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Girl Life Turns Around Complete Chapter Links

This novel brings for us the story of a beautiful girl. She belongs to a strong family, yet her own credentials are enough to get her going in this competitive world without much trouble. But she finds herself in the middle of an unrequited love affair with a man.

This man is the most selfish and self-interested person on the face of the earth. After rekindling the feelings of love in her heart and gaining the material benefits from her, he decides to separate from her.

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Girl Life Turns Around Read online

The girl is completely head over heels. She has completely let herself lost in this man’s love.  Even after sacrificing her promising career, it is hard for her to accept the new reality. He wants her to get away from him.

She on the other hand wants to stick to him at any cost. In this struggle of push and pull the emotions antagonistic to each other play hide and seek. She will have to accept the reality no matter what. In order to achieve his goal, the man tries his best.

One day, she will throw in the towel and accept the fact that he’s not made for her. Will he realize his mistake? Will he be able to win her back? Or, her destiny is to hold hands with another man? Find this and all the rest about this amazing story of Girl Life Turns Around.

Here we have changed the names of the characters, the rest of the story in the form of plot and storyline remain the same.

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