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Chapter 233

Wendy Tian was thinking wildly, the door was pushed open, and Ellie came in with a bowl, “Miss Fiona, are you still asleep?”

Wendy Tian nodded, and Ellie handed her the bowl she was holding, “I think you didn’t eat anything for dinner today. I cooked the bird’s nest for you. You can try it.”

“Thank Sister Ellie!” Wendy Tian was very moved.

“Thank you, you are pregnant now, you need to strengthen nutrition, should we take care of you?”

Wendy Tian’s expression dimmed when she heard Ellie’s words like this. What nutrition should be strengthened? Whether this child will be born or not is still unknown.

Sister Ellie’s ability to observe words and expressions in the Tang family for so many years is naturally not so high. Seeing Wendy Tian’s expression, she must be very nervous. She tentatively asked, “Miss Fiona, what do you think now?”

Wendy Tian took a complicated look at Sister Ellie, “I don’t know either.”

“You don’t know that the old lady has been looking forward to her great-grandchildren for many years. It can be said that she is looking forward to the stars and the moon. The old lady is very happy. Once you get home, you will give their ancestor incense and are still happy. In so many years, I have never seen her happy like this.”

The old lady’s happiness Wendy Tian has naturally seen in her eyes. She was silent for a while, “Since the old lady likes children so much, why didn’t Brother Tang get married earlier and give birth to a great-grandson for the old lady?”

“This matter is a long story.” Ellie sighed, “You haven’t been here for a long time, you shouldn’t know about the eldest master, right?”

Wendy Tian nodded, Ellie told Wendy Tian about Simson Tang and Jamie Ye. Only then did Wendy Tian know that Simson Tang’s love had such twists and turns. She heard a little bit about his fiancee from Simson Tang last time.

I only knew that his fiancée was a woman with children. At that time, she felt strange in her heart. How could a person like Simson Tang like a woman with children? Only now did she know that the woman was Simson Tang’s first love. Simson Tang had waited for her for so many years, and he did not dislike her as a divorced woman and the child’s mother. This feeling is really moving.

With such a fiancee, she shouldn’t report the slightest illusion. Simson Tang will not change his fiancee in the slightest because of other women. Wendy Tian is very depressed and inexplicably jealous of his fiancee. Why is she doing this? Good fate?

“You have seen how the eldest master is. He values his love and righteousness, and deserves a better woman to love him, but he just admits that he has always loved that Miss Ye. Miss Ye is the mother of the child, and he will not give up. He is wholehearted. Pursuing his love, but the old lady who was so hard to think about him, the old lady was broken for the young master, this time agreeing to the young master and Miss Ye is also forced, in fact, from the heart, how old the lady wants a great-grandson of her own.” Ellie sighed.

Wendy Tian didn’t speak, she was not a fool. Ellie came to her and said that it was very clear. The old lady meant she wanted her to give birth to a child, but is this really good?

“Miss Fiona, there is one thing I haven’t told you. Miss Ye and her ex-husband once had a very good relationship. If her mother-in-law hadn’t broken up, Miss Ye and her ex-husband would not break up. Now Miss Ye returns to Eurasia to listen to it. She said that her ex-husband often visited her and her children. They have children and love each other. There is a great chance of getting together.”

“What do Brother Tang do if they get back together?” Wendy Tian became anxious when she heard it.

“Emotional matters are not clear. The old lady is worried about this. If Miss Ye and her ex-husband get back together, what about the young master? The child in your stomach belongs to the young master. The old lady doesn’t want to lose this child in vain. Look at her, I feel uncomfortable. I want to ask you one thing. Can you give birth to this child for the young master?”

“I… Did Tang also mean the same?”

“Young Master doesn’t know that you are pregnant, but he likes children so much and treats Miss Ye’s children so well. You are pregnant with his child, and he will certainly like it too.”

Sister Ellie persuaded that Wendy Tian did not resolutely refuse. She knew that there must be a play, “Miss Fiona, I came to you just to beg you for one thing. Because the old lady likes children so much, you give birth to this child. Even if it is to repay the eldest master for his life-saving grace.”

Simson Tang didn’t repay her for her life-saving grace, and she wanted to give birth to this child. Wendy Tian hesitated and nodded. Sister Ellie nodded when she saw her, and went back with joy to report that to the old lady.

After finishing Mike Li, Patricia Liu and Long discussed leaving Olathe to hide for a while. How could Juan Mu let them go so easily. Before Patricia Liu and Jose Long had time to leave, their only source of money was the beauty club because of pornography. Drug-related was seized.

Jose Long’s younger sister, Ana Wen, was also detained by the police because she was a legal person in the beauty salon. Jose Long and Patricia Liu were dumbfounded. They couldn’t go without money. Jose Long couldn’t leave his sister behind, so he stayed around and prepared to save Ana Wen. .

But this is not so easy to manage pornography and drugs. In the past, Patricia Liu was the secretary’s wife and someone would buy it. Now Jose Long is just an ordinary businessman. Who cares about him?

Jose Long inquired about it and found that this matter was not easy to handle. Now it is a severe crackdown in Olathe. The municipal party committee has instructed that all those who are found to be involved in pornography and drugs will have a heavier penalty. Ana Wen may be sentenced for several years for pornography and drugs punishment.

I heard that it was instructed by the municipal party committee. Jose Long suspected that Carlo Xia was doing the trick. He told Patricia Liu about his suspicion. Patricia Liu also felt that this matter could not be separated from Carlo Xia.

Now she was made like this by Carlo Xia and her livelihood was cut off again. Patricia Liu hated him from her heart. If you didn’t let me live well, I couldn’t let you live well. Having lived with Carlo Xia these years, she didn’t hold his hands less now. Just when it was used, Patricia Liu wrote an anonymous report letter and sent it out.

A few days later, Carlo Xia received a call from an old superior who had always cared for him. The old superior told him on the phone that something went wrong. This time the central inspection team just received the letter to report him, and he could not help. He’s gone, let him do it for himself.

Carlo Xia was dumbfounded. There was no sound on the other end of the phone, but he still held the phone and stood motionless. The warning from the old superior just made him feel like the building is about to fall. This time, He was afraid it’s more fortunate!

The mouth was slightly fishy, and the blood was surging. Carlo Xia exhausted the pressure of his whole body to suppress the fishy smell coming out of his throat. Aunt Kin saw that he had remained motionless and came over and said, “Secretary, you have stood like this for a long time. Time is up, you should sit down and rest?”

Carlo Xia didn’t speak, but stood still in that posture. Aunt Kin stretched out her hand to help him, and heard a “poof” in her ears. A red light flashed in front of her eyes, and a mouthful of blood spewed out of Carlo Xia’s mouth.

With blood spurting out, Carlo Xia’s tall body fell unsupported.

“Secretary! Come on! Help!” Aunt Kin’s horrified cry for help echoed in the villa.

Jamie Ye hurried to the hospital when she heard the news. Aunt Kin stood at the door of the emergency room and rubbed her hands anxiously. She saw Jamie Ye come and wiped her tears, “Well, he vomited blood after answering the phone call!”

Hearing that Carlo Xia was vomiting blood, Jamie Ye was also frightened. She held Aunt Kin’s hand to comfort her, “Nothing will happen!”

With that said, how can she feel at ease in her heart? The person who was rescued inside was also her father, and the blood was thicker than water, which could not be erased.

The door of the emergency room finally opened, the doctor walked out, and Jamie Ye stepped forward, “How’s it going?”

“Stomach cancer, advanced stage!” the doctor replied.

“How is it possible?” Jamie Ye thought her ears had misheard, she stared at the doctor with wide eyes, “Could it be a mistake?”

“We can’t make a mistake, we have already consulted with an expert…” The doctor sighed.

Jamie Ye’s heart was extremely heavy, and she never dreamed that it would be like this. She hated Carlo Xia, but never thought that he would get such a terminal illness.

“Doctor, is there a way to heal?”

The doctor shook his head, “You can only prolong life as much as possible…”

Jamie Ye entered the emergency room with heavy steps. Carlo Xia had already woke up and saw tears in Jamie Ye’s eyes, “Jamie…my daughter!”

Seeing Carlo Xia’s appearance, Jamie Ye counted her nose, tears rolled out of her eyes, “Dad!”

This is the first time she has called him dad after she left Carlo Xia in these years. Carlo Xia looked excited, reached out to hold Jamie Ye’s hand, and watched Jamie Ye look like Meghan Ye. Tears rolled in his eyes, “This is my retribution. , I’m sorry for you, sorry for your mother!”

“Dad, it’s not the time to talk about this. You take good care of your illness. Now that medicine is so advanced, it will definitely be cured…”

“It can’t be cured! What can be done if it is cured?” Carlo Xia sighed long.

Soon he was about to be double-decided. He knew very well what the ending was. With him spending the second half of his life in prison, he might as well die just like that. Death is undoubtedly a kind of relief for him.

“Dad, don’t be so negative, you must have confidence.” Jamie Ye tried to persuade.

“Jamie Ye, Dad knows that you are for my good, but I know my health. Dad has been an official for so many years. He always thought that he was very smart. Only now did he realize that he was actually very confused. , This is the best ending for Dad.”

Carlo Xia’s body is actually not that bad, but since he knew that Meghan Ye was killed by Patricia Liu, he didn’t feel like it. Suddenly, he always thought about being ashamed of his dead wife and his daughter. This body gradually collapsed. .

Jamie Ye felt even more uncomfortable after hearing Carlo Xia’s words. Her father clearly meant that he was regretting. Although he had done things to sorry her mother in the past, he was also her father. How could she watch him die? .

“Dad, you must be optimistic about the treatment! My Devis is still waiting for you to take care of, and the chil in my stomach, they are waiting for Grandpa to take care of them.”

Carlo Xia smiled slightly, “Jamie Ye, Dad is really happy to be able to say that. Dad knows his body. Don’t worry, I won’t die for a while. I will definitely live to see my grandson born.”

The door was pushed open while talking, Juan Mu walked in and seeing Juan Mu Jamie Ye was taken aback, “Why are you here?”

“I asked Aunt Kin to call him over.” Carlo Xia explained. Waving his hand for Juan Mu to sit down, looking at Jamie Ye, “Jamie, you and Aunt Kin go out first, Juan and I have something to say.”

Chapter 234

Jamie Ye got up and walked out with Aunt Kin. Carlo Xia let out a long sigh after the door closed, “I am running out of time.”

“You can recover from the illness with peace of mind and cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, and you will get better.” Juan Mu comforted.

“I know my body knows so I have something to tell you when I came to you today.” Carlo Xia sighed for a long time, “I have been double-regulated!”

“What did you say?” Juan Mu was taken aback. “When did this happen?”

“The official notice hasn’t come down yet, but it should be coming soon. I came to you to arrange the funeral.” Carlo Xia looked at Juan Mu with a complicated expression, “I will leave it to you, I hope you can treat her well.”

“I will treat her well, don’t worry.” Juan Mu promised, “I don’t think your matter is that serious, don’t worry, I will find a way to manage it for you.”

Carlo Xia shook his head, “No need to toss!”

He told Juan Mu that Meghan Ye was killed by Patricia Liu, “I regret to the extreme in my heart during this period of time. It was me who caused the situation today. That sl*t, I wanted to make her life worse than death. Yes, but I didn’t expect to let her escape. This time the accident probably has a lot to do with her. I’m taking the blame right now, but Meghan was different. She can’t die in vain. I’m thinking about it, don’t tell Jamie, but you take the revenge for Jamie! Don’t let that b!tch go!”

Juan Mu nodded, “Don’t worry, I won’t let her go!”

“There is also Karen…” Carlo Xia paused, “These years, she was brought up by that slt, and her mind was as vicious as that slt. I know she did things I am sorry for you and Jamie, but no matter what She is also my blood…I hope you can let her go.”

“I’ll talk about this later, you can recover from the illness first.” Juan Mu did not agree. Seeing that Juan Mu didn’t agree to Carlo Xia’s complex expression, he finally sighed heavily.

Since being picked and raped by Chen that night, Flora Wu now has absolutely nothing to do with Chen. Once he is gone, it is unrealistic to turn her face away. Now she can only swallow her breath and live under Chen’s prostitution. .

Jay Chen now has nothing to do. Every day has time. During the day, he rented A-films to come back and watched. At night, he waited for the tossing Flora Wu. Flora Wu is now suffering from both mental and physical torture. The medicine fainted him so she could clean up, but Chen was a thief spirit, as long as Flora Wu brought back water or food, he had to ask Flora Wu to try it every time before he was relieved.

Probably realized that Flora Wu was going to kill him, Chen also threatened Flora Wu to let her have no other thoughts, saying that he had told his good buddies in prison about his living here, as long as he had some buddies who missed him. Will call the police.

Flora Wu didn’t believe it at first, but when Chen brought a person of the same type as him into Flora Wu’s apartment, he pointed to Flora Wu and asked that she is his sister-in-law, Flora Wu only then realized that Chen was not lying, this guy is actually guarding her.

Is it like this for a lifetime of being enslaved by this disgusting bastard? Flora Wu was not reconciled. She tried countless ways and couldn’t work. In the end, she really couldn’t help but think about spending money to ask the underworld to solve Chen.

Flora Wu was thinking about resolving Chen. Carlo Xia’s double regulations were finally put on the table. The first thing was Carlo Xia’s family property, Carlo Xia’s villa was sealed up, all properties were frozen, Carlo Xia had an accident, and Xia was the first to be affected. Karen, she originally enjoyed first-class service in a private hospital. Because Carlo Xia had an accident and had no money to pay the high expenses, Karen Xia was invited out by the hospital.

Karen Xia was homeless, so she had to call Flora Wu. Flora Wu regarded her as her own daughter. Hearing this news, she would not sit idle. Karen Xia was her own daughter. She always wanted to find opportunities to get close. Now is the best time to bring the relationship closer.

If Karen Xia moved here, it would be inappropriate for Chen to live here. Flora Wu and Chen discussed that Chen would move out first. Where would Chen listen, “Isn’t Karen Xia my daughter? Now she is moving over to our family. It’s pretty good, it can increase feelings and make it easier to take care of.”

“You must never tell Karen Xia is our daughter.” Flora Wu urged.

“Don’t worry, I’m not that stupid.” Jay Chen squinted and smiled, “As long as you are obedient, I won’t get rid of what happened back then.”

Flora Wu couldn’t help but wanted to let Chen stay away for a few days first, and wait for it to be cleaned up later.

Carlo Xia asked Juan Mu not to tell anything to Jamie Ye. When Aunt Kin called to tell Jamie Ye, Jamie Ye was shocked. She was hurried to the hospital.

Jamie Ye didn’t know what was going on, guessing that it might have something to do with Carlo Xia’s officialdom. After contacting Carlo Xia’s illness was on the phone, she decided to go to the hospital to ask Carlo Xia.

She hurried to the inpatient department of the hospital, walked to the elevator door, and the elevator opened suddenly.

Jamie Ye was surprised to see Carlo Xia being helped out by two people, “Dad!”

Jamie Ye didn’t say the rest, because she found that her father’s hand was behind his back.

The two men next to Carlo Xia’s posture, Jamie Ye’s mind flashed through the scenes seen in the movie, plainclothes police arrested criminals in such a posture, realizing this, Jamie Ye’s heart sank suddenly. Did my father really have a big deal?

She stood there blankly, and her mind was in confusion. Carlo Xia also saw Jamie Ye. It was a very shameful thing for him to be seen by his daughter and taken away by the police. He was dead and didn’t want his daughter to see this scene, but now he couldn’t escape at all. He was very sad when he saw Jamie Ye’s shocked eyes. He moved his chapped lips with difficulty and uttered two words, “Jamie.”

“Dad!” Jamie Ye choked with sobs.

“Jamie!” Carlo Xia’s voice was full of guilt and regret. He looked at Jamie Ye, “Jamie, Dad made you feel ashamed, I’m sorry!”

Abandoning these words, he staggered past Jamie Ye, watching Carlo Xia’s slightly slumped body, Jamie Ye’s eye sockets had warm liquid rolling down.

In the tears, Carlo Xia’s figure became more and more blurred, and it took a while for Jamie Ye to react. She stumbled and chased after him. In the hospital parking lot, she saw Carlo Xia being pushed into a police car by the police. She walked a few steps. She wanted to say something to Carlo Xia, but the police car galloped past her.

Jamie Ye didn’t remember how she got out of the hospital gate, her brain was dizzy all the time, and she never dreamed that one day she would see her father taken away by the police.

When Carlo Xia taught her to abide by the law when she was a child, the situation is still vivid, how could everything become like this?

Karen Xia did not have the much sadness and melancholy as of Jamie Ye. At first she was thrown out of the hospital and she was still crying, feeling the end of the world, but when she called Flora Wu and Flora Wu said that she could accept her, her mood changed again. It’s getting better.

The impact of Carlo Xia’s double regulations on her is only an economic impact. For Karen Xia, although she has always lived with Carlo Xia, Carlo Xia has never had the kind of love that a father should have for his daughter.

He has always been indifferent to Karen Xia. Looking at Carlo Xia’s current attitude towards her, his family property will never be left to her. Karen Xia sneered in her heart. All I care about is my stomach. As long as the child in my stomach can be born safely, I will ask Juan Mu about his alimony. Is she still worried about the future?

Flora Wu naturally means the same thing as Karen Xia. The twin sons in Karen Xia’s belly do not believe that Juan Mu will be unmoved. During this period of time, she was tortured by Chen and exhausted physically and mentally. Where can Flora Wu have time to pay attention to Lisa Lin, she the person placed in the hospital reported that Lisa Lin hadn’t awakened, so she believed them completely.

She never dreamed that Lisa Lin would actually wake up a long time ago. Juan Mu has been tight-lipped. The people she planted were not able to approach Lisa Lin at all, and naturally they didn’t know the truth.

Flora Wu took Karen Xia home from the hospital and took her to her apartment. Seeing Flora Wu had bought such a large apartment, Karen Xia looked inside and out, “Yes, this apartment is pretty! I like it! “

Seeing that Karen Xia is satisfied with Flora Wu, she is also very happy, “Karen, sit down first, and I will prepare some food for you.”

Karen Xia sat on the sofa to eat snacks, and Flora Wu went to prepare food for Karen Xia. When Chen came back, he saw Karen Xia on the sofa saying hello with a smile, “Is this Karen? I’m your uncle.”

Karen Xia squinted at Chen. The person in front of her was not tall, black and thin, with a wretched face. At first glance, he was not a good person. The people Flora Wu was talking with were all tall people. When did she know such a person? Deflated? Where did she put Chen in her eyes and snorted in her nose, “Uncle Cousin? Sir, isn’t this relative arrogant?”

“I’m really your uncle, and your mother and I are cousins.” Chen explained the relationship between himself and Patricia Liu.

Karen Xia stayed in Water Park for a long time, and immediately understood who Chen was. This person must be a gangster in Water Park. She interrupted Chen impatiently, “I didn’t listen about you from my mother.”

After speaking, he raised his voice and called Flora Wu, “Aunt Wu, I’m hungry, can you hurry up?”

“Here.” Flora Wu brought out the food with joy. This is the first time she prepared food for her daughter. She was both happy and nervous. “Karen, please try it and see if it suits your taste. “

Karen Xia stood up and walked to the table. She was indeed hungry. Flora Wu’s cooking skills were also good. She quickly finished the food prepared by Flora Wu. After eating, she praised Flora Wu a few words, and she was very happy after she finished eating. “If you like it and I will make it for you every day.”

Karen Xia nodded and turned her head to see that Chen was not lying and sitting like he was doing. She felt unhappy, and she had to ask Flora Wu what was going on and how to provoke a bastard into the house.” Aunt Wu, I want to lie down for a while, where is my room?”

Flora Wu got up and took Karen Xia to the room, and closed the door, Karen Xia looked contemptuous, “Aunt Wu, why did you bring such a disgusting thing home?”

“Karen, he is really your uncle. He just got out of prison and has nowhere to go, so he lives here first.” Flora Wu explained.

“You are not a shelter here, why take him in?” Karen Xia sneered. “Give him some money and let him live outside.”

“This…” Flora Wu smiled awkwardly. Karen Xia is her own daughter. This Chen is Karen Xia’s own father. This daughter is so unwelcome to her father. Flora Wu feels a little awkward in her heart, but it’s just awkward, no Other feelings, “He refuses, and I can’t help it.”

“This is your house, why should he not leave?” Karen Xia asked back.

“He is a rascal. Your mother and I asked him to do some things. Now he threatens me with the past. I have no choice but to take him in.”

Karen Xia also knows about the dirty things between Patricia Liu and Flora Wu. After listening to Flora Wu’s words, she knows her feelings. Chen depends on this. She feels a little disapproving in her heart. Mother Patricia Liu said how capable Flora Wu is, now she seems to be an idiot, what can be done even if such a bastard can’t deal with it.

Karen Xia didn’t speak, but she struck up Bruce Bruce Xiao. This Chen looked very disgusting. She didn’t want to live with such a disgusting person, so she had to find a way to get him out.

Karen Xia planned to clean up Chen. She used her brain to think about it all night. She really came up with a good idea that kills two birds with one stone.

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