His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2021

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Chapter 2021

In fact, Jia Qi said these things, others can understand, but she has always liked the youngest son of the Wei Ying family, and her daughter’s perfect pair, never thought about it. His own daughter will be hurt by Wei Xin.

I was stunned by Jia Qi’s words that smashed his head and covered his face. Wei Xin clenched his fingers on his side. Jia Qi had no way to refute these words. It was he who ruined their expectations of him and gave Han Qingyan. Has done such an unforgivable thing.

In fact, Jia Qi is okay even if he speaks too much, but for the sake of getting along with Wei Xin for so many years, he has been very merciful.

If you are someone else, it is estimated that the two companies will be cut off directly.

Wei Xin’s throat moved up and down, took a deep breath, and the police siren was still echoing in his ears. After all, the transcript was to be made. The Han family also had the police present. Under the scene of so many people, his eyelashes trembled and he finally squeezed from his throat. Three words, “I’m sorry.”

I’m sorry.

What about apologizing in public.

How can the simple “sorry” three words make up for everything.

Han Qingyan was pulled back into the room by Jia Qi, and now only Wei Xin was left in the hall to bear it. Han Rang couldn’t speak easily, but the vision of Wei Xin was different from before.

It’s all because of his impulsiveness. Wei Xinqiang endured all his emotions and shouted to his father, “Dad—”


Wei Ying didn’t know what to do. The two families are close to each other, and now his son Forcing other people’s daughters, even though there are reasons for the incident, it still destroys the feelings of so many of them. How to make up for this…

Wei Ying hated Tie Fucheng and said, “I will be kept at home for a few days. I regret it, I’m not allowed to go out without thinking clearly! Now come home with me!”

After saying that, Wei Ying bowed his head again and apologized to Han Rang, “Old Han, I’m really sorry for this. I really don’t know how to let it go. My bastard son can do something to make up for your light smoke…”

Han Rang is a daughter slave. He didn’t want to make a joke for everyone, so he said to Wei Ying, “Why don’t you take Wei Xin back first? It is estimated that the children’s mental state is still unstable, we Settle each other.”

These words, several juniors have also heard that they are rushing guests. Uncle Han Rang would not talk like that before. It is estimated that he was really angry. Alisha Lan and Sherry Xu stood up first, “We just want to Go back to see the baby, or let’s go back first, Uncle Han Rang, tell us goodnight to Aunt Jia Qi and Qing

Yan .” Ameli Su and Christian also looked at each other, Ameli Su said, “Uncle Han Rang , I asked Qingyan to come out, I don’t know this kind of thing will happen, but I also have a responsibility, I’m sorry…”

Han Rang is not an unreasonable person, “You and Weiwei just remember to find our family for a play when you return home. No ill will. I won’t blame you. You can’t drive a car after drinking, right? I’ll ask our driver to take you off soon .”

Christian nodded, and Ameli Su followed with apology, leaving Wei Xin in the end. Seeing him standing still, Wei Ying yelled, “Hey, brat–“

Wei Xin’s voice was a little soft, and instead of looking at his father, he looked at Han Rang, “Uncle Han Rang, can you… give me Let me go in and take a look at the light smoke.” When something that stimulated her mental state happened, he hadn’t even gone in and talked to her. He wanted to comfort her…

But Han Rang had a cold face and didn’t look back. The ground turned upstairs.

Wei Xin’s breathing stagnated.

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