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Chapter 627

“Mrs. Chairman?” It was Miss Ruby, the secretary of the office, who saw Amelia recently. As soon as Amelia entered she greeted her with pleasure.

“Oh, you are here to take Burton Liam off work personally again!”

“Ah? Yes…Yes…” Amelia was a little embarrassed, but the expression in her eyes was somewhat suspicious.

Maya’s words still faintly drifted past her ears…

“Come to catch the chairman and go back? Didn’t he go home on time yesterday?” Secretary Ruby asked her gossiping again.

“You… how do you know?” Amelia glared at her with a wary look.

Secretary Ruby gave her a speechless glance, “I am his secretary, of course, I know!”

“Oh oh… also…” She thinks too much.

“I’m telling you, it was weird yesterday…” Secretary Ruby’s gossip face approached Amelia’s ear and whispered.

“Weird?” Amelia couldn’t help but feel startled, and looked at her, “Why…how weird?”

“He wasn’t too busy at work yesterday, so he just stayed in the office and didn’t leave. The dinner was still taken care of by the company, and he still ordered a takeaway. What’s stranger is that he didn’t dislike it! You said this is weird. Strange? Every one of us was discussing it and thought you two were divorced!”

“You only…” Amelia subconsciously prepared to say, “You are just divorced!” the words came to a halt.

Forget it! Too lazy to care about these people who say grape sour without eating grapes!

However, this behavior of her husband is really weird, not only weird but also makes her angry.

“Then, is he busy today?” She remembers that a man just made an excuse to say that today he is very busy at work, just like yesterday.

“Busy P!” Secretary Ruby seemed to be aware of Burton Liam’s lie, and told Amelia excitedly with a gloating appearance, “I helped him deal with the difficult things early. You said his grandfather has what’s so busy…”

These words…

It’s enough for the entire company to dare to ask her for a secretary. Is this the chairman co-authored?

Amelia snorted, seeing the excitement on her face, and suddenly realized, “Secretary Ruby, are you getting a divorce with your husband?”

“You… how do you know?” This time, Secretary Ruby was shocked.

“…” Amelia was silent.

Seeing other couples being awkward and excited like this, she still has a posture of adding fuel to the jealousy. At first glance, she lives a lonely life and wants to find someone to accompany her on the road to divorce! Humph!!!

“Secretary Maya, I wish you a smooth divorce along the way…” Amelia gave a heartless and dry smile and shook her hand at Secretary Maya, who was still gritting her teeth and grind her fangs behind her and twisted her waist to her triumphantly. She went to her husband’s office.

“Boom, boom, boom…” three soft knocks sounded.

“Come in…” A familiar response came from the office, shaking people’s hearts and minds!

Amelia opened the door and went in.

“Old…wife?” Obviously, Burton Liam was stunned for a second, and the next moment, the corners of his lips smiled, and he hurriedly got up and greeted her.

The long arms habitually swept her waist, “Hey! Why didn’t you call me and sneaked over…”

“I want to give you a surprise!” Surprise and joy!!!

Secretly… the word dares to love is good!!!

Amelia glanced at the office subconsciously, but it was a pity that there was not half of a vixen!

“What’s the matter, wife? In a bad mood?” Liam asked worriedly, frowning.

It was the first time he had seen his wife not put on such a crazy smile, which made him worried.

The slender fingers touched her small pink face, and he squeezed her pettingly, “What’s wrong, wife, who made you angry!”

Amelia shook her head, avoiding his fingers, “No…” shook her head, and answered weakly.

“There must be something!” Burton Liam replied affirmatively. As he said, he hooked her lower jaw with his finger, “What’s the matter?”

Amelia raised her eyes, shook her head, and pulled out a far-fetched smile, “Husband, are you busy today?”

Burton Liam shook his head wittily, “Not busy…it’s important to be with my wife!”

She is so upset, even if he is really busy, he still has to suppress what he has on hand!

Amelia pulled out a far-fetched smile, “But you just said on the phone that you might be busy…”

“Well, forget it! Don’t be busy tonight, let’s talk about it tomorrow!”

He just happened to have a big case in his hand, and the research and development plan of the new product was over his hands. However, it seems that tomorrow is going to be busy, and today he has to stay with his wife wholeheartedly.

However, to Amelia, it sounded like words on the phone, but just fooling her.

Heart, unconsciously a little bit sour.

“Wife, wait for me, I’ll go and pack things first!” Burton Liam confessed and then began to clean up the desk full of documents.

“Okay…” Amelia nodded but did not take time off, helping to tidy up.

Soon, after finishing packing, he took his coat, took his precious wife, and left the company.

In the car

“Wife, what do you want to eat tonight, can I cook it for you?” Burton Liam coaxed his wife to be happy.

Amelia in the co-pilot was a little absent-minded, and her obscure eyes were a little hollow, and she kept falling out of the window as if watching the scenery that was constantly flying by.

Her heart has been erratic…

Is she not doing well enough? Still, love really cannot withstand the test of marriage!

However, they have always been very good and very good. In those books, there are other people’s words that “marriage is the tomb of love”. For a long time, Amelia only felt that they were farting.

Because between them, they have been married for five years, but they have always been like glue, every day it seems that they are still in love.

Even today, even now, she still feels so!

That’s why her heart is so bitter, isn’t it?

If they are a dull couple, perhaps these things have already gone along with them!

“Amelia…” Burton Liam whispered again when he sensed her serious distraction.

“En?” Finally, Amelia slowed her return, tilted her head, and looked at him in astonishment, “Why…what’s wrong?”

Burton Liam smiled helplessly, “It’s nothing, I just asked what you want to eat tonight!”

It seems that his wife is really worried today!

Well, when he got home, let’s study hard at night! This little lady must be coaxed!

“Oh…” Amelia looked dazed, raised her eyes slightly, and glanced at him deeply, the light smile on the corner of his lips was still full of pampering taste.

“Whatever you want!” She can eat anything, as long as he is with her, no matter what he does, she will be happy!

Burton Liam curled his lips helplessly. It seems that his wife is absent today. She would be very excited to lie on him in the usual way, clamoring for this or that, right?

Soon, they returned home.

Amelia was still a little dazed, her small body was buried in the sofa, half lying down.

“Hey…” She sighed slowly, “There is no kid in the house, so empty…”

How nice the kid is, he can torture her as much as he wants, he can anger her, at least, when she is angry, she doesn’t have to think about so many things in her mind! Then, would her mood be so bad?

It turns out that the grinning kid in their family has this function!

Burton Liam was not in a hurry to cook, and sat down on the sofa beside Amelia.

“Wife, do you treat me as air?”

As he said, the long arms habitually took the wilting wife into his warm arms.

As soon as she leaned in, Amelia only felt a peaceful warm current seep into her heart…

Her heart trembled slightly, and the corners of her lips smiled sadly, she couldn’t imagine, what if one day she leaves this embrace…

“Husband…” Amelia called him, her voice was very soft, and it was hurtful.

“En…” Burton Liam touched her little head with pity, hummed softly, and responded to her.

“Will you…will you leave me one day…” When she asked these words, Amelia’s throat unconsciously choked up.

Burton Liam was taken aback, “My wife, do you know how unconstructive the question you just asked?” Burton Liam’s tone of reply couldn’t help but sink a bit.

Amelia, who was buried in his arms, only felt a sore nose, “You answer me!”

“Such questions that are completely unconstructive, non-consideration, non-presumptive, and non-textual, still need me to answer?” Burton Liam stared at her helplessly.

As a result, Amelia’s red-eye sockets were seen, and the tough tone instantly softened, “My wife, why are you crying? Look at you, your eyes are like rabbit eyes. Be good, don’t cry. It’s not your husband, I won’t answer, you… at least have to ask some more realistic questions. Testing your husband’s IQ will not be so harmful to others!”

Amelia felt aggrieved and soothed her tears, “I think I am serious!!”

She is so serious that she can no longer be serious!!!

Burton Liam was taken aback for a moment, and then he returned to his senses and looked at her in surprise, “My wife, don’t tell me that you have been in a low mood just now, you are brewing the answer to this question!!”

If she dares to say yes, he will consider whether to let this woman know on the spot how ‘deep’ he loves her! It just so happens that the big light bulb kid isn’t there, so it’s very suitable to do this kind of work in the world!

“Yes…” Sure enough, his wife didn’t let him down!!!

Burton Liam’s dark blue eyes were as big as copper bells. The next moment, he sighed helplessly, raised his hand, and rubbed the painful brow.

“Wife, what about you? Will, you suddenly not want me one day?” Burton Liam asked her back.

“I won’t answer questions that are not constructive, not considerate, not hypothetical, and not textural!” Amelia snorted.

Burton Liam shrugged helplessly and gave her an innocent look.

Have a look! Her questions are too low-quality, so she is embarrassed to ask him!

Chapter 628

However, he found that this problem is not completely without texture, at least, it can still make his wife unhappy all day, so he is ready to look at it head-on.

Solve the problem first, and then use actual actions to tell her how ‘deep’ he loves her!

“Wife…” He gently pulled her little hand, clasped her palm tightly, calling her in a petting tone.

“You know this kind of problem, in fact, in my consciousness, there is no hypothesis!” What he said is true!

From the moment he fell in love with her, he decided to give this little woman a lifetime of happiness. As for those idiots that don’t want her, how could he be willing to do it!

“But…” The slender fingers rubbed the back of her soft hand, “What made you suddenly feel so insecure to me?”

Burton Liam’s words made Amelia’s heart lost, and she instantly became happy, her heart overflowing with emotion, and her eyes were not consciously red.

“I…” Amelia hesitated, trying to answer, her voice choked.

Does she think too much!!!

“En?” Burton Liam still just smiled softly and asked her gently, not forgetting to reach out to help her dry the tears that hurt his heart at the corner of her eyes.

His wife is made of water, crying when she is happy, and crying when she is unhappy, but she doesn’t know that every tear makes his heart aching.

This fool!!!

Seeing his distressed look, Amelia dropped her eyes with a complete guilty conscience.

Just like her husband hurt her, she even suspected that he was outside…

“Let’s talk! Wife, you let me know, I’ll change it next time…”

Save this guy from thinking about it in the future, women are all sensitive animals, he can understand completely.

Maybe it was his behavior that caused this little guy to misunderstand something.

Amelia raised her eyes and glanced at him moved, “Old…husband…”

She coquettishly rubbed Burton Liam’s sturdy chest, and her little hand, accompanied by a guilty conscience, drew small circles in his arms randomly, “You, have you despised me lately…”

Her voice was a bit hoarse, and it was extremely difficult to hear in Burton Liam’s ears.

“If there is no constructive question, don’t answer, just say the key point!!”

He wanted to cut this little guy’s head with a knife and take a look at what was inside. To hate her, does he need to work so hard to control certain physical needs?

Such things are fatal to men!!!

Heartless bad woman!!!

“Then…then why do you always find excuses to avoid others these past two days…” Amelia blinked aggrievedly and whispered accusing him of sobbing.


The smile on the corner of Burton Liam’s lips suddenly froze, and his heart was taken aback for a second.

Feeling the subtle change in Burton Liam, Amelia couldn’t help feeling a little bit cold.

She just didn’t know which man was nagging in her ear, saying that her question was not constructive at all, but now…

She asked the key point, so, did he silence it?

Thinking of this, Amelia’s eye sockets couldn’t help but become even redder, and her small hand randomly beat his strong chest.

“I’ll just say you have some, you have some… Oh, you dislike others, and deliberately avoid them…”

Amelia hissed to accuse him, until the end, aggrieved and wept bitterly.

Liam panicked all at once.

He hurriedly probed his hands and helped Amelia wipe her tears distressedly, “My wife, you think too much!”

“No…Uh…” Amelia pulled away from his arms and continued to cry, covering her face.

Thinking of the words that had just fooled her on the phone, coupled with Maya’s words, her chest was uncomfortable.

“Wife, I… how would I despise you? It’s too late to love you every day, don’t buckle my hat!” Burton Liam held the restless little guy tightly in his arms and explained in a flustered manner.

“You…you don’t dislike others, then why are you avoiding them, you still say busy, you are fine at all! Also, yesterday, you didn’t go home, you were not like this before! Oh oh oh…”

“I…” In the face of Amelia’s accusation, Burton Liam fell silent.

He hesitated.

Should he tell his wife his real purpose?

What he said, his considerate wife would not bear him doing this, and then she would try her best to cooperate with him, right?!


No, neither is it!!!

Seeing Burton Liam hesitated for a while, Amelia cried harder all of a sudden, he was hiding something from her!

“Forget it…forget it, you can go back to the company and work on it!!” Amelia choked, “I…I won’t bother you!!!”

As soon as the words fell, Amelia hurriedly broke free of his embrace and ran upstairs.

With a “bang”, the sound of heavy slamming of the door made Burton Liam in the hall suddenly startled.

There was a sudden coldness in the empty arms.

The thin lips fit together, and the movements are somewhat mechanical.

He looked at the closed door upstairs stupidly, and he slowly recovered.

His wife is angry!

This time, he seemed to be too restrained.

Forget it, since that’s the case, now he doesn’t bother to think about so many things. Let his wife know how deep he loves her is the most important thing!

Thinking of this, he rushed upstairs.

Sure enough, coaxing his wife is his lifelong responsibility and obligation!

“Wife, can you open the door?”

“My wife, I was wrong, you open the door!”

“Wife, you first listen to my explanation, okay? I have a reason, not deliberately to avoid you!”


“Wow…” The last pleading word was not finished yet, and the door of the room was pulled open quickly, and a cool breeze was caught.

Inside the door, a pair of red and swollen misty eyes stared at him aggrievedly, obviously with a little annoyance.

“Burton Liam, you finally admitted that you avoided me, didn’t you?”

There was a cry in her voice, and her red and swollen eyes clearly showed signs of crying, which made Burton Liam’s heart a tingling pain.

His wife, it’s been a long time since he was called by his first name and last name!

This time, she was really angry!

“My wife, listen to me first…” Burton Liam stepped forward and leaned into the room.

A probe hand tightly rubbed the crying little thing into his arms.

“I don’t listen, I don’t listen, I don’t listen…” Amelia covered her ears angrily, letting tears rain down.

Seeing Burton Liam, she was shocked. It was this guy who was crying, but the pain was his own.

Seeing her appearance, Liam felt distressed for a while but felt helpless.

He bowed his head, and without warning, deeply kissed her who was still crying.

He didn’t know how to soothe her emotions. He wanted to explain, but the little guy was so angry that she didn’t give him a chance to explain. Therefore, he had to use his most sincere kiss to tell this little thing that he really How much he love her!

To love, she dare not assume that there is no her in his world!!!

Under his domineering kiss offensive, allowing Amelia to struggle indiscriminately, after all, all her hostility and anger were temporarily melted into this gentle, deep kiss with pampering and pity.

He doesn’t know how long he kissed, rolling from the head of the bed to the end of the bed, and then rolling back to the head of the bed as the end of the bed, but there seems to be no intention to stop.

“What are you doing…?”

“Tick my wife…”

“It’s getting itchy, let go!”

“I’ll help you check by the way to see if there are any bad diseases…”

“Ah? Will…what will happen?” Sure enough, she was fooled!

“Well, I just said the inspection, the result of the inspection was very good, no…” As he said, his hands began to slide down again…

(Cannot be described)…

But a certain man has already left the doctor’s so-called ‘temperance’ out of the blue!

‘Moderation’ starts tomorrow!

Always start tomorrow…

Long time…

Amelia, who had recovered from passion and desire, just remembered today’s key points.

“It’s off-topic again!”

Sitting on him, Amelia couldn’t help but yell.

Burton Liam laughed, probing his hands, curling his eyebrows, and clicking on his slightly opened lips, “Don’t speak the foul language!”

Amelia curled her lips, “Evan is not here, so it’s not bad to teach you! You, don’t change the subject for me!”

“My wife, I don’t…” Burton Liam retorted with aggrieved expression.

“Say, give me a reason!!” Amelia glared and snarled at him.

Experience tells her that in this kind of open-minded situation, she must show an angry look, and she must be persistent, so that the problem may be taken seriously!

“Wh…What reason?” Burton Liam blinked the innocent blue pupil.

“Don’t pretend to be crazy or stupid. Do you think I am a kid? Just pretend to believe?”

“…” Would the little devil’s treatment be better? She pretended to believe him!

Knowing to pretend, still, believe him! Only his wife can do this kind of thing.

“Eccentric!” Liam muttered dissatisfiedly.

“Are you going to tell me?” Amelia looked aggrieved and stared at him with her lips pouting.

Don’t say anything, just cry to him!

“Okay, okay! I said I said…” Forget it, he will die early and be overborne.

“That…that, wife, I…I…” He was a little hard to say.

Amelia glared at him, tears almost overflowing in her eyes.

The harder her husband looked, the more scared she became…

At last…

“Forget it!” Amelia suddenly interrupted what Burton Liam was about to say.

“I…I won’t listen!” As soon as the words fell, a tear rolled out of her eyes.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to know, it’s the answer to the question, she is a little scared.

Count her as an ostrich! She was very willing to believe her husband, but the more he was like this, the more scared she was.

Since she is afraid to know, it is better not to know!

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