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The Ceo’s Ugly Bride is a Chinese novel that revolves around a girl named Alyssa. She lives with her biological mother and half-siblings at her late father’s house.

Alyssa is not the favorite child of her mother neither her half-siblings liked her. She lives a miserable life even though she has her original mother around. Her mother treats her more like a stepmother.

The story of The Ceo’s Ugly Bride starts with the Alyssa standing in front of the mirror absorbed in her thoughts. Her biological mother wants her to marry her half-sister’s fiancé who is known as the ugliest guy in the town.

Alyssa’s sister got engaged to the richest guy in town but she heard that he is an ugly man, so she put-downs the decision of getting married to this guy.

Ceo’s Ugly Bride Novel Review

Being the most privileged guy of city, he was quite powerful that Alyssa’s family has no courage to put down his proposal. Instead Alyssa’s mother forced Alyssa to marry this guy and help her family and sister get rid of this guy and his rage.

On the wedding day, while Alyssa was absorbed in her thoughts, thinking about if she has taken the right decision; her mother enters the rooms and asks her to get ready quickly. Alyssa was not comfortable with her decisions, she asks her mother “Mom, do you really want me to marry my sister’s fiance?”

Her mother knew it was not the right decision for her daughter but she knelt in front of her and said, “Alyssa, mother begs you, your sister deserves something better, please help her!” For Alyssa her family was her foremost priority so she accepts her mother’s decision without giving it a single thought.

The Ceo Ugly Bride Novel Read Online Free

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As Alyssa got ready as a bride, a crew of eye-catching guards arrive her house. They were sent by the rich guy’s family to pick the bride. This was not what Alyssa thought of her wedding, there were no guests nor was the groom there to take her to his house.

She walked downstairs because this was time to bid farewell to her stepfather’s house. The Adam’s family is the wealthiest family in the town but people have barely seen Karl, the only direct heir of this family.

He is rumored to be ugly and impotent. Karl was kidnapped 10 years ago and his leg was dislocated back then. Since then he has never made any public appearance.

The Ceo’s Ugly Bride Full Novel

People rumored that whoever Karl married, never came alive out of his house. But now, Alyssa has to live rest of her life with this cruel and ugly guy. For Alyssa grief was greater than death, so she was not worried about what she is going to face next.

After arriving at Karl’s mansion, the bodyguards led her to the room, and then they left. Though she was quite worried and frightened she didn’t let her feelings rest on her face.

While she was absorbed in her thoughts, she heard someone coming towards the door. Her eyes still on the door she was not aware of who is going to enter her room.

The Ceo’s Ugly Bride Read Online For Free

Image Of The Ceo's Ugly Bride Read Online For Free

Alyssa can witness the darkness spread outside the window. Suddenly, the door was pushed and a tall man entered the room. He closed the door behind him and turns on the lights. As soon as the lights turned on, Alyssa stretched her hands to block the lights that troubled her eyes.

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She was shocked to see the handsome guy standing in front of her. Was he her husband or someone else? What is going to happen next in Alyssa’s life? To know the answers to all these questions hit the read now button and read the full story online for free.

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