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Chapter 621

“Baby Amelia, have you brought your phone?”

“En?” Amelia was a little surprised, “Evan, what do you want a mobile phone for?” Is it possible that he still has friends to contact?

“Don’t bring your phone?” Evan’s dark blue eyes made the boss stare, and his eyebrows wrinkled slightly, his face looked worried, and his small mouth still did not forget to mumble.

“Then what if Daddy can’t find us? Will he be locked out of the gate?”

Amelia laughed, daring to feel that this son is still a treasure to love his daddy, Amelia smiled and bent over to bully him, “Evan, your daddy is still on the plane now! Don’t worry about him!”

“Really?” Evan raised his eyes and looked at Amelia suspiciously, “Didn’t Daddy get off the plane at six? It’s already past seven now!”

Evan pointed at the quartz clock on the opposite wall with a serious look and asked Amelia in confusion.


Evan’s tender voice drew the attention of others, and everyone stared at Evan and the quartz clock on the wall with laughter.

It is 4:35… Dan.

“Miss, is this your baby? He’s so cute and smart…”

“Thank you, auntie, you are also very cute…”

“Wow, the baby’s blue eyes are so beautiful!”

“Sister, your black eyes are not bad too!!”

Evan didn’t think he had misread the time at all, accepting others’ compliments without blushing and heartbeat, at the same time, he didn’t forget the compliment, which made everyone fascinated.

What an evildoer!!!

Soon, they returned home.

Amelia started cooking seriously.

Since getting married, grandma no longer bothers about things in the company, and she has to live alone, saying that she wants to enjoy the happiness of a single life. At first, Amelia always wanted to give her whole wife, but she was taken care of by her. After training, there was no way, in the end, so she had to arrange for Mia beside her grandmother. The two elderly people always talked a little more, so they can save boredom.

So, there were only three of them left in this family. There were other servants. Amelia didn’t like it. She worried that there were too many servants in the family and spoiled Evan.

Little children can’t be used to spoil them, and finally decided to take care of him by herself at home. Moreover, she enjoys this kind of happy life of a family of three.

“Baby, help Mommy get the coriander…” Amelia was cooking the vegetables while changing to the little guy who was busy by the sink.

Seeing Daddy who hadn’t seen him for a week is coming back, the little guy’s hospitality is no less than his mummy.

“Okay…” Evan’s tender voice responded with a milky voice.

The wet little hand rubbed the cute little pocket deliberately tailored for him on his body, and then took the coriander on the side and handed it to Amelia, “Baby Amelia, coriander…”

“Well, good…” Amelia took it smoothly.

“It smells so good…” Evan took a deep breath, with a look of intoxication, touting his mommy.

Amelia didn’t have time to reply, and snapped, “Dangling, Jingling…”

A hurried doorbell rang.

“Ah…Daddy is back!!” Evan exclaimed happily, dragging his pair of pink and tender cute plush slippers straight to the entrance door.

For a moment, Amelia’s heart was flustered, and she was a little nervous inexplicably.

To be honest, after being married for so long, it is the first time they have been separated for so long.

In the past, no matter how busy he was, he would never spend the night outside, and he never had a day.

This time he went there for a week, but it was the first time.

To be honest, she was so awkward that she couldn’t sleep at all. She had to pull up small pictures to tell herself fairy tales and watch cartoons to slowly fall asleep.

However, in just one week, he tortured her.

“Daddy…” As soon as the door opened, the little guy rubbed his arms straight.

As soon as he saw this lovely little guy, his tired face was instantly replaced by joy.

He bent over and took Evan’s small body into his arms, “Evan, have you been naughty in the past few days when Daddy is away?”

“No, Evan is very good!” Evan responded to him with a smile, not forgetting to peck twice on his handsome cheek.

“Really?” Burton Liam asked him suspiciously, and then whispered against his little ear, “Where is Mommy?”

Evan smiled knowingly and also learned to behave like him. He leaned close to his ear and replied softly, “Baby Amelia made a good meal for Daddy in the kitchen. Daddy, Baby Amelia missed you recently!”

Liam raised his beautiful sword eyebrows, and slightly looked towards the kitchen, but his heart was full of expectations.

“How do you know she is thinking of me?” Burton Liam still asked him softly.

“Of course Evan knows!” Evan looked smug, with a little hand close to his ear, making a trumpet, “Secretly tell you, Evan has been sleeping with Baby Amelia these days, and she always hugs me every night. She keeps calling you, oh, she always holds Evan so I can’t breathe…”

Burton Liam smiled and pecked Evan’s face affectionately, “I wronged our family Evan…”

“It’s okay…” Being held by Baby Amelia is also a kind of happiness!

But seeing Daddy is in this posture, it will be hard for him to hold it in the future!!!

Hey… Mommy’s ownership is destined to belong only to Daddy!

“Well, Evan, Daddy will go see Mommy first, here is a gift for you, go and see if you like it…”

“Oh… Long live daddy!!” Evan took the gift from Burton Liam and obediently went into his toy room.

Although the little ghost head is not big, he has only been in this world for less than four years, but he still knows how to be alone with Mommy. What’s more, now, not seeing him for a week, then Lovesickness is like a tide!

So he obediently took the gift and ran directly into his toy room.

He doesn’t have to wait until the two of them are going to kiss, and think he gets in the way.

However, it seems that they did not have the consciousness of avoiding suspicion. He kissed her when he kissed her, and he didn’t kiss her anymore, so he didn’t worry about damaging their baby Evan!

In the kitchen, Amelia pretended to be earnestly cooking.

She shook her hand just now as if there was too much salt…

Hey, after being married for so many years, she can’t figure out herself, isn’t he just a week away? Did it make her nervous to this point?


When Amelia was wandering around emptiness, suddenly, she felt a tight waist, and a pair of sturdy long arms hugged her tightly from behind.

The familiar and charming voice murmured in her ears.

The warm and bewildering breath swept her sensitive ears intentionally or unintentionally, and Amelia’s whole body could not help but tremble with the tingling sensation.

She pursed her lips, lowered her head, suppressed her breathing, and did not dare to answer.

In the pot, there was a tumbling sound of ‘crackling…’, but after all, it couldn’t reach her ears.

His head rested ambiguously on her slender shoulders, and his thin, moist lips, intentionally or unintentionally, rubbed her neck, which was gradually reddening.

“Did you miss me?”

His voice was charming and deep, and he asked her in his arms gently with a hint of teasing.

“No…no!” Amelia came back with a trembling, her eyes flickering, “That…that, this week when you are away, I…I’m still quite used to it!”

Amelia blushed and lied.

She shouldn’t let him know that she has trouble sleeping and eating these days. If he knows, he must be laughing at her!

After speaking, Amelia didn’t forget to conceal her nervousness and went to pick up the vegetable spoon in the hot soup in the pot.

She just touched her hand…

“Ah…” Amelia whispered in pain, and instantly, the white and tender fingers began to blisters.

“What’s the matter?” Burton Liam was startled, and hurriedly grabbed her little hand and looked at it. In an instant, a charming handsome face sank a bit.

He extinguished the electronic fire on the stove, and then gently pulled her body to the sink, his eyes filled with worry.

“Come on, rush under the cold water…” Burton Liam held her little hand and told her anxiously.

“Be careful from now on…”

The small body was gently wrapped in his arms, and the small hands were gently held by his gentle palms. They were washed in soft water. It was painful after being scalded by something. However, it was very strange. But she didn’t feel any pain at all.

Only that layer of sweetness has flowed into her heart…

Just like applying a thick layer of honey, she encountered a high temperature deep in her heart and then quickly resolved it. Sweet, she almost forgot all the pain!

Amelia lowered her head, lowered her eyes, and laughed softly.

The little head leaned happily on his strong and sexually sensitive chest, allowing him to deal with the burn for herself.


Sure enough, the feeling of having him is always so at ease!

“I haven’t had a good time these days…” Burton Liam whispered pretentiously while busy helping Amelia deal with the burn.

“En?” Amelia leaned in his arms and listened quietly, her eyebrows frowned, and she gave him a worried look “What’s wrong?”

Burton Liam shrugged, “I’m not like some people, I can’t live a lot without the other person…”

As he continued talking, he gently pulled her into the living room.

Amelia just let him lead her, lowered her head, and laughed silently.

Burton Liam opened the medicine box on his own and began to help her with medicine.

“You…you don’t want me at all?” Burton Liam gave her a sneak peek while taking the medicine, and asked again unwillingly.

“That…that…” Amelia deliberately shifted her gaze away, “It’s okay! Just…the kind that is not particularly missed!” Amelia smiled secretly and teased him on purpose.

Well, yes, it seems that her husband is a man who loves family very much!!! She appreciates this!

Chapter 622

“Really?” Burton Liam smiled softly. “The kid said that you hugged him to sleep at night, but what you can call is my name. Moreover, he is wronged, saying that you hold him too tight and can’t breathe. Get angry, let me come back and rescue him!”

“White-eyed wolf!! The grass on the wall!” Amelia said angrily, “I slept with him for a week because of the loss. When you came back, he turned his elbow out!”

Burton Liam laughed helplessly, “Hey! How can you harm your son like this, either the wolf or the grass…?”

When he said that, Amelia obediently lowered her head.

It seems to be the same. If she is a mommy, she doesn’t want to damage her baby like this!

“Does it hurt?” Burton Liam gently embraced the injured her, rubbed her into his arms, and asked her distressedly while blowing on the wound she had just received.

“It doesn’t hurt…” Amelia shook her head, “I’m just fine after taking medicine, you don’t need to worry.”

“Be careful from now on, what if I’m not there any time you get hurt?” Burton Liam exhorted distressedly.

Amelia pursed her lips and smiled lightly, “You will be there!”

No matter what the difficulties are, he will always be by her side silently guarding her, shielding her and Evan from all the ups and downs.

He is their heaven, their umbrella…

Dinner table…

Amelia drooped a small head and silently grabbed the white rice in the bowl.

Originally, she said she wanted to cook his favorite steamed cod for her husband, but…

Sadly, her husband happened to come home. When she was excited, she shook the salt and put it in the soup. In time, she later added a lot of soup, but it didn’t help.

Seriously, some have been hit!!!

“My wife, you don’t need to be like this. It’s delicious, but it’s a little bit salty. I’m used to it! It happened to be too light to eat out recently, and I miss the taste of salt!”

Burton Liam comforted Amelia, who was frustrated with her shoulders hanging down.

Amelia raised her eyes, tearful, and looked at her husband with a touch of emotion.

Sure enough, her husband is still considerate!!!

Amelia held a pair of sparkling misty eyes again and looked at her baby boy with a grievance and sadness.

“Evan, is Mommy dumb? Even Daddy’s favorite fish can’t be steamed…”

Her baby son will comfort her kindly!


Evan put his small hands on Amelia’s shoulders distressedly, and comforted her, “Mommy, although you are the stupidest in our family, you don’t need to be too sad, you are still much smarter than others! Just take me. Let’s compare with my little classmate, she is stupid than you…”

Evan bit the fish bones while still eloquent.

The opposite Liam had already smiled.

“Evan!!!” A lion roar resounded across the sky…

This guy doesn’t comfort people if he can’t comfort them!!! Even dare to compare her IQ with a three-year-old chick!!!

It’s simply…

At night…

The master bedroom, a beautiful color.

After being separated for a week, they are in the raging fire of purgatory. The releaser belongs to the longing between them, doing what they love to do…!

“Old…husband, why you are…that desire-hope is getting stronger…”

“En…” Burton Liam was busy, while hesitated to answer her, “Isn’t it?”

Who made his wife so attractive?

It’s also really strange…

According to the normal physiology of the human body, after a man reaches the age of 30, he will go downhill, and both his ability and his need will become weaker and weaker.

For this reason, he was worried for a long time and even took time out to go to the gym to exercise to satisfy the needs of his young wife.

He was really afraid that he would not be able to do it one day, and that would hurt his precious wife.

However, the result was completely beyond his expectation…

His desire-hope is increasing with his age, in fact, strictly speaking, it is increasing with his dependence on his wife.

In the end, the number of times they rolled the sheets increased rapidly from five times a week to seven times a week, and they were even going up crazy…

No wonder the little wife is starting to complain!!!

He wanted to stop, but he couldn’t restrain his thoughts of wanting her!

“Wife…” Burton Liam’s low voice called softly to his wife who couldn’t help but breathe.

“Um… um…” Amelia responded to him out of breath.

She rolled the sheets with her husband several times, and she was really tired!

“Tired, isn’t it?” Burton Liam stopped the action of staying underneath and tenderly asked her, watching her eyes full of apologetics, and caressing her soaked with sweat on the forehead with a big palm.

“Also… okay…” Amelia knew that her husband was in need, so no matter how hard or tired she was, she couldn’t dispel her husband’s enthusiasm. Then, would he be very hurt?

Hey… She guesses she is not doing well enough as a wife!

Burton Liam sighed helplessly, “My wife, from tomorrow I… shall we sleep in separate rooms?”

He didn’t want to exhaust his precious wife. He remembered that the little girl was in a trance when she woke up in the morning to go to work because of poor sleep at night.

Amelia was stunned when she heard what he said, and the next moment, her pupils were stained with mist.

“You…you started to dislike me…” Amelia choked, trying to make her voice sound more aggrieved.

The little hand slammed his sturdy chest indiscriminately, “Do you think I am not doing well enough, oh oh oh… this kind of thing can be reconciled!”

The more she spoke, the more aggrieved Amelia’s voice became, and she cried so much that it was called a pear blossom with rain, and her eyes were full of helpless expressions, causing Burton Liam under her to feel a pain in his heart.

With his long arms, he hugged her tightly and put her head in his warm arms.

The dumb voice sighed helplessly, “My wife, you know I didn’t mean that…”

“Isn’t that what you mean? How can a couple sleep in separate rooms? You said, did you have other women outside!” Amelia was even more reluctant to forgive, and the crying became more stern.

Of course, she knew that he wouldn’t have other women, just give him the kind that he wouldn’t want, but Amelia deliberately wanted to make him flustered, and then dutifully slept with her in a bed.

Bastard, dare to split the room to sleep!!!

“Other women? Wife, where did I want to go, how could I possibly!” Burton Liam hurriedly wiped her tears.

“You said that there are other women, then why do you want to sleep with me in a separate room…” In the end, Amelia couldn’t cry.

Burton Liam hugged her long arms tightly, and sighed lowly, “You know I just don’t want to tire you… I know, you can’t stand it every day, but…”

“But what?” Amelia pursed her lips and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes aggrievedly.

How can she be as weak as he said! Really…

Although, he is indeed very tough!!! Sometimes she will be so little tired…

“But, as soon as you lie next to me, I can’t help but want to hug you, and I can’t help thinking… to…”

Seriously, this made Amelia feel at ease.

It seems that her husband loves her!

Amelia’s face turned red.

These years, those who are too weak have low self-esteem, and those who are too strong will end up in such a difficult situation.

“I… I’ll see the doctor tomorrow!” Burton Liam sighed.

“See a doctor?” Amelia’s eyes widened like brass bells. “Husband, this is not a disease. What kind of doctor do you see?”

“It’s okay, let’s talk about it after reading it! Will the doctor tell me, go to bed, you will be exhausted?” Burton Liam smiled softly, comforting her sleeping in his arms.

Amelia gave him a distressed look, “Well…” murmured, buried her in his arms, and fell asleep.

“Husband, I…I will cooperate with you…”

“Husband I love you…”

In the dream, the little woman in his arms kept muttering, Burton Liam’s slender fingers caressed her soaked hair in distress, and laughed unconsciously.

There was a slight bitterness in his smile.

Stupid wife, I love you too…

So, I don’t want to wrong you so much!!!

Next day

Burton Liam sat in the office, looking a little restless.

He went to see the doctor early this morning, and the doctor told him that he had no problem at all. If it is too much, a little restraint is enough.

What a broken answer!

If he can be restrained, he won’t go to the doctor!

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