His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1980

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Chapter 1980

Hearing Luo Youyou said this, Sakurahara Kurosawa was surprised, but felt reasonable. This is a decision that only Luo Youyou can make. She chose to give birth to a child and also chose to suffer from herself. An explanation of the suffering.

To be able to do this, he has been…very lucky.

At least, you can still accompany her in another capacity, right?

Eldon Valles smiled, his eyes turned red. He looked at Luo Youyou deeply. In the past, his stereotyped cognition of women came from the family. He felt that they were old-fashioned and did not dare to jump out of the circle, all for the so-called husband’s house. , The so-called family inheritance, did not live out of self, or was unscrupulous in order to climb up outside-but slowly he discovered that he was wrong.

There are also women of the same kind around them, like Alisha Lan who dare to love and hate, as smart and low-key as Ameli Su, and also like Luo Youyou, constantly fighting against the family, wanting to live out of themselves.

It’s time to change my attitude and perception towards women.

Sakurahara Kurosawa took a deep breath and said to Luo Youyou, “Can I…touch your stomach?” When he said this, his voice trembled a little.

Mrs. Sakurahara was shocked when she heard that. She never thought that when her son would be so humble, she looked at Luo Youyou, maybe this girl changed Sakura Kurosawa and let him know what true love is… …

Luo Youyou smiled and grabbed Eldon Valles’s hand, and put it on her belly through the clothes. The warm and wide palms pressed against her stomach. Through the fabric, Sakura Kurosawa seemed to be the one who had not yet been born. What kind of telepathy is connected to the child’s child?

It is the blood vessel in his palm and the heartbeat of the child that beats.

After Sakurahara Kurosawa touched his stomach for a long time, he actually cried. In front of everyone, the tears couldn’t stop falling. He said, “I’m sorry, Yoyo, I’m sorry…”

That was Luo Yoyo’s first. I heard Eldon Valles crying and apologizing, so calm, like a child.

It was as if I saw the five-year-old Watson who had returned to himself and tore through the darkness in London.

“I’m sorry… I really…” Eldon Valles didn’t want to wipe his tears, the two mothers on the side saw the juniors like this, looked at each other, and silently exited the ward, leaving them alone, Sakura Kurosawa touched. Luo Youyou’s belly cried and said, “Blam me, really blame me, I hate you for kidnapping my marriage at the beginning, but I shouldn’t treat you in this way—you are unwilling to accept that I reunited with me, I think Nothing, you are willing to make me a father, I already think you gave me a way to survive…”

Kurosawa Sakakihara seemed to have never said such naked words before, he looked up at the sky petals, and muttered, “Not together It’s okay, but I think you and your child are fine, maybe we can only become relatives, but if this relationship is closer and stronger than a lover, Luo Youyou, I am willing to protect you for the rest of my life.”

To make up for the mistakes I made in the past .

I originally thought that according to Luo Youyou’s character, he would definitely scold him and then hug him and cry with him. Unexpectedly, Luo Youyou just choked and said, “The most sorry thing about you is using the family to bind you, but fortunately, I let go early. , At least now, you are free.”


The word freedom is what Eldon Valles most wants to possess. Perhaps at this moment, he is really free in any sense. What family bondage, what love’s bitterness he is no longer afraid of losing Luo Youyou.

After giving up his heart, he will change to a brand new posture to accompany her.

“I was not a qualified fiance in the past, but I will definitely become a good father in the future.”

The happy childhood that I could not have and enjoy, it is better to let his children enjoy it once and make up for his regrets when he was young.

Sakurahara Kurosawa sniffed and said, “If there is something wrong, please tell me, I won’t die for the sake of face.”

“I am also a mother for the first time.”

The little Luo Youyou smiled as if it was full of infinite vitality.

With a turnaround, their love may have been reborn in another way. Or to say-sublimation.

Some roads in life don’t have to be supported by a strong love to help and open up. They all seem to understand, and they all seem to have taken a step back.

The willows illuminate another village, and the extinguished candlelight slowly burns on another candle to illuminate the world.

She said, “Please give me more advice from now on, Mr. Kurosawa Sakahara.”

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