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Chapter 169

Chu Tianxi had already killed Lin Yifeng’s office under the guidance of others. At a glance, he saw Noila Mo standing by the door, and his tone suddenly sharpened: “Noila Mo, you have not seen you for so many years, you are still so shameless!”

Noila Mo straightened her back, her face pale, but her voice was calm: “Chu Tianxi, please pay attention to your words when you speak. Respecting others means respecting yourself!”

Chu Tianxi sneered: “Haha, it’s really funny, you are ashamed to talk to me about respect? If my brother has no money, you will stick to him like brown candy? Knowing that my brother already has a fiancé, you are still shy Face foot in, said you are shameless and praised you! You are simply mean!”

The eight wives onlookers all boiled.

What kind of drama is this? It was not the main house who came to make trouble, but the man’s sister? This is too bloody!

Lin Yifeng couldn’t listen anymore, so he called the security guard to come up immediately.

Noila Mo trembled with anger, and stared at Chu Tianxi with a pair of water eyes: “Chu Tianxi, trouble you to figure it out! It was your brother who haunted me, and stayed at my door in the middle of the night. You can’t drive away! If you have time to come here to spoil, it is better to go back and persuade your brother to let him not stalk him!”

Chu Tianxi smiled forward and backward and joined together: “Haha, just make it up! As my brother’s status, I will stalk you? Don’t put gold on your face, you are the life of a mistress! Five years ago Sell ​​yourself for money and become a junior in five years!”

“God! Is this woman true or false? Noila Mo has been a mistress?”

The onlookers began to feel uneasy.

Noila Mo bit her lip tightly, walked to Chu Tianxi, and said every word: “Chu Tianxi, do you dare to say one more thing?”

Chu Tianxi stared at Noila Mo, who was half a head shorter than himself, with a tone of irony: “Why, dare you not to be said?”

“Pop!” A loud slap slapped Chu Tianxi’s face, Noila Mo’s eyes were as sharp as a knife: “Chu Tianxi, do you think I was the Noila Mo who was slaughtered five years ago? You? Thinking you pour a basin of sewage, I will take it obediently? I just beat you today. If you don’t agree, you can call back! Or call the police!”

Noila Mo used to be a black belt in Taekwondo and has been working out for five years abroad. There may be some problems with dealing with the big five and three rough men, but dealing with young ladies like Chu Tianxi is simply soeasy!

Allen Chu touched his hot cheeks, his eyes widened in disbelief: “Noila Mo, do you dare to hit me?”

She has always been arrogant, when has she been so angry? When he rushed, he would hit Noila Mo.

Lin Yifeng winked at his colleagues in the planning department, and immediately two male colleagues rushed over to grab Chu Tianxi, who was holding his teeth and dancing claws, and the security arrived.

Pushing Chu Tianxi to let her out.

Chu Tianxi blocked his chest with a breath of anger, and shouted, “Noila Mo, you b*tch! You wait for me! I will let you die without a place to be buried!”

Although Chu Tianxi was taken away, the whole Jiaying had spread, and Noila Mo stepped in and was humiliated by the man’s sister in public.

“Mr. Lin, this is…” Noila Mo printed out her resignation handover documents and put it on Lin Yifeng’s desk, and said softly.

“Noila Mo, I’m looking for you.” Lin Yifeng interrupted her with a strange and a bit sour tone: “Mr. Wang called me just now and said that all the projects for cooperation with Chu will be handed over to you. Later, You are the person in charge of this project.”

“What?” Noila Mo was taken aback. This kind of project leader is usually a director-level talent. She is just a small supervisor. Besides, she is already planning to resign.

Lin Yifeng rubbed his cheeks: “It was proposed by the Chu family. Allen Chu personally called President Wang.”

Lin Yifeng’s heart suddenly jumped. Just now, Noila Mo called the woman “Chu Tianxi”, Chu Tianxi, it sounds like Allen Chu, like a brother and sister…

“Noila, I want to ask you a personal question. Is that Chu Tianxi Allen Chu’s sister just now?” Lin Yifeng couldn’t help but blurt out. After asking, he felt that something was wrong. He quickly added: “You can not Answer, it’s okay.”

Noila Mo took a breath: “Yes, President Lin, you guessed it right.”

Seeing Lin Yifeng’s shocked expression, Noila Mo smiled bitterly: “Furthermore, Chu Tianxi is not all lying, there is indeed a dispute between Allen Chu and I.”

Lin Yifeng was so embarrassed that he didn’t know what to say.

Noila Mo pushed the resignation document to Lin Yifeng: “This is the resignation handover document. Lin, I formally propose to resign and I hope you can approve it.”

After saying these words, Noila Mo suddenly felt relieved.

Lin Yifeng was also a little confused. After thinking about it, he said, “This matter is related to the Chu family, so I have to report it to President Wang. You go back to work first.”

Noila Mo returned to her work station with all kinds of eyes. Lin Yifeng’s internal phone number came in before he could sit still: “Noila, come to my office.”

Probably to approve his resignation, Noila Mo walked into Lin Yifeng’s office briskly.

“Noila, President Wang does not allow you to resign. Chu’s project is at a critical period and cannot be replaced midway. President Wang said that as long as you don’t leave, you will be paid next month.” Lin Yifeng’s mood is very complicated. , He is now anxious for Noila Mo to leave.

Noila Mo stayed on, the position of the planning director was still not his, it was really hard to say. Chu’s is Jiaying’s top customer.

Allen Chu could make Noila Mo ascend to heaven with just a word.

Noila Mo frowned: “How could this happen? I haven’t turned a regular person yet. As long as I am absent from work for three days, I will automatically resign, right?”

Lin Yifeng waved his hand quickly: “Don’t! This circle is too small. If you do this, how can you find a job in the future? I advise you to go directly to Allen Chu. Mr. Wang won’t let you go. There must be Allen Chu’s instructions behind him.”

It’s Allen Chu again! Why does he always try to control her? Why does he always get in her life?

“Mr. Lin, let me ask you for an hour off, and I will go to Allen Chu now!”

Noila Mo walked into the corridor and dialed Allen Chu’s phone without hesitation: “Allen Chu, I am waiting for you at the Starbucks next to the office building. You will come down immediately!”

After saying this, he hung up the phone without giving Allen Chu any time to react.

Chapter 170

In the super-large luxury office, Chu’s high-level meeting is going on, and the director of the finance department is reporting.

Allen Chu pressed his lips slightly and listened very seriously.

The phone on the table rang suddenly, Allen Chu picked up the phone and glanced at the screen, the corners of his mouth rose slightly: “Hey~”

Allen Chu said as he stood up and walked out. The chief financial officer was left in a daze, at a loss, not knowing whether to continue talking or wait until Allen Chu came back.

The technical director next to him joked: “Mr. Chu answered the phone, you should rest first. Didn’t you hear his voice just now? That’s a gentle one, and that’s a tender one. It must be a girlfriend’s phone number. “

The chief executive also laughed: “Isn’t it, that’hello’ is so sweet!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Allen Chu opened the door and came in: “I have something to deal with, the meeting is over.”

End? Everyone didn’t react. This is the quarterly summary meeting? If the report is to be forwarded to the board of directors, why… the meeting ended?

Allen Chu turned a blind eye to the suspicious eyes of the people in the room, and turned away.

In the quietest corner of Starbucks, Noila Mo ordered a latte, but couldn’t drink it.

There was a fire in her heart, which made her breathing painful.

Allen Chu’s tall and slender figure appeared at the door of Starbucks, across the window and several rows of seats, he saw Noila Mo at a glance, walking towards Noila Mo with his long legs.

“What are you looking for? Miss me?” Allen Chu smiled very proudly, a little shamelessly proud.

Noila Mo stared into his eyes coldly, her voice so low that there was no emotion: “Allen Chu, can you get rid of you and stay away from my life?”

Allen Chu’s smile instantly solidified on his face, the sunlight in his eyes disappeared, and his deep eyes were as dark as night: “Noila Mo, you called me down early in the morning, just tell me this?”

“Yes! President Chu, I know you are powerful and powerful, and you have a beautiful and hot sister. Can you please, stop disturbing my life? I’m just an ordinary little employee, working hard and working hard. Make money, can you please let me go?”

Noila Mo tried to lower her posture and begged him earnestly.

“What did Tianxi do to you?” Allen Chu was really sharp, and immediately caught the point.

Noila Mo’s voice was as cold as ice: “Tianxi didn’t do anything. He just told Quan Jiaying’s people that I am a junior. I intervened between you and Xiang Hanwei. I shamelessly stick to you!”

Allen Chu’s face was green: “Tianxi is really getting less and less sensible! Noila, I will give you an explanation. I will hold Tianxi to make amends to you tonight!”

Noila Mo shook his head: “Apologize? I don’t need her to make amends. I just ask you to let me go, don’t get involved in my life, don’t get me wronged. Allen Chu, I really don’t want to have anymore with you Do you understand any entanglements?”

Allen Chu stretched out his hand and squeezed her wrist, and said softly, “Noila, stop making trouble, I know you have been wronged, and I will teach Tianxi a good lesson. Be good, don’t be angry.”

He said, trying to k*ss her lips.

Noila Mo turned his head away desperately and pushed him away fiercely: “Allen Chu, don’t touch me! If you dare to touch me again, I will call the police 110!”

The dispute between the two disturbed the Starbucks waiter and hurried over to ask Noila Mo: “Miss, do you need help?”

Chapter 171

Hearing the clerk’s words, Noila Mosuo did nothing but do nothing. “Thank you, please call 110 for me.”

The female clerk froze for a moment, and looked at Allen Chu a little embarrassed. The two of them looked like a couple. The couple quarreled, and the police was too exaggerated, right? “

There are already other customers in the store pointing to Allen Chu and Noila Mo.

Allen Chu let go of Noila Mo, took out a gold card from his wallet and threw it to the clerk: “Give you 20,000, and you will clear the market! All the customers in the store are driven away!”

The female clerk quickly consulted the store manager, who quickly persuaded the onlookers in the store.

Now, in the large Starbucks family, only Allen Chu and Noila Mo are left.

Even the shop assistants consciously went to sit and chat under the awning outside the store.

Noila Mo was stunned. After five years abroad, she could not keep up with the domestic situation. The arrogance of the rich is really worse than five years ago!

“Allen Chu, what else would you do besides using money to hit people?” Noila Mo scanned the empty storefront with a tone of disdain.

Allen Chu stood in front of her and looked down at her, her eyes that never let go, made her breathless like a mountain.

“Noila, sit down and let’s talk.” Allen Chu suppressed the irritability and frustration in his heart, trying to calm Noila Mo.

Noila Mo sat down: “Allen Chu, I only have one sentence, please leave my life. Don’t try to control me again.”

What she said was so simple and clear that she didn’t believe he could not understand.

An injured look flashed across Allen Chu’s eyes, but he was soon concealed, lit a cigarette, and he exhaled a faint smoke ring: “Noila Mo, you really hate me so?”

Noila Mo nodded without hesitation: “Yes.”

Allen Chu couldn’t hold back anymore, he pressed his cigarette butt on the table fiercely, and stared at Noila Mo with anger with his eyes: “Really! I hate me and you still scream so high under me? I hate it. I call my name when you dream at night? You hate me and you still look at the 18th floor from Jiaying’s window? Don’t tell me, you don’t know that Chu’s 18th floor is the office of the president!”

Noila Mo was speechless. Did she call his name in a dream at night? She looked at Chu’s office on the 18th floor from the window, how could he know?

“Don’t talk nonsense! I didn’t!” Noila Mo retorted with a guilty conscience, but his face flushed slightly.

“Don’t you?” Allen Chu twisted her chin with one hand, and smiled ironically: “I forgot to tell you. I installed a binoculars by the window on the 18th floor, so I can see your workstation.”

Noila Mo’s face blushed instantly and was about to explode: “Allen Chu, you voyeur! You are crazy!”

Her chin was pinched tightly by him, her flushed face was only the size of his palm, and her eyes gleamed, making the corners of her eyes peachy with shame.

Allen Chu looked at her face intently and found that he could never be cruel to this woman.

Allen Chu simply loved and hated, gritted his teeth and said, “Noila, you coward!”

“My coward?” Noila Mo didn’t react for a moment.

Allen Chu increased the strength of his hand: “You coward, you dare not admit that you are in love with me! I dare not admit that you are happy with me, and you laugh at the vases that are pasted on me for money. You are not as good as them! At least, they have the courage to pursue, what about you? What do you have? You are like a tortoise, always shrunk in your own shell!”

Haha! Noila Mo laughed angrily: “I’m like a tortoise? Did you say the opposite? This sentence should be applied to you! If you have the ability, don’t use Xiang Hanwei, don’t call the Ministry of Land and Resources. The minister’s prospective son-in-law’s signature deception! Whether you want me or pursue me, ok, restore your single status first!”

Words are like knives, mercilessly. Noila Mo thought that Allen Chu would jump up with anger. As a result, the anger on his face disappeared, and the corner of his mouth was raised and a beautiful arc was bent: “Noila Mo, are you jealous?”

Noila Mo scowled and glared at him: “Jealous? You exalt yourself too much! I don’t feel at all for you! I dreamed of calling your name at night? Did you hear me wrong? I took a peek at your office? Do you think That’s too much! I just watched the computer screen for a long time and just relax and look away!”

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows evilly: “Then you will have an orgasm without touching you a few times, how do you explain it? The channel leading to a woman’s heart is the Yindao, have you heard this sentence?”

“You! Obscene!” Noila Mo was ashamed and angry, pointing to Allen Chu’s nose, and began to speak without words: “Every time you are forced to do that, I am very sick!”

Seeing Allen Chu’s triumphant smile suddenly disappeared, she was extremely happy!

However, after just half a minute, Noila Mo began to feel that something was wrong.

Allen Chu slowly got up from the chair and approached her, his eyes seemed to penetrate into her heart: “Noila Mo, you are sick every time? Never enjoy it?”

Noila Mo was a little panicked, Allen Chu’s eyes were very familiar to him, and she knew exactly what they meant!

She clasped her arms and slowly retreated towards the door: “Allen Chu, what do you want to do!”

This is a coffee shop, with large floor-to-ceiling glass windows on all sides, with shop assistants sitting outside, and a bustling crowd on the street. He wouldn’t want to insult her here, would he?

“What I want to do, you should be very clear!” Allen Chu grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back.

There is a toilet over there.

Noila Mo was shocked! She kicked and beat Allen Chu desperately, and just about to cry out for help, Allen Chu’s hand was already covering her mouth!

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