His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1976

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Chapter 1976

Luo Youyou hasn’t realized what new changes have taken place in her body. It’s the saying that makes Sakura Kurosawa nervous, so she looks up, “Where? Where is the waist? Me? Press it for you…”

“It’s a bit sour…” Luo Youyou murmured, “Is it because I have been tired from working more overtime these days…”

Eldon Valles wondered how to tell Luo Youyou that she was pregnant, after all This is too exciting for Luo Youyou. What if Luo Youyou still hates him and doesn’t want children…

——A person walked in at the door.

Luo Youyou raised her head and smiled in surprise, “Alisha?” The person who came was Alisha Lan, who was holding her waist and having a big belly. Her face was warm and lively when she smiled. Walking around, I heard that you were hospitalized and it scared me! It’s okay.”

Sakura Kurosawa stared at Alisha Lan’s stomach, and suddenly his eyelids twitched.

He was thinking, can he and Luo Youyou…the same?

Behind Alisha Lan was Sherry Xu who was supporting her. At this moment, Sherry Xu was helping her pull out the chair and sit down. Alisha Lan sat next to Luo Youyou and said, “Yuki, I’ll just tell you. What homework does my mother have to do? In the future, our children will be born one after the other, and we can also become childhood sweethearts.”

Luo Youyou blinked his big round eyes, and said blankly “Huh?”

She hasn’t reacted yet.

Alisha Lan had already smiled and touched her belly, “You are just pregnant now, no wonder you didn’t notice it, you should pay attention to your body in the future.”

Luo Youyou froze for five seconds with the expression just now.

Five seconds later, a cold sweat on her forehead slowly fell.

“Wait…a minute…” Luo Youyou was fighting with her upper and lower teeth, and she turned her head to look at Sakura Kurosawa in disbelief, “I…I…I have…”

She couldn’t say anything next.

Sakihara Kurosawa furrowed his beautiful eyebrows, gritted his teeth and nodded.

Luo Youyou shuddered, and the next second she covered her mouth, her eyes were red, and all her emotions surged crazily after she was shocked. She covered her mouth but couldn’t cry because her mind became a mess. I can’t express my feelings, “I…I… Kurosawa, I’m with you, I…”

Sakurahara Kurosawa couldn’t wait to kneel in front of Luo Youyou, he reached out to grab Luo Youyou’s hand, and looked at her shivering, trying Passing her own strength to her, holding her weak little hand in the palm, Sakura Kurosawa’s voice trembled, “Blame me, yoyo, it’s all to me…I don’t know this will happen, but no matter what you choose, I respect it. You, don’t make it difficult for yourself, if you hate me, just vent it…”

Luo Youyou is so stupid right now, she can’t do anything, she can’t express any emotions, those loves can’t be unforgettable. At this moment, they were entangled together. In the end, Sakura Kurosawa hugged her heartily, and then heard Luo Youyou burst into a howling cry in his ear!

She never cried, did not cry when she was abandoned by Eldon Valles, did not cry when she was abroad, did not cry when she broke the marriage contract-now she is pregnant unexpectedly, but crying like a child .

Her tense nerve, always telling her to be independent and not dependent on others, is about to collapse.

How could it…how could it…having decided to give Kurosawa free, and clearly decided not to look back again, but at this time I am pregnant, what should I do with the child… the child is innocent!

Luo Youyou cried so much that his eye sockets were swollen, Sakurahara Kurosawa looked worried, “Yoyou, if you are uncomfortable, you can hit me and bite me, don’t be troubled with yourself, you are pregnant…”

Luo Youyou reached out subconsciously and touched himself. When she was about to say something about her belly, Alisha Lan came over to comfort him, “Emotions during pregnancy are particularly unstable, yoyo, don’t hold it on your own, sometimes you still have to say it.”

Luo Youyou wiped her tears , “I really don’t know what I should do…”

Sakurahara Kurosawa took a deep breath and plucked up the courage to say, “Be born, Yoyo, for this child, I will still take on the responsibility of being a father, and you, apart from the identity of the mother, are still free.”

Luo Youyou was shocked, and I didn’t expect this. Sakurahara Kurosawa meant that when she was born, even if she didn’t get married, she would still have the opportunity to find another man and find a new father for her son-but he still Will raise this common child.

For two families with money and power, it is not difficult to raise one more child.

Instead of using her child to forcibly marry Luo Youyou, she still gives her the right to choose a spouse in the future… Everyone knows Sakura Kurosawa’s strong possessiveness, but what he has given Luo Youyou the most now is to let go.

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