His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1993

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Chapter 1993

When Qin Ruo said this, Wei Xin’s pupils shrank. He seemed to have never done anything excessive to Han Qingyan.

Outsiders say that he has always been fierce, and he looks so cold and uncomfortable. In fact, in private, he often quarrels with Han Qingyan. He grew up with him. In his eyes, Han Qingyan is his own person, just following himself of.

So when he knew that Han Qingyan’s first love was Gu He, Wei Xin was stunned while baking desserts.

That was his worst day in baking desserts.

So Lu Fang was shocked when he took it out. He said, “It is written in the book that you can make chiffon cakes like this. It’s really awesome, Wei Xin.”

Wei Xin nonchalantly put the baking tray on it. At the dining table, Lu Fang glanced over, “Huh? Han Qingyan is in love? No, secret love…” On the phone was a WeChat message sent by Han Qingyan, saying that she found that she liked Gu He. Up.

Up until now, Wei Xin still remembered the unwillingness and anger in his chest. It has been five years since then.

When Han Qingyan liked a person, she was firm and innocent. She liked it calmly for five years, and then he watched the theater coolly on the side for five years, watching her not being cared and watching her every time she was left out. My heart is still applauding, what a scene of affectionate licking of a dog.

Now, it is him who can’t let go.

Wei Xin glanced at Qin Ruo and heard her say, “If I were you, I would chase it out.”

“Can you play the role of a qualified bad woman.”

Wei Xin was angry and funny, holding half of his face to Qin Ruo. Expressing a bit of helplessness, “I told you to get bored when Han Qingyan is not by my side.”

“Damn, let this lady be a stand-in?”

Qin Ruo heard this, her sexy breast trembled up and down, she clasped her hands on her chest, still a sharp and hot look, and said, “Weixin, have you always liked Han Qingyan, so now she runs with people You can’t control it anymore?”

Wei Xin was taken aback. He just wanted to refute, but he didn’t know what to use to refute the most powerfully. After a while, he became irritated, “Do you think I won’t be angry with you?” “

Get angry?”

Qin Ruo poked Wei Xin’s chest fiercely, “I am the one who is going to get angry. This lady has no time to play any lonely and lustful tricks with you. If I want to fall in love, I have to talk about it.” It’s so vigorous that everyone knows, you told me to come and pass the time? Wei Xin, I didn’t slap you in the face!”

Wei Xin was too annoyed, “If you don’t want to get out! I never lack people!”

“The most hateful is you. There is no lack of people to play around!”

Qin Ruo pointed to Wei Xin, “What do you think of a girl, a toy! You look like this, Han Qingyan will be with you to have a ghost! Looking at ease, I didn’t expect It’s a sea king, Wei Xin!”

Wei Xin was scolded by Qin Ruo, and the cursing was a little overwhelming. Before realizing what was happening, Qin Ruo stepped on high heels and walked straight away. The door slammed and it shook loudly.

Leave Wei Xin alone in the room.

Qin Ruo chased after a few steps in high heels, and happened to see Han Qingyan standing alone downstairs. She shouted from behind, “Hey.”

Han Qingyan turned around and saw Qin Ruo with her on her body. With aggressive beauty, it was like a strong wine mixed with honey. It was thick and spicy, but I didn’t know why, she always felt that the girl in front of her couldn’t be disgusted, “Are you calling me?”

“I just met and talked to you I rushed a bit, sorry.”

Qin Ruo boldly tossed the limited edition brand-name bag behind his shoulder, and then reached out to hold Han Qingyan, “But the man upstairs is not worth your sadness for him, my name is Qin Ruo. Let me introduce you to the outstanding boys around me.”

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