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Chapter 460

It was like a storm condensing.

It was already half an hour after Luo Fanyu arrived here. As soon as he stepped off the yacht, he saw a picture of a few men in a panic in the empty square in front of him, entangled in front of a shop, and women screamed from time to time. sound.

Luo Fanyu walked over with holding his breath, lifted the man’s shoulder, and smashed it with a brutal punch!

The screams spread around, Luo Fanyu pulled off his tie, picked up the man on the ground, and slammed it to the other side! He was nervous and caught them for dozens of hours. He suffocated his vicious breath in his chest and was about to explode. He did nothing but grabbed the man and beat him to death! !

The fierce fist struck the man so that the man could not find North, Luo Fanyu finally let out a half-sigh, and pulled his collar viciously: “Where is she? Where is Yu Mu late? Give it to me!”

“…” The man with a blue nose and a swollen face groaned in pain, his bloody eyes opened with difficulty, looked at Luo Fanyu in fear, and hurriedly muttered, “No, she is gone! We are here too! Find……”

It was a violent cough, Luo Fanyu widened his eyes and swiftly pulled him up and pressed him hard against the wall: “What did you say? Missing? How long did she not see you tell me clearly! People are here! How can you not see it!”

“Ahem…she herself… escaped by herself…”

Scarlet thick blood overflowed from the corners of the man’s mouth, flowing all over his body.

“Shit!!” Luo Fanyu yelled, eyes scarlet, and he was about to hit hard with a punch.

“Don’t ask him! It’s useless!” Nangong Che didn’t know when he arrived, his face was blue, and there was a deep undercurrent in his bloodshot eyes, “I have received the exact news, Mu Wan has escaped… Near here.”

Nangong Che’s eyes searched all around anxiously and eagerly, and walked in slightly staggeringly.

Luo Fanyu’s eyes widened, thinking for a moment, and suddenly throwing away the man in his hand, and quickly followed.

“How did you know? The old man also received the news?”

“Yes, the old man knew about Mu Wan as soon as he disappeared. Now that she is not in his hands, I don’t have to hide my whereabouts anymore!” Nangong Che explained in a dumb voice, with a low voice from his chest, “I To find her…immediately. She must be terrified.”

The violent heartache tortured him, and he searched for her in this completely strange country, not letting go of a corner.

Finally found the girl who had just helped her escape. The girl looked at these two equally fierce men in fear, still pressing her lips tightly and saying nothing, her eyes full of alert.

Nangong Che was so anxious that his handsome face flushed, and he was about to tear the girl in front of him to pieces. Luo Fanyu stopped him in time and said to her in a dumb voice: “Couldyoutellmewhereisshe? Sheishiswife.”

The girl was stunned and listened to him. She couldn’t understand other words, but she could understand wife…

After thinking about it, she took them to the small door where Yu Muwan had escaped, removed the blocking cabinet, unlocked the lock, and pointed inside.

Nangong Che’s extremely anxious heart calmed a little, staring at the girl with deep eyes, and said dumbly, “Thank you.”

No one knows where this door leads.

Nangong Che walked all the way, almost unable to breathe in the suffocating environment, but what really shocked him was the blood on the ground——

Drops, scarlet, warm blood.

That is her blood.

“My God…” Luo Fanyu was equally uncomfortable. Seeing that blood stains whispered out, his eyes were full of fear and suffocation, and he gnashed his teeth, “What the hell did your old man do to her!”

Nangong Che had bloodthirsty murderous in his eyes, his fists were clenched, his handsome face was pale, and he chased him faster.

When there was finally an exit, they realized that they had come to the fish market.

The fishy smell permeated every corner, and Nangong Che searched madly, searching for her figure with sharp eyes between the alleyways. He felt that she was nearby, but he could not find… Can’t see her! !

“Mu Wan…” Nangong Che suddenly grabbed a person’s wrist and pulled her over, his excitement was severely shattered! No… not her!

Suddenly, a voice attracted all his attention.

Across a river, in front of a secluded and secluded attic, several Vietnamese in uniforms were talking, while a slender and weak figure was struggling with fear and alertness in his eyes to throw away their touch.

“Sorry, I’m here to call the police… I see you wearing such clothes, I think you are here to manage law and order, I… No! Don’t touch me!” Yu Muwan broke away from a person’s hand in horror and staggered back. , Her eyes shone with weak tears, and the blood from her knees was on her white feet.

“You made a mistake, I’m not the kind of person you think, let go!” Yu Muwan turned around and wanted to go but was dragged over. A man hugged her waist and hugged her with a flattering smile.

The words she didn’t understand sounded in her ears disgustingly.

“No! Let go of me!” Yu Muwan struggled desperately, wandering between several men, with messy hair scattered on her shoulders and back. She wanted to run, but after a few steps, she appeared before her eyes. Ying stopped her, as if she was teasing her so that she couldn’t escape from their surroundings, she choked back, and stroked her shoulder with a hand from behind.

This kind of play and struggle is seen every day in the fish market, and everyone’s nerves are paralyzed in such a chaotic place, but they are just squinting to regret the excitement. Yu Muwan was screaming and struggling, tears covered his face, only to see a black car parked on the spot, someone holding her into the car, her slender hand firmly supported the car door, but she was still broken. Open it and push it in.

In the severe pain, Yu Muwan fell into the icy carriage, the man’s hand touched her skin wantonly, it was disgusting… She screamed with tears, her hand trembling and clutching the door handle tightly to escape. After going out, a man was covered behind him, bit her slender skirt, hugged her tightly and tore it hard!

“Don’t… don’t do this…” She screamed, tears falling frantically, desperately guarding her innocence… She didn’t want those dirty hands to touch her… She didn’t just fall into the bottom hell of the whole world like this …

“Bump!” “Wow!”

Accompanied by a loud noise, the car trembled heavily, and the window glass smashed and shattered, and the floor was violently covered.

Yu Muwan covered her ears and screamed. The soreness and fear in her heart were extremely sore, but the men in the car were startled, shouting at the language she didn’t understand, and looking out the window. He didn’t expect to hit so hard with a vicious fist. Come here!

“Hmm!” The man fell backwards.

Chapter 461

Yu Muwan was stunned, her white face lifted up, with wet tears hanging on it, she looked outside, only to see a faint figure, she didn’t know who it was, but waited for the reaction At that time, she held the door handle and wanted to take the opportunity to escape first.

The man behind him buckled her waist in time, covered her mouth and dragged her back, going down the other side of the car door.

“Hmm…” Yu Muwan tightly clasped the palm covering her mouth, her breath was covered, and she was dragged out of the car by Shengsheng. She could not stand still, and there was a dazzling sunlight in front of her.

She seemed to see an ink-colored figure flashing past, but she couldn’t really see it, and the feeling of suffocation was surging. Her joints were whitened, and Nangong Che’s face was slowly enlarged and clear in her mind, and he was covering her ears. With warm breathing and low voice…a hot tear fell, she suddenly missed him…so missed him…

“Bang!” There was a muffled sound, and the man behind Yu Muwan was hit by an iron rod, letting go and she fell quietly.

Yu Muwan only felt able to breathe smoothly. Her white little face was covered with sweat, her hair was wet and stuck to her side face, her body was swaying, and her weak waist was covered by her when she was about to fall. A firm arm embraced her tightly, and she suddenly fell into an embrace.

The delicate hands curled up to resist the man’s sturdy shoulders. Yu Muwan shook his head, her weak but stubborn voice cried out: “Don’t touch me… a**hole! Let go, don’t touch me!”

She is not sober, desperately defending her innocence, trying to escape everything is restrained.

“Mu Wan…Mu Wan!” Nangong Chejun’s face was pale, and his deep eyes were burning with the lost flames, bursting out with incredible light, and desperately holding her in his arms, “Mu Wan you wake up! I! It’s Nangong Che!”

His arms were trembling, listening to her cry, crushing her desperate resistance to pieces on his chest, touching her hair with a big palm, and shaking his lips against her forehead and said, “Mu Wan… Don’t be afraid…it’s me…”

Yu Muwan felt that she was surrounded by the fiery warmth, and hot tears warmed her eyes. She was panting, her teary eyes lifted up and stared at the man in front of her, trying to distinguish his appearance.

“Did you see clearly? Did you see who I am?…” Nangong Che’s hoarse voice came from his dull chest, and there was a terrible pain in his deep eyes, and there were tears trembling, pale and thin. Every word uttered from the lips was full of longing and sorrow, “I’m here to save you… I’m sorry I’m late…”

Yu Muwan stared at this familiar face in a daze. In the moment when she was sober, turbulent tears poured into her eye sockets. She burst into tears and stretched out her arms tightly around his neck.

It’s him… it’s him it’s him!

Yu Muwan’s white shoulders trembled violently, and the sharp and sorrowful cry tore at people’s hearts. She clung to the man in front of her, as if she was holding her last expectation. She was really not as brave as she thought. She is really scared…

“Mu Wan…” Nangong Che also hugged her tightly, as if he was trying to rub her into his body, the low-pitched voice accompanied by the warm breath in her ears and neck, he was so real His mind was out of control, his voice choked, and the joints of his fingers were slightly white because of the hard force.

“I almost thought I would never see you again, I almost thought I would lose you forever, you know?” The low-pitched voice trembled, and Nangong Che’s warm palms trembled and held her face, pale and tight. Bian, “Thank God… I found you… Mu Wan, I love you…”

Warm tears flowed from his eyes, Nangong Che finished trembling, closed his eyes and k*ssed her lips fiercely, releasing all the heartaches and worries he had bitten in the past few days…

I love you… I love you crazy…

He has never cried since the death of his three-year-old mother… The only time he shed tears was when he hugged his favorite woman and kssed her madly, melting all his love and loss of control in this affectionate one. In the kss…

The tears in Yu Muwan’s eyes had been tortured by fright and fear for too long. At this moment, he could only sink into his arms, let his overwhelming warmth and deep k*sses surround her like tides, and said in a crying voice ” Hold me tight”, his arms wrapped around his neck even more…

“…!” Luo Fanyu snorted and swung away the iron rod that the man smashed with his arm. He covered his arm and his entire face turned blue with pain. He gritted his teeth and stared at the two people who were hugging him tightly. The main thing was to stare at the delicate and petite figure in Nangong Che’s arms, and the pity in his heart suddenly surged, and he was moved, but the next moment he didn’t pay attention, “Bang!” There was a loud noise and an iron rod greeted his back. Back!

“Hmm!” Luo Fanyu was beaten down by the shocking force, and there was a sharp pain in his chest almost bleeding.

The people behind yelled and waved the iron rod again, Luo Fanyu firmly grasped with his hands, his handsome face was red, and he clenched his teeth and held on!

“a**hole…” Luo Fanyu gritted his teeth and squeezed out two words, his hand suddenly grabbed the iron rod and pulled it in his direction, pulling the man’s shoulders and knees heavily! The man groaned with pain, his face was purple, clutching his stomach to fall down, Luo Fanyu lifted him up and pressed him on the car, his right hand picked up the iron rod, “Bang!” swept across his face !

The head was hit hard, and the man spurted blood from his mouth and nose and staggered to the ground.

“Please, can you get rid of these people before you get close? I can’t hold it anymore!” Luo Fanyu slammed a man behind him again and gritted his teeth towards Nangong Che.

Nangong Che loosened the lips of the woman in his arms, and his bloodshot eyes burst into sharp light. He whispered in her ear, “Stand here and don’t move”, set her by the car and turned around. Go help Luo Fanyu.

And the man who just fell on the ground was covered with blood and had a few teeth knocked off. He got up with a grim face, took out a dagger from his waist, and looked at the two men with abundance. Look at Yu Muwan.

He was so fierce that he picked up the knife and pierced Yu Muwan’s neck fiercely!

Yu Muwan screamed and dodged abruptly, but a few hairs were blown off, and the tip of the knife slipped on the roof of the car with a sharp noise. She paled with fright and wanted to run away, but she staggered and fell down with pain as soon as she took a step! Her injured knee was bloody, and her calf was full of blood!

Nangong Che stretched out his hand to hold the iron rod that came from behind, with murderous expression on his face. Hearing Mu Wan’s screams and looking towards her, he was unexpectedly pulled out by the person behind him, “Bang!” Smashed on the head!

Chapter 462

Nangong Che snorted and staggered twice. He held the car with his hands and felt half of his brain buzzing. The warm liquid instantly covered his entire face and ears. His handsome face flushed red and gritted his teeth to endure. The next time he swiped it, he lifted his arm to block it, and before the whole consciousness was dizzy, he screamed and pulled the iron rod with his elbow and stunned the man heavily! He staggered twice before rushing towards Mu Wan’s direction.

“Don’t come here!” Yu Muwan was sweating in pain, and his fair body fell into the muddy water. He picked up the rocks and branches on the ground and threw them towards the man.

The blood on the man’s face slashed towards Yu Muwan savagely.

Halfway through the cut, Nangong Che clenched his wrist tightly, and the knife was pushed back and forth between the two people. Luo Fanyu saw the sparkling heart of the knife half cold, this damn chaotic ghost place!


When Nangong Che slashed the knife across his face, he didn’t feel much, but his eyes burst with murderous intent. He stretched out his hand and severely broke the man’s other wrist. The man squashed with a howl, and then he was brutally killed. He picked it up, and kicked his chest heavily on the door of the car, his chest was about to be shattered by the huge force.

The scarlet drops of blood fell on Junyi’s face, and Nangong Che’s deep eyes lifted, resisting the intense pain and dizziness in his mind, trying to stand firmly and walk towards Yu Muwan, leaning over and pulling her up to hug her. In his arms, mutely said: “Is there anything…”

Before he finished his words, he heard Luo Fanyu yelling in fear behind him: “Be careful, Che!!”

Nangong Che heard the shout.

There was a blur in his deep eyes. It was the sharp pain and shock caused when the iron rod was just knocked up. His pale thin lips were tight, not knowing what was happening behind him, and he subconsciously hugged Yu Muwan. Hugging tightly in my arms——

The Vietnamese that I couldn’t understand turned into a roar of hatred behind him.

Yu Muwan screamed in a suffocated embrace, feeling the muscular man in front of him snorted, holding her tighter, but trembling in the violent earthquake, a few seconds later, she saw him pale and pale Junyi’s face, with scarlet blood blooming on it, was as beautiful as a rose.

Nangong Che felt the sharp pain, penetrated into his flesh and blood, as if he was about to strip his life alive.

Behind him was roaring and roaring. He just wanted to reach out and touch her face to make her not be afraid, but he reached half of his hand, and the darkness in front of him was overwhelming, and his heavy body fell on her…


Wake up again, the whole world is shaking.


“Che!” Luo Fanyu’s pale and anxious face appeared in front of him, severely tore his clothes around his abdomen, patted his face and tremblingly said, “Wake up, don’t faint! Did you hear it! …I have already notified the old man, he will send a helicopter to Kulai immediately, can you hold on to me, can you hear me!”

Luo Fanyu roared violently, his eyes were scarlet, his arms propped on his sides like an out of control lion.

Nangong Che’s face is completely bloodless, scary white, with fine sweat oozing out, and the excitement has forced his consciousness to the edge of collapse. He fell weakly on the ground, but he has been holding tightly in his palm. hand.

“Nangong Che… don’t have an accident… don’t have an accident!” Yu Muwan’s white face fell again with a tear, incoherent, his whole body was already stiff and tight, and his hands were full of his blood. To move him, I could only watch Luo Fanyu bandage him, and watch him wake up from the severe pain, in a daze, she couldn’t do anything!

“…” Nangong Che coughed muffledly, and the mouth was sweet, and there was a hint of scarlet on his pale thin lips. He grabbed Yu Muwan’s hand and put it to his lips to k*ss lightly, revealing a pale smile.

“Can’t die…” The low-pitched voice seemed to be almost inaudible. Nangong Che held her hand tightly and k*ssed her with thin lips. The comforting voice was full of pity, “Don’t cry…”

Do you know the whole world…I don’t see you cry the most.

The severe pain in the abdomen came to the top of the head when the wound was tightened to stop bleeding! Nangong Che raised his head, Jun Yi’s eyebrows were slightly frowned at the moment the pain struck, and the scarlet blood on his Jun’s face flowed down the tough arc, which was beautiful.

But in the next moment, he could not hear anything except her last cry and call…


The entire Nangong house was in chaos.

At the moment when the call was received, Nangong Ao, who had always been strategizing in the mall, suddenly lost all his demeanor, his vigorous and cold eyes were full of panic, and the whole person almost fell because of the shock.

He quickly rushed to the hospital, and his whole brain was buzzing on the way to the hospital. He knew that this child was able to save money for the woman, so he took people from him so desperately, and then desperately pursued Vietnam. go with. But he didn’t expect… he didn’t expect that his unfeeling would actually make his son fall into this situation! !

“Che…” Nangong Ao seemed to have been twenty years old in an instant, and his hands on crutches were shaking, muttering anxiously.

“Sir, the young master has been sent to the hospital for treatment, and we will be notified immediately if there is a result…” The quiet butler beside him also panicked and comforted him in a low voice.

“I’m always confused, am I?” Nangong Ao raised his muddy eyes, his face was pale, and asked the housekeeper in a daze, “You said how can I let him chase him to Vietnam alone? What do you think of those people? I dare to hurt my Nangong proud son… Tell me what the gang of people I sent do for food!”

“Sir, don’t worry…” The butler was afraid that he would get sick, so he calmed down and followed his back, “Let’s go to the hospital first…”

“Where is that woman?” Nangong Ao suddenly remembered, “Where is the woman he is desperately trying to save?!!!”

“It is said that he came back with the young master and the son of the Luo family, and they are all in the hospital!”

“What the hell did she do… How could she harm my son like this… How could she be like this…” Thinking of the power brought by the woman Yu Muwan, fear and shock appeared on Nangong’s proud old face. Whispering in a low voice, with old heartache and worry in his eyes, that is his son… his only son! !

The hospital finally arrived.

There was chaos around the ward.

Nangong Enxi rushed over earlier, and as soon as he came in, he pulled Luo Fanyu’s sleeve and asked, “Where is my brother? What happened to my brother? What about others!”

Luo Fanyu was holding the wall with his hands, unable to recover from the scene just now, his handsome face was pale, he slowly turned his eyes to stare at Nangong Enxi, and said dumbly: “He was stabbed… from behind… it should be Where is the spleen…”

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