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Chapter 55

I said, and the whip lashed out in the air.

A crisp ringing sound broke through the air and Ruan Jiaojiao was startled.

I don’t know if I was really scared or nervous or what, but I stumbled and forgot my lines.

“Don’t you dare touch them, I, I…”

What’s that back there again?

Ruan Jiaojiao’s face was a little white, and in the audience, Lu Yanzhi frowned.

Clara’s face didn’t look too good either.

It took her a lot of effort to convince Lu Yanzhi to cast Ruan Jiaojiao in this role, but today, halfway through, a man comes out of the blue and she herself is still so indiscreet!

It wasn’t that she was so nice to Ruan Jiaojiao, it was just that she was somewhat isolated from the entertainment industry all these years as she made her way alone.

Not only is Jillian Nguyen her cousin, but she’s also signed to her studio, and even if she’s on fire, she can only be a marionette on her hands.

Not only that, but a lot of the things that she can’t conveniently do can be done by Ruan Jiaojiao, which is a rare and good piece.

Thinking of this, she smiled off to Lu Yanzhi and said, “Jiao Jiao has always been very serious, but she’s just too nervous to act in Director Lu’s drama for the first time.”

Lu Yanzhi’s face still didn’t look good, but he didn’t say anything.

Sort of gave Clara a face.

In the back, Jenny Jing silently quirked his lips.

She knows that sometimes you don’t need to do anything, the enemy has already taken matters into their own hands first.

That’s the power differential.

At any rate, Ruan Jiaojiao ended up thinking her lines up and stumbled through the last half of the scene.

It’s just the effect!Well, that’s a matter of benevolent wisdom.

Next, it’s Evelin’s turn to play.

Clara dropped her eyes slightly, not knowing what came to mind, and suddenly said, “Director Lu, I’ve been acting for so long, but I’ve never tried to play Sister what it’s like!Why don’t you let me set her up for this one?”

In the meantime, Lu Yanzhi subconsciously feels that this is not good.

But it was hard to refuse, so I could only look up at Evelin.

“What do you think?”

Evelin was also a little surprised.

But Lu Yanzhi wasn’t even good enough to refuse, and she, as a junior, was even worse.

I can only nod, “Then it’s troublesome for Senior.”

Clara laughed.

After changing, she sat in the chair.

Ye Lanluo, played by Evelin, is likewise escorted up by several strong men.

Compared to the flamboyance and bravado of Nguyen’s performance, she is much more restrained and calm.

A pair of eyes sternly stared at the Sister sitting above, though not speaking, the cold, stern eyes had expressed her anger.

Sister said in a cold voice, “I heard you refused to learn to dance?”

Yelanluo knelt on the ground, his head still high despite his hands being tied.

One word at a time, he said coldly, “I am a princess of West Vietnam, how can I learn such cheap tricks from an actress?If you want to kill or cut me, you’re at my mercy, and there’s no way you can get me to bow!”

The last four words almost sounded like gritted teeth.

With a vow of courage and determination.


The whip swung down.

There was a muffled sound, and Yelanluo trembled in pain.

In the audience, Jenny Jing changed his face abruptly.

When Nguyen Gillian auditioned just now, although she also lashed out, it was a very skillful hit on the open space next to her.

So while it sounded pretty loud, it didn’t hit her.

And Clara just whips people?

Evelin didn’t seem to expect her to go off the deep end.

Surprised, King looked at Maya and King’s next line.

She blanched at the hot pain in her arm and quickly reacted to it, adjusting her position.

Gritting his teeth, he stared angrily at the high-strung Sister and spat, “Bah!”

“Heh!If I can’t teach you a lesson, I can’t teach anyone else one?Someone, bring the man up here!”

Still no physical performance.

Compared to Ruan Jiaojiao’s panic, Evelin Kang was clearly more prepared.

Even when there is no rivalry in a scene, it can be played realistically and emotionally.

I saw her face to the air, angry and heartbroken, her fishy red eyes filled with endless pain and determination, but with a hint of controlled helplessness.

“Guan Zhijun!If you treat my Ye Clan like this today, if I turn over on the other day, I will definitely cut you into a thousand pieces to pay for the blood of my Ye Clan!”

Angry roars rang out across the stage, and Elanor was pulled down by a group of strong men.

Auditions over.

There was a round of applause from the audience.

Jenny Jing stood up and smiled at Lu Yanzhi, “Director Lu, how is it going?Have the actors I recommended to you disappointed you?”

There was also a smile on Lu Yanzhi’s face and an affirmative nod of his head.

“Well, it’s good, the performance is relaxed and even when faced with an unexpected situation, he can react quickly, a good seedling worth cultivating.”

Jenny Jing blinked and looked towards Clara who was walking back from the stage.

“I’m sorry, Director Lu, I was so into it that I didn’t hold my hand for a moment.”

Lu Yanzhi waved his hand, “Might as well do it, but in the future, we should be aware that while we seek to get into the movie, we still need to maintain a shred of sanity, especially to protect the actors.”

Clara smiled, “Lu Dao is right.”

I said, and looked at Jenny again.

“Sister, congratulations to you, you snagged the role for the actor under your hand.”

Jenny Jing looked at her, sarcastically curling his lips.

“I heard you won an award last year and I always thought you were improving your acting!When I look at it today, I see that you can be brought into the picture by a late actor to the point where you forget what you’re doing, and I see you’re no better than that.”

Clara’s face stiffened.

At this time, it just so happened that Ruan Jiaojiao and Evelin Kang had both changed out of their clothes.

She took a deep breath and smiled, “Sister is distressed about the actors under her hands, I understand that, but I’m actually doing this to better inspire my opponent’s emotions, don’t you think so, Evelin?”

She said, turning to look at Evelin.

Evelin looked at Clara and then at Jenny Jing next to her.

Although she was frustrated, she was just one more person who would inevitably cause trouble for Jenny.

Could only nod, “Senior Jing is right.”

Only then did Clara revealed a satisfied smile.

When Lu Yanzhi saw that Jenny looked ugly, he even came out smiling and making rounds.

“That, since this matter is set, Jenny, you take some time to bring her to my place to confirm the details of the contract, and then Clara, you also pay attention to study the script more on your side, it will start next month, let’s strive to shoot smoothly then!”

Clara nodded, “Good.”

Jenny Jing’s eyes rolled, but suddenly said, “Director Lu, I’ve always liked the role of Xie Fanghua, I saw a scene of sisters competing against each other earlier, can I try to act as well?”

The role of Nguyen Gillian next to him was robbed, and he was already very upset.

Now hearing that she was also going to act, she immediately disdained, “You’re not an actor, what are you acting in?”

“Just for fun, can’t it?My sister has always been so nice to me, she shouldn’t mind something as simple as giving me a theater set!”

Jenny Jing looked at Clara with a playful face.

Chapter 56

Clara went slightly pale.

To say no would definitely be considered petty.

It was good that she had been acting for so many years, while Jenny Jing had never acted before, so it was conceivable that she knew nothing about acting at all.

If she’s coming to humiliate herself, let’s do it.

Thinking this way, Clara smiled chest-to-chest.


Lu Yanzhi saw the situation and agreed.

He sat back behind the monitor, with some hidden anticipation.

After all, although he had chosen Clara to play Xie Fanghua, Clara was honestly not the perfect candidate he had in mind.

There are just no remaining better options at the moment, so we’ll have to make this arrangement for now.

As for Jenny, he had been amazed at first sight.

In the meantime, it’s time for you to take a look at the newest addition to your own website.

It was just that Jenny wasn’t an actress after all, and had never heard of her having any thoughts of pursuing this aspect of acting.

Therefore, even though Lu Yanzhi had some thoughts in his heart, he could only hold them back.

After all, acting is not a house of cards, and while there is post-editing, the actor’s own acting skills are still important.

Although Clara wasn’t the perfect candidate in his mind, the acting skills were there and he believed that he could do at least about an eight as long as he was well-trained.

But they were naturally better off since they could compete in the same game.

It’s a good time to see who’s better for the Xie Fang Hua he has in mind, versus the candidate he’s forced to make in reality.

It wasn’t long before Jenny Jing and Clara had each changed their outfits and walked out from backstage.

Jenny Jing was wearing an armored battle suit, while Clara was wearing a large red palace dress.

They’re going to be challenged with the most scene of the entire show.

Jenny Jing plays the female lead role of Xie Fanghua, while Clara plays Xie Fanghua’s sister, Xie Liuse.

Xie Fanghua and Xie Liuse were both daughters of the Prime Minister of West Vietnam, but after the fall of West Vietnam, they were taken to the Upper Capital of East Li together with Princess Yelanluo.

Xie Fanghua had been a martial arts practitioner since childhood and was good friends with Ye Lanluo, who had secretly been responsible for protecting her and her sister.

However, not long after arriving in the Eastern Li Kingdom, Ye Lanluo voluntarily became the emperor’s favorite consort in order to restore the country.

She and her own sister, Xie Liusel, are also gradually diverging from each other because of their different ideals and trivialities.

The prince of the Eastern Li Li Kingdom, whom Xie Liusher falls in love with, is willing to betray Xie Fang Hua to get the crown princess position, revealing to the prince the hiding place of the rest of the West Vietnam Kingdom.

Xie Fanghua broke with it, escaped from the palace, went through six countries, and finally led her remaining tribes to raise a great banner in the northwest, and established the first female imperial state in history, which was called Xia.

This scene is about the final scene in which Xie Fang Hua invades the Eastern Li Kingdom with her horses and soldiers, and meets Xie Liuser, who has been the Empress Dowager for many years, again to say goodbye.

With the sound of “action”, the show began.

Xie Liuser sat on the high hall, the emperor was dead, the new emperor was young, and she as the Empress Dowager was draped over the curtain.

However, at this time, there was an urgent report from a general outside the temple gate.

“Report-!Empress Dowager, Xia’s army has killed their way in!”

There was a commotion in the palace.

“What to do?Or we’d better run away!”

“There’s no escape, all four gates, east, west, north, south, and south, have been breached, and now it’s all Summer.”

“Where’s General Conquest?What about the soldiers of the Palace of Wuying?Where did they all go?”

“They, all of them, have

…killed in action!”


The courtiers were in an uproar, but Empress Xie, who was sitting on top of the dragon chair, remained expressionless and calm.

Just then, the temple door opened.

The generals clad in Xuan armor rushed in.

“Those who surrender will not be killed!None of the rest will be left!”

A clash of swords and the sound of screams rang out on the stage.

Xie Liusel looked at the figure that walked in from outside the palace door, and his face like dead water finally moved.

Xie Fanghua, a Ning a mysterious armor, holding a spear, converging eyebrows into temples, converging eyebrows have been cold, a golden armor to create a cold aura, such as Shura Hell from the Black Fiend Yama King, with a cold pride enough to look down on the world, overbearing!

In the audience, Lu Yanzhi watched Jenny Jing walk out of the scene and his pupils shook fiercely.


The image in his mind, which coincided with what he was seeing before him, another moment of excitement.

This… this was living proof that this was the Xie Fang Hua of his heart!

The woman whose country is in ruins, displaced in the chaos of the world, seeing the cold and warmth of the world, gradually hid her tenderness in the midst of war and the death of her loved ones.

Abandoning the red and picking up the spear, we’ll cross the mountains and rivers!

Until finally, he returned with pride to the world!

Not only Lu Yanzhi, but also the rest of the staff were dumbfounded!

I never knew there were girls who looked so good in armor!

Not weak, but instead adding heroic, but not manly, just adding a hint of strength and dominance to that uniquely feminine beauty, highlighting the dominance and majesty of her years on the throne.

Oh, my God!It’s so provocative!

Above the palace, Xie Liusel looked at the woman in the hall, the hand placed on her sleeve slowly clenching.

“You’re here.”

Three simple words, with some ironic poignancy.

Xie Fanghua looked over with cold eyes, and with one look, someone had already pulled her off the throne.

“Let go!This palace will go by itself!”

She struggled and in return received a merciless slap!

The person who hit her was Xie Fanghua.

She said in a cold voice, “This slap is to return the favor of betrayal you gave me fifteen years ago!”

Fifteen years ago, Xie Liuxer had climbed into the Prince’s python bed and Xie Fang Hua wanted to escape the palace, Xie Liuxer promised her help while betraying her entire plan to the Prince.

That time, she almost died from an arrow.

Clara’s face was slightly averted, as if she didn’t expect her to hit really.

But it soon dawned on her that she was being vindictive!

Revenge for the whip she had just given Evelin.

In the end, it is a movie queen, although dripping with water in, but the basic acting is still passable.

It was because, after just a moment of anger, she immediately switched her face.

“Do you know why I betrayed you in the first place, sister?”

Xie Fanghua looked at her and made a vague guess.

Just listen to her slowly: “Because since childhood, you’ve always been the best, always the most beautiful, Ah Dad likes you the most, Ah Niang loves you the most, even the Crown Prince, who has also been reduced to a prisoner, was the first to see you.

What is it that I can’t do better than you?I’m not good at martial arts, but that’s what men learn. Why do they all like you in the end?

I vowed not to live in your shadow, I vowed to ascend to the highest position and trample you underfoot sooner or later!”

Chapter 57

“I did it!But why?Why have you come to destroy me again?

Do you know how hard it was for me to take the position of Empress and how hard it was for me to survive to become Empress Dowager?

Why can’t you just let me enjoy it a little longer when I can finally enjoy being above all people and never have to be despised again?”

Xeliuser cried and roared, tears slipping down her face.

Xie Fanghua didn’t say anything.

She looked at her once beloved sister for a moment, and then suddenly smiled.

“You say no one loves you?Who beat you for stealing my father’s jade fan when you were little?

When you were ten years old, you fell into a pond and almost drowned. Who risked his life to save you?

At fifteen we were transported together to the upper capital…”

Her voice was suddenly choked, as if she was remembering some extremely bad past event.

Those clear and cold eyes were also tinged with a fishy red, with deep disappointment and hatred.

“All the way east for three thousand miles, how many times has someone tried to tarnish your innocence, who has stood in your way time and time again?Who’s going to fight them with a knife?Who is it!Even if I break my innocence, I’ll protect you?”

Sheliuther was startled.

She stared dumbly at Xie Fanghua, as if those long-lost past events flashed through her mind as her resounding words flashed scene by scene.

She was still a young girl when her family was suddenly destroyed, and before she had time to realize what had happened, she was taken to the capital with her sister.

Along the way, her sister teaches her to paste her face with plaster to hide her beauty from thieves.

But she was too much of a lover of beauty to agree, though.

Finally, one night, while everyone was asleep, she quietly washed the mud and dust off her face with water.

She looked at her own delicate face in the water, admiring it as she brushed her own hair.

But just then, the soldiers behind her spotted her, and as if they had found a strange treasure, they all jumped at her.

She was terrified and kept screaming as loud as she could.

In the end, it was my sister who came out and saved her.

She didn’t know what her sister had said to the group of soldiers.

Then the group of soldiers stopped pestering her and took her sister to the back woods.

She goes back to sleep and wakes up the next day and her sister comes back with bruises on her face, rotten clothes, and blood on her hands, but she says that nothing happened last night.

She didn’t think much of it at the time, but wondered why she hadn’t seen the soldiers since then.

The young girl didn’t know what had happened in the first place, but now she was in her thirties.

She already knew what had happened that night in those woods.

It just hadn’t been willing to admit it, to face it, as if the facts that had caused her pain and remorse wouldn’t exist if she avoided them.

Xellouser looked at her sister and suddenly smiled.

The laughter turned to tears.

Like the whimpering of a wild animal, with poignant pain and remorse.

A soldier trotted over, holding a wooden box in his hand.

“My Lord, the jade seal has been found.”

Xie Fang Hua took it, took a look at it, and nodded.

She took the man and turned to walk out.

There was a sudden, miserable yell from behind him, “Sister!”

She stopped, but didn’t look back.

The setting sun shone in from outside the palace, casting a golden glow over the young female general, her back as straight as a pine, like the way she had been taught to practice her spear when she was young.

“Sister, I was wrong!I was wrong!Please let me go!We’re sisters!You can’t kill me, I’m your sister!”

She lay on the ground and crawled all the way up, tears and snot mixed together, long gone from that Empress of the Eastern Li Kingdom.

The woman in uniform, however, still didn’t look back, but her eyes, shrouded in the evening sun, were tinged with stars and red.

She tensed her face, her hand holding the jade seal trembling slightly.

Flashes of taking my sister over the wall and climbing trees to play in the mud as a child but she was too dirty to do so come to mind.

But along with that, there were countless clansmen who died innocently and tragically at her hands.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

It was a long time before she said coldly, “The Empress Dowager of the Eastern Li Kingdom, Xie Liusher, has not cultivated virtue, is rebellious and rampant, and has preyed on the people.Order, give death!”

The sky boomed and thunderstorms sounded.

Xie Liusel stayed there, looking incredulously at the woman standing at the temple door.

The woman reaches into her arms, feels a bottle of poison, and places it on the floor.

“The poison extracted from the Seven Stars Snake, you were bitten when you were a child, I helped you suck the poison out despite the danger, that time I spent three whole months in bed and almost lost my life, now… you can use it!”

Afterwards, ignore her again and stride away.

The show is over here.

It’s just bizarre that there’s no sound from the entire studio.

Jenny was embarrassed.

Was she a bad actress?

Not so much!She had just plainly incorporated all her understanding of the role.

Suddenly, while wondering, an applause snapped.

When I looked up, I saw that it was Lu Yanzhi.

He stood up from behind the monitor, looking incredulous and incredibly excited as he looked at Jenny.


It was only as he spoke that the rest of the group removed themselves from the drama and started clapping after coming over instead.

“Simply wonderful!I didn’t expect to be so good at acting!”

“Yeah, I almost thought it was real just now.”

“It’s moving me!”

Jenny was finally relieved.

The reason why she had just offered to act in this scene, apart from avenging Evelin’s whiplash, was because she had been very impressed with this scene when she had read the script in the first place.

Sigh for this sisterly love, the more fortitude and patience of the female general regret.

It’s not really the world she wants, is it!

But the most bland parental love and sisterly harmony in the world, things that are readily available to ordinary people, will never be available to her.

I don’t know why, but Jenny was suddenly a little lost despite the success of the act.

Lu Yanzhi stepped forward and smiled, “It was amazingly well acted, the whole thing was refreshing!”

Clara deliberately covered her face and managed to smile, “Director Lu is over-praised.”

However, Lu Yanzhi didn’t look at her much.

Didn’t even notice that she was covering her face.

Instead, he stared at Jenny closely, even with a hint of a pleasing smile, and asked, “Jenny ah, do you really like this drama?”

Jenny was a little confused.

I don’t know why he asked himself that.

She could only nod honestly, “Well, yes, I read this script when it first came out two years ago and I loved it then.”

Lu Yanzhi rubbed his hands in excitement at the news like he had picked up some treasure.

“It’s good to like it, it’s good to like it.”

Clara watched the scene, not knowing why, with a vague feeling of unease in her heart.

He didn’t want Jenny to be in this movie, did he?

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