His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1994

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Chapter 1994

When Han Qingyan heard Qin Ruo say this, she was a little stunned for a while. He thought it was a tit-for-tat, but for Qin Ruo, Wei Xin’s existence would not affect her at all. Qin Ruo took the initiative to show her opinion of other women, and Han Qingyan was a little dazed, “Aren’t you angry?”

Qin Ruo clasped her hands on her chest, still looking uncomfortable, but she spoke with a tone of voice. Although sharp, the content was not hostile at all. This surprised Han Qingyan for the first time. “Why should I be angry?”

Han Qingyan looked at her for a while, and said, “Because I disturbed you and Wei Xin. …”

“Very good, at least your appearance let me know what kind of person Wei Xin is.” Qin Ruo did not expect Qin Ruo to flick his hair openly and said, “If you have time later, you might as well go to me. At home.”

The development of Han Qingyan and Qin Ruo was a bit too unexpected. She admitted that she seemed to have some stereotypes. The first reaction to Qin Ruo recognized Qin Ruo as the kind of reluctant and hot-tempered woman. She did not expect her to look now. It’s actually quite friendly. He raised his head and glanced upstairs, Han Qingyan lowered his eyes, “I want to wait for Lieutenant Xin Qi to go up and talk to him…”

“You don’t need to be like this.”

Qin Ruo heard it. This frowned and pulled Han Qingyan a hand. The latter was too late to say anything, so she was pulled to the side of the car. Qin Ruo drove a Ferrari with a fire dragon, just like she gave others the feeling. , Enthusiastic and heroic, she stuffed Han Qingyan into the co-pilot, got close to her and tied her belt, and said, “You are so good-looking, why do you always wait for a man to give you a chance?”

Han Qingyan There has never been such an active and enthusiastic female friend, or she has not many friends since childhood. Although she has a friendly and gentle personality, she flushed and said, “I…you…”

“What’s wrong?”

Qin Ruo Went back to the driver’s seat, and then started the car, “You don’t want to wait for Wei Xin to be free, you can look for him when you are free, that’s right.”

Han Qingyan hadn’t sat down yet, Qin Ruo started the sports car with a kick of the accelerator. Her golden hair was flying in the car with no windows closed. She was wanton and sexy. Han Qingyan looked at her face, “Feeling…you It’s different from other girls.”

“I came back from studying abroad, so I may be affected by that, and I am often called the second devil.” After sticking out his tongue, Qin Ruo said, “Don’t envy me. I have a very low moral bottom line, mini three derailed this kind of thing in my eyes just can not break the law. “

there are people up so introduce yourself? !

Han Qingyan said humorously and funny, “Where are you taking me.”

“Take you to forget Wei Xin.”

Qin Ruo tilted his head, and the red Ferrari galloped across the wide road. “You and Wei Living together with Xin shows that there is a close relationship, but from my point of view, are you and Wei Xin still unconfirmed? “

Confirm the relationship?

Han Qingyan waved his hands again and again, “We are not in that kind of relationship with Wei Xin…”

Oh? Qin Ruo smiled meaningfully. It seems that she needs to push a hand behind her back, “Isn’t that better? Then why are you waiting for him? Come to my house!”

Han Qingyan was stunned. When I was brought to Qin Ruo’s house, I sat on the sofa blankly. After a while Qin Ruo made a call, and a tall figure appeared at the door, “No, what are you going to do?”

“Brother, let me introduce you to you.” Is a girlfriend okay?”

Qin Hu was pulled by his sister with a irritable look, and when he came in, there was a particularly beautiful girl sitting in the living room. She was stunning without makeup. He was stunned. Han Qingyan?”

“Wow, do you know?”

Qin Ruo covered his mouth and smiled vigorously, “That’s a coincidence!”

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