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Chapter 309

At that moment, what she said was as if she was sprinkling a handful of salt on the bloody wounds that laughed at Hazel, and it burned her whole body with a shivering pain…

She turned around, looked at him, her eyes were unusually calm, “Blair Elijah, you can rest assured, I… it’s rare to tell others about your relationship with me!!”

Because she can’t afford to lose that face!!!

Yes!!! Is she going to tell the world that she, Allison Hazel, is a woman who can’t even look at her husband? Ah!!! She has never been a woman to win the sympathy of others!!!

“Blair Elijah, if I can, I hope no one in this life will know that we were married…”

After that, she turned and left coldly.

But no one knew that the moment she turned around, she had already burst into tears.

But Blair Elijah, for a long time, just stood there, watching her leaving shadow quietly, for a long, long time, he didn’t get back from her words just now.

The sharp sight was gradually replaced by a touch of loneliness…

“Allison Hazel, what should I do with you…” He whispered lowly until Blair Elijah’s lips overflowed, his eyes getting deeper and more obscure.

In the end, he turned sadly, went into the bathroom, and began to use water to clear the faint lip print on his face.

At night, Blair Elijah went home.

At home, as he expected, the icy coldness was glowing in the empty atmosphere, and there was not a trace of popularity in the whole room.

She did not go home.

Blair Elijah didn’t turn on the light and plunged his tired body into the sofa. His whole body was as if his soul had been emptied, and his body was weak and weak, and even his heart seemed to have been emptied for a while.

Slowly took out the cigarette from his pocket, lit it, and took a sip, but was choked by the strong smell of tobacco that even his chest hurt.

He coughed several times, but in the end, he still smashed the cigarette butt in the ashtray.

Unable to hold back, he took out the phone and called the woman.

“Come in a hurry, go in a hurry, hate to meet, love also in a hurry, hate also in a hurry, everything follows the wind…”

On the piano, the cell phone rang suddenly.

“Hazel, your phone.” Mateo stopped playing the piano in his hand, softly reminding her to curl up on the chair, shrinking into Hazel.

Hazel seems to have not recovered from the sound of the piano just now.

“Hazel?” Mateo called her again.

“En?” Hazel finally picked up her head, her eyes were red and swollen, and her eyes were a little loose, she suddenly murmured, “Mateo, is there such a dedicated man in this world? Man… Isn’t there always the ambiguity that never ends playing with women?”

Her heart hurts so much!

In her mind, some scenes happened in the cinema and Blair Elijah’s cruel words…

Every time she thinks about it, her heart seems to be severely disturbed by a mixer, and the pain makes her almost suffocated, tears flow out unwillingly…

Her chest is suffocated, so sad, so sad!

How can love be so hurt, so painful, and so tired…

“Hazel, don’t be like this…” Mateo’s voice was very low and heavy. He picked up the phone that was ringing on the piano stand and handed it to Hazel. The tall body squatted down in front of her.

Looking at her crystal clear tears, Mateo only felt that even his heart was stained bitter and astringent by her tears.

He stretched out his hand to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes, “Hazel, too hard, let’s give up! OK?”

For the first time, he advised her so!!!

And really, it’s just pure, from the distress of a friend!

Today, he witnessed her grief with his own eyes and witnessed the man’s unkindness and abusive affection…

A good girl like her shouldn’t be treated like this by such an affectionate man!!!

“Hazel…” Mateo squeezed her hair to the back of her ears distressedly. He didn’t understand why Blair Elijah was willing to hurt her again and again for a beautiful girl like her. “You shouldn’t be so hurt by love! Believe me, true love is beautiful, but it doesn’t make you hurt again and again, nor does it make you repeatedly doubt the sincerity and trust of men. …”

If he could, he wished he could give her a warm embrace.

Mateo said, unable to hold back, but still stretched out his hand and hugged Hazel a helpless child who was crying on the other side.

However, at this time, they didn’t know that, inadvertently, with a touch of a button, the phone that kept ringing had already been answered.

Mateo hugged her lightly, even if it was just a hug, but also cautiously.

He whispered, “Hazel if you feel uncomfortable, come to my arms… Although I can’t give you what you want, I can give you what he can’t give you!”

That is, dedicated!!!

He can give her!

For more than ten years, his affection has only stayed on his body, and there have never been some changes, even in the future…perhaps, in the future, it can’t be changed again!

Many times Mateo will also fantasize if this girl is really with him one day, how will he come to win her daily happiness, and how will he bother to surprise her.

Unfortunately, these only existed in his fantasy, not reality after all.

Hazel at Mateo’s sincere eyes and the tears in her eyes flooded like a flood from a sluice gate, “Mateo, after so many years, have you never felt tired or hard?”

Mateo just smiled, “Yes, I actually feel tired many times, but even if tired, even if tired, my heart is always sweet…”

“Why are you so stupid…” Hazel crying and laughing, but in the end, still crying like a tearful person, “Mateo, why are you so stupid, such a good man like you, why have you met? I…”

“Hazel, I’m so lucky, God let me meet you in this life!”

He held her hand very tightly.

Hazel with tears, “Mateo, but I’m already married…”

“It’s okay…” Mateo’s fingers gently rubbed the back of her soft hand, and his voice was low, hurtful, and happy, “As long as you need me, I will always be by your side, whether you are married or not. I don’t mind being single! And…if I can, I’m willing to…wait for you…”

This is the first time they have mentioned such a topic since they realized it now… But two people, even if they didn’t say anything, understood it!!!

Two people have already understood each other, even with just one look, they can understand each other’s thoughts!


Hazel has already been crying.

For his heavy love, for a while, she didn’t know what to say.

Refuse? She is afraid that he will be sad, accept it? This is unfair to a good man like him!

And Blair Elijah on the other side of the phone, holding the phone’s big hand, became more stiff and cold.

Heart, sinking a little…

It sinks to the bottom of the endless valley, so cold that he has a thick layer of ice in his bones.

In the house, it is getting colder…


He hung up the phone.

He didn’t dare to listen to any more words afterward!

The phone was thrown out a few meters madly by him, and it slammed on the ground with a muffled noise, which shook his heart, and it hurt!

“Allison Hazel, should I let you go…”

Blair Elijah has never been so confused and helpless as today…

Hearing Brooks Mateo’s sincere confession, and hearing his name called out by Hazel with emotion, Blair Elijah, for the first time in history, felt that…

He is about to lose this woman!!!

Take out a cigarette, light it, inhale deeply, and then continue…

One, after another.

In the end, the strong smell of tobacco completely paralyzed all the feelings in his heart.

All night, Hazel did not go home, nor did he sleep.

Curled up on the chair, quietly listening to the auditory feast that Mateo brought to her.

“Mateo, since when did you like me?”

Very unexpectedly, after the two people pierced the film of love, they didn’t even feel embarrassed.

It’s just that besides the pain, it’s still a pain…

Mateo’s slender fingers flowed across the black and white keys like flowing water, and the soft tunes faintly swept across, but she heard his voice sound in a low voice, saying, “I don’t remember, maybe it was from the first time you bullied I started, maybe from the first time I saw you…”

Hazel chuckled, resting her head on her knees, thinking about the past, “The first time you saw me… how old were we then, haha! Did you understand love then? Will it be too precocious? Some…”

Mateo smiled warmly, closed his lips, said nothing more, just quietly played the music in his hands.

At that time, they didn’t understand love, but at that time, he knew…what was meant by, impressed!

More than ten years have passed, and he still remembers how she rushed into his arms recklessly, dressed in white and a pair of simple jeans. She would be so careless and not only a little shy when she rushed into his arms. Not even, she was so stingy even to say I’m sorry, holding a stack of books, and leaving in a hurry, her back is very cool, leaving only his blushing cheeks, staying in place for a long time, unable to recover.

The little girl, at that time, seemed to have a very green milk scent, lingering in his nose, causing his heart to throb.

Probably, from that moment on, Mateo was destined to escape the love he had buried for Allison Hazel!

The next day, ten o’clock in the morning.

Hazel called the company personnel for an hour off, thinking that after Blair Elijah went to work, she would go home and change clothes to go to work.

However, as soon as she walked out of Mateo’s house, she never expected that she ran into Blair Elijah!

Today, he does not wear his usual suit, but a black casual windbreaker with a plain white shirt inside.

The tall body was leaning on the car body, his eyebrows were low, and he kept smoking the cigarette in his hand.

In the sky, there were still faint snowflakes, little by little, falling on his shoulders in pieces, and his fingers seemed so lonely and lonely.

She couldn’t see his emotions clearly, but she was not in the mood to understand these at the moment.

Blair Elijah seemed to feel the two gazes at the door, picked up his head, and rushed into Hazel’s warm eyes.

Chapter 310

And in his eyes, there were still red bloodshot eyes hidden, as if he hadn’t slept all night.

Hazel at the door, staring at him for a long time without speaking.

And Mateo beside her did not speak.

On the opposite side, Blair Elijah glanced at Mateo indifferently with complex eyes, and finally settled on Hazel, “Get in the car!”

It is still the usual tone of command!

With a sneer from the bottom of her heart, Hazel pulled Mateo who was silent, “Go, hurry to work!”

From beginning to end, she didn’t mean to reason with the opposite man.

“Allison Hazel!!”

Blair Elijah’s cold voice stopped her.

Deep eyes stared at her, his gaze was a torch, and he said, “Get in the car! Let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau!!!”

Hazel’s steps stiffened, and for a moment, her heart seemed to have stopped beating.

And Mateo beside her also stopped, only looking at her worriedly.

Sure enough, as he expected, her eyes were easily wet because of Blair Elijah’s resolute words.

However, she is too good at pretending to be strong, too good at hiding her pain.

Therefore, she did not want to let her tears flow down in front of this cold man.

Blair Elijah only stared at her deeply, and continued, “You said, no matter when, even if you are sleepwalking, you will accompany me to the Civil Affairs Bureau to settle the divorce case! Allison Hazel, I hope you can speak. Forget it!!”

His cold words, like a sharp blade, pierced the heart of Hazel fiercely, and immediately, blood flowed like a shot.

She was so painful that she shivered for a second.

She took a deep breath without a trace, trying to hide her sadness.

A faint smile appeared on the corners of her lips, “Blair Elijah, don’t worry, I, Allison Hazel, must be a promised person!!”


Mateo raised his hand and clasped Hazel’s slender shoulder heavily.

He knew that this woman had been just disguising herself!!!

Hazel raised her head slightly and smiled happily, “Mateo, don’t worry, I’m fine! Really…Perhaps, this is a relief for us…”

Yes! The divorce should be a good thing for her and Blair Elijah!

Perhaps, she should breathe a long sigh of relief, but why, her heart at this moment, is as painful as if she was being severely grasped, why she would not let go of him!

Mateo sighed without a trace, “Take care of yourself, call me if you are sad…”

He stretched out his hand to pull the hair on her forehead back for her, and his warm eyes were filled with endless distress and love for the girl in front of him.

Sometimes he didn’t understand why such a beautiful girl, God insisted on letting her taste the sadness and suffering of the world.

He doesn’t know how long this stronger girl can support him, but he can be sure that as long as she needs him, he will, always be there!!!

The affectionate interaction between the two people was deeply imprinted into Blair Elijah’s dark pupils.

He took a deep breath of the cigarette in his hand, and then fiercely squeezed the cigarette butt out in the ash bucket. His obscure eyes were raised again, and he was so calm that there was no wave of waves. He only urged indifferently, “Let’s go!”

Hazel said goodbye to Mateo before getting into Blair Elijah’s car.

Inside the car, the silence of a room.

It seems that even the air is thinner, so depressed that Hazel can’t breathe.

Opening the car window for a few minutes, a blast of cold air poured over her and filled her scarf, causing her to shiver.

Just like her heart at this moment!!!

Gradually, the broken snow outside the window turned into heavy snow…

Falling on the car window, cut open…

Or, it fell into the car and melted on Hazel’s body, it was cold, but she didn’t know it.

She doesn’t know when, but Hazel suddenly came back to her senses, looking at the man who was still calm and silent beside her, “Blair Elijah, this is not the way home!”

“Don’t worry, I have brought out the registered permanent residence.”

His tone seemed to be even lower than the temperature of this cold snow!

As if it had just made a sound, Hazel was frozen all over.


Hazel nodded, then looked away again.

The face is calm and waveless, but the heart… is long gone, the waves are surging.

Circles of painful ripples, to the bottom of her heart, so bitter, so astringent!

Between them… probably, it ends like this!!!

It’s ridiculous but found that at the bottom of her heart, she was so unbelievable, and there were some, reluctant!!!

She doesn’t know when, suddenly, the car stopped.

“Get off.”

Blair Elijah said faintly, and Hazel back to her senses, only to find that there was no civil affairs bureau outside the car, but a garage.

An advanced thermostat garage!

But in the garage, there are all kinds of famous cars, from Maserati to Bugatti Veyron.

“Blair Elijah, what are you taking me here for?”

She looked at him, slight anger in her eyes.

“Playing.” His tone was very light, standing outside the car, staring at Hazel who is inside of the car, and continued, “Don’t you just want to get divorced? I’m leaving now, and leaving an hour late or leaving, so, first Relax, and it won’t be a rush to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

What Blair Elijah said was the truth.

Hazel walked out of the car and looked at him confusedly, “What do you want to play.”


Blair Elijah closed the car door and walked forward, but stopped in front of a silver-gray luxury car.

Hazel looked at the car in shock, “Bugatti Veyron, limited edition?”

Blair Elijah only glanced at her deeply, “Get in the car.”

“Blair Elijah, is this your car?” Hazel stared at him in astonishment, “This car is worth more than 30 million Yuan! This is not something you can drive!!”

He is the mayor’s son!!! If such a car is driven out by him, what kind of uproar will it cause? Hazel didn’t dare to imagine more.

Blair Elijah just smiled, “You know quite a lot.”

After a while, he said lightly, “This car was sent to me by a friend. He has gone abroad, so let me play for a few days!”

Of course, Hazel knew the meaning of the words. She stepped forward and grabbed Blair Elijah’s arm with a nervous expression, “Blair Elijah, you…you are simply accepting bribes! Moreover, this is not a small sum! Once someone finds out, you are done!!”

Blair Elijah smiled indifferently, “Allison Hazel, we are all divorced people, don’t put on the look of being particularly worried about me!”

“I…” Hearing this, Hazel was anxious and angry.

“Get in the car first!” Compared to Hazel’s annoyance and anxiety, Blair Elijah had a calm face, as if bribery had never been related to him.

He got into the car, Hazel got into the car without worry.

Blair Elijah just continued, “No one dared to drive this car to swagger on the main road! What’s more, who would dare to run on an ordinary highway?”

The car quickly drove out of the constant temperature parking lot.

“Ah…” Hazel screamed in fright, and the little hand subconsciously grabbed the handrail, “Blair Elijah, what do you want to do?”

“Try the car.”

He answered extremely calmly.

The car drove out of the constant temperature parking lot, and what was shown in front of Hazel turned out to be a large international racing circuit?!

However, at this moment, there was no one on the field, except for the sound of their Bugatti Veyron motor.

Hearing Hazel’s screaming, Blair Elijah slowed down a few minutes and drove into the professional lane.

“I heard that your dad recently took over a large project of nearly 10 million Yuan!” Blair Elijah asked her seemingly inadvertently.

Hazel’s heart was so nervous as if it were about to fly out, but it was fortunate that this man still chatted with her freely at this time, “Well…”

She only responded casually, a pair of eyes staring at the front, cold sweat already on her forehead.

“Didn’t he have a bad heart? Can he do this?” Blair Elijah asked again.

“I heard he was working with a friend! He doesn’t need to spend too much thought!”

Just for this big project, her mother didn’t know how long she had been happy! It must be said that this project is no different from the pie that day. Mom would still praise her dad as a friend for his righteousness, and that money is shared by brothers, but Hazel would think that there is such a good thing in this world. Is there? With tens of millions of cases, in a society where ethics and morals are about to be lacking, will anyone be willing to share a piece of the pie with others so easily?

“Why? Is there something wrong with this case?” Hazel asked him vigilantly.


Blair Elijah only replied one word to her. Instead, the speed of the car suddenly increased, making Hazel caught off guard, causing her to scream in the car again and again, “Blair Elijah, slow down! You want to scare me to death!!!”

However, Blair Elijah still uses this car like a rocket…

Hazel just got out of the car, squatting on the side of the track and vomiting…

In her nose, there was a burning smell of tires running over the track. She turned her head, her face pale, and glared at the culprit man opposite, “Blair Elijah, you are simply a lunatic!!”

Blair Elijah leaned lazily on the gorgeous car body, lowered his eyebrows, and quietly smoked the cigarette in his hand.

His obscure eyes were hidden by his fragmentary hair, and Hazel couldn’t detect his expression at this moment.

“Allison Hazel…”

He suddenly called her, raised his eyes, his obscure eyes, staring at her tightly.

Hazel frowned and met his eyes in confusion.

He took a deep breath of the menthol cigarette in his hand, and then slowly asked, “You plan to marry Brooks Mateo immediately after the divorce?”

Hazel’s squatting body stiffened slightly for a few seconds, but for a long time, she couldn’t find the voice of her reply.

Blair Elijah finally extinguished the cigarette butt in his hand and said indifferently, “Let’s go!”

The sound was as deep as the voice coming from the valley.

Hazel for a while before getting up to follow his steps, but she heard him whisper in front of her, “I didn’t bring the household registration book at all…”


Hazel feels deceived, but…

She, who was not able to live up to her heart, felt a sense of relief in time!!!

Blair Elijah raised his hand to look at the time, and said lightly, “I still have something to do. If you want to get a divorce, let’s get another day!”

“Blair Elijah, you fooled me!!” Hazel angrily and waited for him for a while, before turning to say, “I don’t care how busy you are, anyway, you have to send me home to change clothes!!”

He is busy, she is still busy!!!

She glanced at the time, Hazel scratched her head, stomped, “Damn, I’m going to be late soon!!”

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