His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1972

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Chapter 1972

Sakura Kurosawa never thought he would hear Luo Youyou’s apology.

He always felt that Luo Youyou came to laugh at him.

But now, after drinking, looking at Luo Yuyou who is so sincere in front of him, Sakura Kurosawa suddenly didn’t know what to answer. He knew he was guilty of Luo Yuyou, and he felt that he was no longer the person on her heart. , Will be ignored.

But Luo Youyou seriously apologized and broke everything.

She told him that she was wrong and shouldn’t do this thing. There is no such reason. If her ex-fiancé was injured, she had to help her ex-boyfriend…This relationship is too complicated and too messy. She doesn’t. He should just pull them together.

Luo Youyou took a deep breath and glanced at Eldon Valles, “You don’t have to accept my apology. It is the right of everyone to not forgive. That’s all I want to say. I only woke up when I heard you say today and ignored your feelings. It’s been too long.”

Kurosawa Sakahara felt the blood vessels trembling, as if the blood inside was burning.

He felt that he didn’t even have the courage of Luo Youyou to face his mistakes.

Her eyes were so clear that there was no trace of dirt, as if she was like what the world was like. As a fiancée whom he always disliked and ignored, Luo Youyou paid too much, in fact, even today she Pulling Eldon Valles forcibly, Sakura Kurosawa has no stance to refuse.

The Adam’s apple moved up and down, Sakurahara Kurosawa reached out to touch Luo Youyou’s face. She was dressed so simple and thin. In this circle, Luo Youyou is afraid to be the least daughter-in-law. She was also alone when she was working abroad Renting a small house, and now I don’t see any expensive aura in casual clothes, but Sakura Kurosawa knows that the most precious thing about Luo Yoyo is that she has not been tarnished compared to those trivial brands or decorations. soul.

She is always groping for a new beginning.

After Luo Youyou was touched by Eldon Valles, he glanced at his face and found that there were too many emotions hidden in his eyes. Luo Youyou subconsciously turned his eyes away and didn’t look at him, “Drink less, it’s okay. I’ll go back. If you drive, remember to call on behalf of the driver…”

Kurosawa Sakahara staggered up from the bar and hugged Luo Youyou. The alcohol magnified all his feelings and reduced his usual cowardice and timidity. , He buried his chin on Luo Youyou’s shoulder and said, “I’m sorry if you don’t exist…Don’t apologize to me, Yoyo, I have always been sorry for you.”

I am sorry for you.

The few numbers actually made Luo Youyou’s nose sore.

Faced with the torture, she suddenly became vulnerable. She struggled and said to Kurosawa Sakura, “Don’t be like this…”

“I’m really sad. I didn’t expect you to apologize to me. I don’t know how to respond to you.” Eldon Valles hugged Luo Youyou tightly, as if for fear that she would run away, “It’s all because I didn’t cherish you well…youyou, let’s not say let me accompany Gulliver Gu to invest, even if it is. I can also give other compensation…”

He is not afraid of licking the dog humblely behind Luo Youyou for so many years to become her spare tire.

He had thought about it a long time ago, and it didn’t matter a long time ago.

He was afraid that Luo Youyou wanted nothing from him.

“Give me a chance, Yoyo, let me stay with you in another way.”

Sakura Kurosawa reached out to help Luo Yuyu straighten out her messy hair, “Even if you give me the identity of a good friend, I’m witnessing you… Marry someone else.”

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