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Chapter 387

“Mom! He is so good, he can find a better partner, a girl who is dedicated to him!! And me and him, in fact, we already know very well now, if we can be together, we need to wait for this. Five years?! Mom, I don’t want to think too much about my future. The most important thing for me now is you and Landon. Even if I remarry, it does not mean that my future life will be happy! But at least, I’m having a very happy life now…so, don’t worry about me anymore, mom, don’t worry, I will consider my future!”

“All right…” Adeline was finally convinced by Hazel.

On weekends, seven o’clock in the morning.

“Tingling bell, jingling bell…”

The noisy doorbell rang awakening Blair Elijah who was still in his dream.


He rolled over irritably, put his head under the quilt, and didn’t intend to ignore it.

“Dangling Jingling…”

However, the people outside the door seemed to be arguing with him and had no intention of giving up.


Finally, he was so disturbed that he couldn’t sleep, Blair Elijah turned over and got up from the bed reluctantly.

The bushy sword eyebrows were tightened, and he went downstairs with a calm face.

The door opened, unexpectedly, no one came.

He moved his eyes down slightly, and then he saw a thin body sitting on the stairs outside the entrance with the doorway behind his back, and beside him was a small familiar backpack, bulging in the bag, as if hiding something. Things are average.

A little consternation flashed through Blair Elijah’s distressed eyes, and his sleepiness disappeared instantly… “Little devil?”

Looking at the familiar little figure from behind, Blair Elijah couldn’t believe it.


Hearing Blair Elijah’s familiar voice, Landon turned his head in surprise, his small body got up from the ground in a hurry, the little meaty hand patted his little ass, and then dragged his bulky little schoolbag to the door. “Uncle lazy, you finally woke up! The sun’s husband and father are all ass fucking!!”

This time, the little guy is exactly like the half-owner in this house. There is no need for Blair Elijah to greet him. He drags his little schoolbag and walks into the house. He is so skillful that he changes into those big plush slippers. “Pattern” stepped away in the room.

Blair Elijah looked at the little guy’s weird little body, and listened to the unrhythmic footsteps, but felt inexplicable that the deserted house seemed to become lively and extraordinary at this moment.

It was a gloomy face, but he didn’t know when it became softer, and the corners of the thin lips rose slightly unconsciously.

This kid, like his body full of magic power, as long as he appears, can bring a dazzling brilliance, can illuminate and warm the whole room, and can also fill his empty heart, appropriately, fill it up!!!

Blair Elijah closed the door, walked forward, handed over the little schoolbag with the little thing still pulling, “Little devil, what’s in it?”

Sure enough, it was really heavy.

Blair Elijah didn’t plan to take a look, but just threw it on the sofa, thinking to himself, this four-year-old kid, why the schoolbag is so heavy? Is the current education curriculum so heavy?

“Ouch!! Uncle, don’t throw away!!”

Before the little guy could stop him, he saw that his little schoolbag had rolled back and forth on the sofa several times.


The little guy hurriedly checked his little schoolbag.

“Uncle, there is soup in this…”

Fortunately, Hazel packed the soup more tightly so that it would not overflow. If she knows that this way, he puts his little bag in his arms like a baby, and was ridiculed by Hazel. It is said that he is definitely in love with that little girl, she is so sweet!


Blair Elijah glared at him in astonishment.

“No! I promised to bring our baby to the uncle and cook for you!!” The little guy was holding his schoolbag as if holding a treasure.

Blair Elijah only felt that the heartstring was slightly hit by a certain softness, causing his heart to sink a bit again.

Looking at the enchanting face of the little guy, his dark eyes were filled with deep emotion.

“So, you came here so early, with such a heavy schoolbag, just to… bring me food?”

The little guy ignored him at all, and walked into the dining room with his schoolbag, “Uncle, go wash and get ready to eat breakfast!!!”

Blair Elijah stepped forward, bent over, and fished the little guy into his arms with one hand. The other went to carry the schoolbag in his hand and asked him, “How did you come here?”

“Baby sent me here!”

The little guy said it for granted.

He was sitting in his father’s car that day, looking around all the time, just trying to remember all the road signs here so that the next time would be early.

Later, for fear that he would forget, the little guy hurriedly wrote down the words on the street sign in his notebook as soon as he got home, and replaced the words that he could not write with pinyin first.

To prevent Hazel from becoming suspicious, he only asked Hazel to send himself to another neighborhood nearby, and then he carried this bulky little schoolbag and moved step by step to his father’s neighborhood.

“Little devil, who is the baby in your mouth?” Blair Elijah looked suspiciously at the little thing in his arms.


The little guy said yes.

Seeing the little devil look embarrassed, Blair Elijah only thought that he was an orphan without a father and no mother, and he was more sensitive to who the guardian was, so he didn’t embarrass him anymore, just put his small body on a chair and sat down, “Here you are. Sit, I’ll go wash and get down immediately!”

“En! Good!” The little guy nodded obediently, and did not forget to add, “Hurry up!”

Blair Elijah walked downstairs in less than ten minutes.

He didn’t have time to change his nightgown but simply didn’t want the kid downstairs to wait too long.

Sure enough, when he came downstairs, he saw the little guy in the restaurant sitting obediently on a tall chair, but the round head was about to come out of the door.

“Why don’t you eat first?”

Blair Elijah sat down opposite the little guy, reaching out and opening the lunch boxes one by one.

“Wow, it smells so good…”

The little guy was holding the chopsticks in both hands, swaying incessantly, and smacking his mouth, he was about to overflow his saliva.

“Uncle, eat, eat!”

The little guy urged Blair Elijah anxiously.

Blair Elijah looked at the little guy who was about to drool funny, “Eat if you want, why keep letting me eat first.”

“Uncle, if you don’t eat, Landon can’t move the chopsticks.” The little guy could only bite the chopsticks.

“Why?” Blair Elijah was curious.

“This is etiquette! Baby taught!” The little guy’s enchanting face was full of seriousness.

“Puff…” Blair Elijah smiled, and did not forget to praise him, “It seems that you, the little guy, did a good job in etiquette courses! Come, reward you!”

As Blair Elijah said, he picked up a piece of minced meat and put it into a small bowl in Landon.

“Wow! Thank you, uncle!!” The little guy started his little bamboo chopsticks after politely thanking him.

Blair Elijah also put a small piece of meat into his mouth, chewing lightly…

The taste is the best!!!

Even, there is a long-lost sense of familiarity…

That fragrant delicacy kept lingering in the throat, and at that moment, it seemed that even the heart was moved.

The hand holding the vegetable paused for a while.

The little guy blinked a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes, and looked suspiciously at the opposite father, “Uncle, what’s the matter? Isn’t it delicious?”

The wry eyes were filled with anxiety.

Isn’t Hazel’s craftsmanship not in line with Dad’s taste?

No way! But he always thinks that Hazel is the most powerful chef in the world!

“Of course not!”

Blair Elijah picked up his eyes and looked at Landon, with complex sentiment circling constantly in the bottom of his eyes. It was only after a while before he heard him say, “It’s just very strange, it tastes a familiar taste…”

However, there is one thing he has to admit that the craftsmanship of this little devil is better than that woman.

It’s just that at this moment, what he misses more, is the taste that was just for him five years ago…

Of course, the little guy didn’t know what the old father was thinking about, but he poked his little head suspiciously, and asked without shame, “What’s that smell?”

“Uh…” Blair Elijah looked at the little guy with a confused and serious look, thought for a moment, and replied, “This is a taste of love…”

“In love?” The little guy seemed even more confused.

Why didn’t he eat it?!

Blair Elijah smiled, “Little devil, you still don’t understand, when you grow up, you will naturally know what kind of taste it is.”

“Oh, that’s it…”


A meal for two people, one large and one small, ate for an entire hour and ate all the dishes on the table.

After the meal, Blair Elijah sat on the sofa and rested, the little guy slumped in his arms and fell asleep with his sturdy thighs, while the little hand rubbed his bulging belly, “My little belly is about to be broken. …”

Blair Elijah also reached out to touch his bare belly, only to feel that with this kid by his side, it seemed that life had become colorful.

“By the way, uncle, do you play that called…m…s…n?” It should be the name, right? It sounds like he read it like this.

“En?” Blair Elijah looked at him in surprise, looking at Landon like a monster, “Little devil, don’t you tell me, you will play with that now?”

How old is this guy? Is it just four years old? What kind of monster is this?

“That…I…actually not!” The little guy shook his head, and his eyes lit up in the next moment, “But I can play with my baby! Uncle, do you have that thing!”

“Yes, but there are very few private ones, what do you want to do?”

He has never liked online chat, usually only for work.

“Then you add Landon!!” The little guy pulled at his clothes and begged him pitifully, “That way Landon can chat with you on the Internet!”

“But you won’t!” Blair Elijah raised his eyebrows and looked at him.

“Landon can let the baby help chat! I want to talk to you, uncle, just tell our baby!”

“But…” Blair Elijah glanced suspiciously at the strange little thing in his arms, always feeling that something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell.

“Add it! I don’t even copy your number!”

Chapter 388

As he said, the little guy started to flip through his little schoolbag, “This, this…”

The little guy spread the account in front of him like a treasure.

Blair Elijah took it over, took a look, and asked him, “Are you sure?”

“En!” The little guy nodded heavily.

This is the account he coaxed their baby to come over all night.

“The writing is pretty.” Blair Elijah praised from the heart.

“Of course, this is written by my baby!” The little guy said with his head held high, his face full of pride.

Blair Elijah smiled, and rubbed Landon’s little head, and messed up his handsome hairstyle, “I’m afraid of you! I’ll add it to you! But first, warn you, don’t disturb me casually! Your Uncle, I’m usually very busy!!”

“Got it! Uncle, you are so stinky!”


“Hazel, are you surfing the Internet?”

Hazel was busy sorting out the files on the computer when she saw a little elf’s head approaching her.

“What are you doing?”

Hazel turned her head to look at him.

“Um… are you talking about MSN?” The little guy’s eyes stared at the computer.

“No!” Hazel shook her head, looking at him seriously, “What are you doing? What do you want to do?”

“Um… can you add an MSN to Landon?” the little guy asked her carefully.

“Help you add MSN?” Hazel looked at him suspiciously from top to bottom, “Boy, are you really in love with your uncle?”

Go home with him for no reason. Then, he got up early in the morning and clamored for her to help with cooking, and then clamored for her to send him to his uncle’s house. It’s better now, even MSN was added.

“Hazel…” The little guy looked at her pitifully, “You add it quickly! An uncle should have sent it over.”


Hazel only then boarded the private MSN.

Sure enough, a window popped up and was added by Hazel.

Take a close look at the detailed information over there, and it turned out that everything except man’s nickname was empty.

There is no explanation.

MSN’s nickname: a person.

“Is it him?” Hazel asked the little guy and tilted her head.

“Yes! It’s him.” The little guy nodded in excitement.

Looking at his nickname of “a person”, Hazel felt funny and sad.

A person…

It should be lonely as the little guy said, right?!

Blair Elijah, who was busy looking at the picture, heard the MSN prompt sound, and subconsciously clicked on it, and found a familiar face that kept flashing there, it was a kid!

The quirky pictures make people laugh at ease.

“Hazel, is Uncle here?” The little guy asked excitedly and smiled.

“He’s not here!” Hazel shook her head and pointed to her avatar, “Look, the avatars are all gray and he is offline.”

“That’s it…” The little guy dropped his head dejected, just about to shrink his head and go back to bed obediently, and suddenly he heard Hazel shouted, “Baby, your uncle sent a message!”

“Huh? Really?”

The little guy’s head, which had just retracted, poked it over again excitedly, with a pair of beautiful eyes shining brightly.

Since the little ghost went back, Blair Elijah hung up his MSN on the computer, but he has always been accustomed to being invisible until he watched the little ghost’s head flash, he was still hesitant to say hello to him. But in the end, he still talked to the guy on the other side first, and he didn’t even know whether the person over there was a kid or a kid.

He sent a polite phrase, “Hello.”

“Hello there!”

Hazel came over with the same polite phrase and a cute smiling face, “I am Landon’s mother, the little guy must have caused you a lot of trouble during this time!”

“No, the little guy is very cute!”


“Are you Landon’s mother???”

Blair Elijah tapped three question marks in succession.

“Yes! What’s wrong? Is there any problem?” Hazel curiously asked him on the other end.

“That, biological mother?”

“Of course.”


To this end, Blair Elijah didn’t say much.

This little liar!!! Lie to him that there is no mom and dad!!! Cause his sympathy to overflow!

As a result, on this end, the little guy is sneezing, and he doesn’t know who is nagging him!

“Little evildoer, your uncle doesn’t know how to chat anymore! Look, he just started to type ‘oh’ after only a few words!”

Hazel hates people who say ‘oh’ in chat, not only makes her unable to speak, but there is no new topic for her to continue. This kind of person is the most annoying on the Internet!!!

“So, you are the baby in Landon’s mouth?”

The head of an ‘a person’ suddenly flashed, making Hazel surprised, and the man sent her another message.

“Ah… yeah!”

Hazel hurriedly replied, feeling somewhat shy and warm towards the so-called “baby”.

“It turns out that this is the case, the little guy always loves to show off what a wonderful baby he has in front of me.”

Blair Elijah discovered that it was the first time that he had chatted with a stranger like this. It seemed that the charm of that little devil’s head was really, extraordinary.

“Oh, don’t listen to him, he just loves to brag!”

Although she is indeed very good!!!

On this end, Blair Elijah stared at the words on the screen, and then recalled the little guy’s face in his mind, and the corners of the sexy lips couldn’t help but overflow with a slight smile.

“Where is the little guy? Is he asleep?”

“No! A little head stretched out in front of the computer and stared at our chatbox!”

Blair Elijah thought about the scene and found it funny and warm. The little devil’s innocent eyes must be so curious.

It’s strange to say that they were chatting here, and the little guy kept staring at gossips. When Hazel asked him if he had anything to talk to his handsome uncle, the little guy shook his head, “You talk first. Just keep it! You guys talk first! I don’t even understand!”

As the little guy said, his little hands were still shaking.

“Does he understand our chat?”

“A little bit! He doesn’t know many words yet.”

“Right!” Blair Elijah suddenly thought of something, “Thank you for the breakfast today. It was delicious.”

Hazel said, “You like it! I have to thank you for taking care of the little guy for me. However, he seems to like you.”

“Is it?”

Blair Elijah raised his eyebrows proudly towards this head.

“Well, always mention you in front of me!”

” I like him too! He is so cute…”

Blair Elijah has always been very curious about the kid’s parents. He wants to know what kind of parents can give birth to such a spooky elf, not only cute but also sensible. People can do this kind of work so easily.

Well, although the Chinese language recognition is not good!

Hearing others praise his son’s cuteness, Hazel had already laughed from ear to ear on this end.

While Hazel holding the enchanting face of her son, she pecked a kiss on his cheek without any explanation.

“Baby, how about mommy inviting you handsome uncle to eat at home?”

Hazel while asking Landon, the information has already been sent out.

“If you have time, feel free to welcome you to our house as a guest.” Hazel has sent out a kind invitation…


The little guy directly talks back and forth

“What? Kid, don’t you like it?” Hazel suspiciously at her surprised son.

“No…” The little guy shook his head, concealed himself, and then turned, “But the uncle is always busy! He will not agree.”

At this moment, the little guy has a heart already beating a drum.

OMG! Is his mother too enthusiastic? Just ask someone to come over as a guest at home?!

However, if this happens, isn’t everything going to be taken apart? However, haha, the uncle is so cool, he will not agree to the presumptuous invitation of Hazel!

As a result, the little guy hadn’t finished rejoicing before he heard Hazel rang out in his ears.

“Really? But, he has already agreed.”

Hazel turned her head, blinked, and looked at her precious son with an innocent look.


The little guy’s jaw was about to fall off.

He craned his neck to watch their conversation on the computer screen, and saw that Uncle Cool replied, “Okay, I will come when I have time.”


This is not his speaking style, and it is not his working style!!!

Aren’t handsome uncles generally cool and cold? When inviting him to be a guest at home, he shouldn’t drag his chin with one hand and say coldly, “I’m sorry, I’m not free.”

But how could it be “I will come when I have time”?

The little devil didn’t know. At this time, Blair Elijah was always curious about what kind of evildoer is a person who can give birth to an evildoer like a little devil?! Therefore, for exploration, he didn’t mind going around this trip.

“Okay, then it’s settled!”

She heard the little evildoer mention too much about this man. To be honest, Hazel was interested in him, but she wanted to see what kind of handsome man he was that could treat her baby son as so obedient.

They comfort each other

“A word is a deal.”

Hazel was relieved, clap her hands, get it done.

“It’s too late, I have to coax the little guy to sleep, so go to bed early!”

“En! Good, good night.”

“Talk again, Ann.”

In this way, the two people ended the chat on the Internet harmoniously, but in exchange the little guy became anxious.


Hazel never thought that one day, she would meet this woman-Sarah in a certain corner of the city.

The two people, just like this, ran into each other in a corner on the street without overdue.

When they first met, the two were equally shocked.

After a long time, they just looked at each other dumbfounded, unable to recover.

In five years, Sarah didn’t seem to have changed much, she was still gentle, beautiful, and temperamental.

After five years, she didn’t leave any traces on her body.

However, compared to five years ago, she is thinner, but her complexion is a little rosier, not as pale as before.

Too! She should be cured of all illnesses now!

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