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Chapter 115

After some bargaining, Allen Chu finally agreed to let Noila Mo go out to work, but on the condition that she must work in Chu’s enterprise. Be his secretary. He wants to keep her firmly in his sight.

Today is the first day of work. Noila Mo was particularly excited. A small black suit and a red hip skirt set off her slender figure particularly charming.

“Hello! Is it Miss Noilamo?” The personnel director took her directly to the office next to the president’s office.

There are two other girls in the secretary’s room, staring at the computer screen at work.

“Let me introduce to everyone, this is the new colleague Noila Mo.” The director of personnel introduced, and he was a little bit whispered, what is the origin of this Noila Mo, the president instructed her to personally guide the entry.

“Ah!” With a cheer, a girl in a blue chiffon shirt stood up, her face full of surprises: “Noila! Why are you!”

Noila Mo looked at the girl with a surprise smile on her face: “Jinxin! Why are you here?”

The girl in the blue dress is Noila Mo’s former friend who worked in the restaurant, Gu Jinxin.

Gu Jinxin rushed over and grasped Noila Mo’s hand: “Noila, why have you disappeared for so long? The phone number has also changed. I have called you several times but I can’t get through…”

“Ahem…” The personnel director coughed twice, and a pair of phoenix eyes shot sharp light.

Noila Mo and Gu Jinxin looked at each other while sticking out their tongues. I was so excited just now that I forgot that I was working in the company.

The personnel director closed the door and left. This small office suddenly became the world of three girls.

“Noila, this is Xiang Wan.” Gu Jinxin introduced another girl in the office to Noila Mo.

Noila Mo stretched out her hand friendly: “Hello! This is Noila Mo. You can call me Noila.”

Xiang Wan is very beautiful, with white and tender skin, a pair of beautiful big eyes, long and curled eyelashes, like a doll, dressed in a princess style, she looks like an exquisite porcelain doll.

Xiang Wan pretended not to see Noila’s outstretched hand, and squeezed a smile from her face: “Hi!”

What little girl from an unknown source still wants to shake her hand. Gu Jinxin’s friend is probably another poor girl with no background. She doesn’t need to entertain her.

Gu Jinxin flushed with anger beside him. She had a bad relationship with Xiang Wan, but because of this, Xiang Wan would be so rude to Noila Mo.

Noila Mo looked at Gu Jinxin a little unclear. She didn’t seem to offend Xiang Wan. Why was her attitude so impolite.

“Go, I’ll take you to your work station.” Gu Jinxin winked at Noila Mo, pulled her up and walked to the next table.

The computer is already configured. Noila Mo just entered the work interface.

Just after logging in to the company’s internal communication software, Gu Jinxin’s dialog box popped up: “Noila, Xiang Wan’s father is Chu’s account manager, so she has always been very arrogant in the company. She has that kind of virtue. Take care of her.”

“Okay, I see. Anyway, I can do my job well.” Noila Mo smiled at Gu Jinxin.

It’s great, I didn’t expect to meet Jinxin in the Chu family. Noila Mo felt that her life had some color again.

It feels good to be able to work again. Since being with Allen Chu, her life has deviated from the normal track for too long.

Noila Mo looked at the high blue sky outside the window and took a deep breath. This is City C. She finally came back.

She has called the funeral home and ordered memorial supplies such as wreaths and paper money. Tomorrow, she will go to the cemetery to see her father.

Dad, are you okay in heaven? Is it very happy to be with mom?

Dad, I’m fine.

Noila Mo opened the diary on the computer and recorded his mood at the moment.

“Ding…” The loudspeaker in the secretary’s room rang.

Allen Chu’s voice came from inside: “There will be an important meeting in a while. Please bring Noila Mo to the secretary.”

Xiang Wan looked at Noila Mo in surprise. Generally, only senior secretaries are eligible to attend such high-level meetings. Noila Mo’s little girl who just came today, did the president call her to attend?

Noila Mo was a little excited, and finally was able to meet the legendary high-level. She, a rookie in the workplace, can participate, and she will definitely learn a lot.

When the time came, Xiang Wan coldly shouted: “Noila Mo, meeting.”

Noila Mo took the laptop and walked to the meeting room with Xiang Wan. When she saw Gu Jinxin making a cheering gesture to her from a distance, her heart felt warm.

Xiang Wan led the way. When approaching the meeting room, Noila Mo suddenly became anxious, probably because she drank too much water just now.

“Xiang Wan, will you wait for me? I want to go to the toilet.” Noila Mo said embarrassedly.

Xiang Wan frowned, this Noila Mo was really annoying. She won’t wait for her.

Xiang Wanzhi pointed to the conference room at the end of the corridor: “You can go by yourself in a while, I’ll go first.”

When Noila Mo hurried over after his convenience, the directors and managers of all departments in the conference room had already arrived. Noila Mo stood at the door anxiously holding the laptop, and everyone in the meeting room cast curious glances at her.

This little girl is very face-to-face, and everyone has guessed her identity.

Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps at the door. Noila Mo stood with her back to the door and saw everyone standing up from their seats, shouting respectfully in unison: “President.”

Noila Mo turned her head to see that Allen Chu walked in with a few people who looked like executives.

Noila Mo hurriedly walked inside to make way for them.

When Allen Chu and the others were all settled, Noila Mo found sadly that there were no more seats in the conference room! The only empty seat is next to Allen Chu!

Everyone in the conference room looked at the only girl standing in the room like a monster. Noila Mo saw Xiang Wan cast a reproachful look at her from a far corner.

Xiang Wan is dying, why this woman is so stupid, the secretary should come in early, find a corner to sit down, she is late, she is still there like a stick.

The president asked himself to bring her to the meeting, and now he stabbed the basket. The person to bear the responsibility is still her Xiang Wan!

“Secretary Mo, sit down!” Allen Chu, who looked down at the file, suddenly said lightly.

“Eh?” Noila Mo was a little surprised, but she had to sit down beside him.

“Let’s start!” Allen Chu put his hands on the table, slender fingers crossed, and his thick eyebrows wrinkled slightly, waiting to hear reports from the heads of various departments.

Noila Mo sat beside him, and the corner of his eye saw Allen Chu listening to the report with full concentration.

The deep eyes shoot out a wise light, the fingers are slender and powerful, the wheat-colored skin looks extremely clean and young in the bright morning light, and a cold face is so handsome that people dare not look directly.

Noila Mo has never seen such a Allen Chu, professional, calm, deep and wise, completely different from the arrogant man in her mind!

Noila Mo watched secretly with some idiots, and sighed in his heart: No wonder it is said that working men are the most attractive!

As if sensing Noila Mo’s gaze, Allen Chu’s mouth raised a small smile.

A very, very faint smile, so small that it is impossible to notice.

But Noila Mo just felt it.

Blushing, he quickly took back his mind, and he started to be idiot Allen Chu! Noila Mo felt that his brain must be short-circuited.

Hurry up and listen carefully to the reports of each department manager.

Suddenly, a speech by a manager of the business department caught her attention. The business manager is submitting a business proposal. Noila Mo happened to see this project this morning.

The data the manager said is not the same as the final data report she saw.

The delicate eyebrows frowned slightly. Listen carefully to the manager’s statement. It became more and more certain that the manager was wrong, and the data he provided to Allen Chu was not right at all!

But Allen Chu didn’t seem to hear it at all. I also asked the manager about the most detailed budget with great interest.

Noila Mo couldn’t sit still. She knew that this business was the most important business of Chu’s recent business, and it was of great significance to Chu’s.

She was constantly struggling, after all, she was a newcomer, and she was only on the first day of work today. Even if the manager made a mistake, Allen Chu didn’t notice it. Why was she anxious? It is not her turn to point out the manager’s mistake!

But another voice was saying that since she joined the Chu family, she is an employee of the Chu family, and she must try her best to do everything well and strive for the greatest benefit for the Chu family.

The manager finished speaking and sat down. The projector starts to play another department’s report. There is no chance if you don’t say it.

Noila Mo plucked up all his courage and stood up fiercely, with a trembling voice saying, “Some data in the report of the business manager just now is not correct.”

Noila Mo’s words immediately stirred up a huge wave.

Everyone stared at her in astonishment. This new secretary, even pointed out the mistake of the business manager at such an important meeting!

Everyone whispered to each other. The manager of the business department blushed and his voice was not convinced: “Secretary Mo, you said I was wrong, do you have any basis?”

Noila Mo raised her head with a professional smile on her face, hoping to hide her nervousness with the help of a smile.

She settled down, tried to recall the report she had read in the morning, and said in a calm and soothing voice: “I happened to read the report related to this business this morning. According to statistics, the Chu family spent last year on TV stations and major media. The advertising cost in the magazine is 20 million. I don’t know the benefits of the 20 million, but you should have seen Chu’s annual financial report. The benefits are considerable. And this time, there is no KPI. Under the pressure of assessment, the business department only hires print media and online media, but does not have the expense of TV stations. Why does the advertising cost exceed 40 million?”

While speaking, Noila Mo calmed down completely. In the last question, she looked at the people in charge with an extremely confident smile, waiting for their response.

Chapter 116

His eyes suddenly met Allen Chu’s deep eyes, and Noila Mo did not evade, but stared at him bravely.

At this moment, she has completely forgotten the entangled relationship between her and Allen Chu. She is just an ordinary employee who is putting forward her own opinions on the company’s business and trying to reduce unnecessary losses for the company.

She was ashamed of her heart, so she dared to look straight into Allen Chu’s eyes.

Allen Chu’s deep eyes flashed with admiration. Unexpectedly, as a newcomer, Noila Mo had such sharp eyes. She suddenly pointed out the doubt that he hadn’t even thought about.

Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo with admiration!

Said to the business manager: “Manager Zhang, you can go back and review the data.”

Noila Mo breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that his suggestion had been adopted.

After some reports, the memory is finally over.

Noila Mo walked out holding the notebook. Allen Chu, who was about to walk out of the conference room, suddenly stopped, turned his face, and took a deep look at Noila Mo who was not far behind him.

Noila Mo just raised his head, his eyes filled Allen Chu’s deep eyes, and he choked for no reason, and was a little nervous.

“President?” The senior director who followed saw Allen Chu turned to look at the little secretary behind him, thinking that there was something else for Allen Chu.

Allen Chu still stared at Noila Mo closely, an unknown gleam flashed in his eyes, and he pursed his lips, “Give Secretary Mo a bonus, according to the highest specifications.”

Xiang Wan, who was walking behind Allen Chu, heard these words truly, her teeth clenched tightly on her extremely delicate red lips, and the jealous expression on her face was fleeting.

Seeing Xiang Wan’s expression, Noila Mo was depressed for a while. She didn’t want to show up in the limelight, but now it’s fine. She made enemies for herself when she first joined.

Back in the secretary’s room, Noila Mo was still a little bored. Seeing Noila Mo’s face, Gu Jinxin thought it was something wrong with her work. She walked over and asked concerned: “Noila, are you all right? Didn’t make the minutes of the meeting?”

“Gu Jinxin, you are so passionate! I just showed up! Now I am a celebrity in the eyes of the president!” Xiang Wan said, sitting on her own deeds, yin and yang weirdly.

Gu Jinxin saw that Xiang Wan was jealous and envied. Gu Jinxin knew that there should be nothing wrong with Noila Mo’s work, so he felt relieved. Patting Noila Mo on the shoulder, she returned to her seat.

“Jinxin, I pointed out the mistake of the business manager at the meeting.”

“Noila, what did you do during the meeting just now? Look at Xiang Wan’s face with a jealous look.”

The two dialog boxes popped up at the same time. Noila Mo and Gu Jinxin raised their heads and smiled at each other tacitly.

Xiang Wan watched the exchange of eyes between the two of them, and her white tender hand clenched the porcelain cup in her hand. The beautiful long nails couldn’t stand the pressure, and one snapped.

Noila Mo told Gu Jinxin about the events of today’s meeting. Gu Jinxin was so excited that she almost jumped up: “Noila, you are great! You can see such a big loophole just now, you are still so smart!”

Noila Mo smiled shyly. Jin Xin is always so cheerful and never hesitates to praise his friends.

Allen Chu’s figure suddenly flashed past the door, and he and two director-like people were walking out of the office.

“Noila, great! The CEO is out! Let’s relax again for an afternoon!” Gu Jinxin happily played Noila Mo’s small window.

Xiang Wan also saw the figure of Allen Chu outside the door, her gaze fell on Noila Mo’s face, flashed slightly, stood up and walked to the pantry with a twisted butt.

It’s lunch time. Gu Jinxin walked over and happily patted Noila Mo’s shoulder: “Noila, go, go to dinner!”

Chu’s staff restaurant is a well-known food concentration camp. Not only all meals are free, but the dishes are rich and varied, and the taste is no less than those of well-known restaurants.

This is also the reason why so many people come to Chu’s clan when they squeeze their heads. The son is good, the welfare is good, and the president is a famous and handsome bachelor. Many unmarried girls come to work in Chu with the mentality of catching a beetroot, such as Xiang Wan.

Once, she and Allen Chu had a passionate night, but unfortunately, there was only one night.

But she was not reconciled. As long as she manages it carefully, she can’t get Allen Chu’s heart if she doesn’t believe it!

Noila Mo and Gu Jinxin sat in a relatively secluded corner, chatting and eating, very happy. Noila Mo hasn’t been so happy for a long time. I am really happy to be able to chat with my good friends without any scruples!

Xiang Wan came over from the side, steaming on the plate, as if he had just made a thick soup.

Walking over here, twisting and twisting, when she walked to Noila Mo’s side, her body shook, the dinner plate suddenly tilted, and a bowl of hot soup was splashed on Noila Mo’s arm!

“Ah!” Before Noila Mo could scream, Xiang Wan already screamed: “Noila Mo, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it!”

“Ah, it hurts!” The hot soup has already burned Noila Mo’s arm.

“Ah, Noila! Are you okay?” Gu Jinxin quickly threw down the dinner plate to help Noila Mo check the injury, Hong Hong’s arm had some small blisters, “Noila! Arm blistered!”

Gu Jinxin stared at Xiang Wan angrily: “Why are you so careless! You see Noila’s arms are blistering!”

Xiang Wan tried her best to conceal her pride, pretending to be sorry and said: “I didn’t mean it!”

Seeing Xiang Wan’s hypocritical appearance, Gu Jinxin’s heart suddenly became angry: “You didn’t mean it? I think you did it on purpose!

“Jinxin!” Noila Mo held back the pain and pulled Gu Jinxin. If she doesn’t hold her again, maybe she will fight Xiang Wan.

They were all colleagues in an office, and Noila Mo didn’t want to make things too much. Besides, maybe Xiang Wan was really careless?

People in the restaurant looked over here. Some people recognized Xiang Wan. Posing his lips: “The president’s canary is bullying again!”

“Not necessarily! That scalded little girl is not an ordinary person. At today’s high-level meeting, she was very popular!”

“What can you do if you show up again, Xiang Wan and the president, you don’t know…”

Suddenly, all the chattering voices calmed down. There was a suffocating silence.

The sound of leather shoes moving on the floor came closer and closer.

Noila Mo looked up, his mouth opened slightly in surprise, and it was Allen Chu who came!

He and a few high-level people are walking here.

“Why does the president come to the staff restaurant for dinner?” Gu Jinxin whispered.

Chu’s dining place has three floors, and the president usually eats in the special restaurant on the third floor. The lobby on the first floor is where these little employees eat.

I have never seen Allen Chu in the staff restaurant on the first floor. No wonder Gu Jinxin is surprised.

As soon as Allen Chu came to the staff restaurant, he found a group of people pointing towards the corner on the right.

Looking along, Allen Chu saw Noila Mozheng and Xiang Wan pulling and pulling, and the other secretary next to him was very excited about what he said.

Noila Mo frowned tightly, seemingly painful.

Allen Chu frowned, what is this little woman doing?

Allen Chu walked over and asked with a cold face, “What are you doing?”

Xiang Wan and Gu Jinxin turned their heads in shock, and saw Allen Chu standing behind them with a gloomy look.

The two took a step back subconsciously, Allen Chu’s aura was too strong.

Noila Mo quickly explained: “Oh, nothing happened. I accidentally burnt my arm. Secretary Gu is about to take me to the infirmary!”

Gu Jinxin was unhappy when Noila Mo said so, and pointed to Xiang Wan and said to Allen Chu: “It wasn’t Noila who burned himself, but Xiang Wan deliberately burned it!”

She is not afraid that Xiang Wan is Allen Chu’s lover, she must seek justice for Noila today!

Noila Mo hid his arms behind him, not wanting Allen Chu to see it.

Allen Chu took a step forward and pulled Noila Mo’s arm out from behind him. The place where Noila Mo’s arm was scalded had been blistered!

Allen Chu frowned, did not speak, and stared at Xiang Wan with a stern look, and took Noila Mo’s hand and walked towards the infirmary.

Xiang Wan and Gu Jinxin both looked at the backs of Allen Chu and Noila Mo in surprise. Gu Jinxin’s face was pure astonishment, while the astonishment on Xiang Wan’s face was mixed with deep jealousy.

Noila Mo reacted and pulled her hand out. But Allen Chu’s big hands are really powerful, and she is embarrassed to struggle too hard under all eyes. I had to let Allen Chu hold her hand and walked into the elevator with everyone’s astonished eyes.

As soon as he entered the elevator, Noila Mo struggling desperately to throw Allen Chu’s hand open: “I can go to the infirmary by myself, you can go work!”

Allen Chu ignored Noila Mo’s set at all, raised Noila Mo’s arm, and looked at it carefully. The arm was already red and swollen, and several small blisters were densely formed on it. It seems quite hot.

“Don’t move!” Allen Chu said coldly. This little woman really didn’t make people worry, she just took a while to make herself like this.

“I’ll just go to the infirmary and rub some medicine. You let it go!” Noila Mo felt that Allen Chu was making a fuss. She burned a few blisters. She used to get scalded when she was working in a restaurant.

“Shut up!” Allen Chu suddenly roared domineeringly.

Noila Mo frowned: “What are you doing so fiercely!” This man was really nervous, pretending to feel distressed for her burns for a while, and turning around and shouting for a while.

“Why are you so stupid! Wouldn’t you let it go when you saw someone walking over with hot soup?” Allen Chu suppressed the anger on his chest and began to teach her the principles of life.

“You don’t need to teach me kindly! I know how to do it!” Noila Mo blushed, really inexplicable, she didn’t call him to help her, he took her hand to the infirmary on his own, and What’s your temper at her?

This man is always so domineering and never considers the feelings of others. Everything must be done according to his ideas.

When will he learn to respect others?

Chapter 117

“You woman, you really don’t know good or bad!” Allen Chu glared at her and said coldly.

His eyes directly hit her face, which was extremely aggressive and made her feel a little hairy. Allen Chu really got angry, it was still very scary.

Quiet and stop talking, the elevator moves up steadily.

The walls of the elevator are very smooth stainless steel, and you can clearly see Allen Chu’s figure. He was wearing a silver-gray shirt, no tie, two unbuttoned buttons on the front of the shirt, and his neckline opened casually.

The tall and sturdy figure, the arrogant style of a prince, coupled with handsome features, exudes charming masculine charm.

Damn, Noila Mo suddenly realized her gaffe.

She actually looked at Allen Chu’s shadow and stared blankly. Secretly glanced at Allen Chu, his eyes were looking at the buttons in the elevator, but he didn’t notice her gaffe.

Noila Mo breathed a sigh of relief, and said unnaturally: “President, you don’t need to deliver it yourself, I’ll just go by myself.”

Noila Mo felt that her tone was tactful enough. Allen Chu ignored it and said directly, “Shut up!”

Noila Mo squeezed her mouth and stopped talking in a knowing manner. She didn’t want to really anger Allen Chu.

But he didn’t think so in his heart, Allen Chu was caring about her, right? But why does this concern make people so uncomfortable?

I don’t feel the warmth of being cared for, but a weird sense of threat.

Caring for the individual is also so overbearing, Noila Mo shook his head in his heart, Allen Chu was indeed an arrogant man.

Noila Mo shook her head and sighed in her heart. She drew Allen Chu the label of “arrogant”. Perhaps her expression was too vivid. Allen Chu turned around and said, “Noila Mo, what are you muttering? “

“Ah? I didn’t!” Of course Noila Mo would not admit that she was scolding him in her heart.

“Really not?” Allen Chu turned his head slightly to Noila Mo and looked down at her. His voice was low and magnetic, with a little pampering, making her a little lost for a moment.

Turning his head away, he escaped from Allen Chu’s sight. Noila Mo nodded vigorously to express his innocence.

Allen Chu suddenly stretched out his hand and patted Noila Mo’s head: “Silly girl, it’s the 19th floor!”

Noila Mo looked up, and sure enough, the elevator had reached the 19th floor infirmary.

The two walked along the shiny floor to the infirmary.

Allen Chu reached out to hold Noila Mo’s hand, raised her arm and looked at: “Did you offend the secretary today?”

Noila Mo shook her head quickly. She didn’t want to tell other people’s right and wrong in front of Allen Chu: “No, you think too much, Secretary Xiang should be careless.”

“Regardless of whether she burned my woman on purpose or not, she must pay the price,” Allen Chu said coldly. A fierceness flashed in his eyes.

“Cut~” Noila Mo sneered at Allen Chu’s words, “President, are you mistaken? Isn’t Xiang Wan your woman? I heard that you and her also had a romantic history.”

This man is really ruthless. It is clearly the woman he slept with, but he turns away and doesn’t recognize anyone.

“Noila Mo, are you jealous?” Allen Chu lowered his head towards her, and the exhaled heat sprayed to her ears, the light smell of cologne on him, faintly floating in her nose.

Noila Mo hurriedly took a step back, pulling the distance between her and Allen Chu: “Of course not jealous. I just remind you not to be too ruthless.”

Noila Mo was worthless for Xiang Wan, who didn’t know that Allen Chu was always ruthless to women, she just stepped into this dead end and refused to come out.

“Really?” Allen Chu ignored Noila Mo’s sting and forced her to the corner, his voice even lower and ambiguous.

“Hey~hey~Allen Chu, don’t get estrused! This is the company! Are you afraid that your subordinates will see you molesting a female employee?” Noila Mo was forced into a corner by Allen Chu, and there was no escape!

I had to put my hands against his chest, his chest was hard, his muscles were very tight and flexible, and his hand felt very good. Noila Mo blushed suddenly. What the hell is she doing!

This man is molesting her, but she is experiencing the feel of the man’s chest!

When Allen Chu saw Noila Mo’s blushing face, he was suddenly in a good mood. She lowered her head and covered her small hand with her big hand, her voice was dull and almost flirting: “Noila Mo, you blush. What are you thinking about?”

gosh! Noila Mo was almost mad. This man is so speechless! Only he thinks about things that are not suitable for children, right?

“You’re so boring!” He slammed a word, abandoning Allen Chu and ran to the infirmary.

Seeing the president arrived, several doctors in the infirmary quickly stood up: “President.”

Allen Chu nodded casually, took Noila Mo to the sofa next to him and sat down, and raised Noila Mo’s arm: “She is burned, let her take care of it.”

Several doctors exchanged glances, and they were all curious about Noila Mo.

Allen Chu was cold and iron-blooded. He was a well-known president of the iceberg in the Chu family. He rarely saw him being so caring and gentle.

Several pairs of eyes looked up and down Noila Mo. A very ordinary girl, she is pretty, but she is definitely not a top beauty.

Has the president changed sex recently? Didn’t you just like super beauties with hot bodies? It is estimated that I have eaten too many large meals, and occasionally want to change my appetite. This kind of porridge and side dishes will not have a long shelf life. Everyone sentenced Noila Mo to death in their hearts. It is concluded that her favored period will not exceed one week.

“What are you doing in a daze? Don’t you let you treat the wound?” Allen Chu said coldly. The doctor was so scared that he turned around to get the medicine.

The ointment was a bit irritating, and when she applied it on Noila Mo’s arm, she frowned with pain.

“Okay, okay, forbearance will be fine for a while.” Allen Chu looked down at Noila Mo, softly coaxing her with a childish tone.

The doctors were shocked again! It turns out that the president will speak softly, but the president’s voice is so lethal when he is gentle! Single female nurses have red hearts in their eyes. This is simply the perfect man! She looks domineering, but she is gentle with the woman she likes…The female nurse is constantly idiot…

Seeing the surprised eyes of the surrounding doctors, Noila Mo felt uncomfortable. Pushing away Allen Chu tried to hold her hand, frowning tightly.

It’s really annoying. She only went to work on the first day. She didn’t want to be watched like wild animals. I blame Allen Chu. Didn’t you say that she just came to work before? Treat her as an ordinary employee. But he never did it!

Noila Mo gave Allen Chu a fierce look, and calmly moved his body away from Allen Chu.

Noila Mo’s dislike for Allen Chu was so obvious that the doctors around were not only shocked, they almost fell out of their eyes!

This not surprising little girl is really bold! Even the president dare to dislike it! Everyone worshipped Noila Mo deeply in their hearts, and Noila Mo occupies the number one idol position in their hearts!

When Allen Chu brought Noila Mo out of the infirmary, she had become a legend of the Chu family and became the focus of public opinion throughout the company.

The entire company is like a blast, everyone is discussing the relationship between Noila Mo and Allen Chu.

Several doctors in the infirmary, as soon as Noila Mo and Allen Chu left, they immediately released the latest developments of the president and Noila Mo through the company’s internal communication software!

Including the president who wanted to pull the little girl’s hand, but was rejected and despised by the little girl, including the president’s gentle and low voice coaxing the little girl not to be afraid of pain, Allen Chu’s love and care for Noila Mo was magnified ten times by everyone everywhere. Spread, Noila Mo became the most famous secretary in the history of Chu!

Noila Mo returned to the secretary’s office accompanied by Allen Chu.

Several times in the middle of the journey, Noila Mo begged Allen Chu: “Please, don’t follow me? Just now it’s eye-catching enough, now you send me back, I don’t know what others will say!”

Allen Chu raised his thick eyebrows: “Noila Mo, don’t be affectionate, okay? I just drop in! I also go this way back to the office.”

Noila Mo nodded: “Okay then! Then I go up the stairs, right?”

Allen Chu stretched out a big hand to directly pull on the collar of her coat: “Follow me in the elevator!”

Noila Mo returned to the secretary’s room in response to the gazes of everyone on the road, already full of anger in her stomach.

“Noila, are you back? How’s your arm?” Gu Jinxin greeted Noila Mo with concern and asked.

“Oh, it’s okay, it’s much better after applying ointment. Don’t worry.” Noila Mo smiled at Gu Jinxin.

Xiang Wan saw that Allen Chu was also coming, with a bright smile on her face, twisted her butt and walked to Noila Mo, pretending to be concerned, and said, “Noila, I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean it. Yes! Are you okay?”

Noila Mo glanced at Allen Chu and saw that he was staring at his arm. His deep eyes swept over Xiang Wan’s face without focus. Nothing flashed in his eyes because of her beautiful face like a porcelain doll. The same light.

Noila Mo breathed a sigh of relief for no reason, and then faintly returned: “It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt much anyway.”

“Noila, you are so magnanimous, I am really touched…” Xiang Wan said pretentiously, with a pair of big eyes that didn’t look at Noila Mo at all, and kept sweeping over Allen Chu.

The color of sarcasm flashed through Allen Chu’s eyes, and the expression on his face became more grim. The delicate features like a prince were so gloomy, and a cold air suddenly radiated from his body.

“Xiang Secretary, you have been fired!” He said coldly, his sharp eyes brewing this cold and unknown light.

“President Chu!” Xiang Wan was stunned by Allen Chu’s words and looked at Allen Chu with big eyes in disbelief.

She was also Allen Chu’s former lover anyway, how could he fire himself for a humble secretary like Noila Mo?

“President, Secretary Xiang didn’t mean it, how could you punish her so severely!” Noila Mo was also surprised by Allen Chu’s decision.

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