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Love Knows No Bounds Novel revolves around a mysterious love story. If you are fond of reading love stories then “Love Knows No Bounds” will be the first novel we would suggest you read. You can download the PDF version of this story or just follow this site to read the story online without paying a penny.

With a touch of mystery, the story of Love Knows No Bounds Novel is quite fascinating and what makes the story more attractive are the balanced twists and turns with regular intervals in the story.

The tale of “Love Knows No Bounds” truly defines the rules of love, it makes us realize how love makes you fall for people you have never imagined of and how your life changes when this beautiful experience blooms your heart.

Love Knows No Bounds Novel Read Online Free

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The novel delineates a mysterious relationship of a young girl with a guy who she has never thought of being in relation with. The female lead character Yan Anmo encounters a privileged guy while she was living the most difficult days of her lives.

The male lead character is a strict and cold hearted man my nature, he adopts the young girl and becomes her guardian after she loses her parents. During this time Yan Anmo was just thirteen and the guy was in his late teens.

Love Knows No Bounds

In chapter one, the author acquaints us with the struggles Yan has faced at a very tender age. Yan Anmo was an orphan who lost her father long ago. She now lives with her mother who is a dancer by profession and she is into drinking as well.

On a thunderous night, while performing, her mother drinks too much. Yan is seeing all this sitting far from the stage, her mother surrounded by men, dancing and shouting.

Suddenly, the police arrive there and everybody rushes to not get caught by the police while her mother falls on the stage dead. Yan is now all alone in this world. The police take her to the police station because leaving a young girl alone wouldn’t have been a wise decision.

Love Knows No Bounds Novel Read Online

After probing about her whereabouts officers get to know she’s all alone now. The higher authorities ask the officers to send her to an orphanage but the officer was not willing to send her there. He knew if she will be given proper care she can do well. Thus, he asks people to adopt her.

They received so many offers but the name of guardian finalized when a young man in his late teenage comes to adopt her. He was a privileged guy so, Yan was treated like a princess at his mighty mansion. The girl was so pretty and what makes her more attractive was the maturity she has at a very young age.

After staying with her under the same ceiling, the guy came to know she has astraphobia. So, he takes her to his room and shares his bed with the girl.

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Love Knows No Bounds Read Online Free

Image Of Love Knows No Bounds Novel Read Online Free

likewise, the story continues and the girl grows up. Yan considers her guardian as her protector and she trusts him blindly, but little did she know that the guy adopted her with a purpose.

She was adopted against a plan. He was attracted a lot to her and this attraction was beyond the limits of the relationship they were in.

With the passage of time she grows up into a beautiful lady and many boys at school were attracted to her. This was something that made her guardian uncomfortable.

The people closest to him knew the plan and they were also aware of the future out comings. Yan was not aware of all this, she didn’t know there was a plan behind all this.

What might be the plans? Is her guardian in love with her? Will she accept him once the secret reveals to her? To know answers of all these questions tap on the read now button and get your hands on the whole story without even paying a single penny.

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