I’m okay, but the rope around my waist broke and now I have to hold on by hand, what’s going on up there?”

As soon as the director heard the rope break, his face changed dramatically and his heart sank even more.

“It’s okay, there’s something wrong with the machine, just hang in there, I’ll send someone down right away to help you.”

Afterwards, the director hurried off to get a spare lifeline.

At this point, Jenny was already a strong crossbow.

Vaiya’s rope was smooth wire, her entire body weight sustained only by her hands as the force strangled the wire into her flesh, and the excruciating pain from her palms made her almost want to give up.

But she gritted her teeth and held on to the two wires even though blood was running down her palms and both arms were shaking slightly from the pain.

For, beneath her, was a cliff of ten thousand feet.

If she let go and fell from here, she could guarantee that she would be in pieces, not a scrap left.

After a long time, a lifeline was finally let down.

But Jenny was running out of strength to grab it, and about a few dozen seconds later, a crew climbed down the lifeline.

“Jenny, hold on, I’ll save you right now.”

He said, and hung another rope, around Jenny’s waist.

Just then, there was a rumbling in the sky at first, and thunder rolled in.

But within a few moments, the rain of beans came down without life.

Jenny’s entire body was so weak that she trembled her arms, allowing the other man to hang the rope on top of her wiener set, then let go of the wire and hung with him the whole time.

They yelled at her through the rain curtain, “Hang on, we’ll be right up.”

For some reason, she couldn’t quite see the other woman’s face.

I could only vaguely feel his mouth opening and closing, so I nodded my head in coordination.

The staff is experienced in mountain climbing.

About two minutes later, it took her back to the ground.

Chapter 363

The rain crackled and pelted down like a life sentence.

Jenny sat crouched in the place, trembling all over.

The director and a group of staff members immediately came around, urgently concerned, “How are you?All right?”

She nodded.

“Hurt your hand?Hurry!Take her to the hospital right away!”

Jenny’s memory of what happened afterwards was actually very fuzzy.

She didn’t know what was going on, but she just felt so dizzy and dizzy that everyone was seven feet away from tying up the wounds on her hands with cloth for the time being, but the blood kept flowing as if it was trying to drain her body clean.

It didn’t take long for her to pass out.

Meanwhile, on the other side.

Close the house.

Master Guan met Mrs. Xiang.

Both of the hairs that were sent to us have been DNA tested and the results of the report are in.

Just the result was a surprise to everyone.

Because, as it turned out, not only was Jenny Jing indeed the daughter of Guan Jiwan, but Clara, too, did have an indirect blood relationship with the Guan family.

This time, Master Guan and Mrs. Xiang were both confused.

Why didn’t you expect this to be the result?

Because Guan Jiwan had died, the DNA samples taken for verification were not only those of Clara and Jenny Jing, but also those of the old man.

Even though they are intergenerational blood relatives, they can be tested out with sophisticated calculations.

But as it turned out, Jenny Jing and Clara, both possessed a quarter of the Guan family’s bloodline respectively.

What’s going on here?

Master Guan and Mrs. Xiang were both in a state of bewilderment.

And just then, he suddenly received a phone call.

The call was from Guan Xuefei, telling about Jenny’s injury, and Guan was ruthlessly shocked, asking for the address of the hospital and immediately rushing over.

On the other side, Biden Lu also got the news.

The film was invested by Anning International, and Jenny’s relationship with him has long been public.

Therefore, Jenny was in trouble on the front foot, and the producer’s side immediately called him on the back foot.

Biden Lu was the first to arrive, and when he arrived, Jenny Jing was still awake.

After a doctor’s check-up, she was found to have a high fever of 39.5 degrees, but fortunately the shots were given and the fever had gone down.

The injury on the hand, because of too much force, the wire is like a sharp blade, the whole thing cut into the palm of the hand, the two most critical large blood vessels and two tendons were injured, that’s why there was so much blood at that time.

An injury like this can’t be recovered from in a month or two.

And even if you recover, it will have an impact on your future life, like not being able to exert yourself or lift heavy things or whatever.

The other thing was that when Jenny broke the wire at the time, she had a swing and her whole body hit the mountain wall hard, causing injury to the bones in her back.

A few injuries add up to a lot.

The crew didn’t think that she would be hurt so badly, and looking at Biden Lu’s clouded face, as if he was about to eat someone, they were too frightened to speak, not even daring to take a breath.

The director, Zhou Article, walked up with the prop crew, cautiously.

“Mr. Lu, these two are the colleagues in charge of the props today, but I’ve already asked them, the Weya that Jenny used was fine in the morning, and it broke off when she used it in the afternoon, this is obviously someone who deliberately tampered with it, so it should have nothing to do with them.”

The article of the week was intent on trying to plead for the two prop groups.

After all, if this is to be true, they’re actually innocent.

After all, who knew that an hour ago, people used to be fine, just a lunchtime effort, and in the afternoon Jenny see you again, there was a problem.

They can’t check it every time someone uses it, they usually check all the props uniformly at the end of the day, so that’s why this was a mistake.

However, at this time, where was Biden Lu to care about this.

He stared gloomily at the two prop team members and said coldly, “Vicky!”

Vicky came up immediately.


“Take them down and interrogate them severely!”


Watching those two people being taken away, Zhou Article opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end didn’t dare to say it.

It didn’t take long for Master Kwan to arrive.

As soon as he rushed in, he immediately asked, “Where’s Jenny?How’s she doing?”

Biden Lu frowned and didn’t say anything.

Just at this time, the doctor came out of the operating room and walked directly to Biden Lu and reported, “Mr. Lu, the injuries on her hands have been stitched up, only the blood vessels and tendons are disconnected, during this time, she can’t do anything with her hands, especially can’t lift heavy objects, you must remember everything.”

The hospital was run by the Lu family, and the doctor naturally knew Biden Lu.

Biden Lu’s face sank a little more and he nodded his head.

Master Guan was beside himself with a disconnected blood vessel and tendon, instantly scared to death and about to pass out with a roll of his eyes.

Luckily, he was held in time by Mrs. Xiang, who gave him another pill and helped him sit down beside her.

Biden Lu, on the other hand, no longer had time to think about why he had run over, and learning that he could now watch people, he immediately followed.

Jenny was sent to the VIP ward.

In the white room, she lay quietly on the bed, her eyes closed, her face pale as hell.

Biden Lu sat down beside her, lifted the blanket and looked at the injury on her hand.

Both of her hands were so thickly wrapped in gauze that she couldn’t actually see the wounds anymore.

Still, he watched carefully, as if he could see her injuries through the layers of gauze.

“What are you stopping me for?Don’t you know me?Let me in!”

There was the sound of Kwan’s roaring voice from outside.

Biden Lu frowned, but in the end, he got up and walked out.

“Grandpa Kwan, did you come over for something?”

When Master Guan saw him, he immediately restrained his anger and said in a deep voice, “I’m going in to see Jenny.”

Biden Lu’s face was gloomy as water, not too good.

“Sorry, she needs to rest now, she’s not seeing anyone.”

Kwan choked.

He slowed, touching the coldness in the man’s eyes as well as the repulsion, and suddenly understood something.

Explaining evenly, “Ah Shen, you don’t suspect that I did this, do you?I’m too old to deal with her, she’s just a child to me!”

Biden Lu sneered.

“What wouldn’t you do for your precious granddaughter?It was only a few days ago that Jenny made Clara lose face in front of everyone, and in the blink of an eye, something like this happens, do you think it’s possible to make me not suspect you in the slightest?”

Master Guan: “…”

He knew that at this time, even if he tried to explain, Biden Lu wouldn’t believe him.

So he had to sigh.

“Okay, it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me, but I really just want to look at her, or if you’re really worried, just let me stand in the doorway and watch from a distance, just one glance, okay?”

Biden Lu frowned.

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