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Chapter 147

Isn’t this Karen Xia’s voice? Jamie Ye turned her head slightly and saw Karen Xia and Patricia Liu walking in through another door wearing sunglasses.

“You don’t have to wait in line if you come early.” Patricia Liu replied.

“If you are afraid of queuing, come here at night. Anyway, there is Aunt Wu. Why is it so early?” Karen Xia was a little upset. She didn’t go home until midnight last night. Patricia Liu got up and checked her body this morning and was disturbed. Dream, a grievance.

“Look at your physical condition first, the sooner this matter, the better, idiot!” Patricia Liu said, grabbing her daughter’s hand and hurried upstairs. The mother and daughter walked in a hurry and didn’t even see Jamie Ye who was standing next to the bulletin board.

Jamie Ye heard the conversation between mother and daughter clearly, Aunt Wu? Flora Wu is in the specialist clinic of this hospital. Did they refer to Aunt Flora Wu?

Karen Xia, Aunt Wu called so affectionately, Flora Wu is very familiar with them?

Seeing that it was almost time, Jamie Ye also went upstairs. The gynecology clinic was on the second floor, and the infertility specialist clinic was on the third floor. Jamie Ye saw Patricia Liu and daughter on the third floor.

She went straight to the gynecology clinic on the second floor. The outpatient doctor heard that she was going to have a blood test for early pregnancy. He gave her an order and asked her to pay for the blood test. Soon Jamie Ye went to pay for the blood test. The doctor asked her to do the blood test. Come over at noon to get the list.

Seeing that it was still early, Jamie Ye went outside to wait. She did not go far. There is a small garden between the hospital ward building and the outpatient building, with rockery, fountains, flowers and trees, relatively quiet, and the scenery is good.

Jamie Ye went to the garden. She sat by the fountain and watched the news with her mobile phone.

This place was really quiet. Jamie Ye watched the news for a while and suddenly heard a familiar voice, “What did you just do so sternly? What do you make Flora Wu think like this? People are all dedicated to you.”

The place she was sitting was blocked by a rockery. Jamie Ye could see Karen Xia and her daughter, but they couldn’t see her.

“I can’t be happy!” Karen Xia replied.

“No matter how unhappy you are, you have to be happy. Good luck this time, it just happens that you are menstruating. This time we can check the items that must be checked for the menstrual period together and wait until the menstruation is clean.

Karen Xia was very impatient, “I’m so bored, haven’t these been checked before? Why are you checking this time?”

“Fun, it was inspected three years ago, and now it has been three years. What if you don’t inspect it if something goes wrong?” Patricia Liu was comforting. “This is for your own good. If you have trouble, it will trouble me a little bit. We have to make sure that nothing is lost!”

“Karen panicked when she saw Flora Wu’s face, Mom, can we change to another hospital? I don’t want to deal with her at all.” Karen Xia still looked unhappy.

“No, this matter can only be handed over to her to do it, I don’t worry, I don’t worry about others.”

“Why are you so relieved of her? She has a vicious heart and can attack her own niece. I am afraid that she will also attack me.”

“This is different, don’t worry, she will not be bad to you if she is good to everyone.” Patricia Liu comforted her daughter. “You must bear it first, and remember to smile at her, don’t be bitter, you know?”

Karen Xia reluctantly agreed to leave with Patricia Liu. Jamie Ye was extremely surprised. What exactly did the mother and daughter want to do when they came to the hospital? Looking at their conversation, they seemed to be dissatisfied with Flora Wu. They said that Flora Wu was vicious on her niece. As far as she knew, Flora Wu had no relatives. Who was this niece?

What other checks need to be done during menstruation and clean menstruation at the same time? Has Karen Xia got any gynecological diseases?

Juan Mu said that he agreed to be engaged to Karen Xia because Flora Wu said Karen Xia could not have children. Could Karen Xia come to the hospital this time to treat infertility?

Many questions lingered in her mind. Jamie Ye couldn’t figure out a single one. After sitting in the garden for a long time, she got up and went to the hospital.

Jamie Ye went to the outpatient clinic and showed her the test form. The doctor read the form and told her, “From the test form, I’m sure you are pregnant!”

Jamie Ye was very happy, thanked the doctor and hurried out of the hospital. At the gate of the hospital, she couldn’t wait to call Simson Tang, “Simson Tang, I’m pregnant!”

“Really!” Simson Tang’s voice changed a bit when he heard it, and it was completely astonishing. “Thank God, I don’t need to worry anymore!”

“Yeah, thank God for giving me hope and my son is saved!” Jamie Ye also felt it was too difficult.

“Mom, when are you coming back?” Devis interrupted.

“Just these few days, my dear son, mom will be with you right away!” Jamie Ye chirped into the phone, and Devis chirp came from over there.

“Mom, come back quickly, Uncle Tang has a surprise for you!”

“What surprise?”

“I can’t tell you now, I’ll tell you when you come back!”

“This guy is mysterious.” Jamie Ye smiled.

She hung up the phone and found that there were several missed calls from Juan Mu on the phone. Juan Mu had dinner with Wendy Tian last night and now finally remembered to call her.

Jamie Ye ignored it, beckoning to stop the taxi back to Lavender Valley.

After hanging up the phone, Devis shook Simson Tang’s hand, “Uncle Tang, I didn’t tell my mother the surprise just now. You have to reward me!”

Devis looked at him with beautiful eyes, like the brightest star in the sky. Simson Tang smiled, took Devis a big kiss, and then circled around the house.

Devis smiled, innocent laughter drifting all over the room, he finally wants to have a father! He was so happy when he first heard about it. He wanted a father like Uncle Tang. Now that this matter will come true, he is really happy.

Simson Tang was tired and put Devis down, Devis nestled in his arms, “Uncle Tang, you won’t change your mind?”

Simson Tang stretched out his hand and rubbed his hair, and said spoilingly: “Don’t worry, when did Uncle Tang fool you?”

“Yeah! Uncle Tang is the best!” Devis smiled so that his eyes narrowed.

Fragrant Mountain Valley.

Jamie Ye took a taxi back here, and started packing up as soon as she entered the door.

She had expected that there would be today, and she didn’t have much to pack, so it was very convenient to pack it up, but within ten minutes, she would pack it up.

Looking at the packed suitcase, she was filled with joy and a touch of disappointment. She looked around the room again and looked at the familiar layout. She couldn’t help being stunned when she remembered what Juan Mu had said to her here.

If he hadn’t cheated last night, his failure to return last night, and that phone call…

Maybe today she will really be with Juan Mu, and then tell him Devis’s life experience, and then…

“How could it be…” She shook her head and patted her face, “Jamie Ye, you should be sober, don’t be fooled by the superficial things, or you will regret it.”

She was reminding herself not to get stuck in the mud again, that man was no longer worthy of belief.

Jamie Ye resolutely walked out of here, and now the most important thing for her is Devis’s illness.

Jamie Ye went to the airport quickly. With good luck, she bought the ticket directly at the counter, took out her mobile phone in the waiting hall, and called Alexa Xiao: “I’m back to the United States.”

“Are you pregnant?” Alexa Xiao was taken aback, then came to understand, sighed and said, “Are you going to give up on him?”

She still wants her to stay subconsciously, but her happiness…

“I can’t talk about giving up. Three years ago, I haven’t had any hope until now. I wouldn’t have either…”

She also understood what Alexa Xiao said, “Well, what about you and Simson Tang, he has been really good to you for so many years.”

Sometimes she would be jealous of Jamie Ye. Not to mention Juan Mu’s various things, Simson Tang alone made people moved and wanted to plunge into her arms immediately.

Jamie Ye shook her head unconsciously: “I am not good enough for him.”

One sentence has firmly forced her into a dead end.

When she hung up the phone, she was in a daze. Under Alexa Xiao’s number was Juan Mu’s. Her finger that wanted to press the dial button turned white because of excessive force.

After a while, she still pressed the call button: “Hey…” She hesitated, and she felt the dryness in her mouth.

“Jamie, what’s the matter?” Juan Mu was actually a little excited about her taking the initiative to call.

But he didn’t speak for a long time on the other end of the phone. Suddenly he felt scared. He seemed to foresee something in this silence, “Jamie, you speak?” He urged anxiously.

“I’m leaving, and the plane will be back to the United States in ten minutes.” This time she didn’t want to hide, she said everything cleanly to break up.

Juan Mu’s fingertips turned white, and they clasped them tightly: “Why? It’s because of Simson Tang?”

He mentioned that person’s name almost without even thinking about it, and has been between them for so many years.

“Forget it.” I didn’t want to explain too much, but unconsciously put her hand on the lower abdomen.

“How can you treat me like this, you promised me! You said that we will start again…” The pen in his hand broke and pierced into the flesh, blood overflowing silently, but he didn’t know it.

Jamie Ye sneered coldly, and a hollow in her heart kept zooming in: “Is that right, but I don’t believe you anymore… Actually, I gave you a chance… It’s a pity… We still missed it after all.”

They missed each other once, and today she doesn’t want to continue.

After speaking, she hung up the phone, closed her eyes and swallowed the emptiness in her heart silently.

“Hello everybody, everybody, the XXX flight to the United States is about to take off…” repeated the announcement on the radio.

Jamie Ye stood up and went to the ticket gate, with Devis hope.

When Wendy Tian walked into the office, she saw Juan Mu who was absent-minded: “Brother Mu, what happened to your hand?”

She has sent the documents and is going abroad. She has been going through the handover procedures these days.

Juan Mu raised his head and looked at her, with a pale feeling on the corners of his mouth that made people feel desperate: “We’re done.”

“Brother Mu…what’s wrong with you?”

He fainted inexplicably with this sentence.

United States.

“Mom!” Devis was incredibly happy when he saw his mother, and rushed over.

Jamie Ye saw that all of Devis’s troubles were thrown away, and she opened her arms and hugged him tightly.

“Did you miss your mother?” she asked happily.

The child nodded desperately in her arms: “Mom, I am very good. Today I came to pick you up with the consent of the doctor.”

Let go of him, Jamie Ye felt a pain in her heart and almost forgot that he was still a patient.

“Yes, I have consulted a doctor, and he came out with permission.” Simson Tang still walked over handsomely, and he seemed to always have this refreshing smile.

Jamie Ye stood up with Devis, “Simson Tang.”

It’s been a long time!

“Go back!” Being clean and neat is always Simson Tang’s consistent style.

Chapter 148

When they drove back to Tang’s house, they saw Grandma Tang and Hallie Tang sitting in the living room as soon as they walked in. Jamie Ye felt a little embarrassed in an instant. In fact, she didn’t expect Simson Tang to take her directly to the Tang’s mansion.

“Hello Grandma Tang, Miss Tang.” Looking at Simson Tang awkwardly, she had to say hello.

The old lady stood up and looked at Jamie Ye, with a faint smile on her kind face: “Devis, meet grandma.”

Just when Jamie Ye thought she would be reprimanded, she knelt down and waved to Devis.

“Grandma.” Devis ran over happily.

Hallie Tang stood up and laughed: “Brother, grandma said that we will eat together once you come back, I am starving to death.” She complained and they all went back to the dining table.

After eating, Grandma Tang took Jamie Ye to her room.

She took out a brocade box, Jamie Ye opened it inexplicably, and a fine-quality emerald ring lay in it.

“This is?” Jamie Ye looked at the old lady in confusion.

The old lady looked at the thing and said in a long voice: “This thing is a family heirloom from our family, not a precious thing, but it is always passed on to the daughter-in-law.”

“But… I!” Halfway through, she finally understood what the old lady meant. She looked at her incredulously. She remembered that the old lady was so resolute in opposition. Why did she change now?

The old lady nodded with satisfaction, looked at her and said: “Devis is a good boy. I hope he has a complete family and my grandson can be happy. It was our family who misunderstood you before, but now the old woman wants to open it too. It doesn’t matter who the grandson-in-law is, the important thing is that the grandson is happy.”

Jamie Ye really doesn’t know what her expression should be. Those pains like those in the past, after going around for a long time, they returned to her, but at this moment, she was already a divorced woman and had two children.

Simson Tang is so good, what kind of capacity should she stand by his side?

“I’m sorry, grandma, I have someone else’s baby in my stomach.” She didn’t know what to do except prevarication.

The old lady was taken aback, then she understood what she meant, and sighed deeply: “I understand what you have experienced over the years. There is also my fault in this, if it weren’t for…”

“No, grandma, these have nothing to do with you, so you don’t have to.” She handed the brocade box back.

After talking a lot, Jamie Ye finally ended the conversation with one sentence of consideration.

Walking out of the old lady’s room, Simson Tang stood at the door in a refreshing suit, Jamie Ye looked at him nervously, rare and cramped.

“I’m pregnant, Simson Tang.” This was the first sentence when she saw him. She didn’t know how to refuse. The person in front of her was so beautiful that she could not trample on his reputation like her own.

Simson Tang raised his head and his handsome eyebrows became more charming: “You know I never cared.”

“But I care, I can’t let you suffer such humiliation.” She was firm.

“You don’t want it, are you still in love with Juan Mu, don’t you?” He said softly, but there was still such a smile on his face.

Jamie Ye was taken aback, instinctively not wanting to answer this question.

She woke up very early the next day, and it could be said that she didn’t sleep all night at all.

Devis and Simson Tang were exercising early. It was a habit for her to come to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Hallie Tang got up and received a call from Roy Qin. She was very happy when she saw his name: “Why is Roy so early?”

“Jamie Ye is back to the United States, right?” Hallie Tang’s face sank instantly after he spoke.

He had never taken the initiative to call her, this time it was not for her, it was Jamie Ye again.

“Yes, she is back!” She still said happily, just to prevent Roy Qin from disgusting her, but she was not so kind to Jamie Ye.

When she hung up the phone, she went downstairs, and the old lady came out of the room. She trot forward: “Grandma.”

The old lady stepped forward affectionately, but with a faint smile, the old lady went downstairs.

Hallie Tang’s face became stiff, and she bitterly attributed everything to Jamie Ye.

At night, Simson Tang and Devis disappeared suddenly. Jamie Ye left without thinking about going out to buy things. When she returned to the room, she called the doctor to make an appointment for a comprehensive examination tomorrow.

With all preparations, she saw that it was already past seven o’clock in the evening. Devis should have a rest at this time. When she opened the door, she was shocked by the colorful lights in the room. She walked to the fence and covered her mouth with her hands.

The huge living room was emptied, and a heart-shaped candle array lined up downstairs. Simson Tang was noble and handsome in an exquisite tuxedo. This man had the most beautiful eyes, and Jamie Ye was unconsciously indulged in it.

“Marry me, Jamie Ye!”

After a marriage proposal, Jamie Ye was moved to tears. If this scene were left in those years, she would definitely agree.

But… the hands are not consciously covering the lower abdomen, there is a life there, but their father is not Simson Tang.

“Marry him, you will be happy.” The old lady smiled.

Jamie Ye looked at Simson Tang. He was never a romantic person, but because of his behavior today, she understands his heart, and he has indeed waited for a long time these years.

Slowly walked down the stairs and walked in front of him, she asked: “Simson Tang, do you really mind all these years, and the child in my stomach?”

Shaking his head, Simson Tang didn’t hesitate. He had something to do with her along the way. He was not qualified to care that he could not wait to give her happiness.

The tears slipped silently, but she nodded and agreed.

Simson Tang put the ring in her hand, then hugged her tightly, and his heart was instantly filled.

Behind him, Hallie Tang was expressionless, but her heart was extremely uneasy. She had harmed Jamie Ye. There is no impermeable wall in the world. If this matter is known to Jamie Ye in the future, she will definitely not spare her, and her brother will definitely be in the future. To take over the Tang family, the older brother likes Jamie Ye so much, he will definitely follow her words, how will her life be?

The matter between her and Roy Qin was already in jeopardy. If she can’t get the support of her family, it will definitely be more difficult in the future. Not only is her life difficult, but her parents’ life will definitely not be easy.

No way! She could not let her brother marry Jamie Ye, she had to find a way to stop it.

“Jamie Ye, can we talk about it?” Hallie Tang walked up to her and asked after finishing those scenes.

Raising her head, Jamie Ye nodded a little embarrassedly. The decision just now was indeed impulsive. Maybe she didn’t feel happy for too long. Simson Tang made her feel warm.

Walking out of the Tang house, there is a big garden outside, Hallie Tang is straightforward: “Why did you agree to my brother’s proposal, I thought you would know that enough is enough.”

Jamie Ye frowned and looked at her, puzzled: “It’s enough? I don’t understand what you are talking about?”

Hallie Tang coldly snorted: “You don’t understand, you know that Roy likes you, you show up in my house so grandiosely, and he will call you sister-in-law in the future. Don’t you think this relationship is very embarrassing?”

She was a princess who grew up spoiled. Naturally, she doesn’t know what hurts people, and she doesn’t know what euphemism is.

Jamie Ye listened silently. Hallie Tang was right. She apologized to Roy Qin but she would not back down. This time she was unwilling to give up her rare opportunity to be happy.

She had to learn to gamble once, and gamble once with her and Simson Tang’s happiness.

Raising her head, she said frankly: “Miss Tang, I know what you think, but Simson Tang and I really want everything. I only hope you bless us. As for Roy, I believe he will understand.”

Hallie Tang looked at her. She didn’t understand why Jamie Ye, who had been weak, suddenly became so tough, so she became mean with the irritation in her heart: “What blessing? You a second-married woman still carrying the child is also worthy of being with my brother? Jamie Ye, look at yourself! You were not worthy before, and now you are even less worthy!”

“Hallie Tang, what are you talking about!” Simson Tang’s voice suddenly appeared, with an unprecedented anger.

Seeing the appearance of Simson Tang, Hallie Tang’s face turned pale, Simson Tang walked straight to Jamie Ye and held Jamie Ye’s hand, staring at Hallie Tang coldly, “Just take care of yourself, it is not your turn to do my business, make irresponsible remarks!”

After speaking, he pulled Jamie Ye and walked back.

Jamie Ye looked at his profile curiously. She had never seen such a strong Simson Tang before, and she curled her eyes with a smile unconsciously.

They disappeared around the corner. Hallie Tang looked bitterly, feeling unwilling that Simson Tang would never talk to her like this, he always loved her very much.

“It’s all that woman…wait and see!”

Olathe, in the hospital ward.

Juan Mu slowly opened his eyes and looked around to make sure this was a hospital.

Slowly sit up, his hand touches a person, his eyes light up and the next moment he turns his head, but it has dimmed for a moment.

Not Jamie Ye!

Karen Xia was awakened, raised her head and looked at him happily: “You woke up…”

Juan Mu nodded and looked at her a little coldly: “Why are you here?”

“It was Wendy who told me that she was planning to go abroad. She didn’t have time to take care of you, so I came.” At that time, Tian was really scared when she said softly. When she heard that it was because of Ye’s departure caused him, she was jealous and happy.

There is no problem with her physical examination, Flora Wu said that the operation can be carried out soon…

She looked at Juan Mu with joy, maybe he will be the father of the child in the near future.

“What are you laughing at.” His head still ached, and he got even more headache when he looked at this smirking woman.

Shaking her head, Karen Xia stood up and poured tea for him when Juan Mu’s cell phone rang.

He picked it up and saw that it was a foreign number, he immediately picked it up with joy in his heart: “Jamie Ye…”

“How do you think it is Jamie Ye?” Hallie Tang’s somewhat unfamiliar voice sounded on the other end, and Juan Mu was taken aback and then returned to his senses.

“You are…” It’s not Jamie Ye, a bit lost.

Hallie Tang’s mouth curled upwards: “I am Hallie Tang, Simson Tang’s younger sister, and Mr. Mu has a bad memory.”

Juan Mu was taken aback, Hallie Tang? In other words, Roy Qin’s unmarried wife.

“What’s the matter?” He wanted to hang up, but he had nothing to say to these people.

Hallie Tang naturally wouldn’t let him hang up: “My brother proposed to your favorite woman today, don’t you want to know the result? Jamie Ye has already agreed.”

He closed his eyes, Jamie Ye, you really can’t wait!

“Jamie Ye agreed, but this is not what I want to tell you.” Hallie Tang paused, “Mr. Mu…do you know whose child Devis is?” This is the purpose of her call.

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