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Chapter 136

Gu Jinxin sneaked back to her room like a thief and rushed to the bathroom to take a shower.

Pei Jun was crazy last night, she had to quickly clean up the traces he left on her body.

In the morning, while Pei Jun was still asleep, sneaking back, I was really worried that Noila would call her to have breakfast together.

Looking at the bathroom mirror, Gu Jinxin took a breath.

On the neck and chest, there are densely packed red hickeys. How does this make her see people later?

Fortunately, in winter, I wear a lot of clothes, and it will be miserable in summer.

After taking a shower, getting dressed and wearing a scarf, Gu Jinxin called Noila Mo’s room to ask her to have breakfast together. She was almost tossed all night last night, and she is now half hungry.

“Beep…” The bell rang for a long time, but no one answered.

Gu Jinxin frowned strangely. Where did Noila go, why is she not in the room? If she went to eat breakfast, she would come and call herself together.

Didn’t you hear me in the bath? Gu Jinxin was lying on the bed, ready to call back later.

The fluffy pillow held her head softly and made her feel very comfortable. Close your eyes, all the things from last night came to mind again.

Gu Jinxin’s face suddenly blushed. I buried my face deeper into the pillow, but couldn’t shake the beautiful fragments in my mind…

Everything about last night made Gu Jinxin feel shy and sweet.

After being separated for a while, she found that she had begun to miss Pei Jun.

White fingers stretched out to the phone, hesitating, not knowing whether to press Pei Jun’s room number…

Is he still asleep now? Must be exhausted last night? Gu Jinxin thought with a smile, retracting his fingers.

After waiting for a long time, I called Noila Mo’s room again, but there was still no one. Gu Jinxin became a little worried when no one answered her phone.

After separating from Noila Mo last night, I never saw her again. Could something happen to her?

Doubtful and hungry, Gu Jinxin decided to go to the restaurant to eat first with his mobile phone.

I just walked out of the room and ran into Vivi.

Isn’t this the model Allen Chu brought yesterday? Gu Jinxin smiled politely at Vivi, and found that Vivi’s eyes were obviously blue, as if he was not sleeping well.

Gu Jinxin was amused secretly, it seems that the fight with Allen Chu last night was very fierce!

After vivi was driven away by Allen Chu last night, he went to the small bar of the hot spring club to drink his sorrows by himself. He did not return to the room until two or three o’clock after drinking, but found that the room was still empty. No need to think about Allen Chu and that Noila. Ai together!

Seeing Gu Jinxin head-on, her eyes were suddenly full of murderous intent. The enemy’s friend is her enemy! Gu Jinxin is a good friend of Noila Mo, so naturally he is not a good person!

Seeing Gu Jinxin smiling at herself, the anger on her face became more obvious, and she coldly spit out three words from her mouth: “Shameless!”

Hearing what Vivi said, Gu Jinxin looked back in surprise, and there was no one around, so what did Vivi say to himself?

strange! Why did this woman scold her when she spoke?

Gu Jinxin was not annoying, and he stood up immediately, his voice was colder than Vivi: “Who do you say is shameless?”

Vivi proudly looked up at Gu Jinxin, who was a bit taller than her: “Naturally it means that shameless person! Get out of the way, a good dog will not stand in the way!” As he said, he was about to squeeze past Gu Jinxin.

“You stop me!” Gu Jin was furious, and took Vivi’s arm: “You can tell me clearly who you were swearing just now!”

“You are the one who scolds! And your btch friend Noila Mo, who is simply a shameless btch!” Although Vivi is young, he is not embarrassed when he speaks dirty words.

“You!” Gu Jinxin was speechless. Although she was sturdy and vigorous, she still felt a bit like a talent and a soldier when she met someone like Vivi.

She swears that as long as Vivi scolds Noila Mo again, she will slap her!

When vivi saw Gu Jinxin not speaking, she thought she was at a loss, and said loudly, “Isn’t what I said wrong? I went to the hot spring with my man, and she took advantage of me to get something and slipped in! This is not what a slut is. What a shame!”

“Huh?” Gu Jinxin petrochemical immediately. She knew that Noila Mo could not deliberately seduce Allen Chu or something like Vivi said, but it is also true that Noila is not in her room now.

Did Noila really spend the night with Allen Chu last night?

Didn’t you say that you don’t like Allen Chu at all, and don’t want to have any intersection with him anymore? How could this be?

Gu Jinxin’s mind was messed up, and he didn’t know what to say.

Vivi walked away with high heels proudly, and muttered over and over again as he walked: “Are old women so hungry and thirsty? When you see a man, you have to rush to give up?”

Gu Jinxin was not in the mood to pay attention to her meanness, and immediately turned around and walked towards Pei Jun’s house. She didn’t know where Allen Chu lived, only Pei Jun knew.

Gu Jinxin came to the door of Pei Jun’s room and found that the door was wide open.

In front of Pei Jun stood Director Xie and two other executives whom she did not know.

The four people saw Gu Jinxin at the door and turned their heads together.

Gu Jinxin didn’t expect that a colleague from the company would come to report back for his work so early, and he was immediately stunned.

Early in the morning, Gu Jinxin ran to Pei Jun’s room to look for him, and saw that they were all there, his expression was still so embarrassed, there was a kind of embarrassment of being caught by someone, this was really weird!

The other two executives lowered their heads and secretly exchanged an ambiguous look.

The relationship between Gu Jinxin and President Pei must be a little abnormal! There must be some adultery!

Gu Jinxin saw the sneaky eyes of the two, and their hearts became more embarrassed, and their faces flushed with shame. It was as if someone had taken off his clothes and was seen, I can’t wait to find a place to sew in!

Gu Jinxin looked at Pei Jun for help, hoping that he could help him out. Even if he said one thing, I told Miss Gu to come and report on the work, it is better than embarrassing her alone!

But Pei Jun only turned his head and glanced at her. Gu Jinxin noticed that he even frowned slightly, obviously not welcoming her.

“What’s the matter with Miss Gu?” The indifferent and unfamiliar voice immediately widened the distance between Pei Jun and Gu Jinxin. The stranger seemed that they had never done such intimate things together last night!

His heart was cold for a while, Gu Jinxin only felt that a bucket of ice water was pouring on him.

With an awkward smile, Gu Jinxin said: “Oh, nothing, I, I just want to ask Mr. Pei if he saw Noila Mo…”

Noila Mo? The two executives exchanged another look. Could it be that Noila Mo and Pei Jun that Gu Jinxin said had a leg? Otherwise, why come and ask Pei Jun early in the morning?

Hearing Gu Jinxin mentioning Noila Mo, Xie Shaohang, who came over to report to Pei Jun with the documents in his hand, also turned his head and asked concerned: “Jinxin, what happened to Noila?”

Gu Jinxin felt even more embarrassed when he saw that one of his casual reasons attracted so many people’s attention. He blushed as if he was about to burn, and he couldn’t say anything. “Oh, Noila is nothing, I, I just looked everywhere… …”

This is a mess, Gu Jinxin doesn’t know what he is talking about.

“You go down first!” Pei Jun waved, letting the three men leave first.

“What’s wrong with Noila?” Pei Jun still had the seriousness of listening to the report in his eyebrows, leaning down to look at Gu Jinxin.

Gu Jinxin looked at Pei Jun blankly, and suddenly felt that this man was so strange and far away from him.

The two people were loving and lingering last night, but now he looks at her, but there is no tenderness at all!

Now that everyone is gone, if it is a normal boy and girl friend, he will definitely rush to hug her, maybe he will give her a warm k*ss. But now his expression is so cold!

Gu Jinxin suddenly felt that he was deceived! Is it true that men are like this, will they become indifferent after eating?

Tears suddenly fell down her cheeks, and Gu Jinxin felt that she had been deceived!

Pei Jun just asked, but saw Gu Jinxin start to cry.

My heart was tight, could it really be what happened to Noila Mo?

Holding Gu Jinxin’s shoulders with both hands, he asked anxiously, “Don’t just cry, what’s wrong with Noila Mo?”

After hearing what he said, Gu Jinxin became even more angry. Of course he was right to care about Noila Mo, but why didn’t he come to comfort him?

Is it really thrown away after playing? I really can’t see that Pei Jun is such a man!

He raised his head angrily, his big eyes filled with disappointment, staring at Pei Jun fiercely: “You liar! I hate you!”

After speaking, he ran away!

Pei Jun stood in the room, inexplicably!

He listened to Xie Shaohang’s report just now, and a branch had a big problem, and he was anxious to get angry. Seeing Gu Jinxin coming in and saying that Noila Mo was gone, her face flushed and her nervousness made him feel nervous.

Ignoring the company’s tens of thousands of urgent matters, dismissed the subordinates, and wanted to hear her tell him what made her so sad, but she threw out “You liar!”

Pei Jun feels wronged! ! Gu Jinxin, this little woman, really doesn’t know what is wrong!

Too capricious! He has to frustrate her temper!

How does this temper work in the company? Still not run by other colleagues?

Chapter 137

The clouds disappeared, and Noila Mo was so tired that she was about to fall apart.

Noila Mo struggled to get up and leave.

However, Allen Chu’s body was pulled and pressed back under him again.

“Noila…” The deep eyes looked at her with palpable tenderness.

“What?” Noila Mo was still a little unaccustomed to looking at each other with such tenderness and sweetness like Allen Chu, slightly turning away from her face.

Allen Chu stretched out his hand and pulled her face back, forcing her to look at herself.

“Noila, be my girlfriend. I love you!” Allen Chu said seriously, observing Noila Mo’s reaction.

Noila Mo bit her lip and didn’t know what to say.

After this time, she was sure that she liked Allen Chu. Otherwise, why would her heart hurt so much when she saw Allen Chu and Vivi making each other?

But thinking of Allen Chu’s domineering and coldness, she hesitated again…

Men are always sweet when they please you, and when they are tired, or have something better, they will be ruthlessly abandoned immediately. Just look at Allen Chu’s attitude towards vivi…

Seeing Noila Mo’s hesitation, Allen Chu felt that we still shouldn’t force her too tight.

Holding Noila Mo tightly, turning over and letting her lie in her arms, Allen Chu discussed and said, “Noila, I don’t expect you to accept me all at once, but give me a chance anyway. ? Give me a chance, let me love you, let me pursue you. Okay?”

Noila Mo turned to look at Allen Chu’s eyes lying beside her. From those deep eyes, she could only see sincerity and anxiety about her disagreement.

“Noila, you will be my girlfriend for a month. Shall we try? If you feel dissatisfied, you can terminate this relationship at any time.” Allen Chu buried her head in her neck and begged in a low voice.

I have to admit that Allen Chu is very charming when he is not overbearing and cold-blooded. The handsome and perfect facial features make people really can’t bear to refuse any of his requests.

Nodding lightly, Noila Mo made a decision.

Once the decision was made, Noila Mo felt that the whole person was relaxed. It was not that she had missed him during the three months of separation from Allen Chu.

Moreover, it is strange that she will miss Xiao Sihan who has not been together for a few days.

Becoming Allen Chu’s girlfriend, she can just go to the United States to see Sihan.

Seeing Noila Mo nodding, Allen Chu hugged her with excitement.

He hugged so tightly, almost embedding Noila Mo in his ribs.

Not knowing how to express his inner joy, Allen Chu hugged Noila Mo and k*ssed her face heavily.

“Noila, I’ll take a shower for you. After the shower, let’s have breakfast, okay? My little boy must be starving, right?” Allen Chu talked about love, making his blushes hot.

“Well, no, I’ll wash it myself…” Noila Mo was still a little embarrassed, pushing Allen Chu away and going under the bed.

As a result, the leg had not touched the ground, and the leg was so soft that he fell back on the bed.

The swelling and pain between her legs made Noila Mo frown.

“How about it, can’t get up, right?” Allen Chu smiled badly, hugged Noila Mo sideways, and let him go to the bathroom.

The spacious bathtub is designed to be very comfortable and has a body massage function. The gentle water flow slowly washes on the body, making the fatigue caused by the madness of last night and this morning gradually disappear.

Noila Mo really didn’t have the strength to lie lazily in the bathtub.

Allen Chu’s powerful hand gently stroked every inch of her skin, carefully washing her.

It is cleaning, rather than eating tofu. Because of certain parts, he obviously washed more seriously, washing it over and over again.

“Hey…” Noila Mo stopped Allen Chu’s big hand with his hand to prevent him from touching those places.

“Little thing, shy?” Allen Chu’s low voice was full of playfulness, gently pulling away Noila Mo’s hand, covering her body, and a gentle k*ss fell between her eyebrows.

Noila Mo hurriedly finished the shower and called the waiter to go to her room to get the clothes and put on. She was going to find Gu Jinxin.

She didn’t bring her mobile phone, Jin Xin couldn’t find her, she must be anxious.

Allen Chu stuck to her like brown candy: “Noila, I will accompany you to find Jinxin. Announcing our relationship.”

“No. Let me tell her first. You suddenly come with me, I am afraid that Jin Xin will be scared.” Noila Mo refused Allen Chu’s request.

Allen Chu didn’t dare to force it. After all, it was only a one-month trial period. If Noila was unhappy, his dream would be over!

Trying to walk slowly, Noila Mo only felt a bit tingling in her body. There were too many times last night and this morning! Iron man can’t hold it either!

Limped and walked slowly towards Jinxin’s building.

In the snowy area downstairs, I don’t know who is building a particularly beautiful and decent snowman. Two walnuts made its eyes and a red mask made its bright red mouth. It looks very cute.

A group of people gathered around and made snowmen. Noila Mo also glanced more.

These two eyes are bad. It turned out that Vivi was also bored looking at the snowman in the crowd, and saw Noila Mo at a glance, and a guilty anger surged in his heart: “Noila Mo, you stop me!”

Seeing that it was vivi, Noila Mo blushed. The medicine in the wine must have been given by Vivi yesterday, so she must know what happened to her and Allen Chu.

Move your steps, want to leave this place of right and wrong quickly.

But he was blocked by Vivi. Not only that, Vivi turned his head and shouted to the enthusiastic group of snowmen: “Come on, everyone! This is the slut who seduced my boyfriend last night!”

Huh? Such a hot topic? People looked at Noila Mo with gossip brilliance in their eyes. The two women were jealous when they were fighting, and there seemed to be a good show!

Seeing Noila Mo limping, trying to walk but not walking fast, Vivi immediately knew the reason. When she was XX with Allen Chu, she was swollen like this.

The jealousy and viciousness in her eyes, Vivi was willing to fight anyway, had been abandoned by Allen Chu, she didn’t care at all!

With his hands on his hips, pointing to Noila Mo, he said to everyone: “Look at this woman, you can’t walk at all! Do you know why? Because she has been in my man’s bed last night! She’s doing too much like this I can’t do anything!”

What vivi said was too nasty, and some of the girls on the crowd blushed. But they were all curious, so instead of walking away, they formed a circle and tightly circled Noila Mo and Vivi.

Seeing everyone watching the excitement, vivi is even more excited!

He said loudly: “Everyone commented, I was in the hot spring with my boyfriend last night, but the woman was naked, and she got into my man’s arms while I was out to get something!”

The crowd began to chatter, pointing at Noila Mo, this woman is a bit shameless, Allen Chu did come with Vivi yesterday, and many people have seen it. So it further confirms that what Vivi said is true.

Then Noila Mo is a lowly woman who strengthens other boyfriends and volunteers her life!

Noila Mo trembled angrily: “You are so embarrassed to say! You took the medicine in the wine yourself, and it hurt me…” I couldn’t go on.

Besides, just telling everyone nakedly that he did that with Allen Chu last night. And now that he can’t walk any way, it further confirms what Vivi said just now.

Noila Mo’s tears were about to come out, facing the ridicule and contempt in the eyes of everyone, she could only stare at Vivi fiercely.

Vivi was even more proud: “What are you doing while staring at me? Didn’t you feel good last night? Oh, look at your legs, both of them are so soft that they can’t walk anymore. They are clearly about to fly to the sky. I pretend to be pure! b*tch!”

“Looking at this girl’s innocent look, I didn’t expect to do such a thing!”

“Yeah! I didn’t expect it, now there are more and more shameless b*tches, and there are even some who directly throw in their arms and snatch their boyfriends!”

The crowd of onlookers around also began to whisper and talk. Noila Mo’s face turned pale with ridicule, contempt, spurn, disdain, and irony. How should she explain? I’m afraid I can’t explain it all over my mouth, right?

I really want to escape, but the way is blocked by Vivi, she has no way to escape!

The crowd was suddenly separated, Allen Chu’s tall body pushed away the crowd of onlookers fiercely, and walked quickly to Noila Mo’s side. He took her into his arms in a protective and pampering attitude. A pair of deep black eyes coldly swept towards the onlookers around him, his voice low, but full of incredible arrogance.

“She is my girlfriend, whoever dares to say a b*tch is to be my enemy Allen Chu! My Chu Clan is my enemy!”

The audience was silent.

Noila Mo stared at Allen Chu blankly, unable to look away from his face, the whole person was shocked!

“Allen…I…” Seeing Allen Chu suddenly appeared, Vivi was so frightened that he couldn’t say anything, and the dominance just now disappeared completely. His lips trembled, trying to explain something.

“Pop!” A fierce slap fell on Vivi’s face. Allen Chu’s stern eyes fixed on Vivi’s face, and his voice was as cold as a devil from hell: “Go! Don’t let me be in City C anymore. See you! Otherwise you will just wait to die!”

Noila Mo never dreamed that Allen Chu would suddenly appear, and would announce in such a high profile that he was his girlfriend.

Tears suddenly slipped from his eyes. A flower came out of my heart.

Looking at Allen Chu whirling teary eyes. Allen Chu raised his hand to wipe away the tears for her, leaned over and k*ssed her lips domineeringly.

For the first time, Noila Mo discovered that his dominance was so sweet.

She likes it very much.

Chapter 138

“Hey, be careful then!” Allen Chu gently put down Noila Mo, leaving a k*ss on her lips.

Noila Mo found that as long as she behaved like a baby with Allen Chu and begged, Allen Chu would generally agree to her. It seems that Allen Chu is actually not that difficult to deal with. She used to be too stupid, only knowing to contradict him blindly.

There was a fitness room at the end of the corridor in the room where Gu Jinxin lived. Noila Mo pushed Allen Chu over there: “Wait for me in the past! I want to talk to Jinxin alone.”

Since the last time she attempted suicide, Gu Jinxin hated Allen Chu. She was afraid that Gu Jinxin would say too much in front of Allen Chu, which would prevent everyone from coming to the stage.

“What? Is it embarrassing to show me a friend?” Allen Chu’s expression turned gloomy again when he saw Noila Mo chasing him.

If only before, Noila Mo would quarrel with him again. Now she is obedient. Pulling Allen Chu’s arm softly, he acted like a baby in a low voice: “Allen, people didn’t mean that, but it was too sudden, and I was afraid to scare Jinxin. Don’t be so fierce!”

A pair of big watery eyes blinked and blinked, looking innocently aggrieved.

Allen Chu really took this set. Bend down and squeezed her face: “Alright, go in. I’ll wait for you over there.”

Knock on the door. Gu Jinxin opened the door and saw that it was Noila’ai, and her heart suddenly dropped: “Noila, where did you go last night? I’m looking for you everywhere!”

Gu Jinxin’s eyes were red, and he looked like he had just cried.

Noila Mo felt very unbearable, and quickly put his arms around Gu Jinxin’s arm: “Jinxin, I’m sorry! I… last night… well, I…”

Noila Mo really didn’t know how to tell Gu Jinxin.

“Did you stay with Allen Chu last night?” Gu Jinxin said for her.

“Yeah.” Noila Mo was a little worried that Gu Jinxin was unhappy, looked up her eyes, and said nonchalantly, “Jinxin, that, I’m with Allen.”

Unexpectedly, Gu Jinxin was not angry. Just looking at her seriously: “Noila, are you sure you want to be with Allen Chu? I don’t think he is suitable for you.”

“Well, I promised him to try to date for a month first. Jinxin, don’t worry about me, I will take care of it.” Noila Mo didn’t want to entangle with Gu Jinxin on this issue, and quickly changed the subject: “What’s wrong with your eyes? Did you cry just now?”

Before Noila Mo came, Gu Jinxin had been crying secretly in the room.

She felt that she was deceived at all. Pei Jun didn’t take her seriously at all. He was just playing around. It’s ridiculous that he took it seriously!

Gu Jinxin felt very shameless and hesitated to tell Noila Mo about the matter between her and Pei Jun.

Seeing Gu Jinxin’s silence, Noila Mo thought she was crying because she was worried about herself. She was very moved and said: “Jinxin, you must not be able to find me, you are about to worry about death? I’m sorry…I will tell you about me in time. Whereabouts. Jinxin, sorry…”

Seeing Noila Mo saying this, Gu Jinxin felt it was hard to talk about Pei Jun.

Forget it, just treat it as a spring dream, and it will pass. Anyway, she is 22 years old, and it’s time to break her virgin body!

Gu Jinxin squeezed out a smile: “Noila, you are fine.”

As he was talking, Gu Jinxin’s phone rang suddenly. My heart jumped, could it be that Pei Jun called? Hurry up and picked it up: “Hello?”

“I am the housekeeping department. A gentleman asked me to send you a jade necklace.” A polite female voice.

“Huh?” Gu Jinxin touched his neck. As expected, the emerald necklace on his neck was gone. It must have fallen in Pei Jun’s room last night.

But why didn’t he deliver it in person, and asked the room attendant to deliver it to her?

He, just don’t want to see himself again? As if a knife was slowly cutting her heart, Gu Jinxin turned pale with pain.

“Jinxin, what’s the matter with you?” Noila Mo asked concerned about Gu Jinxin’s face.

“Oh, I’m a little uncomfortable. It’s okay. I’ll just lie down for a while.” Gu Jinxin really didn’t have any thoughts to talk to Noila Mo at the moment.

Watching Gu Jinxin’s pale face, and thinking that Allen Chu was still waiting for her, Noila Mo said wittily: “Then Jinxin, take a good rest, I’ll leave. Come over and call you to eat together later.”

“Yeah.” Gu Jinxin nodded thoughtfully. But some water vapor began to appear in his eyes. She bit her lip severely to prevent herself from crying in front of Noila.

Noila Mo didn’t notice Gu Jinxin’s abnormality, and strode hard, trying to make her walking posture look less awkward, but the swelling and pain between her legs became more severe and she couldn’t help but frown.

Allen Chu ran for a while in the fitness room. As soon as he felt his body heat, he saw Noila Mo walking hard from afar.

He rushed off the treadmill, ran to Noila Mo, picked her up, “Telled Jin Xin?”

“Yeah.” Noila Mo struggled in his arms, looking around, for fear that someone else would see them so sticky.

“Go, I’ll apply the ointment for you when I go back.” Allen Chu felt distressed when he saw Noila Mo having trouble walking. He shouldn’t have been so impulsive last night, only to blame Noila Mo for being so tempting that he couldn’t stop, asking her over and over again.

In Allen Chu’s room, Noila Mo endured the pain and stretched out his hand to Allen Chu: “Where is the ointment? I’ll go to the bathroom to apply it.”

Allen Chu smiled badly: “What else do you go to the bathroom? Wouldn’t it be more convenient for you to lie on the bed and apply it?”

Noila Mo didn’t understand the meaning of his words, and said innocently: “Then you go to the bathroom for a while. You can come out after I finish painting and call you.”

Allen Chu saw Noila Mo’s innocent eyes, and he was in a very good mood. He liked Noila Mo’s silly look. He k*ssed her little mouth, and the tip of his tongue stirred and sucked in her mouth flexibly. Gently absorb her fragrance and sweetness.

Noila Mo felt that something was starting to be pushed underneath again, so she pushed Allen Chu away quickly: “Hey! It hurts in me! Don’t even think about it!”

Allen Chu had a smirk, but it didn’t affect his handsomeness in the slightest: “What are you pretending to be in your head! I just want to apply the ointment to you personally!”

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