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Life is cruel. Sometimes people treat each other as if they don’t care about one another. In doing so they inflict all sorts of pain and misery upon each other. This act of harming one another can easily be avoided yet it carries on with impunity.

Most of the time the worth of a person is decided by the materialistic capabilities that he/she possess. While it is a sure way to accrue some favor, but in the long run, such people corrupt the social fabric.

Once the material triumphs over the spiritual, the social world get reduced to a jungle and nothing else.

This theme has been captured in many artistic works. We have seen movies; read books; and, admired paintings, all pointing to the precious value of spirit and goodwill. One such book is ‘The Charismatic Charlie Wade’.

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The Charismatic Charlie Wade:

This is a novel that captures the theme of how material things determine the worth of a person in our world. In this novel, we are taken on a journey where we get to explore some valuable lessons.

Chinese novels have this didactic ability to infuse some lessons of right and wrong. While reading such stories the mind of the reader broadens to a large extent. That is the reason why discussing such novels is a necessity. After all, works like these make the world go round.

Therefore, this article will be devoted to this novel. In this, I will give you a snapshot of the story of Charlie Wade. Similarly, I will also try to make clear the fact that the world is a difficult place if you don’t have anything that seems worthy of other people.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel: A Brief Summary

This novel is about the changing behavior of the people around commensurate with the change in wealth. Simply put, the worth of a person is measured by his wealth and that is the only criteria for bestowing respect. This is the sad reality that the novel tries to explore.

The main protagonist, Charlie Wade, is a simple yet man with a heart of gold. He is innocuous. He is a sort of person that all kinds of people can contact – no matter poor or rich. But this godly quality of Charlie Wade is sacrificed at the altar of material gains.

Charismatic Charlie Wade is thought to be an orphan from an early age. He has been brought up at an orphanage. Once he became a man, he was thrown out in the real world to fend for himself.

Because of his pure heart and good deeds, he is married to a well-to-do family. His wife Claire Wilson, though, a good person, hates the existence of Charlie.

One reason to explain that detachment has to do with the behavior of Charlie’s in-laws toward him. He is treated like a servant with no worth of his own. Thus, this made his wife be detached from Charlie.

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Charismatic Charlie Wade Story Takes a New Turn:

As his in-laws ridicule him for his poverty-stricken past and his miserable present, he perseveres. One day – out of nowhere – his grandfather comes into his life. His grandfather is the richest man in the town. The life of Charlie Wade is turned upside down when he gets to know that he has become a billionaire.

Now that he is filthy rich, will he be out to take revenge for all the ills that had been committed towards him? Or the reverse: he forgives them all? To find out you really need to read this amazing novel.

Charlie Wade Novel can be found online and this work is undergoing development. You can read this novel with ease as the prose is easy and attractive.

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In a Nutshell:

Life can be tricky, especially, when there is nothing to hold on to. Charlie Wade’s story takes us to that route. He has not known sincerity because of his dire financial status.

But now that he is rich, what would be the behavior of his mother’s towards him? That’s the question that must keep you awake!

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