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Chapter 639

“Hey! Just listen to what they say, don’t take it seriously!” Burton Liam tilted his head and looked at her, saying seriously.

“Which sentence?” Amelia pretended to be silly, blinking her beautiful eyes, “Is that the sentence that says you are so handsome?”

“This sentence can be taken seriously!” Burton Liam pursed his lips and smiled.

“Speaking of what I’m bothered by, you must not take it seriously!!”

“This sentence…” Amelia thought for a while, “Husband, you don’t bother?”

“Nonsense!!!” Burton Liam’s detective hand knocked on her little head.

“Really, how can you accumulate all the strengths of a man in one? You are handsome, rich, infatuated, and kind to your wife… Tsk tsk tsk…” Speaking of this, Amelia feels like her Husband is indeed a bit angry!

As everyone knows, she is the one who deserves the most resentment!!!

Why can she have such a wonderful husband!!!

“Liam, let me bring the soup out for you!” Amelia said and went to serve the freshly baked pork rib soup on the colored platform.

“Hey, don’t…”


As a result, before Burton Liam stopped speaking, he heard Amelia’s painful scream.

Fortunately, the soup on the table will not be able to be picked up in the future, only a little bit of it will come out.

“Fool, is it hot?” Liam hurriedly turned off the fire and went to check her little hands.

Amelia exclaimed and surprised the two guests in the living room.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” The two women also poked their heads in with a worried expression.

“It’s okay, I’m just being scalded…” Amelia hurriedly shook her head and blew two breaths into her little finger.

“Come on, let me see!” Burton Liam anxiously pulled her finger and examined it carefully.

“I told you not to come into the kitchen. Look, you’ve burned again. It’s not once or twice!” Burton Liam babbled while helping her with medicine.

Amelia curled her lips, “I want to help you!”

“I know…” Burton Liam smiled helplessly, probed his hand, and squeezed Amelia’s small face, “I know you are virtuous, but at least you have to take care of yourself, right? Do yourself all day long. Battered all over…”

As Burton Liam said, he helped her get some medicine.

“Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt at all!” Amelia took her little hand and went back.

“Tsk tusk…Do you want to be so affectionate?” Maya sipped softly outside the door.

“Amelia, do you want me to be jealous!” Elena couldn’t help making fun of her.

“Where is…”

Burton Liam smiled warmly, “Well, all three of you go to the hall and wait, it will be open soon, and the kitchen will be left to me!”

Turning his head, he glanced at his wife again, “You, go and sit there, don’t wander around in the kitchen, good…”

“Oh…” Amelia curled her lips and walked out of the kitchen with her head hanging down.

She seems stupid! Can’t even do the kitchen work!!! Cup!

In the hall-

“Wow, your man seems to love you!!” Maya couldn’t help sighing again.

“No, appearance, appearance!” Amelia said with a blushing face, duplicity.

“No, look at you being burnt, his distressed energy, that can’t be pretended!” Elena began to be fair to her elder.

Amelia looked at them suspiciously, “Didn’t you just say that he just appeared to be sincere to me?”

“…” Suddenly, the two women were silent.

“Hey! Three beauties, let’s have dinner!” Burton Liam walked over to the dining room with the bowl of hot soup in his hand, and by the way, called the three women who were chatting happily in the hall.

“Ah…” Amelia whispered, leaning towards him with a worried expression, “Are your hands hot? Are you hot?”

“You think I am as stupid as you!” Liam knocked on her little head, “I have something to pad.”

“Eat, eat…” Seeing that her husband is okay, Amelia also directly filtered out what her husband had made her stupid. Anyway, she would be a little stupid, and her husband would be smart!

“Wow-it’s delicious!!” The two women couldn’t help sighing.

“Yeah! I just said that my man cooks delicious food!” Amelia glared at them proudly.

“Cut! What are you proud of? You didn’t do it!” Seeing her dignity, the two couldn’t help spraying her.

“He is my man, of course, I am proud!” Amelia said, taking another bite of the meat in her hand, wow! It smells so good!

“Little Liam, doing a good job! As expected to be Amelia’s man!” Amelia said, not forgetting to pat Burton Liam on the shoulder proudly as if she was completely proud of him.

Liam’s lips twitched slightly, “Don’t call me Little Liam…”

He couldn’t bear this kind of name that was exactly like little Mason and little Amelia!

Just two words, naive!!!

His steady and gentle image is too inconsistent with him!

“Huh!!” Amelia didn’t bother to care about his protest, turned her head, poked out her greasy pink lips, and snorted on her husband’s face.

Burton Liam grinned and complained, “Dirty ghost, a mouthful of oil!”

With that said, he pulled a piece of paper and wiped it on his greasy face.

“No matter…” Amelia murmured.

“Okay, okay, eat first! After eating, I will play with you, okay?” Burton Liam laughed, coaxing her like a child.

This guy, some outsiders don’t know how to converge.

“Hey! Do you want to be so affectionate?” Maya glanced at them ambiguously.

Liam smiled awkwardly, “I’m sorry! I’m used to this way…”

“Don’t pay attention to them, maybe they play a lot more than us at home!! Really?”

“Cut, I want to have a good boyfriend like you, I am willing to nest at home every day!” Maya gave her a shy look.

“Hey! Don’t tell me, Maya, you should know me sooner, I can also introduce you to a very good man! Right, Liam…”

Dare to love this guy is addicted!

“Who?” Burton Liam looked at her confused.

A very good man? Is there anyone in her circle beside him?! It’s impossible!

“Adam Mason! You are stupid!” Amelia glanced at him.

“Puff…” A mouthful of soup spouted directly from Burton Liam’s mouth, “Forget it! He looks like he is now, so don’t join in!”

Since he was little left, he has been wandering among all kinds of flowers without knowing what he is going to do. In short, he has fully displayed his cynical nature!!!

“Hey! That’s also…” Amelia lowered her head, “Maya, you are a few steps late, our Mason already has a heart!”

Is this empathy?!!!

“Hey! Is he as good as you said?” Maya asked curiously, then glanced at the opposite Burton Liam, “Is he nice to have my boyfriend?”

What does the heart belong to? As the saying goes, there is no inseparable marriage in this world, it just depends on your hard work as a junior!

“Of course!” Amelia answered her almost without thinking.

“Bah~” A muffled sound hit her little head, “Say it again…”

When he is dead!!! How dare to praise his former love rival as better than himself without hesitation?!

“Ah… it hurts!!” Amelia whispered in pain and retracted her little head aggrievedly.

“When… of course not!!” Under the pressure of form, she had to speak without conscience!

“But Mason is only a little bit away!! Just a little bit!!” Amelia tried to fight for a good image for her good friend with her little hand.

“Really? Then you introduce me, I will try to get him!” Maya said excitedly.

“Forget it…I just want to tell you that he is fine! You don’t need to chase, that guy is now in estrus!” Su Mo waved her little hand helplessly.

“In estrus, I should chase him more!” Maya was puzzled.


Burton Liam laughed, you are a bird-beast!!!

“Miss Maya, don’t listen to her nonsense, that guy has lost love recently, and is now enjoying the pain of being single!”

The so-called pain of being single is that he can constantly change women, but it is a pity that no matter how many women pass by, it is not the one he wants to love in his heart!

Maya sighed sadly, “Hey…I know! Good men are always someone else’s, so handsome, you can only look at them. Of course, no matter how you look at them, they won’t be yours… “

“Hey! Don’t be melancholy, hurry up to eat!! After the meal, I will take you to see the photos!” Amelia said as she said, she didn’t forget to help her put vegetables in the bowl.

“I said Amelia, your boyfriend is the blessing you have cultivated for ten lifetimes, right?”

“Hey! Elena, I don’t like to listen to these words!!” Amelia answered Elena, who was helping her with food.

Burton Liam on the side just pursed his lips and smiled faintly.

When a woman speaks, he usually doesn’t interrupt, unless it directly violates the husband’s authority like just now!

“Ask my Liam, who is more blessed! A cute and beautiful woman like me, there are a lot of things waiting outside!”

For example, a few days ago, the bird-beast manager, said that his true identity is still a small company of that company! Up to now, he still calls her and sends text messages from time to time!

“Hey! Don’t be narcissistic! Okay, well, he is more blessed, okay? Someday if you think your man is bad, remember to notify me at any time, I don’t mind collecting him for you ……” Elena smiled badly.

“Okay!” Amelia responded generously, and said again without a smile, “Hurry up when you are queuing in your next life!”

“Cut…” Elena sneered.

Burton Liam laughed silently, dare to feel that when these women were talking about her belonging, did they not ask him at all about the client’s wishes?!

In the evening, the two noisy women finally left.

Amelia was on the sofa looking at her husband who was busy packing things up.

“Husband, are you tired?” Let her come after saying yes, but her husband froze that she was tired today, so she must have a good rest!

Chapter 640

“Hey! Your husband, I’m a man!” If this little thing makes him tired, how can he take care of the two little kids at home!

“Husband, wait, let’s go see Mason, okay?” Amelia suddenly thought of something, pouting her lips, and asked him coquettishly.

Liam raised his eyes and glanced at her, “What’s the matter?”

Amelia shrugged, “Worry about him!”
Today she suddenly chatted with Maya about him, and she couldn’t help feeling a little sad.

“That guy doesn’t know what he is doing recently, I think I should persuade him! How about you? Do you want to go with me?”

“I think I still don’t go!” Liam thought for a while and answered her.

“Why? You should persuade him somehow, let him learn more from you! That guy is really…” Amelia refused.

“You are such an idiot! If you want me to go, he will not be irritated to death by the two of us. If someone is broken in love, you still go to him to show off your happiness and then yell that he will learn from your husband. You are not just looking for does the anger make him suffer?”

“It seems to be…” Amelia nodded in agreement, “Forget it since Liam doesn’t like you, you’d better not go!”

“…” How much he just did that guy didn’t like him?

What an idiot little fool!!!

Burton Liam let go of his work and sat down next to Amelia, “My wife looks at your Mason from my man’s eyes, but that guy can’t let go of Hazel, but he doesn’t want to indulge himself in a world with her, so he let himself play games in the flowers, but if there is a real game world, only he knows! If you worry about him, wait and see him! I’ll pick you up later!”

“Is that so?” Amelia gave him a suspicious look.

“I hope so!” Burton Liam nodded and suddenly seemed to remember something, “Remember to remind that guy to take precautions when he rolls the sheets. HIV is very popular now!!”

“Hey! Are you cursing people?”

“Why, I just kindly remind him to guard against it!”

“…” Why does Amelia feel that she has some elements of watching a show in it!

Hey! Liam in their family is not kind!

Late at night…

When Adam Mason came back from outside, he opened the door and found that the lights in the hall were on.

From time to time, the kitchen was filled with “Ping-Pong-pong-” pots and bowls clashing.

He panicked for a second.

In the next instant, he stepped forward and ran into the kitchen.

Amelia came out of the kitchen with the freshly brewed coffee and happened to bump into him.

Amelia was stunned for a second, and Adam Mason on the opposite side was also visibly stunned.

The bright eyes faded unconsciously for a few minutes, suddenly, as if thinking of something, “You…how did you come in?”

He doesn’t remember that this guy has the keys to his house!!!

“Climbing the fence, the wall of your house is not too high!” Amelia answered naturally, holding the coffee until she passed by.

“What? Just thought Hazel came back?”

“Hey! Amelia, are you a monkey? Your husband wants to know that you climbed the wall into my house and must beat me to death!!” Adam Mason deliberately ignored her question and cursed himself.

“Oh! By the way, my husband has something to pass on to you! When he said that when you play between the flowers, remember to take protective measures, saying that AIDS is prevalent recently!” Amelia said in the words of her husband. The essence of it was conveyed to him.

Adam Mason took off his coat, threw it on the sofa, and snorted coldly, “He has AIDS!”

“Hello?!!!” Amelia gave him an angry look. Isn’t this a disguised saying that he has AIDS? Deadman!!!

“Okay, okay! It’s funny!” Adam Mason smiled, his big palm fell on her little head, and he maliciously rubbed her hair into a mess.

Amelia didn’t hurt him either but just sorted out her soft hair.

“Hey! Have you been wicked recently?”

“Yes!” Adam Mason replied hesitantly, went to the refrigerator, and took out two halls of beer, “Your husband told you not to drink it?”

“No!” Amelia shook her head, “But I can barely drink with you!”

Adam Mason threw the beer to her, “Your husband treats you as a baby!”

“That’s, do you think everyone is like you? It’s weird if you don’t lose love!” Amelia said coldly and opened the beer bottle cap with a “pop”.

“Hey! What are you here for?” Adam Mason reminded her angrily.

Wherever this guy hurts, she pokes wherever!

“Yes! I’m here to comfort you!” Amelia said, getting up from the sofa, approaching him, and putting her small hands on his generous shoulders with difficulty.

“Mason, what’s so great about being broken in love? A handsome young master like you doesn’t care if you are a little, right? There are so many women with you every day, how can you be sad and lonely? So, why do you need my comfort!!?”

Amelia said shamelessly, saying that when there were many women, he did not forget to hold the wine bottle exaggeratedly compared to a big circle.

Adam Mason was silent suddenly.

For a long time, he just hung his head and said nothing more.

“Hey! Are you really sad?” Seeing something wrong with him, Amelia stabbed him and asked worriedly.

Adam Mason glanced at her deeply, “Hey! Do you know, I used to like you very much?”

Amelia raised an eyebrow and smiled, “How much do you like?”

“I don’t know, I think I like you very much!” Adam Mason replied earnestly, suddenly, as if thinking of something, “At least because of you I have abstained for two years!!”

“Abstinence-two years?” Amelia glared at him incredulously, slammed his hands, and touched his forehead, “God! Mason, you won’t burn your brain! Let you be like this. Desire-hope is extremely, very surplus men abstained-desire for two years, you sinned!!”

Adam Mason took Amelia’s little hand and said, “It’s nothing. Even if I abstained from desire, at least my body had some reactions, but now, I find…I don’t even have that desire in my body-hope!”

“You…” Amelia glared at him, eyes full of incredible, mixed with a little sympathy, and finally couldn’t help but yell out, “Mason, you don’t want to raise it?!!!”

Oh my God!!!

“It’s no wonder that Hazel is leaving for this reason! My God, Mason, I sympathize with you, so now you are walking between different women every day to cure this problem? Mason, I told you, I told you not to be too indulgent. Look, the retribution is coming! Hey…Mason, I told you, don’t be too sad, don’t feel inferior, it’s okay, no that thing doesn’t work well! Don’t pay too much attention to it. Wow… don’t just be softer, you’ll get used to it!”

Amelia kindly persuaded him with a look of compassion, and when she talked about emotions, she did not forget to throw out some saliva and star foam as tears.

Adam Mason only felt a little twitching at the corners of his mouth. Probably this is a typical chicken-and-duck talk!

“Done?” Adam Mason asked her calmly.

“That’s it!” Amelia nodded affirmatively, then glanced at him suspiciously. Isn’t it true that he wasn’t emotional enough? He was not moved at all.

“Hey! Are you okay?” He must be pretending to be strong!

Adam Mason raised his eyebrows and asked her, “Are you asking me or my little brother?”

Adam Mason lowered his eyes and deliberately glanced at his lower body.

“Haha -” Amelia’s mouth twitched, “Don’t be too sad!!”

Reassuringly patted him on the shoulder!

“Fortunately…” Adam Mason couldn’t help sighing.

“Fortunately what?” Amelia was suspicious.

“Fortunately, I didn’t chase you back then! Otherwise, I must be tortured to death by you!” Her mind couldn’t turn around, he was really afraid that one day he would just screw her head off when he went crazy!

Amelia blinked, as if thinking of something suddenly, “Mason, didn’t you just say that you like me? Then why didn’t you chase me back then? It’s…it made me think that nobody likes me. I chased Liam and refused to let go! Other girls are all suitors!”

Dare to love this guy because he is afraid that no one will be unable to marry, so she depends on her husband?

Haha, she can’t imagine what a spectacular scene would be if her husband heard this!

“En…it’s a problem, I think about it…” Adam Mason thought about it.

Tilt his head and look at her, “How old am I then?”

“En, eighteen? It seems to be!” Amelia responded.

Adam Mason shrugged, “At that time, I was too young and immature. I was worried that I only had a three-point interest in you! So… um…”

“That’s not enough to love me?” Amelia blinked.

“Fortunately, it’s not enough. If it’s too powerful, I’ll be done!” Adam Mason knocked on her little head.

“Really?” Amelia glanced at him, “Haha, I don’t know who seems to be over now!”

Adam Mason didn’t pick her up again, as if deliberately ignored, “Hey! Little Amelia, if I chased you back then, could I catch you?”

“This…” What a complicated question!

“I never thought about it!” Amelia blinked, “At that time Liam seemed to dislike me very much!”

When Amelia said this, she didn’t forget her grievance and curled her lips, “Maybe you can catch me!”

If she remembers correctly, she also promised her pursuit! Although it was only a few days!

“Fortunately, I didn’t chase…” Adam Mason pretended to be relieved.

“Cut!!” Amelia snorted, “What’s wrong with me?”

What’s wrong?

Good everywhere!

Adam Mason took another sip of wine, “If I chased you back then, maybe we broke up a long time ago, and we don’t even have to do it with friends! But look at your current life…”

Adam Mason took a deep glance, “Amelia, you did not marry the wrong person! Burton Liam takes good care of you!”

“That’s true!!” Amelia smiled sweetly, blinked her eyes, and put her head on his shoulder.

“Mason, Amelia is very happy now, but you! Would you like to be happy with me…?”

“Hey! Happiness is not that simple! It takes time, it takes opportunity… It also needs love!”

What is love?

He always thought that the emotion that he used to protect was love…

However, it wasn’t until the end that he realized that he didn’t even dare to love her!

Perhaps, until someone appeared, he kept chasing behind her, let him start to grow a little bit…

Perhaps, at that time, he just began to understand a little bit, what is true love!!!

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