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Chapter 34

As if feeling Noila Mo’s gaze, Salmon Shen suddenly turned his head and looked at her. Noila Mo was taken aback, turned around instinctively, dropped the book in his hand and ran away.

“Miss, your book.” Salmon Shen shouted politely.

Noila Mo’s mind was blank, and she didn’t know where to go. At this moment, what face does she have to see Salmon Shen?

Fortunately, there was a tall bookshelf beside him, and Noila Mo hurriedly hid behind the bookshelf, her heart beating like never before!

There was footsteps.

Noila Mo’s heart jumped to her throat. The palms of my hands are all sweaty.

For a long time, the other end of the bookshelf remained silent, so quiet that the hum of the air conditioner could be heard.

Noila Mo heard someone ask inexplicably, “President, is there any problem with this book? Why do you keep staring at it?”

Salmon Shen’s gentle voice reached her ears: “It’s nothing, I think of a friend.”


Noila Mo covered her mouth, tears suddenly flowed down without warning.

Senior Shen, does he remember her?

Didn’t forget her… right?

“Isn’t it the president’s ex-girlfriend?” someone next to him was tentatively joking.

“What nonsense? The president is about to get engaged!” the other person retorted.

“Really? Has a date been set? We will have to give big red envelopes then!” The people around were all flattering.

Salmon Shen just smiled gently, did not say anything, and put the book back on the shelf.

“Let’s go, President Shen, I will accompany you to patrol the upstairs again.”

“it is good.”

After a while, the footsteps of a group of people went away.

Is he getting engaged?

The pain in my heart suddenly became severe, like being cut by a sharp knife, and it seemed that I could hear the sound of blood flowing out.

Tears fell uncontrollably. Noila Mo leaned against the bookshelf and cried silently, pain spreading bit by bit from his heart, as if to swallow her completely.

The phone rang. Noila Mo wiped her tears and cleared her throat. Try to make yourself sound as if nothing has happened.

“Hey! I…” Before I finished speaking, I heard Allen Chu’s roar from the other end of the phone:”

Noila Mo! Where did you die! “

Does he have to speak so badly?

Noila Mo wiped the remaining tears on her cheeks, and said nonchalantly, “I just wander around, are you still there? I’ll come and find you.”

An adult sex toy store, she really didn’t want to go into that place. What a shame.

There was a moment of silence on the phone, and the cold voice rang again: “What are you crying for?”

Noila Mo was stunned and looked around in a daze.

I saw Allen Chu standing next to the bookshelf behind and looking at her, wearing a Bluetooth headset and carrying several shopping bags in each hand, which seemed to be quite rewarding in an adult goods store.

“I…” Noila Mo was speechless, not knowing how to answer, so she lowered her head and wiped away the tears on her face in a panic.

This man… stands behind her clearly, why is he still calling? Are you deliberately watching her jokes?

I don’t know if he saw Salmon Shen just now…

Noila Mo looked into Allen Chu’s eyes as he explored.

No emotion can be seen in Allen Chu’s eyes. Fortunately, Noila Mo secretly breathed a sigh of relief, he shouldn’t have seen Salmon Shen. Otherwise it would definitely not be this expression.

Allen Chu opened his long legs and walked towards Noila Mo, with a straight face, his eyes deep as a cold pool: “Why are you crying?”

“Oh, nothing. I… I, my eyes are suddenly lost by the sand…” Noila Mo said incoherently while wiping tears.

There were still tears hanging on her long feather eyelashes, and her pale little face was full of despair. She looked very pitiful, very different from her usual image of a small wild cat with her teeth and claws.

“The third article of the mistress’s code, never lie to me. Have you forgotten?” Allen Chu’s thick eyebrows frowned dangerously.

Chapter 35

“Uh…” Noila Mo didn’t dare to look directly at his sharp eyes. I had to change the subject, “Allen, what did you buy just now?”

“What did you call me just now?” Allen Chu’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Noila Mo always called him “Hey”, or he called him “President Chu” satirically. This was the first time that Noila Mo called his name.

“I…” Noila Mo was panicked by Allen Chu’s eyes. He bowed his head, speechless. The guilty conscience is terrible.

Damn it! Why is she guilty! How could she meet the adulterer and be caught and raped in bed by him!

Seeing Noila Mo lowering her head and not speaking, Allen Chu thought she was shy, and was in a good mood for a while.

Rubbing her hair pettingly, Allen Chu grabbed her into his arms and hugged her tightly.

Noila Mo was forced to lean on his chest…

Allen Chu’s heart beats strongly and forcefully, and again and again, so calmly, putting the Buddha in the safest haven in the world. Noila Mo’s heart moved slightly, and her disgust towards Allen Chu seemed to be less intense. Full of sadness, he quieted down slowly.

For the first time, Noila Mo felt that Allen Chu’s embrace was so warm, so warm that she could forget all the coldness.

People come and go, and many people around are looking at them curiously.

Noila Mo was a little embarrassed and pushed Allen Chu’s waist hard. Not only did Allen Chu not let go, but instead held Noila Mo tighter.

The jaw was rubbed against her hair, and his lips were close to her ears and whispered: “Hush, don’t move.” The voice was low and gentle, and his warm breath fell on her neck, a little itchy.

The sunlight came in from the window and sprinkled on the two of them. The tall and handsome man, the small and beautiful girl, the golden rays of light flying, are as beautiful as a painting…

Unfortunately, Noila Mo’s affection for Allen Chu only ends with this hug.

When returning to the Chu family mansion and sorting out the items he bought, Noila Mo’s affection for Allen Chu dropped to zero.

Allen Chu bought a lot of clothes for her. The outer clothes looked basically normal, just the pile of night skirts and underwear, which made Noila Mo’s face red to tomato.

The nightdresses are all black lace and completely transparent. The upper part cannot cover the chest, the lower part cannot cover the PP, and there is not much fabric at all! Looking at the price on the label again, Noila Mo is really heartbroken. So much money is enough for her family of four to live on for a month!

Not to mention those underwear, Noila Mo thinks they are the styles worn by women with special professions. Ordinary girl, who would wear panties with open crotch? It’s basically two ropes, the only small piece of cloth in the middle, and a big seam in the middle!

“Allen Chu, you!” Noila Mo dropped the pile of things, her white face flushed.

“Pretending to be a virgin! It’s not the first time for you! Go take a shower and change into these clothes in a while!” Allen Chu recovered his coldness and arrogance. The words pierced Noila Mo’s heart sharply like a knife.

“You are perverted!” Noila Mo glared at him, turning around to go upstairs. Only unscrupulous women would wear that kind of clothes, okay? I’m so ashamed…

“The fourth rule of the mistress’s code: take good care of your golden master! Especially in bed! Unless, you don’t want your father’s life…” Allen Chu coldly dropped these words and walked to the bedroom. .

“After taking a shower, put on that set of underwear and lie down on the big bed and wait for me.” He added another sentence, successfully seeing Noila Mo’s face turn from red to white.

Chapter 36

Noila Mo was washing very slowly in the 80-bath bathroom, trying to delay the time. Looking at the black underwear on the bath stool with only a few ropes, Noila Mo twisted her heart.

Allen Chu, you big pervert, breeding pig! Noila Mo cursed secretly in her heart.

The bathroom has a large window, and outside the window is a carefully manicured lawn. If she turns the window and escapes, she will no longer have to endure Allen Chu!

Turning the window to escape, this thought lingered in Noila Mo’s mind. But can she?

According to the doctor, the comprehensive physical examination has been completed. If the operation is successful, my father’s body will recover well in the later stage, and he can completely recover. How could she give up the chance to cure her father?

Isn’t it the mistress? Isn’t it a three-year contract? She can bear it! For my dear father, she can do anything!

Forget it, since there is no choice, then face it bravely! She can endure the fatigue of working four jobs, can endure other people’s reprimands and insults, just as she can endure Allen Chu!

Noila, come on!

Noila Mo turned off the shower decisively. Use a soft bath towel to dry the water droplets on your body. When I walked to the bath stool, I stretched my green fingers towards the black transparent nightdress…

“Knock…” The bathroom door was knocked. Allen Chu’s low voice came from outside the door: “Noila Mo, does it take you an hour to take a bath? Come out!”

Can’t drag it anymore! Noila Mo stood up and tried to pull the clothes down, hoping to cover more.

“What the hell are you doing! Come out!” Allen Chu’s voice was already filled with anger.

Taking a deep breath, Noila Mo stood up and walked to the door.

The long fingers stretched out trembling to the door lock…

The door opened. The moment he saw Noila Mo, Allen Chu’s eyes were burning with a raging flame. He walked into Noila Mo, his index finger gently raised her chin: “Look at me.”

Noila Mo was too embarrassed to open his eyes. The long eyelashes quivered, casting a fan-shaped shadow on his face.

Can’t stand it anymore. Allen Chu leaned forward, his hot lips biting on Noila Mo’s lips with the temperature of fire.

Between Noila Mo’s lips and teeth, there is the scent of May rose, so sweet, soft lips, warm little tongue so shy and so cute, let him kss and kss again, can’t bear to let go!

Allen Chu took a deep breath. day! He really likes this feeling!

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