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Chapter 157

Lisa Lin jumped and stopped. Juan Mu punched the table a few more times. Lisa Lin was distressed and stepped forward to stop him, “Son, don’t do this!”

Juan Mu looked at Lisa Lin with red eyes, “Mom, if you really love your son, you should go home immediately. Devis is like this. I don’t want you to disturb them. Jamie Ye and I will find a way to treat the child’s illness. !”

“How to treat? This disease is not a minor disease? How can you rest assured?” Lisa Lin was not willing to leave.

“There is already a way, umbilical cord blood transplantation, Jamie Ye is pregnant now, and we will have cord blood transplantation when this child is born.”

“Jamie Ye is pregnant again? It’s yours?” Lisa Lin was startled. She was surprised by a grandson. Now there is another grandson, and she doesn’t know how to express it.

“It’s mine, you go back quickly, you will only add to the chaos here.” Juan Mu slowed down and wanted to persuade Lisa Lin to leave.

“I won’t go back! My grandmother is sick. How can his grandmother feel at ease? I can’t leave. I have to stay here and look at my grandson.” Lisa Lin insisted. Seeing Juan Mu staring at her, she immediately said again, “I Make sure not to disturb Jamie Ye, don’t worry, I won’t disturb her!”

Juan Mu sighed for a long time, what should his mother tell him? She is not a complete evil person, she is also sympathetic, but she has a bad temper and her speech is not good. With such a mother, there are bound to be difficulties between him and Jamie Ye.

Patricai stayed with Karen Xia in the hospital until dawn and was discharged. When she walked to the parking lot, she saw her car dumbfounded. The window was cut open, and the bag in the car disappeared. Patricia Liu said with anger. Without a word, the hospital security was immediately called.

The security guard adjusted the surveillance and found that it was done by a person wearing a military coat. This incident also alarmed the dean. The secretary’s wife’s car was damaged in the hospital and he couldn’t just ignore it, so he personally came forward and sent the car to be repaired. It also proposed compensation and other matters.

Patricia Liu was very angry at first, but then she thought about it. She and her daughter came to the hospital for this operation. Carlo Xia didn’t know that they went to the hospital for the operation under the guise of a vacation. If Carlo Xia knew the truth of the matter, the trouble is indispensable.

So Patricia Liu settled down, accepting compensation from the hospital and asking the dean to keep it secret. The mother and daughter must be uncomfortable when this happened, and the car could not be driven, so they took a taxi to the hotel and planned to stay in the hotel for two days before going home.

Wendy Tian stayed in the intensive care unit for two days and finally woke up. The nursing staff called her excitedly and told Simson Tang about her waking up.

Simson Tang hurried to the hospital. A doctor was talking to Wendy Tian on the hospital bed, “Are you okay? If you can hear me, please blink.” The patient blinked.

“Do you find it difficult to breathe? If you feel okay, please blink.” The patient blinked again.

“She seems to be really well?” the nurse on the side whispered.

“Now, you can remove the oxygen mask for her.” The doctor told the nurse.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” This was the first sentence the patient said. Although the sound is not loud, it is clear.

“We are doctors. You are in the hospital. You were hit by a car.” The doctor explained.

“I was hit by a car? Why can’t I remember anything.”

“Look, he sent you here.” The doctor pointed to Simson Tang next to him.

“He sent me here?” Wendy Tian looked at Simson Tang, and Simson Tang nodded. “Then, you must know who I am. Can you tell me who I am?” She looked at Simson Tang expectantly.

Wait, Simson Tang was stunned, she didn’t know who she was. What is going on, how can she forget herself? How could this happen in this world.

“Don’t worry.” The doctor comforted her, “If you think about it, maybe you will remember.”

“I can’t think of anything, and I feel that my head hurts, not just a headache, but my whole body hurts!”

“That’s because you have injuries. Take a good rest. You will remember when you get better.” The doctor quietly pulled the corner of Simson Tang’s clothes and turned to the door. Simson Tang followed him out suspiciously.

“Is there no problem with her body?” Simson Tang asked impatiently following the doctor back to the office.

“There is no life-threatening, but recovery will take some time.”

“Why can’t she remember who she is? Could it be that she broke her mind?”

“Almost! Judging from her injury, I guess she has amnesia.” The doctor asked Simson Tang to sit down.


“Yes, because severe injuries hurt the brain, and memory is stored in the cerebral cortex. Once the human brain is injured, it will lose memory. If the injury is mild, it will temporarily lose a part of the memory, while the severe one will temporarily lose part of the memory. To lose memory forever.?”

“Then what kind of situation does she belong to now?”

“It’s hard to tell her situation, it’s really a miracle to survive such a heavy impact…”

“You mean she might lose her memory forever?”

“I dare not be very sure. However, judging from her current situation, the situation is not optimistic. At present, she is only waiting to recover from the injury.

After the conversation with the doctor, Simson Tang went to see Wendy Tian again. He stood outside the door watching the nurse feeding Wendy Tian. This girl looked so helpless and so pitiful, she couldn’t help feeling sad. If her relatives knew She has become this way, I don’t know how sad it will be!

Lisa Lin refused to go back. Juan Mu had no choice but to make an appointment with her for three chapters to prevent her from harassing Jamie Ye and Devis. Lisa Lin agreed, but she couldn’t control her heart. She found out about the hospital where Devis was hospitalized. Going furtively again.

Jamie Ye was guarding in the ward. Lisa Lin naturally had no way to get in. She could only look outside the door eagerly, watching Jamie Ye and Simson Tang chatting with Devis in the ward. The three people were enjoying themselves. She felt very much in her heart. It was uncomfortable. Her son said that Jamie Ye was going to marry Simson Tang. She was very happy about Jamie Ye’s marriage, but how should the child’s problem be solved?

Jamie Ye will definitely not give up custody right easily. With Simson Tang backing her, her chances of winning the custody right are not great. The key is that Jamie Ye still has one in her stomach. Could it be that she just watched Jamie Ye treat Mu’s family? Bring the two flesh and blood to Tang’s house?

When she returned to the hotel, she was always uncomfortable, then Hallie Tang came to visit suddenly.

Seeing that Hallie Tang Lisa Lin had no good face, she has a grudge, and she did not forget what Hallie Tang said to her at the Tang house that day, but Hallie Tang was obviously much more sophisticated than her, with a smile on her face, and she sat down without asking. “I’m here to help Mrs. Mu solve the problem.”

“Will you be so kind?” Lisa Lin snorted coldly.

“Ms. Mu first listen to me and finish talking before making a final conclusion, okay?” Hallie Tang ignored Lisa Lin’s hostility, “I am in the same mood with Madam Ye about Jamie Ye.”

“how do I say this?”

“Jamie Ye not only seduce my brother Simson Tang, but also entangled with my fiancé. Do you think I would like her?”

This is true, Lisa Lin finally feels like finding an alliance, “What can you do?”

“Of course there is a way. It depends on whether Mrs. Mu is willing to cooperate.” Hallie Tang smiled coldly, “You let Juan Mu warn Jamie Ye that if she marry my brother, you will fight for the custody of the child. Otherwise, you won’t agree. She is fighting for the custody of her children.”

“Is this a good solution?” Lisa Lin smiled sarcastically, “Miss, I’ve thought of this solution a long time ago, it’s useless, Juan won’t be tough with Jamie Ye.”

“Juan Mu can’t save face, he won’t go there?” Hallie Tang reminded. “On behalf of Juan Mu, go and warn her to see the effect. If it doesn’t work, I still have a way.”

“any solution?”

Hallie Tang whispered a few words to Lisa Lin, Lisa Lin’s expression suddenly changed, “No! I can’t do this! My grandson is sick. This will affect my grandson.”

“When did Madam Lisa get so scared? I didn’t let you hurt him. I just helped you because you were upset.” Hallie Tang looked contemptuously, “You hire a few doctors first, and there are doctors in your mind. What are you afraid of?”

Lisa Lin still hesitated.

“This is just a bad idea. You can talk to Jamie Ye first. If she knows each other, you will save trouble. Otherwise, you can use the method I said.”

Seeing Lisa Lin’s hesitation, Hallie Tang sneered, “You can think about it. After this village, there will be no such shop. If Jamie Ye marries my brother, you will not be in control of the child’s affairs. This is the United States, this is the situation. The next child will never be sentenced to the mother’s upbringing.”

Lisa Lin thought for a while, “I’ll go to Jamie Ye to talk about it.”

Lisa Lin met with Jamie Ye, and Jamie Ye looked at her coldly, “What’s the matter with Mrs. Mu?”

“I came to you because I wanted to tell you something.” Lisa Lin is still like that, “I have discussed with Juan, we can not grab the custody of Devis with you, but I have the conditions.”

“What conditions?” Jamie Ye asked with a sneer.

“The condition is that you cannot marry Simson Tang”

“Mrs. Mu, what right do you have to say to me!” Jamie Ye sneered. She said how Juan Mu was so peaceful, and she was waiting for her here, “I tell you, Devis is born after the divorce, your Mu family did not fulfill their responsibilities for his growth. You have no right to demand me like this at all!”

“It’s not that we don’t want to do our responsibilities, but you don’t give us our responsibilities, Jamie Ye, if I knew you were pregnant, I wouldn’t force Juan to divorce you back then…”

“It’s useless to say these now, Mrs. Mu, you can’t be such a mean person. It’s the old saying that you want your grandson to have countless people serving as Juan Mu. You don’t lack Devis such a grandson, but I am different. Devis is everything to me, and I won’t let anyone take him away.”

If Juan is willing to live with someone else, can I come to you? Lisa Lin said in her heart that if Juan Mu were willing to listen to her, she would have already had her grandson under her, and she would have lived so lonely.

But this is impossible for her to tell Jamie Ye. If Jamie Ye knows that Juan Mu must be her, then this will definitely be worse. “Jamie Ye, am I here today? You discussed it, but informed you that as long as you marry Simson Tang, Juan and I will never sit idly by. We will definitely get back the custody of Devis, because neither I nor Juan will look at Mu. The family’s flesh and blood is called another man’s father.”

“Then let’s wait and see!” Jamie Ye sneered and got up. What she hates most in her life is threats. Juan Mu and Lisa Lin want to threaten her, no doubt dreaming!

Chapter 158

When she returned to the hospital, she saw Juan Mu playing with Devis in the ward, making Devis amused. Devis couldn’t restrain his excitement when he saw Jamie Ye come in. “Mom, Mom, Uncle Mu said that when I leave the hospital, he will accompany me to the park. Rowing, can you go together too?”

“Okay.” Jamie Ye didn’t want her son to be upset and follow him.

“Uncle Mu also said that he would give me an aircraft carrier, a water-jetting aircraft carrier. Then I can play the aircraft carrier in the swimming pool.” Jamie Ye glanced at Juan Mu calmly, and Juan Mu thought this. It looks like buying Devis, but she won’t let him wish, “You forget what your mother said to you. You like toy tell your mother that your mother will buy it for you, but you can’t take things from strangers.

“But Uncle Mu said, that kind of aircraft carrier is a limited edition, and most people can’t buy it.”

“Uncle Tang can buy it if mom can’t buy it. Uncle Tang is not an ordinary person.”

“Yeah, Uncle Tang is a very big Mr., he is not an ordinary person.” Devis’s eyes lit up, “Uncle Mu, I don’t want your aircraft carrier. My mother said, don’t just accept things from strangers, so I’m sorry. .”

The smile on Juan Mu’s face suddenly dropped a bit, and his eyes dimmed. Jamie Ye completely rejected him thousands of miles away!

Jamie Ye was just half-dead by Lisa Lin, and she was upset when she saw Juan Mu. If she hadn’t been worried about Devis, she would have started to push people out. Considering Devis, she would try her best to keep herself tolerant and not attack Juan Mu, and finally put Devis to sleep. As soon as she finished, she pulled her face down, “Mr. Mu, please don’t come here in the future, okay?”

“Why? Didn’t you agree to let me stay with Devis until he gets better?”

“That was before, now the situation is different.” Jamie Ye looked at Juan Mu coldly, “I and Simson Tang are about to get married, and Devis also treats Simson Tang as his father. It’s inappropriate for you to appear here!”

“Are you afraid that I will hinder you?” Juan Mu’s eyes were hurt, “Jamie Ye, you said you didn’t prevent me from getting to know Devis, what is this?”

“For someone like you, you don’t have to be credible.” Jamie Ye is not polite. “Juan Mu, I know what you are making, but I will tell you that I will never compromise. You can do whatever you want. Come out!”

Juan Mu was stunned, and immediately reacted, “Did my mother say something to you again?”

Jamie Ye sneered, “Don’t pretend to be garlic, Juan Mu, if you are a man, dare to be a man, don’t be like a small child, pushing everything on your mother.”

Juan Mu turned pale and left the hospital without saying a word. He had to ask his mother what she wanted to do. Faced with his aggressive questioning, Lisa Lin answered calmly, “Son, this time I am for you. Okay, Jamie Ye is about to marry Simson Tang, I just want to stop her.”

Juan Mu had nothing to say to his mother. He called Spencer Liu, “Immediately send a private jet to pick up mother!”

“I’m not leaving!” Lisa Lin panicked when she saw him.

Juan Mu didn’t care, “Mom, you have to go if you don’t leave this time, no discussion!”

Lisa Lin sat down sullenly. It seemed that she wouldn’t be able to go back this time. Hallie Tang’s bad idea was all to blame. She was in such a situation. She called Hallie Tang fiercely, and cursed Hallie Tang. Don’t be angry, “Congratulations, Madam, you will be able to get what you want soon!”

“Whatever you want will come true, don’t say cold words!”

“Have you forgotten the second idea I told you that day? Isn’t this the best opportunity?” She reminded Lisa Lin that her eyes lit up, and her anger disappeared. Indeed, this time it was a great opportunity for her. A great opportunity!

Devis observed in the hospital for another day. The next day Jamie Ye took him out of the hospital. The day he was discharged happened to be Devis’s birthday. Simson Tang organized a small birthday party for Devis at home to make Devis happy.

Simson Tang invited many children from nearby to participate. Devis was bored in the hospital. He received so many gifts and so many people celebrated for him. He was very happy. In the sound of blessings, he, Jamie and Simson Tang blew out the candles together, and Devis put his hands together and began to make a wish.

After making a wish, Simson Tang asked him curiously, “Tell Uncle, what wish did you make?”

Devis said a few words softly into Simson Tang’s ear. Simson Tang happily kissed Devis’s small face. Mrs. Tang and Jamie Ye were very curious, “Devis has promised. What wish?”

“It won’t work if I tell you.” Devis refused to say.

“You have already told Uncle Tang, why can’t you tell your mother?” Jamie Ye was jealous.

“Well, let me tell you, my wish is for Uncle Tang to become my father immediately.” Devis replied softly.

Juan Mu showed up at the door with a gift in his hand. He came to Tang’s house to see Devis only to realize that today was Devis’s birthday, so he immediately went to pick out a birthday gift for Devis, and rushed back non-stop. Devis was making a wish, and he was also curious about what wish his son would make. When Devis said his wish, the smile on Juan Mu’s face disappeared.

Hallie Tang saw Juan Mu at the door, and a sneer appeared on her face, “Devis, since you like Uncle Tang so much, why don’t you just call him Dad?”

“No, Dad can’t bark, I made mistakes before.” Devis was talking about Roy Qin. He used to like Uncle Tang as his father, but Uncle Qin said that his mother liked him and asked him to call him father. Thinking that Uncle Qin is a good person, he called his father. As a result, he didn’t want him and his mother. “I must wait until Uncle Tang and my mother get married before I can call him father!”

After Devis finished speaking, he looked expectantly at Jamie Ye, “Mom, when will you and Uncle Tang get married?”

Jamie Ye glanced at Simson Tang subconsciously. She lowered her head to Simson Tang’s star-like eyes, and looked at her happily, “Mom, I really want a father. You and Uncle Tang will get married as soon as possible. I can call Uncle Tang my father!”

Jamie Ye felt a pain in her son’s begging voice. Her son was too pitiful, and a smile appeared on her face, “Mom will marry Uncle Tang tomorrow!”

“Great! I finally have a dad!” Devis was so excited, he hugged Jamie Ye a few times and kissed Simson Tang again. Mrs. Tang smiled when she saw Devis so happy. “Tomorrow you go to a notarized marriage first, and grandma will ask someone to plan the wedding immediately. We will definitely give you a grand wedding!”

“Grandma, don’t be so troublesome.” Jamie Ye was embarrassed.

“Yes! I have to! My Tang family elder master gets married, how could it be silent, I want to invite all the celebrities to participate!” Hallie Tang on the side heard Mrs. Tang say this, a sneer flashed across her face, and it was an instant. When she passed away, she picked up the glass and said, “Congratulations, brother! Congratulations to Jamie Ye! I wish you a good relationship for a hundred years!”

Hallie Tang’s change made Jamie Ye a little surprised. Isn’t she unhappy that she has a relationship with Simson Tang? With this in mind, she picked up a drink and accepted Hallie Tang’s congratulations with Simson Tang.

“Mom, I’m going to be a flower girl for you!” Le Le Le Le was interrupted!

“Okay, let Devis be a flower girl for us!” Simson Tang smiled, seeing Jamie Ye’s eyes dripping softly.

Juan Mu stood at the door in a daze, looking at everything in front of him, and hearing everyone congratulating Jamie Ye and Simson Tang in his ears, a feeling of powerlessness developed in his heart. For Jamie Ye and Devis, Simson Tang was their close one. He was just an outsider, no matter what he did, he couldn’t change Jamie Ye’s view of him. He couldn’t stay any longer. He gently put the toy in his hand on the ground and turned and left the Tang family.

He didn’t know where he was going. He walked aimlessly in the street. He didn’t know that after walking for a long time, he finally got tired. He sat down on the side of the road, and a couple of lovers walked past him, cuddling each other. , The smiles on their faces are so beautiful and sweet. He once had all such beautiful things, but why did he lose her?

A sorrowful voice echoed in his ears, “Juan, I love you, life and death will never change!” The vows are still there, things are different, sitting on the street in a foreign country, looking at the neon lights, Juan Mu worked hard but the tears fell from the corners of his eyes. The big business man who couldn’t control the shopping mall was sitting on the street in a foreign land and burst into tears.

According to Juan Mu’s instructions, Spencer Liu immediately sent a private plane to pick up Lisa Lin. He himself followed without worry. But when he arrived in the United States, he could not find Juan Mu everywhere, and no one answered the phone. Spencer Liu was anxious. Nothing will happen, right?

He really had nowhere to find Juan Mu, so he went to Tang’s house. Devis’s birthday party was over. Jamie Ye took Devis upstairs to rest. The servant was cleaning and saw the remote-controlled aircraft carrier at the door bringing it up to Devis. , Devis looked very happy, “What a beautiful remote-controlled aircraft carrier! Who bought this gift for me?”

Jamie Ye was taken aback. That day Juan Mu said that he would send the Devis aircraft carrier. Could it be that he gave this aircraft carrier? It’s just that since he was here, why doesn’t he come in? Could it be that he heard that Simson Tang and I were getting married tomorrow?

Devis didn’t know what Jamie Ye was thinking, and he was happy holding the aircraft carrier. “Uncle Mu said that he would send me such an aircraft carrier, but today he didn’t come.” He was a little disappointed in his words.

Jamie Ye returned to her senses and touched his head, “This is what Uncle Mu gave you.”

“Why didn’t he say hello to me? I haven’t thanked him yet.” Devis pouted, he still liked Juan Mu.

“Thank you later.” Jamie Ye stroked Devis’s head, and Simson Tang came in while talking. “Juan Mu’s special assistant Spencer Liu just came in, saying that Juan Mu is missing and he can’t be found anywhere. I can’t get through on the phone, so I will accompany Spencer Liu to find out.”

Jamie Ye was stunned for a moment, and hardened her heart, “It’s impossible for such a big living person to disappear, leave him alone.”

“It’s not as peaceful as in China. Juan Mu is unfamiliar here. If something goes wrong, I’d better look for it.”

Jamie Ye was just tough in her mouth, and was actually very upset in her heart, “Go ahead, call me if you have news.”

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