His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1971

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Chapter 1971

The bartender sister never thought it was such a complicated situation. The man in front of her looked very handsome, and the rings and necklaces on her body looked like big names. The rich kid, just…If the rich kid is really carefree, why would he show such an expression?

She sorted out his thoughts, said, “Maybe this kind of thing you have to look at both sides, sometimes improper spare tire when this kind of thing …… we can not say the others, one is willing to make a wish ……”

sentence Point After waking up Eldon Valles, he was in a daze, only to realize that it turned out that all of this had been asked for by himself.

It turned out that everyone wanted to win at this gambling table that was emotional, but no one wanted to leave with their pockets.

In the past, Luo Youyou was willing to live in the shadows that no one knew for him, handle all lace news for him, and pretend to be okay in front of the elders. At that time, she might have also volunteered.

And this kind of willingness is precisely a kind of her hope for love. She hopes that her kindness can be received by the other party, and she hopes that one day she can touch the other party, so that she can ignore these sunk costs and continue to wait for him to change his mind.

Continue to invest, but want to get rewards.

But now she gave up.

“Rational decision-making shouldn’t care about the cost of silence.”

Kurosawa Sakura murmured, “In the past, she was just shrouded in such emotions and couldn’t walk out, but once she stopped, she would find it ridiculous that she kept paying and pleased like this. “

It turned out to be in such a mood, Luo Youyou… I started to understand you slowly.

Sakurahara Kurosawa said to herself that the bartender next to her could not understand, she helped to make a glass of wine and put it in front of Kurosawa, “In fact, if we relax, we only need to do it by ourselves. Regret is fine. If you feel wronged in your feelings, then give up. If giving up makes you more wronged, then don’t give up.”

She was really lost, and she could only find some roundabout words to comfort Sakura Kurosawa, but she didn’t expect Sakura Kurosawa to listen, and her eyes flashed.

give up?

It’s not that he never thought of giving up, but every time he wants to give up, he will think of Luo Youyou. She is a woman, but she has an inner heart that is countless times stronger than him. Whether it is for love or career, Luo Youyou looks small One, but the decision made will always break all the rules of the world.

She seems to be redeeming herself constantly.

What about him?

Sakurahara Kurosawa held his hands together and drank the wine the bartender had just given him in one breath. The bartender covered his mouth and said, “Sir, you will get drunk like this” It’s too painful to keep your sanity.

It’s better to be drunk.

Sakihara Kurosawa’s eyes were red, and he looked up to see the surprised expression of the bartender sister. She seemed to look at the person behind him through him, and Sakura Kurosawa was taken aback.

I heard her say, “Is this lady coming… to find you?”

Eldon Valles turned around unexpectedly, and found that Luo Youyou had changed into casual home clothes and slung a bag on one shoulder and directly chased here. , I don’t know how she found it, but at this moment, she appeared in his field of vision, making Sakura Kurosawa’s deadly silent heart beat hard.

“How could you…” Come here?

“Drink less.”

Luo Youyou frowned, sat next to Sakura Kurosawa, glanced at the wine glass that was drunk by him, and Luo Youyou said to the bartender, “Don’t give him high-concentration wine.”

“Yeah.” The bartender understood, and then turned to cut the lemon, Sakura Kurosawa felt the alcohol spread all over his body, and he spoke slowly, “I said, what are you doing…”

“I’m sorry.”

Luo Youyou looked straight into the eyes of Sakura Kurosawa and said softly, “I’ve come to apologize to you. You shouldn’t force you to help Gulliver Gu like this. It’s my problem. No matter who is right or wrong in the past, it is not. I used moral reasons for kidnapping you. So if you want to get angry, or withdraw from cooperating with Gulliver Gu, I have no opinion.”

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