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These days Online reading trend is in. People are prefering online readings and getting aloof from buying books. So this is a Chinese novel that revolves around Leonardo who gets married to his Fiancé’s half-sister.

Leonardo gets rejected by his fiance because she thinks that he is ugly and his personality does not suit her.

This leads their relationship to an end and between these, his fiance’s sister gets involved. Everyone forces her to marry Leonardo instead of her sister.

Later, the guy’s Fiancé’ and her family force their innocent half-sister to marry this ugly guy. To know what happened next keep reading the blog till the end.

That female who is getting marry unwillingly to that ugly-faced man is an innocent girl in the novel. She lives with her biological other and her mother does not prefer her much.

Summer Sweetheart Novel Read Online Free

The Summer Sweetheart Novel continues when the female protagonist is asked by her family to marry her half-sister’s Fiancé.

Because her sister is no more interested in that ugly-faced man. She wanted to ditch him forever but her mother is forcibly replacing her with her innocent sister.

One fine day, when the lead female character of this novel was absorbed in her thoughts, her mother comes to ask her for marrying the ugly guy.

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Her mother kneels down and begs her to marry the rich guy. She starts to convince her at any cost by begging to make her daughter’s fault right.

Her mother expresses her emotions using the following words “Your sister deserves better, please help her.”

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After watching her mother crying she decides to agree with whatever she is saying. She said yes by taking just seconds just to make her mother happy.

That girl was confused about her decision yet she was thinking whatever she is doing is just to give comfort to their family and their reputation.

By considering these all things she agrees with her mother and says yes to marry that ugly guy who was known for his ugliness so far.

People often talk about him saying that the guy was once kidnapped for ransom. He also was crippled by the kidnappers.

As he returned home he never stepped out of his house. People use to think it’s because he doesn’t want them to know about his disabilities.

Summer Sweetheart Novel Read Online

She agreed to marry that rumored ugly boy. She was now ready to face all hardships just to save her family from the anger of this ugly man.

After a couple of days, they married to each other. On the wedding night, she was expecting to face the rumored ugly and impotent man.

She was scared of her upcoming life with that ugly-faced man. But her husband’s mansion and property were giving her hope for a better life.

She never knew how her partner looked like but still, she was waiting for him with a big heart full of hopes. Will she be able to bear her husband’s ugly face?

What is going to happen with her in the next moment? Will she be able to make it till tomorrow? These questions are frightening her a lot.

Summer Sweetheart Chinese Novel

While she is busy in these thoughts a handsome man comes in the room and she gets surprised by his looks.

For a second she was not confirmed about that man is actually her husband or not. He was coming towards her and she was surrounded with thousands of questions in her head.

These questions made her crazy and she wants to ask these all popped up questions from Leonardo that is he real?

She was confused that what happened to him? People were saying he was ugly but he is totally handsome. She was confused.

When he reached her he said surprisingly and directly said she was too ugly! Originally thought she would be safe and sound,

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But she was pinned on the bed by him “Aren’t you impotent? Summer asked with astonishment, Impotent? He was surprised to see her like this.

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These days Online reading trend is in. People are preferring online readings and getting aloof from buying books. So this is a Chinese novel that revolves around Leonardo who gets married to his Fiancé’s half-sister.

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