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Chapter 52

Allen Chu stared closely at Noila Mo’s eyes, thinking that she would see dissatisfaction or resistance in her eyes.

But no, her eyes were as calm as a spring without any fluctuations. It seems that Allen Chu’s words did not arouse any feelings from her.

After listening to Allen Chu’s words, Liu Zichen sat on the sofa triumphantly, pretending to be graceful and stretched out his hand to Noila Mo: “Then I’m sorry!”

Noila Mo lowered his eyes and stretched out his hand to help Liu Zichen massage. Although there were hundreds of grass and mud horses running inside, he wanted to forcefully break Liu Zichen’s slender wrist. But she can’t.

She wanted to ask Allen Chu, but she could only obey her.

“Hey! Do you lighten it, okay? People are pinched by you to death!” In fact, Noila Mo’s movements were very gentle, but Liu Zichen still exaggeratedly made a painful voice.

“I’m sorry! I will move lighter.” Noila Mo showed impeccable performance, Fang Buddha is really the most competent maid.

Allen Chu suddenly felt dull. Pulling up Liu Zichen, he walked outside the door: “Go to the night bar!”

I don’t know why, seeing Noila Mo look indifferent, he feels depressed. Maybe it’s time to have fun. Since I met Noila Mo, he has almost lived a life like an ascetic, and it has been a long time since a woman touched him.

Allen Chu and Liu Zichen hugged and walked out. Only a piece of silence is left.

Noila Mo stroked the fast-growing little life in her belly, and a deep sense of loss and fear suddenly surged in her heart.

Just two months ago, she thought she would marry Senior Shen and give him a beautiful and lovely baby. She is a mother, he and a father. But a nightmare night smashed all her dreams to pieces.

She embarked on a path of no return, and she went further and further…

All the disguised strength was defeated at once, and Noila Mo curled up on the wide sofa, shrinking tightly, desperately swallowing the tears that rushed out. What did she do wrong? Why would God punish her like this?

Her poor child, who didn’t even know who his father was, just came to this cold world innocently.

When Allen Chu came back, Noila Mo was already curled up on the sofa and fell asleep. Allen Chu slammed the door, and Noila Mo woke up suddenly.

With dark clouds covering Allen Chu’s face, he sat down on the sofa without even looking at Noila Mo.

Noila Mo lowered her head, her hair was messy, half of her face was hidden in the shadow, and her heart was messed up. I don’t know how to bargain with Allen Chu to give birth to this child.

After a long time, he finally made up his mind and said timidly: “Well, I’m pregnant!”

Allen Chu’s face turned green in an instant, and his voice was full of suppressed anger: “Who owns this wild species? Is it your senior?”

Noila Mo felt a tingling pain in her heart. She wished that the child was a senior. She is willing to raise children for seniors. Unfortunately, I am afraid there is no chance in this life.

Seeing Noila Mo not answering, Allen Chu’s anger was even more raging. He picked up Noila Mo’s collar and sneered: “Did you get dumped by your senior? Your senior left the wild and ran away? Infatuation. The female encounters a ruthless man, tusk, it’s really pitiful!”

Noila Mo couldn’t breathe with the knife’s general sharpness. How should she answer? Could she tell Allen Chu that she didn’t even know who the child’s father was? Who would believe such nonsense? It sounds too much like a lie!

Chapter 53

Seeing Noila Mo bowed her head and said nothing. Allen Chu confirmed his guess. Turning his head, he twisted Noila Mo’s chin fiercely: “b*tch, have you forgotten that I am your gold master? Your father’s life is held in my hand! As long as I say no, no one The hospital dare to admit your father!”

Noila Mo was shocked, Allen Chu knew her weakness too much. Lifting his panicked eyes, Noila Mo begged him for the first time: “Please, save my dad!”

The voice is thin and soft, with irresistible power.

Allen Chu found that he couldn’t refuse any plea from Noila Mo. With a soft-hearted hatred towards him, he severely grabbed Noila Mo’s long hair and pulled her face closer, almost to his own. Coldly said: “You can save your father, but from today, you will be the most humble maid. Learn how to please me!”

“Yes, President.” Noila Mo’s voice was dull, as if covered with thick dust.

Allen Chu’s lips evoked an ironic arc, swept over Noila Mo’s lowered head, and stood up. The tall figure carried a winter-like cold breath, giving Noila Mo an inexplicable sense of oppression.

Allen Chu didn’t look at Noila Mo again, and strode towards the bedroom. Heavy steps. When I walked to the bedroom door, I turned around and saw Noila Mo still standing still, and said coldly, “What are you still doing? I’m hungry! Go make some supper!”

It wasn’t until Allen Chu slammed the door that Noila Mo let out a sigh of relief. She was fatigued and faintly nauseous, and she seemed to have a pregnancy reaction.

She is now very afraid of Allen Chu, don’t know why, seeing his bloodthirsty eyes, she is inexplicably guilty.

I moved my steps and poured myself a glass of water, taking sips and sips, holding back the nausea and drank the water. But there was a gurgling sound in my stomach, and my stomach began to sing empty city plan. Hungry and disgusting, this feeling is really bad!

She found a small bread in the closet and ate it in a few bites. She still felt very uncomfortable and had a terrible headache. But thinking of Allen Chu’s instructions, he still went to the kitchen to cook.

Mix rice and glutinous rice, cook a pot of thick and fragrant mixed rice porridge, the newly listed toon, chopped finely, sprinkle with fine salt, put a little vinegar, and make a refreshing cold dish. I didn’t know Allen Chu’s taste, so I made another sandwich and fried two golden omelets.

After making this simple supper, Noila Mo herself had no appetite at all, and she wanted to vomit when she smelled the omelette.

Knock on Allen Chu’s door, she said softly through the door: “The meal is ready, come and eat!”

No one cares about her. She had to repeat it again before returning to the other bedroom to lie down. Curled up on the soft bed, the silky warm bedding soothed the nausea in her stomach, and the small lamp beside the bed glowed with warm yellow, sprinkling the peace and tranquility of the room on the plain wallpaper.

The next morning, Noila Mo’s head was still dizzy, but she still insisted on going to the kitchen to make breakfast. The supper last night on the table is gone. Only the dishes thrown around. She cleared the table, made a rich breakfast, warmed up in the pot while Allen Chu got up.

The breakfast was hot and hot, and Allen Chu walked out of the bedroom. Seeing Noila Mo also indifferent like ice.

Noila Mo quickly brought the breakfast to the table, prepared the porridge for him, and tried to smile at him, but his smile was very stiff: “I cooked mushroom and lean meat porridge today.”

Allen Chu didn’t say a word, and sat down at the table. Pick up the porridge on the table and drink it slowly with a spoon. The movements are elegant and leisurely. Even though Noila Mo served him with soup and food, she never looked at her.

Chapter 54

The two of them were eating, but the table was surprisingly quiet. The atmosphere was very depressing, Noila Mo endured the discomfort and drank a bowl of gruel, and could no longer eat it.

“I’m full, eat slowly. I’ll clean up the dishes in a while.” Noila Mo stood up to leave the table. She has no strength and feels very tired.

“Stop!” Allen Chu’s faint voice came from behind: “Clean the house.”

Noila Mo raised his head and looked at Allen Chu. He drank milk expressionlessly, but there was a small flame burning deep in his eyes. Noila Mo suddenly felt a little scared. Now Allen Chu, who is neither violent nor cold, made her feel a little guilty.

The person who knows the current affairs is Junjie, and he holds his father’s life in his hand, so he should be better. She nodded with a “hmm”. “Is there anything else to do?”

Allen Chu ignored him at all. Stand up, push the unfinished breakfast and walk to the bedroom. Basically, Noila Mo was a cloud of air.

In the days that followed, his attitude towards Noila Mo was even more alienated. His eyes always seemed to be filled with thoughts. Even if he was sitting in the sun, his body was covered with a layer of chill.

Noila Mo was relieved instead. That’s good, he won’t harass her anymore. Two people live under the same roof, but are separated by thousands of miles. It’s good to keep a distance from Allen Chu. Noila Mo is content with such a day.

Noila Mo is actively doing housework, and her father’s operation date is approaching. She must not offend Allen Chu during this time. She arched her waist and was busy cleaning the window in the room with a rag. After a while, my waist became sore.

Pregnant women should bend as little as possible and cannot climb high. But she did both.

Allen Chu did not go to the company today, lying on the sofa, lazily watching Noila Mo busy with everything, and instructing Noila Mo to wipe the place and sweep the place.

Noila Mo really wanted to cry without tears. I really wanted to ask: “President Chu, are your Chu family going bankrupt? Your old man is so idle, you don’t have to go to work to handle official affairs?”

But Noila Mo understands that people have to bow their heads under the eaves. On the surface, it is still respectful and meticulous cleaning. The floor was shining like diamonds, and even the window sills outside were spotless.

Noila Mo felt that he could be elected as one of the top ten maids. But that’s it, Young Master Chu was still not satisfied. At noon, he was lying on the sofa and reading a book while Noila Mo was cleaning the room beside him.

Suddenly, Noila Mo felt cold on her back, turned her head, a pair of water eyes looked back inquiringly, but it happened to hit Allen Chu’s deep eyes. Is it an illusion? She actually felt that there seemed to be a special emotion in Allen Chu’s eyes. People generally called it “sorrow”.

sad? Noila Mo’s pink lips opened slightly to look at Allen Chu, his eyes widened, and he wanted to carefully see what emotions were in his eyes.

It is indeed an illusion. Because the next second, Allen Chu narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Are you perfunctory? Just sweep the ground like this?”

The yin bird’s eyes narrowed dangerously, which was a sign of his anger.

Noila Mo stopped her movements, resisted the soreness of her waist, and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, I will clean again.”

Noila Mo knelt on the cold floor and wiped the high-end teak floor inch by inch with a rag until it was as bright as new, and the figure could be clearly seen. This meticulous approach, the living room alone did it all morning. When the floor was completely cleaned, she stood up, only to find that her back was sore that she was almost unsteady.

Rubbing her sore waist and abdomen, Noila Mo cheered for the baby in her heart: “Baby, you must be strong! When grandpa’s surgery is over, mother will take you out of here. Never let you suffer any more. Up.”

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