Her Eternal Mr Right Chapter 3 – 4

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Chapter 3

After taking a glass of juice and choosing a plate to eat, Jamie Ye was about to find a place to sit down and start eating. She couldn’t find a place yet, and a voice came from behind: “Bring me something to eat!”


The voice was a bit familiar with impertinence. Jamie Ye looked up and saw a woman with heavy makeup in front of her. Isn’t this Karen Xia’s best friend Nora Hou?

Nora Hou was stunned when she saw Jamie Ye. She looked at Jamie Ye in casual clothes, and took her for granted as a waiter. The pair of eyes realized that Jamie Ye was surprised.

“It’s you?”

Jamie Ye ignored her and passed by while preparing to eat. Nora Hou reacted in a daze, and quickly stopped Jamie Ye: “You should be a waiter here? Haha! It’s so funny to me!”

“Is it so funny?” Jamie Ye asked coldly.

“Of course, Jamie Ye, weren’t you so arrogant before? Tsk tsk tsk, now you have fallen into the position of a waiter, alas! Hurry up, prepare for me food!”

Nora Hou looked like a villain. She had seen Jamie Ye not pleasing to her eyes before. She looked beautiful, had a good life, and was so innocent.

Now that she was abandoned by Juan Mu and reduced to being a waiter, she had to find a chance to humiliate her.

Jamie Ye was absolutely looking at Nora Hou’s appearance. She quarreled with a villain like Nora Hou and lowered her IQ. She moved past Nora Hou and left.

Where did Nora Hou want to let her go, “Jamie Ye, do you dare not listen to me? Do you believe me or not I will fire you?”

“Fire me? Miss Hou really regards herself as boss!”

“You dare to scold me?” Nora Hou jumped up with anger. In the past, because Jamie Ye was Juan Mu’s wife, Juan Mu was protected her like a baby. Now it’s different. She is not with Juan Mu. A lowly waiter, trying to kill her is no different than killing an ant.

“I will tell the person in charge here immediately and ask him to fire you!”

“Nora, what happened?” A soft voice came in.

“Karen, you came just right, look at who this is!” Nora Hou pointed at Jamie with a mocking tone.

Jamie looked at Karen Xia calmly, her eyes met, Karen Xia was obviously taken aback, why is Jamie Ye here?

She was extremely surprised, her face did not change, but a smile appeared on her face, “Sister!”

Jamie looked at her coldly, “This lady, did you call the wrong person?”

“Sister, I know you blame me, but it has nothing to do with me, Juan likes me…”

Although three years have passed, Jamie Ye feels heartbroken to bring up old things like this. She didn’t want to expose her scars to others, so she turned around and left.

Nora Hou saw Karen Xia showing a lot of courage. She stepped forward and grabbed Jamie and pushed her hard. The juice in Jamie Ye’s hand poured out all of a sudden, and Nora Hou got a little bit on her body, she screamed strangely. With a cry, “Ouch, how did you do things?”

When she said this, her eyes were glamorous. Jamie Ye could see clearly that Nora Hou was using her as a waiter and wanted to slander her so as to fire her.

Jamie Ye’s eyes were cold, if the former Jamie Ye must have slapped her mouth, but now she is no longer the Madam Ye who was held in his palm by Juan Mu. She suppressed the anger in her heart and walked sideways.

Seeing that Jamie Ye didn’t resist, Nora Hou and Karen Xia looked at each other, and suddenly reached out and grabbed Jamie Ye’s hair, pouring the red wine glass in her hand at her neck.

A glass of red wine poured down her neck. The cold red wine soaked Jamie Ye’s clothes. I don’t know if Nora Hou pushed her body beside Karen Xia. Karen Xia shook her hand and a glass of wine was facing her head. Her face poured down.

Her eyes were burning and painful, and Jamie Ye wanted to calm down and leave, but when he saw Nora Hou’s reluctance, she became angry from her heart.

Nora Hou and Karen Xia are the same people. Since we dealt with her like this today, it seems that she can’t end well. She also has a temper. Nora Hou’s moves are exactly the same as Karen Xia’s back then. They intend to continue to slander her. Want her to be that wicked person, then why is she polite?

The anger rose from her heart, she lifted the plate in her hand and fiercely clasped it on Nora Hou’s head.

Unexpectedly, she dared to do it after all. Nora Hou let out a scream. Jamie Ye likes spicy food. The dishes are filled with spicy food. The soup flows down Nora Hou’s hair and quickly flows into her eyes. It’s not uncomfortable in general.

Nora Hou let out Jamie Ye’s hair with a scream of hissing lungs.

Jamie Ye didn’t care about Nora Hou’s screams. She slapped hard on Karen Xia’s face. Karen Xia was completely dumbfounded. She never dreamed that Jamie Ye would be so sturdy, her face was hot, and Jamie Ye slammed the soup in the plate Splashing all around, there is soup on her expensive evening dress. This evening dress was designed by a famous designer, and she was so distressed.

Exasperated again, she immediately began to shout, disregarding her image: “Come on! Come on!”

Chapter 4

The movement here shocked people. Many people looked over here. The security guard at the reception rushed over to see Jamie Ye’s dress. Everyone regarded her as a waiter. This is a high-level reception, and the security is not an ordinary snobbery. Eyes, regardless of the green, red and white, immediately stepped forward and pushed Jamie Ye out of the hall.

Nora Hou had chili water in her eyes and was immediately taken to the hospital. Karen Xia’s expensive evening dress was covered with soup, and there was a clear slap print on her face. Juan Mu also rushed over after hearing the news and saw Karen Xia feeling a little embarrassed. Surprised: “What’s the matter?”

Karen Xia was actually very jealous that Juan Mu knew what happened to Jamie Ye, but now she couldn’t hide it. She cried to Juan Mu who came over, “Juan, I saw Miss Ye, she was there. she is a waiter here. I don’t know why. When she saw Nora and I, she deliberately poured juice on us. Nora couldn’t read her and said a few words. She suddenly madly poured food on Nora and beat me…

Juan Mu was taken aback and looked around. Karen Xia squeezed out two tears, “I just got dirty and slapped her, but Nora’s eyes got hot pepper water, Ye The young lady was going to come at me, Nora prevented me from doing anything!”

Juan Mu looked at her with a pitiful look, her face was uncertain, and he reached out to pat Karen Xia with tears in her eyes, and her voice was cold and cold: “Where is she?”

“Taken out by security!”

“Go and see!”

While talking, Juan Mu helped Karen Xia who was embarrassed and went out of the hall. Jamie Ye was taken to a room next to the hall by the security guards. Several security guards called her while reprimanding her.

Jamie Ye sat down on the sofa with her head down, all wet with wine, and she calmed down when she was brought here.

She should have swallowed her anger just now and did have control herself for a while. Now that she has caused such a thing, Roy Qin will definitely not spare her. The second generation ancestor’s temper is not generally bad, especially for her.

She is referred by Simson Tang to assist Roy Qin.

Because she was not quite pretty, Roy Qin always looked at her unpleasantly and embarrassed her everywhere. Now that she makes such a thing, she will definitely be fired.

She was worried, the door was pushed open, and a cold air rushed toward her face, Jamie Ye raised her head and slammed into a pair of deep eyes.

Jamie Ye has left this sad place since Juan Mu ruthlessly asked the lawyer to send her a divorce agreement and forced her to sign it three years ago.

In the past three years, she had never thought of meeting Juan Mu. In this life, she had planned to see him and take a detour, but she did not expect to meet this way only on the first day when she returned to Olathe.

She was so embarrassed, but he was aloof, squinting at her with a kind of kingly air, and holding Karen Xia’s waist with one hand.

Controlling the tumbling of her heart, Jamie Ye withdrew her gaze indifferently.

Seeing Jamie Ye withdraw her gaze indifferently, Juan raised his eyes tightly, and helped Karen Xia strode into the room, his voice trembling coldly: “Apologize!”

Jamie Ye pressed her lips and said nothing, asking her to apologize like a mistress? Even when you are not at fault? Dreaming?

Seeing her not speaking, Juan Mu’s face became more gloomy, “Jamie Ye, I asked you to apologize, didn’t you hear me?”

“Apologize? Why? Does Jaun always think he state’s leader?” Jamie Ye smiled contemptuously.

“It doesn’t matter whether I state’s leader or not, the important thing is that you deliberately hurt people, Nora Hou has been sent to the hospital, you know the consequences!”

His threat was very obvious. Jamie Ye knew that he was not for Nora Hou, but for Karen Xia. How could she apologize, and smiled faintly, “Mr. Mu, you are in power. Do whatever you want. I Waiting, as for the apology, in the next life!”

Looking at her indifferent face, with a cold tone, Juan Mu seemed to have something stuck in his heart, making him panicked.

“Jamie Ye, since you are so stubborn, don’t blame me!” Juan Mu gave Jamie Ye a cold look, then turned his head and told the security guard, “Did you call the police?”

“Reported!” The security guard replied respectfully.

“Then let the police handle it impartially! I hope you can still be so tough when you arrive at the police station!”

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