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Chapter 40

The sharp black eyes stared straight at Noila Mo, and the big palm pressed Noila Mo’s chin, forcing her to look at him: “You are wrong? Okay, tell me what you did wrong?”

Noila Mo covered all the sharpness in his eyes, his eyes full of fear and weakness. With tears, he said to Allen Chu, “It’s my fault, I’m not good enough, that’s why you hate me, President Chu. You don’t like me, it must be because I’m not good enough.”

Allen Chu sneered and approached her: “Is this your truth? Why do I listen so hypocritically?”

Noila Mo was shocked. But the eyes are even more innocent: “It’s the truth. I remember you said, girl, it’s better to be nice.”

Allen Chu’s eyes seemed to be smiling but not smiling: “Why, you just want to please me like this?”

Noila Mo breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that the strategy of pretending to be a white rabbit was indeed effective.

“President Chu, you are willing to spend so much money to treat my father. I, I am too grateful…” Noila Mo tried to make her voice appear sincere.

“If I refuse to spend money to treat your father, I will still be a bastard, a villain, and a pervert in your heart, right?” Allen Chu violently withdrew from his hands, and Noila Mo, who had lost his support, stood unsteadily. Stumbled and almost fell.

Allen Chu’s eyes were so cold that there was no warmth, and his handsome face even became more gloomy.

Noila Mo bit her lower lip and tried to hold back the words that he blurted out: Are you treating my father for good intentions? Didn’t you want to occupy me as your mistress! Satisfy your animal desires!

endure! Noila Mo, you have to learn to endure! Cheer up for yourself in your heart. Noila Mo quietly retreated to an inconspicuous corner.

Allen Chu walked to the table and sat down. Stretched out his right hand: “Bring it!”

“Gah?” Noila Mo was inexplicable.

“Get me a pair of chopsticks!” Allen Chu looked at the noodles in the crystal wrist on the table, and suddenly felt very hungry. The noodles looked delicious. Unexpectedly, Noila Mo was quite happy!

Noila Mo, who was starving with dazzling eyes, watched Allen Chu eat his noodles with a big mouthful of sweetness. In the end, he even drank the soup cleanly, without leaving her a bite!

Allen Chu leaned back on the sofa contentedly after eating the noodles. Black velvet shirt, lazily unbuttoning the top two buttons, his face is still handsome with a smile but a smile, only the coldness of the eyes is deeper than the deepest night!

Looking at Noila Mo, she said coldly, “From now on, you don’t have to go to school. From now on, your duty is to be my personal maid.”

Noila Mo was shocked, no, she couldn’t give up her studies. If she gave up the opportunity to go to university, she would only be subject to Allen Chu for a lifetime. She still has so many dreams to complete! She can’t really give up on herself, willing to be a canary in a cage!

“Please, let me finish college!” Noila Mo’s eyes were genuine pleading. Allen Chu has hands and eyes open to the sky, and he does what he says. If he is really determined not to let her study, she can do nothing.

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows domineeringly: “Your cooking skills are decent, going to school is too wasteful. Just cook for me at home!”

NND! What logic! The cooking is good, is it a waste to go to school? Noila Mo scolded the 18th generation of Allen Chu’s ancestors all over. But he kept begging.

The pear girl with rain, softly begged. Hard-hearted people will also be soft-hearted.

Allen Chu’s evil eyes fixed on Noila, fierce and cold. Noila Mo suddenly felt cold all over. She could see the hot light in his eyes!

Chapter 41

An evil smile was pulled out at the corner of his mouth, but his voice still sounded cold: “Want to finish college? Then, you have to learn to please me first!”

Please him? Noila Mo weighed the pros and cons in her heart.

Such a pig-breeding man, to please him is nothing more than dedication to himself-what does it matter? It’s not pure anyway. What is the difference between two and three times, passive and active?

Noila Mo took a deep breath and walked slowly towards Allen Chu.

The next morning, when Noila Mo was sitting in the classroom, her whole body was still aching!

Before class, some of the students were having breakfast, some were chatting, and some were reading the newspaper of the day.

“Ah yo, these rich people, it’s really good for changing lovers!” A classmate in the front row pointed to the news in the newspaper and said disdainfully.

“Who am I? It turned out to be Allen Chu, the president of the Chu Group! He is a famous playboy. It is said that there are so many mistresses, including the popular XX stars, who are jealous for him!” Another classmate put his head together. Talk to the newspaper while reading it.

Noila Mo’s heart jumped suddenly.

Liang Lele next to him nibbling on the bread, said to Noila Mo bluntly: “These women, how come these women are so shallow and mean? Isn’t it just to satisfy their vanity? Baba ran to be a mistress for someone? Really? shameless!”

“Yeah! It’s not because of Allen Chu’s money! I don’t believe how much affection they can have!” A female classmate pointed at the woman in the newspaper who was embracing Allen Chu intimately.

On the front page of the huge photo in the newspaper, Allen Chu was embracing a woman intimately. The paparazzi’s angle was very difficult, and the emotional blush on the woman’s face could be clearly seen.

Noila Mo suddenly felt that her breathing was a little unsmooth, and her chest was a little tight.

It turned out that Allen Chu went out in the middle of the night yesterday to try and meet this woman… Indeed, his women are as big as hairs, and her Noila Mo is just the latest prey. For Allen Chu, it was only temporary freshness. Her shelf life will never exceed other women!

Noila Mo shook her head mockingly. This is also good, just equivalent exchange. When Dad’s body recovers, everyone goes their own way, one shot and two parts, each owes each other.

very good. It’s really good.

However, if, in the future, if the classmates know that they are also a member of Allen Chu’s mistresses, don’t know what kind of vision they will despise themselves?

Noila Mo shuddered in her heart.

Chapter 42

Noila Mo spent the whole morning in worry and anxiety. If the truth is revealed, she does not know how to face the contempt and contempt of Twilight from her classmates!

With her hands supporting her cheeks, Noila Mo stared at the spots on the table blankly. Allen Chu, this man has messed up her life!

“Noila, let’s go to the cafeteria for dinner in a while? You were absent from class two days ago, and a new master came to the cafeteria. The boiled fish is delicious!” A red heart appeared in Liang Lele’s eyes. Looking at Noila Mo expectantly.

“Well, that…” Noila Mo was a little embarrassed. Allen Chu ordered her to go to his company to find him after class, and have lunch together. In fact, she also wanted to eat with Liang Lele. I haven’t been to school for several days, and I really want to hear Liang Lele talk about new things in school.

“Noila, what’s the matter with you? It’s been weird recently. Is your father’s condition getting worse?” Liang Lele asked worriedly.

Seeing Liang Lele’s worried look, Noila Mo was moved.

“Well, Lele, I’ll accompany you to eat boiled fish after class.” Noila Mo confided.

It can be seen that he sneaked into the stairwell and dialed Allen Chu’s phone.

“Hey, well, I have something to do at noon, so I can’t have lunch with you.”

“What’s the matter? More important than eating with me?” Allen Chu on the other end of the phone sounded unhappy.

Noila Mo didn’t care so much anymore. Allen Chu was very keen. The more she said, the easier it was for him to get him wrong.

“The professor is looking for something to do with me. Let’s not talk about it, it’s going to go to class.” Noila Mo quickly hung up the phone and wiped the cold sweat from her head.

“Beep beep…” The sound of the phone hanging up sounded so hollow.

Allen Chu was so angry that he dropped the phone on the table. Noila Mo, you dare to hang up with me! Moreover, this is the second time!

“Yu Feng, prepare the car.” The black Bugatti drove towards T.

“Noila, do you know about Luffy?” Liang Lele bit the ice cream to gossip with Noila Mo.

“Luffy?” Noila Mo’s heart jumped. Yes, I didn’t seem to see Luffy in class today.

“One night, Lu Fei asked me about the flower shop where you worked. But the next day, the other person disappeared. It is said that he dropped out of school and returned to his hometown.” Liang Lele shook his head with some doubts, “The withdrawal procedures are very urgent. I don’t know if it is. It’s not that something happened to his family.”

“Drop out of school?” Noila Mo’s eyes widened suddenly: “Luffy dropped out of school?”

“Yeah! By the way, did he call you that night? Did something happen that night?” Liang Lele asked curiously.

“Ah…no…I…I don’t know…” Noila Mo only felt that he was lacking in confidence.

How could she not know, she is the perpetrator!

It must be Allen Chu, who forcibly forced Lu Fei to leave school! Allen Chu’s methods have always been so harsh.

Dropped out… Luffy dropped out… So, what is his dream? What about his dream?

Noila Mo will always remember that in the first class of school, the teachers asked everyone to talk about their dreams. Luffy was the first one to come to the stage. He was so young and handsome. He said to everyone with a high spirit, I want to win a scholarship from Harvard University. In the future, I will be the best news publisher!

Allen Chu, why do you want to kill them all! Luffy didn’t provoke you! Noila Mo clenched her pale fist. The white teeth bit into the lips deeply.

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