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Chapter 479

However, the words are full of worry and distress…

Amelia lowered her eyes and curled her lips, her eyes flushed slightly.

People didn’t pay attention!

Not a fool, who would stand there and let her hit?!!!

“Don’t learn about other people’s premature love if you are afraid of pain!” Speaking of this, Burton Liam was not angry. ,

The voice of speaking also increased several decibels unconsciously.

Tell her, but don’t listen!

Now it’s good, even for a woman to fight with her tablemate!

“How can I do it!!?” Amelia protested loudly in disobedience, “Ah-well, it hurts -“

As soon as her body moved, the wound was accidentally severely pressed by the cotton swab in the nurse’s hand. In the next instant, Amelia couldn’t help but exhale in pain.

“Be lighter!” Burton Liam yelled at the nurse out of control like a conditioned reflex.

The voice blurted out almost without hesitation.

It’s just that the decibels are amazingly high!

Suddenly, the two women in the audience, one big and one small couldn’t help being stunned.

The little nurse trembled a little while holding the cotton swab.

After a while, Burton Liam returned to his senses slightly.

Deep eyes, annoyed feelings flashed past.

“Sorry! You guys continue…” the dull voice whispered, turned around, left, and went straight to the smoking room.

After he left, the older and younger women began to talk.

“Your uncle is so fierce? But he seems to love you very much as if he was afraid that I would hurt you…”

“He is not my uncle!” Amelia corrected the name of Miss Nurse, and then the probe asked again.

“Does he feel sorry for me?”

Amelia doesn’t like talking to strangers, but the topic is this man, and the topic attracts her attention so much, so sometimes she will inevitably make an exception once or twice!

“Yeah! He almost screamed to death just now! Little sister, is he usually so fierce?”

Amelia shook her head suspiciously, somewhat puzzled.

“He seems to be in a particularly bad mood today!” He was probably angry.

“You are injured, of course, he is in a bad mood!”

“Not really!” Her influence won’t be so deep!


Later, after taking the medicine, the two went to the mall to buy pajamas.

Burton Liam wanted to let her go home and rest after Amelia was injured.

But then found out that she seemed to be gloomy in the car.

So, he had to change the lane to the mall again, and she was slightly happy.

In the mall

“Liam, is this good-looking?” Amelia asked him in the restroom expectantly in the various pink pajamas.

He raised his eyes slightly and glanced casually, “It’s okay!”

Then, he lowered his head and continued to tap the keyboard in his hand.

He has a hobby. When he goes out to buy things with a woman, he never leaves his laptop.

Because, when women choose things, the time they spend is horrible!

He believed that although she was small, her nature would never change!

Amelia curled her lips, he was just playing her.

Since she’s so impatient, why does he want to help her buy pajamas again!

Amelia put down the cotton pajamas in her hands, turned around, and prepared to leave.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up, and the corners of her lips unconsciously evoked a pleasant smile.

Going to the pajamas area, she took a few steps.

“Liam, what do you think of this one? It seems to be very individual!” Amelia raised the small pajamas in her hand, and smiled, and asked the focused Liam who was opposite.

This pajama is indeed not a general personalization!

She just glanced at the product introduction unintentionally, and she was indeed shocked.

It is not so much a transparent sex-sense pajama, it is better to say that it is a big and attractive candy.

Because of its texture… it’s made of fine candy!!!

There is a big plastic package on the outside, and the little candy pajamas inside, it looks like it melts in the mouth, sweet and sweet.

“Should be okay?!” Burton Liam responded perfunctorily, and then slowly raised his eyes to look at opposite her.

He thought that she said that the pajamas that are very good and the individual must be what she likes, and they must be good clothes!

However, he did not expect…

The personality she seeks is too individual!!!

Seeing the transparent-feeling pajamas she held in her hands, and the innocent smile on her lips, his cold complexion changed and changed in an instant.

This guy…

“It seems to be good!” Amelia smiled and nodded, this time completely approving his words.

She just doesn’t know if she can sleep while eating sweets…

That way, it should feel sweet even in the dream, right?!

“Oh! Uh, little… kid, you can’t wear this! Come on, give it to auntie, don’t break it!” The shopping guide aunt next to her was a little anxious.

There was a trace of embarrassment in the anxious tone.

This dress is not suitable for this kind of underage girl…

“Why?” Amelia didn’t agree, moved the clothes in her hand behind her, staring at the embarrassed auntie shopping guide with defensive eyes, and asked suspiciously.

Isn’t the clothes here just for people to buy? Why can’t she wear it?

Just because of its personality, because it is transparent because it is made of candy? She doesn’t follow it!!!

She likes all the fun things!

“Why…why…this, this…” The shopping guide’s aunt was a little anxious. Why, how exactly should she explain to a minor child!

“Give it to me…” Burton Liam walked up to Amelia for some time.

Poke out his big palm and motioned to her to hand over the sex-sense pajamas.

He allowed her to wear this kind of clothes unless he was amused!

This is almost like being undressed-it’s better to let her wear those extra-large pajamas!

Amelia pursed her lips, glanced at the candy pajamas in her hand, and then at the lone figure in front of her, a little hesitant.

“That… first, sir, I’m sorry, this is sweet pajamas belonging to the adult zone. It’s… it’s a one-off, it’s not suitable for expensive daughters, sorry!” The shopping guide kept a red face and apologized.

Sweet pajamas for adults??? One time??


Now even pajamas are divided into disposable and permanent? Even more exaggerated, or candy taste?!

She heard of it for the first time!

Burton Liam only felt his eyebrows trembled and had a headache.

“Come, be obedient, give it to me!” He pretended to be calm once again asking the opposite Amelia.

Amelia pouted her lips, helplessly, and reluctantly handed him the clothes in her hands.

If she were to be replaced by her, this dress would already belong to her!

No need to ask for his opinion!

Taking the clothes she handed over, his eyes fell on the product introduction card accidentally, and the corners of his lips twitched unconsciously.

‘Pink candy fun pajamas? ‘


He couldn’t imagine what kind of scene this dress would look like on this little thing.

Suddenly, a blurry picture flashed across his mind.

Then, his sturdy figure shook suddenly.

Just…what was he thinking???


The deep blue pupil, a touch of complicated and shocking sentiment passed by.

Passing the pajamas in his hand to the awkward shopping guide, his face looked a little ugly.

“I hope your shop can separate this adult daily necessity from children’s daily necessities in the future!”

After all, the curiosity of children really cannot be ignored!

“Sorry, sorry!” The shopping guide bowed and apologized embarrassedly, “Actually… it has been separated, it is… the expensive daughter just took it in the past!” The shopping guide explained embarrassingly.

Liam’s face changed slightly, “Then I hope you can consider dividing these two areas as far apart as possible in the future!”

He didn’t want the little things to touch such mature things so early.

Later, he led Amelia and carefully selected several soft pajamas before leaving.

Although she didn’t get the candy pajamas, Amelia was still very satisfied in the end, because he picked the pajamas personally, and in the future, wearing them to sleep… there should be a different feeling!

Later, when they were out of the mall, they were blocked by the security of the mall, and then, if anything happened, they notified the general manager of the mall.

“Sorry, miss, I think you should remember us?” The security guard walked over and asked Amelia with a smile.

However, there is a touch of pride and anger flowing through his eyes.

“You are?” Burton Liam frowned, looking at them, a little puzzled.

He just felt that the two people in front of him looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember where they had met.

Amelia also tilted her head and stared suspiciously at the two security guards standing in front of them.

Amelia’s eyebrows frowned, very puzzled.

These two people, she seems to have met somewhere…

Where is it?

After thinking for a long time, Amelia finally came over.

If she remembers correctly, it should be that she once took something in this mall, it seems…or the time she met Burton Liam?

It’s not very clear, but she still has a slight impression.

“Oh, sir, it’s like this. Some time ago, a kid stole something in our mall. We suspect that the thief is the little lady next to you!” The security guard pretended to be polite and answered Liam’s question. It’s just that there is obvious irony in the words.

“Thief?” Burton Liam chuckled his lips and let out a laugh.

This conjecture is happy!

They dignified a daughter of the Imperial Family Group, isn’t she down to the point that she needs to come out and steal it?

Amelia on the side has not spoken, just quietly watching them confronting each other.

The security guard refused to let them leave, and he didn’t seem to intend to leave.

Finally, the general manager appeared.

The manager of the mall had a cheerful appearance and wanted to see the thief’s demeanor. However, as soon as he arrived at the security room, he froze with a glorious old face.

“Burton…Master Burton?!” After a long time, the store manager recovered his voice slightly.

Seeing the sudden change in the manager’s face, the security guards who had just returned to their pride suddenly panicked.

Chapter 480

“Manager Alexander, it’s been a long time since I saw it. Recently I heard that the scale of the mall is getting bigger and bigger…” Burton Liam smiled, walked over politely, and shook hands politely.

It’s just that with the smile on the corner of his lips, anyone can see his deep meaning.


Yes, it is! Half of the cash investment in this huge mall comes from the financial institutions of Burton Group!

So, dare to ask, why would Burton people come here to steal things?? !!!

The security guard on the side turned pale in a moment.

“That… Manager Alexander, the security of your mall just detained us and said that my little niece was the thief they had been looking for. I hope you can help me find out the real situation. Look…” Burton Liam With a professional smile on the mall, he said in a cautious tone.

“This…I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Master Burton, I’ll figure out the truth, I’m sorry!” Manager Alexander only felt cold sweat on his back, and his voice was trembling.

Damn, these eateries!

Who is not easy to offend, but to offend their biggest and most important boss!

Maybe once the funds are withdrawn, it is not just the two small security guards who are unemployed. He is afraid that even he will have to roll back to his hometown together!

“Burton…I’m sorry!!!” Manager Alexander hurriedly walked to Amelia and bowed to apologize.

“I’m sorry, a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding, and I hope the lady will not care too much! They are reckless and ignorant!!”

The manager kept making up for it, but Amelia just watched indifferently without saying a word.

Is this the power of Burton’s? Can black ones break into white ones? Can it be true??

With a cold smile, he was a little ridiculed.

No wonder Booth William chose Burton’s power and abandoned her and Ava!

Seeing that Amelia didn’t say anything, the manager became anxious.

The cold sweat on his forehead became more and more, and he turned his head and stared angrily at the two security guards who froze on the side.

“You two fools, you just came to accompany the young lady!!”

“Yes, yes…” The dumb security guard returned to his senses suddenly, nodded in horror, and walked towards Amelia

“No need!” Burton Liam opened his lips indifferently.

“Children can’t spoil her, just apologize! We only need to be innocent! Manager Alexander, please go ahead, if there is nothing wrong, I think we will go first!” After speaking, Burton Liam smiled faintly, took Amelia’s little hand, and left.

This kind of respect received under power is not right. To be precise, it is a compliment. He doesn’t want this little guy to watch too much.

After all, such a world is not a pure world…

He also worried that she was too young, and she became an arrogant and unreasonable personality if he accidentally spoiled her!

“Huh…” In the security room, everyone couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“You idiots! Next time you open your eyes to see clearly, and if you make this kind of mistake again, you will just wait to roll up the bed and leave!!” Manager Alexander was furious in the security room.

Fortunately, what they met today was the Third Young Master of the Burton Family, and if they had to meet the Second Young Master of the Burton Family, he is afraid that their life will be difficult from now on!

The two security guards glanced at each other in shock, somewhat suspicious.

Could it be that they recognized the wrong person? So, how can she be so similar?!

In the car

“Burton Liam, it turns out that you are so prestigious!” Amelia’s mood is still high as if she has not been affected by this long ‘misunderstanding’ at all.

“En…” Burton Liam mumbled to her, still not paying attention.

Amelia glanced at him, who was focused on driving and stuck out his tongue. It seemed that he hadn’t calmed down yet.

As a result, she stopped using her hot face to stick his cold ass.

Stayed in the car peacefully, bowed her head, and stopped speaking.

Burton Liam, who had been silent all the time, glanced at her without a trace through the rearview mirror.

The emotions under his eyes are a bit complicated…

Annoyed, helpless, and a little unbearable.

After a long time, the car finally entered the house.

Amelia let out a long sigh of relief and finally escaped from this depressing space.

However, all of her inadvertent relief fell into the eyes of Burton Liam.

His eyebrows frowned, a little unhappy.

The two entered the room with their concerns.

“Master, you’re back! The second grandma has been waiting for you in the hall for a long time!” As soon as he entered the room, Sister Mia greeted him.

“Second young lady?” Burton Liam frowned.

After a moment of stunned, he came back to his senses.

The second youngest is his sister-in-law, Emily?

What a strange name, he can’t get used to it!

Amelia, who was busy changing shoes, was slightly stiff.

It took a while before she came over.

After changing her shoes, holding the small bag in her hand, there was no greeting. After passing through the hall, she went upstairs and entered the bedroom.

As for Allen Emily, who was sitting in the living room, she ignored her.

“Miss, this is…” Sister Mia was a little surprised.

“Nothing!” Burton Liam’s face seemed to be no better, and he just answered Sister Mia casually.

“Sister Mia, I went in first!” Burton Liam greeted her and went straight to the living room.

“Liam…” Seeing Burton Liam appeared, Allen Emily stood up and immediately greeted him.

The low and soft voice is still so nice and sweet.

It’s just that the words… seem to have such a slight sorrow.

Liam thought that he might have been wrong!

How could she be willing to be sad?!

“Emily, why are you here?” Burton Liam asked her curiously.

Inexplicably, he just feels that seeing her again this time, his heart is no longer as surging as last time, it seems… so much calmer.

Even, the silence was a little weird, some made him unable to figure it out!

“No…it’s okay, just a bored at home, just come and have a look…” Allen Emily answered him in a low and soft voice.

“What’s the matter? The mountain is not at home?” Burton Liam looked at her suspiciously, only to feel that something was wrong, but he couldn’t find the reason.

“En! He is on a business trip. He left yesterday. He won’t be able to go home until about three days…” Allen Emily answered truthfully.

“Oh…” He nodded, inexplicably, feeling a little awkward in the atmosphere.

“By the way, what happened to your last injury…?” After she was injured, he never called again to ask.

At that time, he was thinking about avoiding suspicion.

After all, she is already his sister-in-law!

“Already… it’s almost complete!” Allen Emily’s voice looked a little embarrassed.

“Well, that’s good!” Burton Liam nodded. For the first time, their relationship would seem so cramped and embarrassing.

“Yes… That’s right! I heard that you and…Evelyn is about to get married?” She asked him pretending to be relaxed.

It’s just that some strange expectation in the eyes is too obvious.

“Who told you? It’s still early, and there is no plan to get married yet! You know, I… don’t want to get married too early!” Burton Liam spread his hands, pretending to be relaxed.

But, in the bottom of his heart, there is still an astringent taste.

“Oh…oh! But…maybe it would be nice to get married later…” Allen Emily answered his words with a smile.

At least, get married later and still have time to find the one he loves…

At least, getting married at a later date doesn’t have to be like her…so painful!

Burton Liam only felt that behind that smile, there seemed to be too many emotions that he couldn’t understand and couldn’t understand…

“Um… Emily, you haven’t eaten yet? Would you like to stay and have a meal together?” He invited her.

“En? Ok! Then I’m welcome!” Allen Emily smiled softly and suddenly seemed a lot happy.

The inadvertent sorrow and grief in the eyes just now seem to have been swept away…

Later, the two of them talked about each other, nothing more than asking about each other’s life.

“Emily, wait, I’ll go to the kitchen first!” Burton Liam confessed, got up, and went to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, the chef is already preparing dinner.

“Um, Uncle Henry…” Burton Liam called out the chef’s uncle, “Could you please put more chili in today’s dish!”

He seemed to remember that someone just said that the taste is so heavy recently that she wanted to eat Sichuan food.

“Oh, good, good!” Uncle Henry nodded hurriedly.

After the exhortation, Burton Liam walked back to the living room with peace of mind.

Allen Emily stared at him jokingly and sneered, “Liam, don’t you like to eat chili? When did you get hooked? If you eat too much chili, be careful of getting angry! It’s very irritating!

Allen Emily still does not forget to care about him anytime and anywhere.

Very irritating? Easy to get angry?

It’s miserable, how could he not expect it!

“Sorry, Emily, please wait for a while!” Burton Liam smiled awkwardly, then turned around and hurried to the kitchen.

He even forgot that the guy’s lip was injured and she couldn’t eat chili!

“Um… I’m sorry, Uncle Henry, can I trouble you to put less chili in that dish, the less the better!” Burton Liam explained eagerly, somewhat embarrassed.

“En?” Uncle Henry was taken aback for a while, then returned to his senses.

Answered him amusingly, “Okay, okay! You don’t need to let it go, don’t you need to change this time?”

“No! Thanks!” Burton Liam replied affirmatively, thanked him, and left.

“What’s the matter? It’s weird to eat chili all at once, and then stop again!” Allen Emily looked at him surprised and a little funny.

However, there was an inexplicable sourness in her heart.

She remembered the scenes when he was surprised for her…

At that time, she knew that he, who was mature and stable, would have a cute and funny side.

“No…Nothing! It’s just that the little thing got hurt today. I’m worried that if she eats too much chili, the wound may worsen…” Burton Liam shrugged and responded casually.

“Oh…” Allen Emily nodded, curled her lips, and smiled softly, “I thought you would only be caring for your girlfriend. It seems that you still love Amelia! Don’t worry about the old lady. Are you angry?”

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