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Chapter 274

After a hot and crisp sound, her eyes were equally irritated and painful!

“You can humiliate me, but why do you humiliate Qianrou in front of me!!” She shouted sharply, “She doesn’t owe you!”

With a choked voice, with a weak stubbornness and inviolable self-esteem.

The shock in Nangong Che’s heart far exceeded his own imagination. Since he grew up, no woman has dared to slap him so blatantly, let alone such an ordinary and humble commoner!

Without even thinking about it, he raised his hand “pop!” He slapped Yu Muwan with a harder slap!

Her white face suddenly turned red, her palm prints were clear, and her ears were trembling with the loud voice. Her most stubborn persistence was severely stepped on her feet, hot tears came from her eyes, and she screamed: “Let me go Nangong Che, otherwise I will fight you desperately!!”

The little woman who had collapsed was still fragile and stubborn, covered in thorns.

Nangong Che knew how much strength he had just used, and her thin lips were tightly pressed, looking at her crumbling appearance, the anger and distress in her heart were entangled, and she couldn’t figure out her mind.

“What do you want to do!” Lan Yu roared, and stepped forward to protect Yu Muwan, staring at Nangong Che.

He watched from the beginning, watching Mu Wan entangled with him, he also knew in his heart that this man was the rumored ruthless Nangong Master-the only heir to the Nangong family. He didn’t have any position of power, and it was because of his relationship that he helped Mu Wan Qianrou and the others win that precious cornea, but he did not expect that such a wealthy family would be so deceptive!

Nangong Che’s gaze swept across Lan Yu, full of indifferent disdain.

“Get away!” He yelled, his long arms fiercely pushed away the man in front of him, and slowly walked towards Yu Muwan behind him, his arrogant eyes approaching her little face, “Remember, this is what caused the trouble. I will end! Next time, I will directly let you bear the consequences!”

Her face was pale, tear-stained, and her trance made people feel painful.

“Get away, you make me sick!!” Yu Muwan forced her tears up and shouted at him with her face with red and swollen palm marks.

Nangong Che gritted his teeth with hatred again, “No matter how disgusting I have to look at me, I will continue to come to work this afternoon! You will be dead if you don’t come!”

He threw down a vicious sentence, stood upright, kicked the chair next to him and walked out the door. The poor chair hit the wall and almost fell apart.

“This bastard…” Lan Yu gritted his teeth, throwing away the papers in his hand and was about to rush out.

“Lan Yu!” The dean stopped him with a low growl, “Don’t make trouble for me! Do you know who it is?!”

“No one can bully people like this! Dean, you didn’t see it, did you?! What happened just now is simply ridiculous! Dean, tell me, is Qianrou’s cornea still? That person didn’t say a word. What’s the effect, isn’t it!!” Lan Yu forced his hands on the table and asked, his gentle face flushed with rage.

The dean glanced at the man and woman in the office and waved his hand: “Go out.”

“President!” Lan Yu suddenly realized and frowned.

Yu Muwan listened quietly to the dean’s meaning, shaking her wrists, the circle of red showed how violent the man just now, her eyelashes were hanging down, she didn’t want to let herself look back on what happened just now, but there was no way. She now clearly knows that Qianrou’s cornea is gone! Just because this man said, all her hopes are gone!

Chapter 275

Without the courage to listen to the conversation between Lan Yu and the dean, she took a deep breath and walked out the door. The moment she opened the door, she couldn’t help but tears down.


The gentle wind blew her cheeks, and the sun shone through her pink transparent skin.

The hair was flying in a mess, and Yu Muwan kept straightening them out with his hands, leaning against the balcony, and the palm prints on her little white face were still very clear.

“Have you just been to see Qianrou?” Lan Yu calmly asked carefully.

Yu Mu nodded late.

“Mu Wan, can you tell me how you got into the Nangong family? There must be something in it that you didn’t tell me, right?” He frowned and couldn’t help asking.

Yu Muwan’s head was confused, her lips opened, but what she said was something that surprised Lan Yu.

“If we don’t have the source of the cornea, can we use mine?”

Lan Yu was startled, and understood her meaning in the next second, and his whole body was shaken in place. “Mu Wan, what are you talking about?!”

She turned her face away, her clear eyes clearly showed signs of injury and pain, but she was still as clear as water, so serious that she couldn’t bear to hurt her: “I said, if no hospital is willing to provide us with the cornea, then can mine? We are sisters, we must be able to match, just one eye, I can afford it.”

Lan Yu looked at her, but felt a terrible pain in his heart, and a sourness surged into his heart.

“Mu Wan, don’t you be like this? You are only twenty-two years old. Do you know what it means to you to lose an eye?!”

Yu Muwan stared at him blankly, with distressing confusion.

“Nothing, just one eye, it’s better than seeing with both eyes. I’m 22 years old, but Qian Rou is 17 years old. She is younger than me and should live better than me.” Her voice was hoarse and said. uncertain.

Lan Yu frowned, pulled her shoulders lightly, and said in a low and fierce tone: “Mu Wan, these are not fundamental solutions, don’t you understand? If that man deliberately targets you, then you can do whatever you want. It’s no use! Don’t say you give Qianrou one eye. Even if you give her both eyes, that man still has a way to prevent her from getting off the operating table! You can’t even understand this, do you!”

Yu Muwan turned her face away, a huge sadness swept over her, she covered her forehead with her hand, suppressing her tears.

However, I couldn’t help it anymore, and the tears still fell.

“Mu Wan… Mu Wan!” Lan Yu panicked and called her in a low voice, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry I was wrong, I shouldn’t tell you this… Mu Wan, don’t cry!”

She shook her head, gently got rid of Lan Yu’s hand, and softly said with her tears: “It’s okay…”

“Doctor Lan, don’t care about me, I’ll be fine in a while.” She knew that she just couldn’t help crying for a while, and after crying, she had to straighten her spine to face everything.

As the warm wind passed by, her hands were tightly gripping the railings, and she didn’t know what to do anymore. In this desperate situation, she still couldn’t help but think of Cheng Yisheng.

How could the person who once loved so much not be by her side at this time?

No one can help her, she can only support herself! Lan Yu beside her was still saying something softly, but she couldn’t hear it anymore. She slowly hugged her thin shoulders tightly, feeling her whole body surrounded by a bone-to-shoulder coldness!


In the villa late at night, the crystal chandeliers are luxurious and bright.

Nangong Che poured a glass of red wine abruptly, his eyes fierce, like a deep clear pond.

Just after taking a shower, the broken hair on his forehead dripped with crystal water drops on the white bathrobe. His chest was half open, and his strong and sturdy chest exuded infinite charm, with the unique flavor of a mature man, arrogant and presumptuous.

The bathroom door opened quietly.

A sexy figure came out, looking at the man sitting on the large leather sofa in admiration, suppressing the beating heart, and Nina walked over, exposing her white body charm.

“Young Master Che, why don’t you wait for me to drink together?” The woman said softly, slowly squatting down and wrapping it around his knee

Chapter 276

With a soft call, Nangong Che finally recovered.

His face was terribly cold, and he could see that his anger had not disappeared, and his whole person exuded a dangerous breath like bloodthirsty. The woman’s body was wrapped around her legs, Nangong Che frowned, put down the wine glass indifferently, and scanned the woman’s face with cold eyes.

A beautiful face, charming and seductive, enough to make all men drunk and upset for her.

But why, his mind is full of damn Yu Muwan’s figure? !

——All night, her stubborn and tearful eyes lingered in his mind. He didn’t know if he was really overdoing it, only that the recent life had been messed up by her! What he said and did everything began to fall apart, and he was not on the original track at all. This state is terrible!

“What’s your name?” he asked impatiently with a cold voice.

The woman was startled, her soft white arms wrapped around his knees, and she said softly and charmingly: “Wan Ning, Liu Wan Ning.”

There is also the word “late” in her name.

Nangong Che’s face fell cold, and his slender fingers curled up slowly and hard, he unexpectedly thought of Yu Muwan again, of the woman’s stubborn tears, her lips that trembled when she was angry, and every time he was forcibly held in his arms. The beautiful figure that struggling desperately in Zhongshi! Putting aside the thorny temperament, she Yu Muwan can indeed make a man lose control for her instantly.

“Take off your clothes!”

Nangong Che suddenly frowned and let out a low growl, staring coldly at the woman in front of him.

The woman was slightly startled, her heart beating slowly and violently, she felt ecstasy. She was originally a domestic first-line model, and had long wanted to follow the power of Nangong, a wealthy family, to the international high branch. This time she has the opportunity to accompany Nangong. Che spent the night, God knows how excited she was, she pressed down her blush and nervous, she stood up curly, and lifted the towel from her body.

The snow-white body was exposed to him without any cover.

It has been a long time since Nangong Che has touched a woman, and Nangong Che finally feels a little bit at the moment, and his arrogant eyes narrowed, admiring her quietly.

“Is Young Master Che still satisfied?” The woman smiled and turned all sentient beings upside down.

“Climb up by yourself, don’t need me to teach you!”

The woman was even more delighted, and leaned over to him enchantingly with all her strength, her arms wrapped around the man’s sturdy waist on the sofa, snake-like covering and twisting, snaking upward, her red lips rubbing against his Hu Scum, then k*ss his lips slowly.

Nangong Che just wanted to vent, whoever it is, and find any woman, as long as he can clear his confused mind!

Lazily leaning on the sofa, his eyes were cold, his arms held the woman gently, and let her k*ss his lips. He had no reason to refuse this kind of delicious meal delivered to the door, but he just touched the woman slippery. His mouth froze, his body froze——

Damn, what does that feel!

“Uh…” Nangong Che frowned and violently pulled the woman away! The cold eyes stared at her!

“Little Che… Miss Che…” The woman was fascinated by his transcendent charm, pressed closer, and actively k*ssed him, “I really want to…”

Nangong Che’s face became darker and darker, and he was utterly stunned. He didn’t even have any desire for a woman to wrap around him naked like this. Just because the person he wants to touch now, the person who wants to be tamed in his arms, is not her!

“Damn… f*ck off!” He drew a cold drink, grabbed the woman’s waist and lifted her away from her body. The tall figure suddenly stood up and walked to the room, his face full of anger.

Who gives you the courage to call her to be late!

“Ah!” The woman was so hurt by the fall, her brows frowned, and she got up from the ground embarrassedly, “Master Che…Master Che, did I do something wrong? Sorry, don’t do this to me, I’ll change it!”

“Get out now! Let me see you again and wait to be blocked!” Nangong Che said viciously without looking back.

He has no intention to go to any women now, and has no interest at all! I went back to my room and picked up my mobile phone, rubbing my thumb on the dark screen, trying to find her but couldn’t even dial the number.

Yu Muwan…What kind of Gu did you damn woman give me? !

Just thinking about it, the phone’s low and sweet ringtone suddenly rang.

Nangong Che’s thick and dark eyelashes lifted up, and a gleam of light flashed in Leng Hou’s eyes.

Glancing across the screen, it turned out to be Luo Fanyu’s call.

“What’s the matter?” he asked coldly.

Luo Fanyu was taken aback and laughed: “Heh…what’s the matter? My Master Nangong, who provokes you, is in such a bad mood?”

“Stop wordy, what’s the matter!”

“Haha, it seems really bad enough, let me guess, which woman would dare to make you like this? When you came to my place some time ago to look for a woman, it was fine, why all of a sudden… Damn, it wasn’t Mu Wan. Right?” Luo Fanyu frowned, his mind turned in an instant.

“Shut up!” Nangong Che scolded coldly, sullenly, “You dare to mention her again! And…”

His arrogant and tall figure walked to the dark window, his arms slowly opened, like a bloodthirsty Satan in the dark night, every word, “Luo Fanyu, who gives you the courage to call her admiration, late!”

Luo Fan Yusheng on the other end of the phone shivered, then burst into laughter: “Hahahaha…”

“Nangong Che, you also have today!” He slowly closed his smile, his fascinating eyes blurred, “I originally thought that enchanting little woman would be a little bit spicy, but I didn’t expect to have such an appetite for you! I jealous……”

“This is the second time you have expressed interest in her-Luo Fanyu, and for the third time, I will clean up you directly!” Nangong Che said coldly.

“Heh…Why don’t you let me gritted your teeth with hate? I must love her well!” Luo Fanyu finally joked, knowing that he can no longer tease, otherwise this man will really kill him. Okay, I didn’t come to tell you this. Is the pregnancy of Eun Hee obvious? Do you know who revealed it?”

Nangong Che snorted coldly and sat back on the sofa: “I have already let her be punished! If she is not good, I don’t mind making her worse!”

“What?” Luo Fanyu was confused and frowned. “What are you talking about? Why can’t I understand?! Did you find that person? I thought I was the first to find out!”

Under the dazzling light, Nangong Che’s charming eyebrows also slowly frowned.

“What on earth are you trying to say?” His tone finally slowed down, and his low voice echoed gently in the empty and luxurious room.

“That’s it,” Luo Fan put away Yuwan’s appearance, and said seriously, “After Enxi’s matter came out, I sent someone to investigate and confirmed that the source of the news was indeed from Liyuan Company, but with Yu Muwan It doesn’t matter…Do you recognize a person named Yao Lanlan?”

“Never heard of it.” Nangong Che responded coldly, frowning, waiting for the words below him.

“It should be that she was right,” Luo Fanyu said with a sigh of relief. “It’s easy to find the source of the rumors, just follow the vine, but I don’t know how this employee knows about Enxi. Did someone disclose it in the company? You don’t know this person, how did the news come out? I’ve used my relationship to help you suppress those news. For the time being, I don’t have to worry about disturbing Uncle Nangong in Italy. But what do you do next? And you just said that you have punished her-who did you punished?!”

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