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Chapter 503

In the mirror, she sighed without naming his name and surname, shaking her head with regret and compassion, and then…

She stopped looking at the dumbfounded man behind her and walked out of the bathroom without incident.


Silent, silent.

Long time…

There was a burst of roar from the bathroom, deafening. “Amelia, have I asked your opinion?”

Who asked her to make an evaluation??

Troublesome little idiot!!!


The bathroom was empty.

The warm smell remains, filling the entire small space.

On the sink, two lovely Mickey Mouse couple cups, supporting two little white cows…

The little cow is grinning all the time…

Very silly and naive to laugh!!!

But, overflowing, it’s all sweet…


Between them, they have been calm and happy…the long water flows, and the warmth is faint.

It seems… They can do this and be happy.

Every morning, he would personally send her to school.

Every afternoon, under her heavy artillery attack, he would come to pick her up from getting out of class.

Every night, she would be obediently lying in his study, reading books and calculating problems.

His desk occupies more than half of the whole…

Later, he couldn’t stand her from time to time encroachment, so…

On a long large desk, there is an extraordinarily dazzling scar line!

She is holding the blade, fiercely, cutting up again and again…

She said, “I can’t draw with a brush, just wipe it and it’s gone!”

She wants the kind, one stroke on it is a trace of a lifetime…

So, she was very hard, slashing with one stroke!

Because, this is to become, a lifetime memory!

At that moment, he even thought that this guy wanted to divide his desk into two before he was willing!

He feels distressed…

After all, this desk is really expensive!!!

But, obviously, little guy, there is no concept at all!

She just blindly protects her territory from being violated by anyone, including him.

Moreover, it is her big place!!!

The whole desk, only a small pitiful corner is his…

And her reason is that she is a child, adults can’t care about everything with children!


He was full of disdain and sneered.

But, still can only, obediently, aggrieved, very innocent shrink in his small corner.

Gritting his teeth, staring angrily, aside, the little woman who is at ease doing calculations.

Little bully!!!

Very strange, since the last time she saw Adam Mason in the West Lake, Amelia rarely saw him again.

It seems that all of a sudden, he completely disappeared from her vision.

Of course, she didn’t notice this person at all, until one time, a person walked boringly on campus…

Suddenly, she met him-Adam Mason!

On his exquisite handsome face, there was still that cynical wicked smile, sunny and gorgeous, and even flashing a little sore in his eyes.

Beside him was a shy and charming little girl with curly hair.

Posture, very intimate.

It seems that they were chatting very happily. His exquisite and evil face is always very close to the delicate face of the little girl.

Amelia knew that this was Adam Mason’s usual trick.

The specialist will make the best of women!

She raised her eyes and looked at them.

But soon, the line of sight shifted…

Calmly, continue to move forward.

On the other side, he seemed to have seen her.

Because, for a second, they had it, and their eyes were right!

It’s just that she shifted so quickly that she didn’t notice the slightest stupefaction in that sight…

So calm, like a pool of stagnant water!!!

Quite a while…

They face each other, and then pass by!

There is no pause!!!

“Baby, remember what you promised me. Don’t regret it. I will wait for you after class!” Adam Mason and the little girl’s cheerful teasing sounded in her ears.

No, the slightest weird voice, still so nice.

Until they are so far apart…

Amelia was a little surprised!

She thought that this man might try to hold her hand, even if he didn’t do such annoying things, but at least he would say hello to her.

But none of these!

Even as if he didn’t even glance at her!!!

They don’t know each other anymore!!!

The attitude of the stranger is like this…

However, she did not take it seriously.

Because this is someone else’s business and has nothing to do with her!

Later, her deskmate, Harper suspended school!

When she saw her again, it was a week later.

She seemed to be haggard a lot. Although the previous one was not too beautiful, the pretty little face almost started to turn yellow.

It’s the kind, pale yellow with deep yellow.

Dark circles, deep…

It seems that her thoughts are really serious.

Later, Amelia learned that Harper had an abortion during those days when classes were suspended.

She went to the hospital alone, lying on the operating table alone, and even walked out of the hospital with an empty stomach alone…

Then, another person randomly found a hotel outside and stayed in.

Alone, stay in the room, rest…

Hungry, call for a takeaway, eat a bite or two, and throw it away.

She was thirsty, got up hard, poured a glass of water, but only took a small sip.

Because…drink too much, she would cry…

Will cry miserably and miserably!!!

Therefore, she would rather let herself dry up until withered!

She did not dare to stay at home, and even more dare not to live in a classmate’s house.

Because, every classmate in this school, every pair of eyes has a strange sight…

Only one person can’t, that is Amelia!

Her eyes are always so direct and so indifferent…no, a trace of cover.

So… Later, Harper really couldn’t bear it, she was so emotionally restrained that she was going crazy!

She vomited all to Amelia.

She was crying, buried in Amelia’s arms to speak.

At that moment, Amelia just let her put her arms around her, and did not refuse.

It’s just that the body is a bit stiff.

It seems that she is still a little at a loss.

For the first time, a person would cry with her arms around…

It is also the first time that someone will tell her the deepest pain in her heart.

Later, Amelia thought, probably, Harper knew that she had never cared about other people’s affairs, let alone spread it out!!!

This is in her eyes, perhaps it is a good habit!

Harper also said that the child is Adam Mason’s!

Because she had never slept with a man other than him, and that time, she accidentally ran into him…

It was her cousin who could only be happy who drank high wine, had a good time, and raped his girlfriend!

Since then, his relationship with that woman has been completely broken because of her cousin’s relationship!

It’s just that, such a thing is not only embarrassing when it is said, but there is also a criminal element in it. Therefore, the moment Adam Mason caught the bag, he panicked…

Unexpectedly, she was pregnant!

And the child’s father does not want to believe her!

Seriously, Amelia began to sympathize with her a little!!!

Amelia was a little surprised at her feelings because it was really hard for her to sympathize with someone…

“Don’t cry!” Amelia pulled out a tissue from her pocket and handed it to her.

The sounds and movements are very blunt.

For the first time, she tried to comfort someone.

Although, this is no comfort at all!!!

But, for the first time, she tried to hand out a tissue to the crying person.

“Thanks, thank you…” Harper was also taken aback for a second.

The eyes of the two crying red rabbits became more and more blurred.

Amelia didn’t start, a little awkward, and stopped looking at her.

“He has a new girlfriend again!” Amelia announced faintly, her voice didn’t fluctuate much.

Although Amelia didn’t look at Harper, she could feel her pain.

She thought, if it was her now and the man was Burton Liam, then maybe… the confrontation between them would not be so peaceful!!!

She is not the kind of person who sits and waits!

Or, fight for it!

Or let go!!!

“No woman can tie him…” Harper said, her hoarse voice choked.

The words are full of self-deprecating meaning.

“Really?” Amelia was a little suspicious.

It turns out that the thinking between them is so much different!

“I think no woman dared to tie him up!”

Men, aren’t they born to be chained by women?

The fingers holding the tissue were slightly stiff.

Then, turning her head, she glanced at Amelia who was expressionless, her gaze was a bit deep.

Then, she smiled.

With sorrow that couldn’t be more obvious.

“Amelia, maybe you can…” she said, her voice very soft.

She remembered that the man said that Amelia was the most special woman he had ever seen!

Amelia tilted her head and looked at her.


For a moment, she seemed to see, herself!

Amelia knows that she, like herself, has a deeply loving heart…

She loves Burton Liam deeply, and she loves Adam Mason deeply.

Perhaps, the love they carry is no less than anyone…

However, Harper does not have her self-confidence!

Even more, learning will not be strong, or more, fighting for it!

“If you can’t let go, try to fight for it! If you can’t get it, learn to let go!”

Do not know why…

When Amelia said these words, there was a slight pain in her heart.

It’s a strange feeling, but she can’t say why!

Imperial Family House

In the study, the old lady is holding a stack of photos.

One after another, beautiful pictures freezes in front of her.

The tender little face, the smile, so sweet and greasy, so pure…

Sometimes funny, sometimes giggling.

The atmosphere is very warm and happy…

Happy enough to burn her eyes.

However, she didn’t feel unhappy at all.

Even, there was a strange excitement.

It’s just not easy to detect.

“Continue to follow!” She opened her lips and faintly confessed to the bodyguard beside her.

Then, with a lightly raised finger, the photo fell into the trash can perfectly, and then, a lighted match fell into a parabolic posture, accurate!

Chapter 504

A desolate flame sprang up, waving its magic claws, like a death struggle at the last moment on the eve of death!

There was a sullen smile to the corners of the vicissitudes of the old lady’s lips, without a trace.

Be happy, be happy…

The happier, the better!!!

Because, the deeper the laugh, the deeper the pain…

It’s night, in the study.

Liam was working hard on his small site.

Long time…

He turned his head to look at the little guy who was studying hard.

There was a flash of a stunner in the eyes.

He didn’t see her.

Subconsciously glanced around…

In the next moment, his eyebrows moved, sank slightly, and quickly turned his eyes away.

The little thing was carrying her with her hands on the opposite counter as if watching something intently.


Lie on her stomach, carry on her back…

Even just wearing a short cartoon nightdress!

But, can she pay more attention to it, no, show her pink lace inside?

Such them made him suddenly and unconsciously think of the movie that his bed friends were keen on in college.

The content is about an uncle, to a junior high school girl…


At this moment, he can feel his changes.

Also, those exciting scenes have been running back in his confused mind like a devil.


This is simply a crime!!!

It’s the same as the weird bird in the movie!

He raised his hand and stroked his eyebrows hard, his forehead was a little painful.

Very long time…

He has been suppressing himself.

Calm, calm again.

Try, transfer his mind…

Try to lower the boiling point again.

Finally, the blood seemed to gradually stabilize.

Sigh low, helpless!

If this continues, he will grow old quickly…

Maybe it’s a little serious, and it’s a lifelong illness!!!

Sad reminder…

This tortured life is so sad!!!

A long time…

His gaze tried to turn back to her again.

However, this time he learned to be smart!

Very attentive, not scanning her lower body, just staring at her upper body blindly, very focused.

He found that her little hand would move once or twice.

Burton Liam is a little suspicious, is she reading?

Is that kind of tired posture?

Finally, he got up and approached her.

Looking at her, once again, he accidentally fell on her lace shorts.

Soon, he approached her.

Behind her, he used his body to block his vision and tried to block the restless commotion in his heart.

“What are you doing?” A nice voice rang in her ears.

He probed and looked over.

In the next instant, the exquisite handsome face suddenly went black.


A cute little face turned around…

Looking at him, her eyes are blurred…

The face is as red as a ripe persimmon!

“He…he…Burton… Burton Liam, this is… true…” Amelia continued to overflow with difficulty.

However, before the words had time to speak, she was interrupted heavily by a “cough…” from a nasty lady.

Suddenly, a scent of intoxicating wine came over, a little pungent.

At this time, Burton Liam was as black as spicy diced chicken.

Raising his hand, he could not help but snatched the bottle in her hand.

“Who allowed you to drink?”

She, hiding here, drinking secretly?

“Give me back, give me back…” The drunk little guy was a little anxious.

The wine bottle that was tugged in his arms was empty.

That is her thing, something sweet and exciting!!!

She was jumping, waving her little hand in the air, her red drunk eyes were aggrieved as if she was about to cry!

Burton Liam’s eyebrows trembled.

Looking at her teary eyes, he seemed to be unbearable!

The atmosphere… was deadlocked.

Suddenly, the little guy counterattacked and hugged his sturdy body.

Droll, droll…

It’s like the cute and sweet wine bottle in her arms!!!

“Forget it, I still like you better… the same as holding you…”

The drunk little guy seemed to have found something more fun.

Her scorching little face rubbed against his chest…

Suddenly, dangerous flames are rising rapidly!

He froze in place, motionless.

In his hand, still holding the opened bottle of red wine.

He once again scolded her fiercely in his heart!!!

Last time he said that she should learn from experience and she can no longer wear this kind of open pajamas…

As a result, she still wore…

And, once again, he was accidentally taken advantage of by the little guy!!!

He felt that it would be very dangerous if she rubbed it like this!

It’s not that she is dangerous, but he…dangerous…

Every man, at a certain time, is a beast, and he is a beast without reason!!!

Especially, for the woman he like…

He didn’t dare to guarantee whether he had the courage and could not be that “weird”!

“Hey!” Finally, his stiff body moved.

A muffled voice, with a bit of intoxication…

Call her who is extremely restless in his arms!

“Burton…Liam…” The little guy in his arms seemed to be conscious.

“Hmm…” The lovely pink lips pursed and murmured, her delicate eyebrows frowned as if a little uncomfortable.

Little face, getting red…

On the forehead, drips of sweat ooze.


The hot body was suddenly aroused.

He took a deep breath…

Sweating, a little bit along Liam’s handsome outline, sliding down…

Over his angular jaw, and across his prominent apple…

He swallowed his saliva, his throat was so dry that fire came out!

That is an extremely fierce fire!!!

Damn it! He is going crazy by this woman!!!

“Okay…it’s hot…” Amelia muttered in his arms, complaining.

The dripping sweat soaked her whole body.

The pajamas are sticky and stick to the body, which is extremely uncomfortable!

Amelia only felt that she was about to be burned…

“I’m going to… I’m going to die hot!!!” She frowned and protested loudly, slurred.

Suddenly, the little hand raised…

In the future, the struggling Liam returned to his senses. In the next instant, a piece of white silk cloth like a dress was flying in the air…

In a parabolic posture, above his head, floated for a while…

After that, it landed gently and raised a breeze with the fragrance of orchids.

Straight through his entire weak nasal cavity, attacking his vulnerable guard!!!

That moment…

Burton Liam completely froze there.

The little guy in his arms has only one inside.

That is, he… the one he just saw inadvertently!!!

He feels…

The blood of the whole body is racing!

The big palms hanging on both sides of the shoulders are gripping…

Between his fingers, he became pale a little!!!

Is this little woman testing his extraordinary perseverance?

He doubted it!!!

“It’s much more comfortable…” Amelia was buried in his arms, and the corners of her beautiful lips formed a charming curve, leaning on him comfortably.

“Idiot woman!!” He, his voice thick, couldn’t help cursing.

Pushing the small woman who was tightly attached to his body, his movements were a little stiff.

Then, he quickly bent over and tried to pick up the pajamas on the ground for her.

“Um…” He just bent over, and the drunk little woman in front of him leaned forward and attacked him.

“Smack…” An unstable, she hit the floor heavily.

Fortunately, she doesn’t hurt!

Fortunately, he is still under the little guy, so that he won’t hurt her!

“Where did you go?” He raised his head slightly, staring at her with distressed eyes, and his questioning voice was full of worry and helplessness.

“No…no!” Amelia squinted her drunken eyes and shook her head.

After a while, raising her eyes, her movements were a bit slow.

Staring at him, grinning, smiling innocently.

“Liam, you…you are so good to me…” The little face blushed, and she nuzzled in his arms, like a kitten, restlessly staying in his arms and acting coquettishly…

“Get up!” His breath was almost hot enough for a gas flame to come.

Low Karma’s voice has a somewhat indifferent taste.

“Liam…” She lay in his arms.

She seems that there is no meaning to get up.

The blurred drunk eyes stared at him deeply.

Layers of water mist gathered in the obsessed pupils, seeming to hide a little hurt.

The voice calling him choked a little unconsciously.

Little hand, climbing on his hot face, caressed.

Liam was startled for a second.

The heart trembled suddenly.

Looking at the moisture in her eyes, a trace of distress appeared in his heart.

Breathing, but with her wandering fingers, the more rapid and disordered…

It’s a long time…

He raised his hand, gently took off her restless little hand, and held it tightly in the burning palm.

Looking at her, eyes filled with pity, “What’s the matter?”

The worries were written in the faint pupils, and it was obvious that the hoarse voice had softened a bit.

“Liam, let’s… just really get together, okay?”

Amelia’s innocent eyes looked at him deeply, with intoxication, with confusion…

But it seems that there are some sense and pain hidden.

The voice fell, and the tears of surging tears fell like broken pearls along her blushing cheeks.

“Pattern…” The tears hit his hot chest.

It’s like… violently knocking on his heart.

The pain is unbearable…

He seems a little confused…

The big palm lifted her delicate little face, and the soft finger pads gently wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“Little guy, what’s wrong with you?”

Amelia shook her head, her small face pressed against his warm palm, tears could not stop.

“I am really scared…”

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