His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1975

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Chapter 1975

In the middle of the night, I received a text message from Kurosawa. After a while, the mother of the Sakurahara family also called, and the Luo family got excited and sat out of bed. When I got up, the wife of Sakurahara’s house opposite, yelled “Summy Marseille!!!” in their hometown language.

Mother Luo shivered. She felt that she was in a place where she couldn’t see her through her mobile phone. She was already on her knees. After all, their hometown couldn’t move this trick. She quickly said, “Don’t say that, ma’am, we are very surprised that the two juniors can do this…”

“The dog is embarrassed for the two families. He comes back and raises himself behind closed doors!” Mrs. Sakurahara was trembling with anger, and she never thought that her son could do this kind of humiliation to the family, making the belly of another daughter’s daughter bigger, or retiring before… what are you doing!

Hearing Mrs. Sakurabara’s words, Mother Luo frowned slightly, knowing that Sakura Kurosawa would have to endure hardships when he went back. However, she was actually quite satisfied with this child. She was as high as Christian and had good conditions. To be honest, she was right at home with her family. It’s a pity…

Well, the juniors are thinking about separating. The older generation just wanted to tie the two of them together and twist them into a pair. That didn’t end well.

It’s just that I didn’t think that they were separated now, and the two of them had unexpected development again?

Thinking of this, Mother Luo took a breath and said, “Actually…Mrs. Sakurahara, I have always been very satisfied with your child. He and Yoyo looked very complementary when they were engaged before, although our two families dissolved their marriage. , I’m sorry that it has brought you a certain impact on Kurosawa’s freedom of marriage. I think something must have happened here, and the two juniors must have their own considerations. But now that you are pregnant, I will still ask again Yoyo’s opinion on the marriage contract, I hope we can become real in-laws this time.”

This is too high EQ. Mrs. Sakurahara’s face turned pale and she didn’t know how to make up for Luo Yoyo, but she didn’t think about it. When Luo Youyou’s mother heard this intention in her mouth, Mrs. Sakahara was at a loss. After a while, she unexpectedly said, “Mrs. Luo, what do you mean…”

“I figured it out. Perhaps the first family marriage made the two juniors resist. My daughter has never returned to work in the family business because of this, and only came back after the dissolution of the marriage, as if she was competing with the word’family’. In recent years, she has been working alone abroad. In a way, she is expressing her attitude in her own way. I don’t want her to be wronged anymore, so I figured it out, Mrs. Sakahara, in our eyes “For the good of the juniors” is likely to be a kind of kidnapping for children, and when we let them go free, they will truly love someone.”

This is how Luo Youyou’s mother agreed to Luo Youyou’s resignation For the reason, she couldn’t see that she gritted her teeth alone and resisted the appearance of a person wandering abroad. It was obvious that the family had everything arranged for her, but she didn’t want them all. Luo Youyou is too filial to act against his parents, and it is impossible to overthrow the family that has raised him for so long. However, everyone is indeed wrong in the matter of family marriage.

Then, just use your own way to prove yourself.

A joke back then tied the youth of the two juniors and changed Luo Youyou’s life trajectory. In fact, Luo’s mother was ashamed. She sighed after speaking a long conversation, “Mrs. Sakahara, let’s come to China when we are free. Sit down and meet up… Let me, too, apologize to your son.”

Yoyo, this is what my mother can do for you after she has figured it out when she is older. I hope that in the future, whether it is marriage or Your career is all up to you to find happiness yourself.

“Mrs. Luo…I am ashamed of your tolerance and kindness.” Mrs. Sakahara was moved by Luo Youyou’s words. She didn’t know what she thought of. Perhaps she had ignored her son for too long and only regarded him as a robot that inherited the family business. ……For so many years, it seems that I have not asked a single question, son, are you tired?

What she asked Eldon Valles would always be, whether he would win honor to the family today.

Madam Sakakihara seemed to have tears in her eyes, “I…I came recently, and by the way, I also want to apologize to your daughter. I did not teach my son well for this accident… I hope your daughter can give me One chance for my son…”

This was the first time Mrs. Sakurabara spoke to Kurosawa Sakurahara, as if, for the first time, she really became his mother.

When Luo Youyou woke up from a coma, she opened her eyes blankly and found herself in the hospital.

The first reaction is over. The plans to be submitted these days have not been completed. The second reaction is-Sakura Kurosawa drank too much. Will something go wrong?

As soon as he looked up, he found Sakura Kurosawa sitting on the side.

Sitting upright, still with that beautiful and handsome face, he only had Luo Youyou in his eyes, and he said nervously, “Are you awake! Is there anything else uncomfortable?”

Luo Youyou sat up with his waist, “Back pain …”

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