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Chapter 76

In dizziness, her body was suddenly let go. Noila Mo opened her big misty eyes and found that Allen Chu had left her body, and her dark eyes were looking at her narrowly.

“Noila Mo, you seem to be having fun!” Allen Chu joked.

Noila Mo wanted to find a hole in the ground. A small face flushed with anger, his chest rising and falling.

“Okay, don’t be ashamed! I will satisfy you when I go back tonight!” Allen Chu found that he liked to quarrel with Noila Mo more and more. It is a pleasure to tease her, watch her get angry and embarrassed.

Noila Mo turned her head away, ignoring Allen Chu at all. She has never had the upper hand in a fight.

Noila Mo was wearing a sleeveless dress. The air conditioner in the car was a bit cold, and Noila Mo shrank her shoulders. There were some tiny goose bumps on Bai Nen’s arm.

“Put it on.” Allen Chu took off his coat and handed it to Noila Mo, ordering.

Noila Mo took the coat and put it on her body. Allen Chu’s breath filled the tip of her nose, and the smell of Allen Chu’s body was cold, with the smell of cologne, as arrogant as his people.

Noila Mo thought of the faint mint fragrance on Senior Shen’s body again, feeling a little bored, and sighed.

“Sigh what?” Allen Chu asked with a frown, staring at the lane ahead.

“Nothing.” Noila Mo closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. She is not a fool, how could she tell Allen Chu the truth.

Allen Chu snorted coldly, “What is the name of Liang Nuanxin’s fiance?”

Noila Mo was shocked. Although she still closed her eyes, her long eyelashes trembled. Allen Chu could see clearly from the corner of her eyes.

“Why do you suddenly ask about this?” Noila Mo tried to pretend that nothing had happened.

Allen Chu turned his head and glanced at Noila Mo, his deep eyes flashed with a sharp cold light, “Do you know him?”

Noila Mo was so frightened that she shot up from her seat: “If I don’t know him or not, how can I know him?”

Allen Chu’s eyes were colder, and his voice was harsher: “Noila Mo, you better be honest.”

Noila Mo muttered, “Why are you so fierce?” She shrank her body into Allen Chu’s jacket again, and whispered, “He and I are both from City A. I have seen them before.”

“I’ve just seen it so simple?” Allen Chu’s eyes became more angry. Noila Mo, do you treat me as a fool? The man’s eyes were not right at Noila Mo!

Knowing that Allen Chu was not that easy to deceive, Noila Mo had to honestly say half the truth: “He, he used to be my neighbor.”

Allen Chu twisted Noila Mo’s chin with one hand, and a pair of eagle eyes stared at her sharply, as if studying whether she was lying.

Noila Mo tried his best to make her eyes naive and innocent.

After a while, Allen Chu released his hand, and his voice was cold and merciless: “The fifth rule of love. Without my permission, you are not allowed to talk to other men casually.”

“You are crazy!” Noila Mo swears to Tian, ​​she really doesn’t want to anger Allen Chu. But is Allen Chu too outrageous!

“I know! I’m just a mistress! But a mistress is not a human? Even the most basic freedom of human beings is gone? If I say a word to other men, I will give you a green hat?”

“Have you ever put a green hat on me?” Allen Chu glanced at Noila Mo’s belly. His face was extremely ugly.

“You!” Noila Mo was completely speechless, and there was a tingling pain in her heart. This was her biggest scar and pain, but was uncovered by Allen Chu so vividly.

He pulled off Allen Chu’s coat and threw it on him: “Return it to you!”

Allen Chu slammed the brakes, and the tires made a harsh rubbing sound on the ground. “Noila Mo, don’t irritate me!” Allen Chu’s eyes were as cold as a knife.

Noila Mo raised his eyes to look at Allen Chu’s face. He was also a little scared, closed his eyes bitterly, and continued to pretend to sleep. I didn’t let myself see Allen Chu’s hateful face again.

There was a suffocating silence in the car.

The car was driving fast on the boulevard. Noila Mo fell asleep quickly despite the slight bumps.

Allen Chu glanced at Noila Mo from the corner of his eyes, and found that the little woman was actually asleep. There is another nameless fire in my heart. This woman is really heartless, she was so noisy just now, she fell asleep in a blink of an eye!

Slender fingers stretched out, trying to poke Noila Mo’s face to wake her up, but suddenly stopped in midair.

Noila Mo slept soundly. It was a bit cold in the car. She hugged her arms tightly and shrank her body to a small size. Her small white face was tender and clear, her long eyelashes cast a charming shadow, and her ruddy mouth opened slightly, making her sleepy. A trace of infant innocence.

Allen Chu stared at Noila Mo, his angry eyes became softer and softer, and finally turned into a touch of pampering. Put the coat Noila Mo back on him just now. Seeing that the little woman satisfactorily pressed her chin on the warm coat tighter, Allen Chu didn’t know that the corners of his lips had already curled into a smile.

It’s time for the dinner party. Famous cars gathered in the parking lot, and the ladies and well-dressed men came and went, adding a lot to the rich banquet.

Noila Mo was still sleeping. Allen Chu stopped the car steadily and turned off Yinche. Lower the seat, put your hands behind your head, and stare at Noila Mo’s sleeping face quietly.

The sharpness and hostility in his eyes faded. At this moment, anyone who saw a scene in the car would think that this was a loving couple.

This little girl is still cute when she is good. Allen Chu’s eyes slid to Noila Mo’s delicate white fingers on his coat. On the finger, the heart of the ocean was shining with bright brilliance.

Suddenly remembered Noila Mo’s sentence: “Do you know the meaning of the ring?”

There was a smile at the corner of his mouth. Is this little woman forced to marry?

As if feeling Allen Chu’s gaze, Noila Mo in his sleep suddenly felt cold all over. A Ji Ling woke up, opened his eyes, and found an enlarged face in front of him.

“Ah!” With a sharp scream, the man who was peeking at her in front of him frightened back.

After reacting, a burst of chestnut bullets on Noila Mo’s little head: “What are you screaming?” Allen Chu covered the tenderness in his eyes, and his eyes became cold again.

“Why peek at me to sleep! It’s so scary!” Noila Mo patted her chest, being careful that she was still plopping.

“What is peeking? I think you still use peeking? Up and down of your body, where I haven’t seen?” Allen Chu said solemnly.

“You…” Noila Mo’s face flushed with anger. This man has this ability, and he doesn’t blush when talking about nasty things.

“Hurry up and wipe your saliva, and don’t embarrass me when you get to the banquet!” Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo with disgust.

“Huh?” Noila Mo was embarrassed, thinking that she was really drooling when she fell asleep, and quickly pulled up the clothes on her body and wiped it to the corner of her mouth.

“Noila Mo, you pig!” Allen Chu was finally mad! What Noila Mo used to wipe his mouth was his coat!

Although you won’t really get saliva, this action is enough to make people sick! He Allen Chu is a man of cleanliness!

“Haha…you let me wipe it!” Finally, the game returned and Allen Chu was also mad. Noila Mo was in a very good mood and deliberately handed the coat he wiped to Allen Chu’s eyes: “Taste It’s pretty good, you taste it! Sour, sweet, nutritious, and delicious…”

Before Allen Chu had an attack, Noila Mo jumped out of the car. At the beginning of the night, the lights cast soft shadows on her face. The smiling little woman was as happy as the simplest child.

Allen Chu also bent his lips, locked the car, walked outside and grabbed Noila Mo’s hand, “Go, scruffy woman!”

The magnificent hall was brightly lit, red men and green women shuttled back and forth. Noila Mo helped her forehead, really a headache. She hates all kinds of duplicity entertainment, with a hypocritical smile on her face, pretending to be interested in other people’s topics, this is really the most boring thing in the world.

“What’s the matter?” Allen Chu glanced at her.

“I hate socializing. I said I want to sleep at home. You have to let me come.” Noila Mo pouted and complained.

“You don’t need to socialize, you can talk when you want to talk, and don’t talk if you don’t want to talk. No one dares to do anything to you.” Allen Chu’s tall figure with a breath of kingship, said to Noila Mo disapprovingly.

In his dictionary, there is never a talk about entertainment. It is his consistent creed that he does his own way and doesn’t care about the eyes of others.

However, since he was a child, everyone around him has been loyal to him, holding him like a prince. Everything is going well, where does he need to agree with others, with a hypocritical smile on his face?

Noila Mo sighed, this kind of person who was born with a golden spoon and died with a golden spoon since childhood will definitely experience the pain of socializing. Because other people always entertain him. He just needs to do whatever he wants.

“Wait.” Taking her to the hall, Allen Chu suddenly stopped, staring at the top of her head, and frowned slightly.

“What are you doing?” Noila Mo asked puzzledly. What is this about?

Allen Chu ignored Noila Mo’s question, looked around, and finally stayed in the flower garden next to him.

“Wait for me here.” Allen Chu gave Noila Mo a word and walked to the flower garden.

Chapter 77

The night was getting darker, and I couldn’t see what Allen was doing at the flower garden, but saw him bending over as if picking flowers.

What the hell, Noila Mo pouted. Is it about picking a rose or something for me? So naive, so old fashioned! Noila Mo muttered, she must laugh at him when she comes back soon!

Allen Chu walked over, pinning his right hand behind him.

“Hey, I don’t like roses!” Noila Mo raised her head arrogantly and decided to take a good blow to Allen Chu.

“Really? What about this one?” Allen Chu took out his right hand from behind him, his movements extremely elegant.

A blooming iris lay quietly on the palm of his hand. The beautiful butterfly shape and dark blue color match her blue jewelry very well.

“Huh?” Noila Mo was a little surprised. Is there a single iris flower?

Allen Chu pulled Noila Mo over and pressed her body very closely, Noila Mo’s chin was almost touching his chest.

“Hey, what are you doing! This is a public place, don’t go into estrus!” Noila Mo was startled, thinking that Allen Chu was going to do something excessive, and quickly put his hand against Allen Chu’s chest.

“Woman, are you too nasty? You think it’s crooked?” Allen Chu stopped Noila Mo’s movement. He lowered his head and carefully inserted the iris flower in Noila Mo’s long hair.

To be ridiculed by Allen Chu’s eroticism, Noila Mo wanted to die. These years, is it the turn of the bad guys to despise the good guys?

I was about to open my mouth to refute, but when I looked up, I saw Allen Chu’s angular chin. The chin was cleanly shaved, but I could still see the green stubble under the epidermis and the faint taste of cold cologne. With the look in his eyes and the slender and flexible hands, Noila Mo suddenly discovered that Allen Chu was a sexually sexy man.

With a slight fever on her face, Noila Mo pushed Allen Chu away.

Allen Chu looked up and down her body, and a smirk appeared at the corner of her mouth: “It looks like this, in fact, you are not ugly.”

“What’s not ugly? It’s clearly as beautiful as a fairy! Especially with your green leaf standing next to me, it sets off my bright eyes and white teeth, otherworldly!” Noila Mo counterattacked unceremoniously. Big eyes stared at Allen Chu fiercely.

A pair of water eyes are shining with lights, and the waves of the eyes flow, making people can’t help but indulge in it. A delicate and beautiful iris flower in full bloom beside the dark cloud temples, even more lining the skin against snow, Allen Chu couldn’t help but become more possessive.

A strong k*ss on Noila Mo’s lips gave her his own mark. The voice threatened: “It’s good to know how beautiful you are. Don’t go to the dinner party for a while and don’t go around. Remember, you are not allowed to talk to other men without my approval!”

“You are not boring… hey…” Noila Mo was dragged into the hall by Allen Chu before she finished her words.

In the hall, the clothes were fragrant and the shadows on the temples. As soon as Allen Chu appeared, people frequently greeted him.

“President Chu, are you here today too? What an honor!”

“President Chu, I heard that your Chu family bought another leading enterprise? Congratulations!”

All kinds of flattering voices kept coming, but Allen Chu didn’t pay any attention at all, let alone nodding his head in return, he didn’t even sweep the corners of his eyes. But these people are not embarrassed. People on earth know Allen Chu’s cold, arrogant and domineering.

“Allen!” A magnetic male voice came over.

Allen Chu heard the sound and stopped, Noila Mo raised his eyes to see that it was Pei Jun.

Pei Jun, as always, with an unruly smile on his face, stretched out his right hand to Noila Mo, ready to shake hands politely: “Miss Mo is so beautiful today!”

Allen Chu opened Pei Jun’s hand: “Don’t stretch out your paws!” He pulled Noila Mo closer to his arms.

Noila Mo lowered his head and ignored Allen Chu’s words and Pei Jun’s greetings.

Pei Jun glanced at Noila Mo in surprise. The Noila Mo in his impression was a very polite and accomplished girl. Why is it so rude today?

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows, and raised Noila Mo’s chin somewhat puzzledly: “Why don’t you speak? Are you feeling well?”

Noila Mo stared at Allen Chu: “I feel very comfortable.”

Allen Chu’s thick eyebrows frowned, and his deep eyes narrowed slightly: “Then why don’t you speak?”

Noila Mo shrugged and said confidently: “I would not dare to talk to other men without your approval.”

After listening to Noila Mo’s words, Allen Chu’s expression could no longer be described by words such as shriveled, ugly, etc.!

Hahaha… Pei Jun, who was surprised for a long time, burst into laughter. This little lover of Allen Chu is really interesting! Too much hate! Finally someone can cure Allen Chu!

“Small thing! I’ll settle accounts with you after I go back tonight!” Allen Chu gave Noila Mo a fierce look, and lowered his voice threateningly.

Noila Mo was in pain and stared at Allen Chu dissatisfiedly: “You are too difficult to serve!”

“Oh! Who is this! I dare to say that our President Chu is hard to serve, and ambitious, right?” With a strong fragrance, a coquettish and charming woman appeared on the stage.

Noila Mo recognized that this woman with exquisite makeup and wide-split dress that stretched all the way to her belly button was Liu Zichen who performed a live erotica with Allen Chu that night.

Recently I made a new film, and the limelight is healthy. Her propaganda is everywhere.

Noila Mo turned to the beginning, too lazy to respond. The irony in Liu Zichen’s words can be heard personally. If she picks up the conversation again, wouldn’t she just slap her in the face!

Seeing Noila Mo ignored her at all, Liu Zichen’s pretty face flushed with anger. The place where her Liu Zichen appeared was the focus of the public, and now with the addition of Pei Jun, the president of the Chu Group and the helm of the entertainment circle, everyone in the hall looked over here. If Noila Mo didn’t answer her, wouldn’t it be that she couldn’t come off stage in public?

Hidden in the eyes, there was a fierce flash in the eyes, Liu Zichen gently twisted the willow waist, walked to Allen Chu, white and tender arms wrapped around Allen Chu’s waist: “Allen, long time no see, have you forgotten everyone? “

From the corner of his eye, Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo who turned his head and pretended to see the scenery, and then looked at Liu Zichen who had actively posted it. He let go of Noila Mo’s hand and wrapped Liu Zichen’s waist: “Why, miss me? “

Noila Mo’s shoulders trembled, and there was a chill. Unexpectedly, Allen Chu would still have such tender affection. Too bad!

Since Allen Chu and Liu Zichen want to complain so much, then she will make room for them!

He opened his legs and was about to walk back, but Allen Chu moved his body calmly, blocking Noila Mo’s path. The show just started, how could he let the heroine leave?

I don’t know why, he just likes to tease Noila Mo, like to see her jealous for other women-but Noila Mo seems to have never been jealous of him. Thinking of this, Allen Chu frowned a little unhappy.

Pei Jun stood by with a smile, and had a panoramic view of everything. Seeing Allen Chu blocking Noila Mo’s way, Pei Jun leaned over and whispered in Allen Chu’s ear: “Don’t overplay it! I don’t think Miss Mo is easy to provoke.”

After finishing speaking, quickly flashed away with the goblet. For fear of taking a step late, Allen Chu’s sharp gaze was cut to pieces.

Liu Zichen noticed that Allen Chu was wrong, and also recognized that Noila Mo was the audience who watched her performance that night, and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. Allen Chu has many lovers, but this little girl film obviously has a different position in his heart.

Liu Zichen looked at Noila Mo with a critical look. His face was fair, but his figure was not flattering. He was so thin and even had a small belly. Such a bad figure dared to stay by President Chu’s side. It was shameless and irresponsible!

I feel that I have a greater chance of winning, and Liu Zichen’s voice is sweeter as honey: “President Chu, will you accompany Zichen to the terrace to admire the moon? The moonlight is so beautiful tonight!”

The plump body rubbed against Allen Chu’s body as if nothing.

Allen Chu turned his eyes and found that Noila Mo was looking at the painting on the wall next to him, not paying attention to what he and Liu Zichen were talking about.

His eyes became cold and he snorted coldly. Allen Chu deliberately increased the volume: “Zi Chen, go, I will accompany you to enjoy the moon over there.”

From the corner of his eye, I watched the little woman’s reaction. The little woman didn’t respond, her eyes were still staring at an oil painting hanging on the wall, she seemed fascinated.

Allen Chu was more angry in his eyes, put his arms around Liu Zichen, deliberately walked past Noila Mo’s sight, with anger in his eyes, but with a smile on his face, looking down at Liu Zichen, it seemed that he was really happy to see Liu Zichen .

Hanging on the wall is a portrait of Princess Margaret painted by Italian realist oil painting master Anigoni. She had seen this painting in “World Art Appreciation”, and she sat with Salmon Shen under the cherry blossom tree on the campus, side by side, and saw it together.

It was three years ago, when the breeze blew, cherry blossom petals fell on the book, on the ground, on her hair.

Salmon Shen gently helped to remove the petal from her hair and smiled at her. His eyes were brighter than the stars.

Noila Mo suddenly felt that his eyes were sore and full.

“Why is Miss Mo here alone? Oh, yes, I just seemed to see your boyfriend Allen Chu and Liu Zichen on the terrace over there!” A soft and ironic voice pulled Noila Mo back. To reality.

It’s Liang Nuanxin. Noila Mo was shocked, and subconsciously looked next to her. There was no one else beside her. Salmon Shen did not show up.

The lifted heart was immediately returned to its original place. Noila Mo nodded and smiled at Liang Nuanxin, preparing to go elsewhere.

“Miss Mo, I heard you are Salmon’s school girl?” Liang Nuanxin didn’t give up at all. While Salmon went to the car to help her get things, she must inquire about it.

“Yes.” Noila Mo replied briefly. She didn’t want to see Salmon Shen on this occasion. She didn’t want to let Salmon Shen know that she was not Allen Chu’s girlfriend at all, but just a mistress who was taken care of!

“Miss Mo, you must know that I am engaged to Salmon. If you have any thoughts about Salmon, I advise you to give up soon! Although President Chu didn’t take you seriously, you shouldn’t worry about other people’s fiance! “

Chapter 78

Noila Mo bit her lower lip, she really wanted to say: “Miss Liang, you better worry about yourself.” But she gritted her teeth and held back.

Forget it, Liang Nuanxin is the fiancée of Senior Shen after all. For the face of Senior Shen, please spare her this time!

Biting his lips, turned and left. He didn’t notice how gloomy Liang Nuanxin stared at her.

On the terrace, Liu Zichen tried his best to capture Allen Chu’s attention firmly. He kept smiling and complimenting, but Allen Chu didn’t seem to care about it. The dress was originally a deep V, and she secretly removed the chest sticker while Allen Chu was not paying attention. Now, her entire upper body is in a vacuum state.

Back then, she relied on this pair of chests, step by step, from a bar to accompany singing to promote to a first-line star. Today, with this, she will definitely be able to conquer Allen Chu!

“Allen, what are you thinking about?” Liu Zichen rubbed himself into Allen Chu’s arms.

Allen Chu’s eyes were fixed on a man walking on the lawn.

A slender, tall, fair and elegant man, Allen Chu frowned slightly. Isn’t this the man who signed the check at the dress shop to pay for the dress? Mayor’s daughter Liang Jinliang’s heart-warming fiance. Noila Mo said it was her neighbor.

He later investigated and found that this man was indeed from City A and came to C City for development not long ago. Noila Mo shouldn’t lie to him. But I don’t know why, Allen Chu didn’t feel very comfortable seeing this man.

Noila Mo, if you dare to lie to me, you are dead! Thinking of Noila Mo, Allen Chu looked in the hall, and there was no figure of her in the hall. In a blink of an eye, the little woman didn’t know where she went.

Her own man and other women were on the terrace with each other, she didn’t even come to take a look, stare at it? Heartless woman!

Noila Mo, do you have me as a benefactor in your heart? Allen Chu almost roared to the sky. The gloomy eyes narrowed slightly, and it seemed that he was going to teach this unbehaved little slave!

This thought made Allen Chu a little hot.

Liu Zichen had been observing Allen Chu’s expression, and seeing Allen Chu seemed a little moved, thinking it was his own credit.

Putting his body closer to Allen Chu’s body, he deliberately lowered his voice and said softly in his ear: “Allen, I’m a little tired, let’s go to the private room upstairs and drink something!”

After speaking, he deliberately blew into Allen Chu’s ears.

Because Noila Mo was pregnant, he never dared to move her. Even if he did, he didn’t dare to use too much force and was always not happy enough.

Now that Liu Zichen has been so provocative, Allen Chu really feels a little uncontrollable.

When the cloud disappeared, Liu Zichen decided to go to the bathroom to tidy up.

Shaking long wavy hair, Liu Zichen was very happy, humming and walking to the bathroom. Seems to see a bright future beckoning to her.

A girl in white clothes was standing in front of the sink in the bathroom, washing her hands. Liu Zichen glanced around, and was about to take out the powder box from her handbag to touch up her makeup. He felt that something was wrong, and then looked back at the girl.

Oh, isn’t this the little maid of Allen Chu’s family? Allen Chu was next to her just now, and she didn’t have time to teach her. I didn’t expect to meet her here!

Liu Zichen’s exquisitely drawn big eyes flashed with a trace of triumph, and he deliberately twisted and walked to Noila Mo’s side.

Noila Mo stepped to the side and concentrated on washing his hands without paying attention to Liu Zichen. It seems that I never saw such a person next to him.

Liu Zichen was furious, she was also a big star anyway, and wherever she went, she was not Zhongxing Pengyue. Such a little maid, relying on her own beauty, didn’t even put her Liu Zichen in her eyes!

Liu Zichen walked to the sink to wash his hands, but his brain was running fast. We must teach this little girl who doesn’t know what to do! Glancing at Noila Mo’s obviously valuable dress, Liu Zichen shook his hand, deliberately pressing the water outlet of the faucet and turning the water column sideways to Noila Mo.

Stabbed, the slender water column was under pressure and all rushed to Noila Mo’s side, and the chest of Noila Mo’s dress suddenly became wet.

Liu Zichen’s big charming eyes looked at Noila Mo triumphantly. Today she came to find the ballast. What is it? See what this little girl can do to her!

Noila Mo was startled by the sudden attack of the water column, and widened his eyes to look at Liu Zichen. Only seeing Liu Zichen looking at himself provocatively, he didn’t mean to apologize at all.

Deliberately found ballast. Noila Mo felt funny in her heart. Ms. Liu Zichen was also in her twenties. How could she want to take revenge on her personal means so naive?

Shaking his head, Noila Mo picked up the paper towel on the sink and slowly pressed it on the dress, hoping to absorb the moisture.

Liu Zichen waited for a long time, and saw that Noila Mo didn’t get angry, and didn’t look at her more at all. The anger in the heart is even more flaming. This is obviously ignoring her Liu Zichen. Ignoring is more hateful than counterattack, because it shows that the other party didn’t take her seriously!

Liu Zichen snorted coldly: “Aren’t you the little maid from Allen Chu’s family? Why, climbed onto the master’s bed and became a mistress?”

Noila Mo didn’t bother to say more to Liu Zichen’s harsh words. The moisture on the clothes was almost absorbed, Noila Mo picked up the tissue and threw it into the trash can next to it, preparing to leave.

Liu Zichen’s frustration deepened when he saw that Noila Mo had not been successfully stimulated for several times. Big eyes blinked, and he blurted out: “Guess who was with me in the VIP lounge just now?”

Noila Mo paused. Just now, she looked at the famous paintings hanging in the banquet hall, and when she was about to look for Allen Chu, she found that he was not seen everywhere. Also disappeared at the same time, and Liu Zichen.

Biting her pink lips, Noila Mo didn’t speak, and after a second pause, she continued to walk outside the door.

She didn’t want to say a word to Liu Zichen at all, this kind of woman, the more you take her seriously, the more energetic she becomes.

Seeing Noila Mo paused, Liu Zichen, knowing that his words had worked, decided to continue to cheer and stimulate Noila Mo, “Guess what we are doing in the lounge?”

Turning her back to Liu Zichen, Noila Mo’s eyes widened in surprise. Is this woman too shameless, even afraid that others will not know her love affairs, crying and crying to tell her?

This world is crazy! Noila Mo shook his head, didn’t bother to pay attention to Liu Zichen, and walked straight to the door.

“Stop! I tell you, Young Master Chu is not something a woman like you can afford! You’d better stay away from him! Otherwise, you look good!” Liu Zichen’s pride can no longer be maintained, seeing Noila Moyi With an upright appearance, she really wanted to tear up her white tender face!

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