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Chapter 43

They quickly went inside, only to walk through the rockery garden with a wide lake in front of them.

At night, the street lamps as well as the moonlight fell on the water, shimmering and swaying, but it was impossible to see at all.

The doorman led the two men up the stairs and into the lobby, where they took another escalator ride before finally arriving at the box they had previously booked.

The name of the box was Mizuki, but it fit the mood of the moment.

The inside is also meticulously furnished with an antique design that incorporates the science of modernity in certain details to make the guest experience more comfortable and convenient.

Directly to the south was a large window, the outside of which faced the lake, and standing here, you could see more widely than you had just seen from below, and you could even see the lights on the stone arch bridge in the distance, which was brightly lit, and the view was elegant and unique.

Jenny smiled, “The scenery here is so beautiful, I love it.”

Biden Lu hooked his lips.

Since I already knew her preferences, I picked this place to bring her here.

They were seated and ordered their food.

Another flavor that Jenny liked.

She was embarrassed by the man’s thoughtfulness, always feeling as if she had taken advantage of him, but had nothing to offer him in return.

Thinking about the Snapshot Shea case, she looked up and down in the office this afternoon as she waited for the artist meet group to return.

Snap Shea tweeted on it the way she said, and the response was great.

Although nothing definite had been achieved yet, she was confident that if she followed her plan, the case would be a complete success in a short while.

So then he said to Biden Lu, “Don’t worry about Xie Snap’s case, I’ve already started handling it, and I’ll clear things up in a short while.”

Biden Lu looked at her with a thin smile in his eyes and said in a soft voice, “How come it feels like I’ve not only found a good wife, but also a good helper?”

Jenny was stunned.

At that moment, something flashed through her mind.

She looked at Biden Lu and didn’t say anything, but in her heart she made up her mind.

After eating, Jenny had to go to the bathroom.

There was a bathroom in the compartment, but it wasn’t soundproof enough for her to use it.

The public restroom was at the end of the corridor, next to the lift, and Jenny went out the door, prompted by the attendant to head to the women’s restroom.

As soon as she came out of the bathroom, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar figure walking in the direction she was in.

Jenny was stunned, and without knowing why, the ghost took a step back.

It happened to be hiding behind a panoply of pillars in the bathroom doorway.

It was Rovell and Clara who came over, and with them was a middle-aged man wearing dark glasses.

Jenny recognized that it was Lu Yanzhi, a famous first-tier director in China.

I heard the three of them talking and laughing.

Lu Yanzhi smiled, “I had always heard that Mu Shao had a very beautiful and virtuous assistant, I never knew who it was, but now I know that it was Clara.”

Rovell smiled, “Thank you Director Lu for taking care of Clara all these years, I hope we can work well together this time as well.”

“Of course, I’ve watched Maya grow up, she has a lot of potential and will definitely be the youngest film queen of her generation.”

Clara also laughed, “Then, thank you for your auspicious words, Director Lu.”

“‘Hidden River Fang Hua Lu’ is a script I’ve been painstakingly polishing for several years, it contains a lot of my heart and soul, Clara, you mustn’t let me down!”

Clara nodded her head nicely, “Don’t worry Director Lu, I will do my best to interpret this role and will never let you down.”

“That’s good, that relieves me.”

A line of people walked past her.

Because of Jenny’s slim stature and wearing black clothes today, hiding behind a dimly lit pillar, not a single person noticed.

It wasn’t until all three were in the lift that she squared off behind the pillar

Face out.

In the meantime, look at the direction the three left.

The Hidden River Fang Hua Lu, a script she had read before by coincidence.

She loved the script at that time.

In today’s male-dominated world, even the big female costume dramas are dominated by harem scenes.

It’s just acting out the story of a few women stealing a man.

But this play is different, it’s a true female epic, a story about war and peace and the change of dynasties, written entirely from a female perspective.

Jenny felt hot blooded after reading it then.

In this play, she sees a different kind of value.

That women can be free from petty love, and that if they are given the same resources and status, they will not necessarily do worse than men.

It’s just a shame that because the script is so structured, with a total of six countries running through the middle, it would require a very large investment to present it in its entirety, and it would be very difficult to film.

Because of this, despite the feverish discussions about the script back then, it was shelved because it couldn’t find an investor.

All these years, she hadn’t heard anything about a shoot coming up.

I can’t believe we’re getting somewhere now?

And it seems like they’ve cast Kyung Ah in the lead role?

Jenny dropped his eyes slightly, calculating on the matter.

When she returned to the compartment, Biden Lu had already paid the bill.

Jenny was a little embarrassed.

It was clearly agreed that she would pay for it, but she ended up making people pay for it.

Biden Lu pulled her hand and walked out, saying as he did so, “Mrs. Lu, did you forget that we are already married?What’s mine is yours, and isn’t it the same for whoever’s buying?”

Jenny blushed a little at his words.

Mumbling quietly, “Then you’re not losing a lot of money?”

Lu Jing deeply smiled, “Well, knowing that I’m losing a lot of money, I’ll make it up to you tonight.”

Said a particularly ambiguous and suggestive squeeze on her hand.

Jennyton’s spine stiffened.

Turning to look at him, he gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t even think about it!”

Afterwards, he quickly shook off his hand and got into the car when he was first.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on the new product for the past two years.Is it any wonder you want to do something else?”

Jennyton was speechless.

She knew it, this man was bad!

Always teasing her!

Back at home, Jenny quickly looked up the information about the Hidden River Fang Hua Records.

She saw this script two years ago, and she remembers the general framework, but the exact details have been forgotten.

The good news is that two years ago, this script was hot in the circles and there was a lot of news about it on.

Seven and seven can be pieced together.

Jenny Jing compiled the information he found into a document and sent a copy to Evelin.

Soon, Evelin returned the message.

“Jenny, are you trying to get me to take this script?”

Jenny didn’t bother to sell out and simply said, “Well, you can see if you like it first, and tell me what you think after reading it.”

In the next second, Evelin just sent a voice over with excitement.

“Jenny, no need to read it, I already read it two years ago and I super liked the script!Sister Jenny, do you want me to play the female role of Xie Fanghua?”

Jenny: ….

A few seconds later, three words were returned.

“Good thinking!”

Evelin: …….

It’s so heartbreaking!But still, keep smiling.

Chapter 44

Jenny Jing quickly typed, “Look at the third female in it, I think this role is perfect for you, although the drama is not as much as the second and first female, but the character is distinct, it is a very bright role, if you play it well, the effect will not be worse than the first and second female.”

Only then did Evelin carefully re-read the scene about the third woman.

It took about ten minutes to get back to the message.

“Jenny, I’ve seen it, yes, I like the role, but can I compete for a production of this size?”

Jenny hooked his lips.

“You’re just responsible for drilling the script and leaving the rest to me.”

“Okay, thanks Jenny.”

After communicating with Evelin, she put down her phone and sat on the couch to contemplate for a while.

For a moment, he moved over to the computer and typed Lu Yanzhi’s name on it.

She doesn’t know Lu Yanzhi very well, and her knowledge of him is limited to his directorial work.

While having information about a person from above sounds a bit unconvincing, there’s no other way to go about it now.

The good thing is that Lu Yanzhi is famous and has a wide range of information, sifting through it and probably learning about 70% to 80% from it.

Jenny was flipping through the pages when his phone suddenly rang.

She picked it up casually, it was Nina Hua.

“Jenny, are you free tomorrow night?Come with me somewhere?”

Jenny laughed, “Aren’t you going to shoot a movie?To what?”

Nina Hua paused for a moment, and after two seconds, was a little guilty, “I’m taking the day off, there’s a racing race in the eastern suburbs.”

Jenny’s fingers on the touchpad.



Her eyes lingered on the computer’s column about Lu Yanzhi’s hobbies for a moment, slowly curling her lips, “Yes!”


The next day.

Jenny finished dealing with the business at hand and got off work early.

Nina Hua had already arrived and was sitting in the car waiting for her.

Jenny went to the basement to get her car, and when she came out, she saw Nina Hua get out of the black sedan like a thief and quickly flashed into her car.

Once in the car, she also looked around carefully to make sure no one was paying attention before waving at the assistant out the window.

Jenny couldn’t help but laugh, “I said sister, why are you watching the race when you’re so scared?Isn’t it good to stay honestly on the set and film?”

Nina Hua pulled out a small mirror from his bag and checked the makeup on his face as he said unhappily, “Who said I was afraid?Don’t you want the paparazzi to catch me being unprofessional again?That white lotus sister next door to your family has been on the hot search for three days and two days, at one point she ignores her body to go into cold water for the film, at another point she is so tired from work that she faints, vom-!”

Nina Hua made a disgusted expression, “Dedicated people are fu*ked up like this, can I as her not take care of some image for the family?”

Jenny couldn’t help it.

But Clara has always been like this, no matter what’s going on internally, externally she will always be the three good images of gentleness, beauty and dedication.

She was already used to it.

The car made its way to the suburbs.

When she was almost at the racing venue, Nina Hua suddenly pulled her sleeve.

“Jenny, help me check if the makeup on my face is okay, right?Is that a nice dress to wear today?”

Jenny stared at her in dismay.

“Did you… take the wrong medication?”

Nina Hua: …….

After a few seconds, Jenny Jing finally realized in hindsight that something was wrong with Nina Hua.

From the moment I called her today, she had looked both eager and apprehensive.

You’re not always sure how you look.

Extremely confident, she actually started applying makeup from the moment she got into the car today.

Now you’re asking her if she’s pretty?

Jesus!The beauty who once claimed to be able to look down upon Xi Shi actually needs to confirm her beauty from others?

Is this a perversion of human nature or a moral bankruptcy?

Nina Hua seemed to realize his abnormality and laughed awkwardly.

Half a dozen times before tugging at the corner of his coat and twisting, “Today, he’ll come.”

Jenny stared in astonishment.

There was no need for Nina Hua to explain who the “he” she was talking about was, Jenny naturally understood.

The two have been at the same table since high school and have since developed into BFFs, talking almost nothing at all over the years and having no secrets at all.

Moreover, Nina Hua’s crush on Senior Season was a big deal six years ago, and no one knew about it.

In the past few years, she has gradually been raised from a passionate, arrogant, domineering, and domineering family girl to a silent and restrained, noble and cold, and the world thought that the scandal was just a youthful impulse that had long been washed away with the passage of time.

But only Jenny, who was a best friend, knew that that person’s position in Nina Hua’s heart had always been there and had never left.

It is said that men chase women across a mountain, and women chase men across a veil.

But six years backwards, the distance between the two seems not only not to have grown closer, but further and further apart.

Thinking of this, Jenny couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

Looked outside and was already in the car park.

She stopped the car, then turned to check on Nina Hua, reaching out to tousle her slightly messy hair and straighten the chain around her neck.

Then with a serious face, I scrutinized it.

And handed her her own lipstick from the bag.

“Change the colour!This colour is more youthful.”

Nina Hua was dissatisfied, “I’m already very tender!”

“Well, you’re tender, but this colour should be more to his liking.”

Nina Hua would believe it.

As he reached for it, he asked suspiciously, “Really?”

“Well, trust me, I promise!”

Nina Hua didn’t doubt it, wiping off the original lipstick on her lips with a wet tissue and carefully applying the new one in front of the mirror.

After applying it, I noticed that the colour really complimented her makeup and outfit for the day.

With a wide eyebrow, he peeked over and hugged Jenny.

“Jenny, thank you.”

Jenny smiled and gave her a fist pump, “Go for it!Punch the duck!”

“Well, I’ll be sure to cheer!Let’s try to hug the beautiful man soon!”

The two men got out of the car.

The venue was already crowded and there were eight teams racing this evening, so there were more people there.

The cheerleaders and referees were already in, and there were many fans, mostly young men and women with small flags or banners in their hands, standing in their respective territories and making a lot of noise.

Instead, none of the drivers have shown up yet, probably not until the race is about to start.

Wearing a mask and cap, Nina Hua was fully armed, and with his head down, he pulled Jenny into the crowd, quickly getting behind one of the convoys.

“Jenny, this is Kepler’s team, this team was built by him, he has won many championships from home and abroad in the past few years, it’s awesome!”

Jenny nodded.

A girl noticed them back and asked in a friendly manner, “Are you guys a fan of Season’s Advent too?”

Jenny was stunned, trying to figure out how to answer without wearing out his welcome.

Suddenly, I heard Nina Hua doggedly say, “Yeah, yeah!Do you have an extra flag with you that I could have one of?”

Chapter 45

The girl was generous enough to give each of them a small flag with the name of Kepler’s team on it.

At the end, he reminded Nina Hua, “Sister, since we’re all fans of the god of cars, I’d like to remind you not to dress up so tightly in a place like this, it’s easy to be mistaken for a spy sent by the rivals.

But don’t worry, I trust you, I get a very familiar feeling when I look into your eyes, so I don’t think you’ll ever be an undercover agent!”

Jenny Jing clearly felt Nina Hua stiffen.

She accosted him with a smile, “Yeah?Thank you for your trust, then!”

Jenny really couldn’t hold back his laughter, and was busy changing the subject, “How long before the match starts?”

“Eight o’clock.”The girl looked at her watch, “It’s almost time.”

As I was saying that, I suddenly heard a loud whistle from across the room.

Then the cheers thundered and all eight team riders were out!

Nina Hua went crazy all of a sudden!

“Ahhhhhhh… he’s out, so handsome, so handsome, so handsome!Jenny, have you seen him?In that blue race car, the eyes are so deep, the skin is so white, and the face value seems to have improved a few levels after a while!Oooh, it’s really cool and stylish!”

Jenny: ….

The drivers all wear helmets sitting in the driver’s seat, she can only see a glance past the refracted light, glare hard, where handsome?

Wordlessly tugging on her sleeve, she whispered, “Nina Hua, calm down!”

“I can’t calm down!”

“Don’t forget you’re an actress.”

“Ooh, actresses need love too!”

Jenny: ….

She really can’t stand this sister’s nymphomania somewhat, and can only whisper and bite her teeth, “No matter what, you’re also the Miss Hua family, the number one beauty in the entertainment circle, and after chasing others for six years you can only squeeze in a bunch of little fans to wave your flag, are you ashamed?”

Nina Hua: …….

She turned her head and glared hatefully at Jenny.

“You’re not opening the pot!”

Jenny smiled in triumph, his gaze crossing over Kepler’s team and landing on the black race car across the street.

Only the little flags and banners over there all had Lu Yanzhi’s name written on them.

While she was up there last night checking information, she accidentally saw Lu Yanzhi’s other identity, Dark Horse Racing Team’s top racing driver.

Although Lu Yanzhi is already a well-known director in China, he has always kept a low profile, so few people know that he still has this identity.

And the racing community has always been closed, so those who don’t care about it don’t pay attention at all, so even fewer people know about it.

Jenny Jing dropped her eyes slightly, thought about it, greeted Nina Hua, and excused herself to go to the bathroom to go outside.

On the track, the whistle blew and the race had begun.

A 4km course rally, divided into qualifying and final rounds, three in all!

Of the eight teams, only the four teams that successfully qualify will have a chance to make it to the final round.

There are two final rounds, with a last-place elimination system, and the first to reach the finish line in the last round wins.

Prior to that, Seasonal Advent had won four consecutive championships.

And before him, the championship had always belonged to the Dark Horse team.

This time, the Dark Horse team was led by Lu Yanzhi, and the morale of all the team members was boosted, as if they would not stop until they had won the championship.

Soon, the qualifying rounds were over.

The Dark Horse team advanced unsurprisingly.

Also advancing together were Flying Eagles, represented by Kepler, and two other teams.

The finals are about to begin.

In the rest room, the team had been relaxing and preparing for Lu Yanzhi, when one of the team members suddenly came over and said, “Brother Lu, someone is looking for you outside.”

Lu Yanzhi has some.



The man scratched his head, not knowing why his face was even a little red.

“I don’t know, but I’m pretty good-looking.”

Biden Lu was even more surprised.

“A woman?”


“Let her in!”

Jenny was led in and immediately saw Lu Yanzhi sitting in a chair.

Compared to the director’s appearance, this time Lu Yanzhi is even more fierce peak sharp, although he is already in his 40s, but he looks like a hot-blooded teenager with a hidden cold sharpness in it.

She hooked her lips slightly and walked up to him with ease, extending her hand and smiling, “Director Lu, long time no see.”

“Is that you?”

Lu Yanzhi was surprised.

He knew Jenny.

Five years ago, at the admissions exam at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he had seen this girl’s work as an examiner at the time.

He was amazed then, only to be disqualified later when Jenny was exposed for plagiarism and stealing his sister’s work.

He was sorry, but the rules of the examination were established there and he had nothing to say, and then he got busy with work and paid no more attention to the matter.

I never thought I would meet here today.

For a moment, in the end, he gave a polite smile and got up to shake her hand.

Jenny Jing smiled, “It’s such an honor for Director Lu to remember me.”

Lu Yanzhi’s smile was forced.

“Did you come to see me for something today?”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t come to you for what happened five years ago, although I do feel wronged, but things have changed, and no one wants to pull at stale things, right?”

In the meantime, Lu Yanzhi was about to say something.

Jenny had already spoken in advance.

“I hear the Dark Horse team wants to be first this time?”

At the mention of this, the neighborhood perked up.

Lu Yanzhi’s attention was also successfully diverted.

He gazed at Jenny and said in a deep voice, “So what if it is?”

Jenny laughed.

“It may not be polite of me to say this, landlord, but it’s true, Dark Horse’s hopes of competing for the title are really slim.”

Everyone’s face had sunk as soon as this was said.

Someone said angrily, “It’s not even compared to what you have to say that?”

“Exactly!I think you’re just here on purpose to pick a fight, believe it or not we’ll kick you out right away!”

Jenny Jing hooked his lips, still looking at the crowd with that same easy-going manner.

The last time he competed was four years ago, when he lost by 0.5 seconds to Kepler, who took away the car god’s honorific title and hasn’t competed since.

In the past four years, Kepler has won the championship one after another, and Dark Horse has always wanted to reclaim the title, so he has been practicing hard, and I know that the land director has also been practicing hard, and his speed has been reduced from 2 minutes and 3 seconds four years ago, to 1 minute and 54 seconds.

I have to say that’s a really impressive result in a four-kilometre field rally, but do you know what Kepler scored last month when he competed abroad?”

Lu Yanzhi’s face changed slightly.

Jenny Jing smiled and said word for word, “1 minute and 48 seconds.”

Everyone in the room took a breath of cold air.

It’s only a short six-second difference, but everyone knows how hard it is to earn those six seconds.

At a level as top as theirs, almost every single one of them had already developed their potential to the limit, and it was almost impossible to strive for anything more.

But, 1 minute and 48 seconds, that’s just sick!

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