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Chapter 88

“Master, Miss Mo, it’s time to eat!” Zhang Ma lightly knocked on the door and shouted outside.

Noila Mo was about to fall asleep, so tired, Allen Chu just took some stimulant, over and over again, changing tricks, making her whole body sore. As soon as he got off her, she closed her eyes tired.

After tossing for so long, I was really hungry. Allen Chu patted Noila Mo’s face: “Let’s go, eat!”

Noila Mo closed her eyes and muttered in her mouth: “No, I want to sleep!”

Seeing Noila Mo’s bruised face, Allen Chu’s eyes flashed with haze. This little woman is so disobedient! As long as she was a little behaved, he wouldn’t treat her like this!

“Go, go to eat! If you don’t eat, the children in your stomach will eat too!” Allen Chu said with a heavy tone when he was concerned.

Noila Mo was unwillingly pulled up by Allen Chu.

Suddenly, a stream of heat flowed from between the legs.

Noila Mo thought it was the things Allen Chu shot into her body, so she covered her body with a quilt and wiped it with a tissue. When throwing the tissues, she was horrified to find that the white muddy liquid was still mixed with bright red blood!

“Ah!” With a scream, Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu in horror: “Blood! There is blood!”

Allen Chu’s thick eyebrows also frowned, and he quickly dialed a call: “Call Dr. Wang over.”

Doctor Wang hurried over with the consultation kit. The servant and the butler stood in the dark in the Chu Family Hall. There was a traffic jam, Dr. Wang came a little slow, Allen Chu had already smashed several antique vases!

“This…” Doctor Wang helped his eyes on the bridge of his nose and looked at Allen Chu, who was gloomy by the window, a little embarrassed.

“What! Speak straight!” Allen Chu spoke unceremoniously regardless of Doctor Wang being a female doctor.

“President Chu, your wife is pregnant. It is better to be more restrained in your married life.” Dr. Wang glanced at Noila Mo enviously. It can be seen that their husband and wife lives are harmonious and frequent. Think about my husband, alas, Dr. Wang sighed in his heart.

After hearing Dr. Wang’s words, Noila Mo’s bruised face suddenly turned red into tomatoes. Lowering her eyes, she was ashamed to look at Dr. Wang again.

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows, and said impatiently: “Then is she bleeding severely?”

Doctor Wang was frightened by the look in his eyes, and his voice trembled a little: “It’s okay, I just need to prescribe anti-fetal medicine. These are all proprietary Chinese medicines and have no effect on the fetus.”

It’s fine. Noila Mo and Allen Chu breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

“Lie down well. I will ask Mom Zhang to cook you something again.” Allen Chu and Doctor Wang went downstairs.

Noila Mo was lying on the bed, but no sleep at all. Isn’t it safe to roll the sheets in the second trimester of pregnancy? She really didn’t expect it to bleed! Allen Chu’s actions were too fierce and too frequent!

Allen Chu is the kind of person with very strong desires, so it’s hard for him to be restrained! No, I can’t stay by his side anymore, if I stay any longer, the baby in my stomach won’t be kept!

Run away, you must run away! Noila Mo made up her mind in her heart. But what about Dad?

Noila Mo picked up the phone and dialed down the familiar series of numbers. She was really an unfilial girl. Her father had been in hospital for so long, and she had only visited him twice. He was tightly entangled by Allen Chu every day and had no personal time of his own.

I don’t know if Dad is okay now.

The phone went through. The loving voice came from the other end of the phone: “Hello? Noila?”

“Hey, Dad!” Noila Mo’s voice was a little choked, “Dad, how are you now? How are you?”

“My health is not bad, it’s already set, and the operation will be done the day after tomorrow. The hospital arranged for me with the best doctor, Noila, don’t worry!” Mo Baishi was also a little bit sad. I heard Noila say this last time. She asked a friend to borrow the operation fee. She must be working hard to repay her money now, right?

“Dad, you are fine. When your surgery is done, I’ll go see you!” Noila Mo said hurriedly, because she had heard the footsteps upstairs.

Allen Chu did not allow her to contact the outside world more, and wanted to occupy all of her world. Noila Mo hardly interacted with his former friends.

“Dad, take care of yourself, I’ll hang up first.” Noila Mo just hung up the phone. Allen Chu and Zhang Ma, Wang Ma came in.

Zhang Ma held a large dining table for the bed in her hand. Wang Ma was holding a silver tray full of various foods.

Quickly put the small table on the bed and put the tray away, and the two servants quickly left the room.

“Eat.” Allen Chu ordered Noila Mo, and he took his chopsticks and ate.

Noila Mo was also hungry, looked at the handcuffs on her wrists, and glared at Allen Chu. Cuff her hands together and let her eat!

Allen Chu took a few bites, and found that Noila Mo didn’t move his chopsticks at all, and frowned: “Why don’t you eat?!” This little woman wouldn’t be stubborn again, right?

“I really want to eat, I can’t hold the chopsticks!” Noila Mo said angrily.

“Oh!” Allen Chu remembered the handcuffs on her wrists. Reached out and fumbled in the pocket of his clothes for a while, but didn’t find the key. Maybe he just fell downstairs.

Moving the small table closer to Noila Mo, Allen Chu reached out and took a spoonful of turtle soup and brought it to Noila Mo’s mouth.

Noila Mo’s eyes widened in surprise: Allen Chu is going to feed her? The body shrank back instinctively.

“Drink!” Allen Chu’s voice was with irresistible majesty. It was the first time he fed soup to a woman, and she still looked like she didn’t want to drink it!

Noila Mo rolled her eyes secretly in the bottom of her heart. What kind of nerve is this? I slapped and handcuffed again just now, now give her soup? Playing the warmth card, show affection?

The soup slowly became cold in the spoon. Noila Mo hadn’t opened her mouth yet.

Allen Chu retracted his hand, his face turned cold as if it were ice cubes: “Okay, don’t you drink it? Forget it! Anyway, there is a wild species in your stomach! Two people die together, not alone!”

One sentence reminded Noila Mo that she still had a baby in her belly, and she couldn’t be so headstrong!

“Hey, let me drink!” Noila Mo called to Allen Chu who stood up and was about to leave. Open your mouth obediently. I didn’t notice the fleeting light in Allen Chu’s eyes.

This meal, Noila Mo was fed by Allen Chu spoon by spoon. Allen Chu is a strict breeder. Whenever Noila Mo expressed that he didn’t want to eat, Allen Chu asked her to open her mouth obediently with a stern look.

Noila Mo felt that she had never eaten so full before. Most of the food on the table entered her stomach. The dessert is rock sugar walnut dew. Noila Mo didn’t eat walnuts since she was a child. She hated the taste of walnuts, but this time she ate most of them under the pressure of Allen Chu.

She wrinkled her little face in pain, saying that she was very full and couldn’t eat a bite. Allen Chu let Noila Mo go.

Chapter 89

Noila Mo felt much better after eating and sleeping again.

Allen Chu is not by her side. She occupies a big bed alone. If handcuffs and fetters are not considered, this is a perfect time.

“Miss Mo, it’s dinner…” Madam Zhang whispered outside the door.

M Noila looked at the clock on the wall. It was six o’clock. Alas, it’s time to eat again. I ate so much at noon and I haven’t digested it yet!

I woke up slowly and followed Zhang Ma downstairs. Madam Zhang smiled and said, “Tianxi will be back for dinner today.”

Chu Tianxi? Noila Mo suddenly felt cold. She didn’t have a good impression of Allen Chu. The arrogant and rude daughter makes her a headache just thinking about it.

Come to the restaurant. Allen Chu was reading the newspaper, and Chu Tianxi was sitting next to him, playing on his mobile phone.

Seeing Noila Mo, Chu Tianxi turned his head curiously and asked, “Brother, why hasn’t this woman left yet?”

Chu Tianxi is in college and lives near the university town. He rarely returns to the Chu family mansion.

Allen Chu stared at the newspaper without making a sound. I don’t know if I didn’t hear it or didn’t answer on purpose.

Chu Tianxi felt a little shameless, and was not polite to Noila Mo: “This young lady, you better be a little self-aware, and don’t stay at someone else’s house.”

Noila Mo raised his handcuffed wrist and shook it towards Chu Tianxi: “It’s not that I can’t leave, it’s your brother that cuffed me up and wouldn’t let me go!”

Allen Chu’s eyes finally moved away from the newspaper. Just now I saw the news in the newspaper that a piece of land that Chu participated in the bid was actually bought by the Shen Group! This piece of land was the last commercial land in the downtown golden area. The Chu family spent a lot of money to get the joints together, but he did not expect to lose his hand in the end!

and! He actually saw this news from the newspaper! How did those people work? He didn’t even report to him!

The sound of two women arguing around him bothered him. Standing up, he shouted with a cold face: “Get out of me if you don’t want to eat!”

Picking up the suit by the sofa and walking outside. “Master, where are you going? Don’t you eat anymore?” Madam Zhang hurried after her.

“I’m going to the company. You show Noila Mo well.” Allen Chu coldly threw a word and left, leaving only Noila Mo and Chu Tianxi on the table.

Seeing Chu Tianxi’s arrogant look, Noila Mo lost his appetite at all. He stood up and greeted Chu Tianxi indifferently: “Miss Chu, eat slowly, I will go back first.” Turning around and preparing to leave.

“Stop.” Chu Tianxi said, “Do I hate it so much? You can’t even eat food after seeing it?”

Noila Mo wanted to say, “Yes.” But he still held back his breath. After all, people have to bow their heads under the eaves.

“No, I have a bad appetite.”

Madam Zhang hurried over to complete the game: “Miss Mo, you’d better eat a little bit. If you don’t eat, the baby in your stomach should eat too! Pregnant women can’t be hungry.”

Hearing what Zhang’s mother said, Chu Tianxi frowned. Brother is really, a woman, it’s nothing more than fun. How could she be pregnant with the Chu family?

He said sourly, “Hey, Miss Mo, I didn’t expect my brother to make you pregnant! Why, do you think you can squeeze into the gate of our Chu family if you have a baby?”

Noila Mo said lightly: “Sorry, I don’t have this idea. You think too much.”

Noila Mo’s attitude irritated Chu Tianxi, and his voice became even sharper: “I don’t have this idea? My brother has so many women, which one do you think is pregnant? You really have a scheming! You can fool my brother!”

…Noila Mo was speechless.

“I’m telling you! Don’t think that you can walk into the Chu family’s door with this child in your stomach! Don’t even think about it! Our Chu family won’t recognize this child!”

Noila Mo smiled bitterly and shook his head, and walked into the Chu family’s gate? She is really not rare. Does the Chu family recognize this child? It’s normal! This child is not from the Chu family at all!

Seeing Noila Mo actually smiling on his face, Chu Tianxi became even more angry: “What are you laughing at? Do you think that with my brother’s three-minute enthusiasm for you, you can become a mistress and become a grandma of the Chu family?”

Noila Mo shrugged and said coldly, “Sorry, I am not interested in being the Chu family’s grandma! Besides, this child is not from your Chu family, so don’t think too much!”

what! ! As soon as Noila Mo’s words were uttered, Chu Tianxi and Zhang Ma both stared with surprise!

Chu Tianxi pointed at Noila Mo and tremblingly said: “You…you are crazy! How dare you cuckold my brother! You…I think you are impatient! I want to call and tell my brother! , The child in your stomach is not his child at all, it is a wild species!”

Mother Zhang also came over: “Miss Mo, this kind of remarks are not nonsense!” It is rare for the young master to be so caring about a woman, and it is not because she is pregnant with a child from the Chu family. If the young master knew that this child was not from the Chu family… my God! She couldn’t think about it anymore!

“Don’t bother you, your brother knows!” Noila Mo said coldly, turning around to leave.

“What an arrogant woman! Zhang Ma, you beat me! Anyway, it’s a wild species, why should I eat and live in our Chu family? Zhang Ma, beat her out for me!” Chu Tianxi was angry with Noila Mo’s attitude I was shaking all over.

Where Zhang Ma dare to really hit Noila Mo, don’t look at Allen Chu and this Miss Mo always arguing, but she knew in her heart that the young master liked her very much. Otherwise, there is no reason to allow her to bring a wild species to live in Chu’s stomach.

“Mother Zhang, why don’t you do it yet?” Chu Tianxi stamped his feet with anger! She has always been the most favored little princess in the family, and even the most ruthless and domineering Allen Chu will dominate her very much. Now, for an unknown mistress, everyone is starting to ignore her words!

“Miss, let’s wait until the young master comes back. You should calm down first.” Zhang Ma can only calm down the matter first. Regarding the masters, she was a servant who could not talk about it.

After listening to Zhang’s mother, Chu Tianxi became even more mad. Even Zhang’s mother would not listen to her, and he would defend this woman! Damn it! I don’t believe that my dignified Miss Chu family can’t help you!

Chu Tianxi rushed to Noila Mo’s side and pushed her out. Noila Mo was shocked, and quickly stepped aside. Just now, to facilitate her meal, the handcuffs helped her untie, but the shackles were still locked, preventing her from dodge.

Judging by Chu Tianxi’s appearance, I won’t stop if we don’t take care of her today. Noila Mo smoothly picked up the fruit knife from the dining table and placed it in front of him: “Miss Chu, if you push me again, I’m not welcome!”

Chu Tianxi sneered: “I lend you a hundred courage, you don’t dare!” This is in the Chu family. If she was injured by an unknown mistress in her own home, wouldn’t it be a joke!

After speaking, she forced her step by step towards Noila Mo. A pair of eyes stared at Noila Mo with anger.

Noila Mo held the fruit knife in his hand, holding it tighter and tighter. Like a little hedgehog who has been on alert, all his thorns stand up.

Seeing that Chu Tianxi had already rushed over, Noila Mo panicked, and quickly retracted his hands, trying to withdraw the knife, but it was too late! “Stab!” Xueliang’s blade pierced Chu Tianxi’s arm, and blood immediately flowed down the snow-white arm!

“Ah!” Chu Tianxi screamed with shocking power! Mom Zhang next to her was also shocked!

“The surname is Mo! I did it with you!” Chu Tianxi was not easy to provoke. He grabbed the soup bowl on the table and threw it on Noila Mo!

Noila Mo desperately dragged her fetters to the side to hide, but unfortunately it was too late, and the porcelain bowl was smashed on her head! Venus suddenly appeared in front of you!

Allen Chu was convening a meeting with senior executives at the company, and suddenly received a call from Zhang’s mother: “Master, Master, come back soon! Miss Mo and Missy are fighting!”

Allen Chu frowned impatiently: “Won’t you be here to persuade you?” The company’s operations have encountered such a big trouble, and there are still two women in the rear who are making trouble.

“Master, Master, I can’t persuade you! Miss Mo’s arm was cut by Miss Mo! She shed a lot of blood!” Zhang Ma said in a panic. The young master always loves this little sister the most. If something happened to Tianxi, she couldn’t bear the responsibility.

“I’ll be right back.” Allen Chu hung up, hurriedly explained a few words to the executives, and hurried home.

As soon as he entered the house, Chu Tianxi cried and rushed forward: “Brother, you have to be the master for me! This surnamed Mo, cut my arm with a fruit knife!” Chu Tianxi raised his arm wrapped in gauze. The aggrieved complained to Allen Chu.

Allen Chu looked at Chu Tianxi’s thickly bandaged arm, and the thick eyebrows were twisted tightly. This Noila Mo is really getting bolder! ! How dare to do something to his sister!

The cold eyes narrowed dangerously, staring fiercely at Noila Mo who was sitting upright on the sofa.

“You cut my sister’s arm with a fruit knife?” There was a little luck in the harsh voice, hoping it was just a misunderstanding. Noila Mo should not be such a cruel person.

“Yes. It’s me.” Noila Mo said lightly. There was no guilt or anxiety on his face.

When the words fell silent, Chu Tianxi burst into tears unwillingly: “Brother, look, she hurt me, and she didn’t apologize at all! I didn’t provoke her, how could she do this!”

Allen Chu also felt a little strange in his heart. It is said that Noila Mo is not such a fierce person. Is there any secret?

Turning around and asking Mom Zhang: “Tell me what happened.”

Chu Tianxi winked at Zhang Ma. Zhang’s mother understood, so she made up a lie: “After you left, Miss Mo said that she had no appetite and didn’t want to eat. Miss Mo persuaded her a few words, but Miss Mo became angry somehow. Miss Mo wanted to go and persuade her. She, Miss Mo will pierce Miss Mo with a fruit knife!”

Noila Mo is really speechless, Zhang Ma, Zhang Ma, you are usually considered honest and kind, so why don’t you blush now when you make up a lie?

Zhang Ma is Allen Chu’s nanny, and Allen Chu trusts her very much. When she heard what she said, she believed that it was Noila Mo’s nerves for no reason and stabbed Chu Tianxi. She was furious and twisted Noila Mo’s hair: “Noila Mo, you are getting bolder. You dare to bully even my sister!”

Noila Mo raised her clear water eyes and stared at Allen Chu: “You are so sure that this matter is my fault?”

Chapter 90

When Chu Tianxi heard this, he was afraid that the truth would be revealed. Hurry up to Allen Chu: “Brother, forget it, I don’t want to care about her too much! I don’t plan to let her apologize to me, just let her get out of the Chu family!”

Noila Mo was smashed on the head, shouldn’t it be uncomfortable? It’s a pity that the hair is covered, and I can’t see if there is any bruise or redness. If only it hit her face just now!

Chu Tianxi thought viciously in his heart.

Allen Chu touched his sister’s hair distressedly: “Tianxi, is it still hurting?”

Chu Tianxi pretended to be aggrieved and pouted: “It hurts. If Dad knew that I was bullied like this, I would definitely feel sad.”

Hearing Chu Tianxi mentioned his father, Allen Chu’s expression darkened. With a gloomy stern face, she walked to Noila Mo and said, “Noila Mo, apologize to my sister.”

Noila Mo’s eyes widened in surprise. what? Just now, it was Chu Tianxi who jumped over and rubbed the knife. She didn’t intentionally want to stab her at all!

Besides, she smashed her head with a bowl! The swelling and pain is still hot now! Why should she apologize!

Noila Mo bit her lips stubbornly. Resolutely do not apologize.

Allen Chu’s eyes became bloodthirsty: “Noila Mo, do you apologize or not!”

silence. The answer to him was still Noila Mo’s stubborn silence.

Chu Tianxi jumped beside him: “Brother, look at her! She still doesn’t admit her mistake! Shut her to the small black room! See how she can be so arrogant!”

Allen Chu’s thick eyebrows wrinkled tightly. She stared at Noila Mo with bloodshot eyes, and said coldly:

“Call Yu Feng over and throw her into the little black room!”

The little black house is in the most remote corner of the Chu family mansion, and only servants who have made a big mistake will be thrown there. There is no sunshine all year round, and it is cold and dark. People will not stay there long, and no matter how strong the will is, they will collapse. The Chu family once imprisoned two servants there, and then they both went crazy.

A smug smile appeared on Chu Tianxi’s face: Fight with me? Are you still tender? I am my brother’s sister! You, a wild woman from outside with a wild species in her belly, dare to fight me!

Seeing the smug smile on Chu Tianxi’s face, Noila Mo was shocked. It seemed that this small dark room was not a good place. She touched her trouser pocket quietly with her hand. Fortunately, the phone was inside.

With the heavy voice of the iron gate, Noila Mo was pushed into the small black room by Yu Feng and a group of housekeepers. It was creamy on the cold floor, and the room was pitch black with almost no light. Depressed, cold, and horrible, this is the first impression of the little black house on Noila Mo.

Sitting curled up in the corner, Noila Mo buried her head in her arms. ridiculous! Just now, she wanted to explain. She thought that Allen Chu would at least listen to her explanation. She thought that after spending so long together, Allen Chu understood her.

She is too naive! Who does she think she is! Just a mistress! A plaything! When the plaything conflicts with his sister, even if the plaything is not at all at fault, he will still be punished and rejected!

“Kang Dang”, the heavy iron door was pushed open from the outside. Mom Zhang walked in with a thick blanket.

“The young master asked me to send in.” With the sunlight shining through the door, Zhang Ma looked at Noila Mo with a little apologetic heart. She shouldn’t lie, but as a servant, she will be in the future. How dare she not listen to Chu Tianxi’s words when the master of the Chu family ate mixed food.

Seeing that Noila Mo didn’t speak, Zhang Ma added: “The young master is angry for a while, and will pick you up when the anger subsides! The young master still feels sorry for you, otherwise I won’t let me send such a thick blanket. “

These blankets were made by the young master himself, pure worsted cashmere, and a blanket was worth tens of thousands, so they were used to cushion them on the dirty floor, which Zhang Ma felt worthless.

Noila Mo still did not speak. She is so tired that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. She was so disappointed, Allen Chu didn’t even trust her at all.

Zhang Ma sighed and walked out of the small black room. With the sound of closing the door, everything fell into darkness again.

Dad will have an operation tomorrow. I hope Allen Chu will not break his promise. When the operation is finished, she must find a way to leave. endure! Just endure one more day!

Noila Mo took out the phone and called her sister Lin Yuyan: “Sister, I am Noila.”

Lin Yuyan was fooling around with a group of men in a bar. She was disappointed by Noila Mo’s phone call. She said angrily, “That’s your father, not my father! Go to the hospital to see him!”

Noila Mo’s heart was extremely desolate. At this time, even his sister said such things. However, she still resisted the urge to hang up, and begged Lin Yuyan in a good voice: “Sister, I can’t go to see my father tomorrow, so please go and see for me. Remember, after my father’s surgery is over, You immediately transfer him from that hospital.”

“Relocate? Where to move to? Without the money from President Allen Chu to give him post-treatment, the operation would never be successful! I don’t have the money to give him formal treatment!”

“Sister, don’t worry about money. I have money. I have a safe in XX Bank, which contains hundreds of thousands of cash and some jewelry. I will tell you the password. You take the money and take Dad and Aunt Lin, let’s go!”

I have to say that Allen Chu is a very generous gold master. In just over two months with him, Noila Mo saved a lot of money.

When I heard that Noila Mo had a large sum of money, Lin Yuyan’s eyes suddenly flashed with greed.

“Okay. You tell me the password for the safe, and I promise to transfer my father to a hospital with good safety and good conditions.”

After earnestly writing down the password, Lin Yuyan felt it necessary to greet her sister who became rich.

“Noila, are you pregnant? Then Allen Chu is very happy? Will he reward you with a lot of money?” Lin Yuyan was jealous and envious.

Noila Mo smiled bitterly: “How can he be happy? This child is not his at all. He is now locked me in a dungeon!”

Lin Yuyan was happy for a while, but she was hypocritical: “What’s the matter? Noila, who is this kid?”

Noila Mo sighed: “Sister, four months ago, a man pretended to be your friend and called me, saying that you were drunk at the hotel and asked me to take you home. I went to the hotel and entered In the room he said, he did not find you, but was raped by a man. The child in his stomach belongs to that man!”

Lin Yuyan was shocked that Noila Mo was pregnant that night? But the man that night was Allen Chu! Noila Mo didn’t even know? Does Allen Chu know?

“Then, does President Chu know that this child is not his?”

“He knows. Because the time is not right. I was pregnant when I was with Allen Chu. He knew it as soon as he counted the days.”

awesome! Neither Noila Mo nor Allen Chu knew it! Then what happened that night will not be revealed. Lin Yuyan rolled her eyes, and an idea came to her mind. That’s great, it’s a godsend, God wants her to make her rich! She was worried that she owed millions of gambling debts and couldn’t pay it back. This is just great! God gave her a big gift!

“Noila, you said you were locked up in the dungeon? Where is the dungeon? I’ll save you!” Lin Yuyan pretended to be kind.

“Sister…” Noila Mo was moved. At the critical moment, return your loved ones to live reliably! Although she is not her biological elder sister, she is already touched to care about her so much, “It’s useless, the Chu family is heavily guarded, it’s not something you can save if you want to save me. Unless Allen Chu is willing to let me go!”

Lin Yuyan’s eyes turned quickly and Noila Mo must be rescued. After Noila Mo was rescued, her plan could be seen! No matter how tightly guarded the Chu family’s mansion is, she still has opportunities to take advantage of. Allen Chu still trusts Yu Feng very much.

Is Yu Feng still hard to deal with? Throwing a few winks at him and taking off his clothes, he is absolutely responsive!

“Afeng, what are you doing?” Lin Yuyan whispered to Yu Feng’s phone.

“Yu Yan, it’s you! Why would you remember calling me?” Yu Feng was so excited. He has secretly loved Lin Yuyan for almost ten years, she is the perfect goddess in his heart!

The goddess took the initiative to call him. He was simply flattered.

“Is they miss you! Are you free tonight? How about coming to my house for a drink?” Lin Yuyan said seductively. The ending sound of each word is long.

“I have time and time. I will definitely come over at night.” Yu Feng put down the phone, and was about to fly with joy.

Finally waiting until the evening, Yu Feng knocked on Lin Yuyan’s door with two bottles of red wine.

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