His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1978

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Chapter 1978

Eldon Valles seemed to finally catch his breath. He leaned back against the wall and looked up at the ceiling with red eyes. From the voice he heard, Luo Youyou conveyed the idea of ​​leaving the child. , Which made a big stone fall to the ground in his heart.

If this child is born, he must spend his entire life to protect him.

Even if you don’t marry for life.

Uncle Daniel Ye has never regretted his choice of not marrying for life, so what is he afraid of? This life is not lonely, just watch Luo Youyou happy.

Inside, Alisha Lan was still chatting with Luo Youyou. Outside, Sakurahara Kurosawa made a lot of psychological activities. Inside, Luoyouyou made decisions quite resolutely. In terms of major events in life, she seems to have always been single-handedly approaching quick solutions. So after she was going to give birth, Alisha Lan pulled her to talk about a bunch of her past experience, and then said, “Or I will let Old Xu knit your baby as well. Anyway, he is idle when he is idle.”

Sherry Xu Crying without tears, “Baby…I…”

Luo Youyou wanted to laugh a little, waved her hand, “It’s okay, my parents should also prepare these little things, but I would trouble you to come here specially, and you will have a baby soon. I’m still worried about me with my stomach.”

“I have Sherry Xu here, I’m not afraid.”

Alisha Lan grinned without thinking. She had a pretty good pregnancy. She didn’t suffer from the harsh treatment of the in-laws in the TV series, and was not treated badly by the in-laws in the TV series. Her husband ignores and ignores her. The family protects her very well. She is not arrogant and self-disciplined, so she is not afraid. She still has Sherry Xu. She believes in her husband.

It is really lucky to have someone who can be trusted unconditionally.

Luo Youyou sighed in his heart, and then someone knocked on the door outside, and Sakura Kurosawa came in with his phone and said, “Yoyou…that, our mother is here.”


Luo Youyou was stunned and heard this call, “Your mother or my mother?”

“It’s not…” Eldon Valles swallowed, “Mothers, together… come…”

Oh my god!

Isn’t Eldon Valles’s mother abroad?

Before Luo Youyou had time to clean up, Mother Luo and Mrs. Sakura had already walked in, especially Mrs. Sakurabara. It was obvious that she hadn’t slept all night, and she was more anxious than Luo Youyou’s mother. She stepped forward and looked at Luo worriedly. Yoyo said, “Yuki, are people okay? We all blame the Sakurahara family, I’m sorry…”

Luo Youyou saw Sakura Kurosawa’s mother and was speechless for a while, “Madam, don’t be like this, I am also responsible… “

Mother Luo added and explained on the side, “Mrs. Sakahara didn’t sleep all night, and the private jet flew over…”

Actually… you pay attention to this point?

Luo Youyou turned to look at her mother, “Mom, about the child, I…”

“We listen to your opinion, Yoyo, this time, Mom won’t help you kidnap you and Blackpool. The happiness of the two of you is the most important… …” Luo’s mother felt that Luo Youyou seemed to be thin again, and she was distressed, “Kurosawa is still standing at the door, let him come in, okay?”

He glanced at Eldon Valles who had not added the topic at the door, maybe it was him. I felt that I was not qualified to join, but it was this withdrawal that made Luo Youyou face him again. She took a deep breath and looked at Sakura Kurosawa, “Kurosawa.”

Sakura Kurosawa trembled.

“Would you like to come and sit down and talk about the child?”

Luo Youyou smiled weakly, patted the bed and said, “After all, you are the father of the child.” At that moment, Kurosawa Sakura was like a dying person. Of people were saved.

It was as if he was in endless darkness, and suddenly there was light, which just shone on him.

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