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Chapter 675

Seeing Allison Ava’s appearance, David couldn’t say much, but the situation was suddenly, “But, Mr. Lewis…”

“He is injured, isn’t he?” Allison Ava said tears were already streaming down, “Let me see him, please, let me see him! Just take a look.”

David really couldn’t hold her back, so he had to lead her to the intensive care unit.

Seeing Allison Ava who opened the door, Dixon Lily, who was sitting by the bed, was a little surprised, “Miss Allison…”

She greeted slightly.

But Allison Ava didn’t pay attention to her at all, and asked her, “How is the situation with Justin?”

Her eyes had been fixed on Lewis Justin’s cheeks, and she had never left for a minute and a second, and tears overflowed unconsciously as she watched that pale face.

“Miss Allison, don’t worry too much! The doctor said that Mr. Lewis’s life is no longer in danger! He just woke up once, maybe he was too tired, and fell asleep again!” Dixon Lily explained lightly.

Finally, Miss Allison turned her eyes to see her.

There was a coldness in her eyes, and she asked her indifferently, “Why does he do this? Is it because he blocked a shot for you?”

“Yes!” Dixon Lily nodded.

With a “pop”, Allison Ava raised her hand and waved towards Dixon Lily’s face, “What qualifications do you have to let Justin block the bullet for you? You are just a stand-in!! Do you think you are me, Allison Ava? I tell you, you are not qualified!!”


Dixon Lily couldn’t help the suppressed anger in her heart. She just wanted to retort or even reply but was suddenly startled by a cold questioning voice beside her.

“Ava, what are you doing?”

It was the voice of Lewis Justin.

Allison Ava’s eyes flashed a bit of panic, and her new hideous face was tender and moving.

By! Affectation! Dixon Lily felt nauseous and nauseous at the time. What vision did Lewis Justin have that he would fall in love with such a nauseating “woman”?

“Justin, you are awake, great! You finally woke up…” Allison Ava hugged him and started crying.

Lewis Justin still said with a cold face, “Ava, apologize to the girl.”

There was majesty in the tone, and no beak was allowed.

“Apologize to her?” Allison Ava couldn’t believe it, staring at Lewis Justin with an aggrieved abdomen, “She was the one who made you hurt. People just love you…”

Dixon Lily couldn’t stand the appearance of this “female” anymore. She was about to speak and say forget it, but she didn’t expect that this “female” would even give her a bite again.

“Justin, they don’t apologize! They beat people first, did you see? My face…oooooh…” As she spoke, Allison Ava raised her red and swollen face while feeling aggrieved. Weeping, “I am here, she beat me when you just didn’t wake up. Look, she is about to be disfigured…”

Allison Ava knew that she could not fight Baker Emma at all for the time being, but it was more than enough to fight Dixon Lily. Therefore, in the case of two-sided enemies, she must first kill the weak one before she has the energy to deal with the strong one…

Allison Ava cried so real.

What a happy little you! To slander people, that blinks your eyes! She is not afraid that she will be killed by thunder someday!

“Allison Ava, you don’t want to be too big! I didn’t care about what happened last time. You are still playing this time. Don’t think I’m a bully!”

To be honest, Dixon Lily wanted to go up and slap this “female” with a big ear, but such violence is not her style.

“Ava, you lied!” Lewis Justin frowned, his eyes unconcealed a little disappointed, and his voice was cold. “From the moment you entered the door to now, my consciousness has always been awake! I just can’t wake up!”

He directly exposed her lie without mercy, this ending made Dixon Lily a little surprised.

“Let’s talk! I’m going out first!” Dixon Lily didn’t say much, so she left the ward.

Now she is not wanting to look at this disgusting “woman” next to her for a moment.


As soon as the door was closed, Allison Ava leaned on him coquettishly, her voice soft enough to make every man tempted, “I’m sorry, I just… not intentional, I…you know, I hate Dixon Lily.”

He doesn’t know why, after seeing the scene just now, Lewis Justin was inexplicably disgusted with her sudden gentleness, “Why did you come here?”

He didn’t express it either, only keeping his uncomfortable emotion in his heart.

“I thought you would care more about my face…” Allison Ava felt aggrieved.

Lewis Justin only noticed that her cheek was swollen, “What’s the matter?”

He frowned, seemingly unhappy, but added, “I want to hear the truth.”

It means to remind her not to lie anymore!

Allison Ava didn’t dare to lie anymore, “Baker Emma, she…she also said that if I rob you from her, she will not let me feel better!”

Lewis Justin’s eyes flashed a little bit, “Ava, go ahead! I said, when I haven’t contacted you, don’t come to me casually, now is a critical moment. Just one carelessness can disturb me. The whole plan, after so many years, I don’t want to have any more differences. Little, don’t you think the same way?”

“Justin, are you driving me away now?”

Allison Ava thought that Lewis Justin would at least tell her that he would avenge himself.

However, he didn’t have any, but just drove her away.

“Ava, don’t do this, it will only make me…a little bored…”

He found that he seemed to be less and less patient with her acting like a baby. Probably, he really shouldn’t have let him see the scene just now.

That slap seemed to be on his own heart. Seeing the fierce energy, his heart still ached.

It feels so strange!

“Okay, I’m obedient! Liam, don’t tire of me, I’ll go right away, I’ll go now…” Allison Ava suddenly said that by Lewis Justin, and suddenly she became a little panicked. She didn’t dare to say anything more, just told after a few sentences, she left unwillingly.

Dixon Lily went upstairs to greet Lewis Justin before leaving.

“Lewis Justin, I have something to do tonight, let’s go!”

“Come here first!” Lewis Justin gave a faint command, patted the edge of the bed, and motioned Dixon Lily to sit down.

Dixon Lily glanced at him and chose to sit down in a chair beside her, “Is there anything else?”

“Let me see your face.” He reached out to touch her beaten face.

Dixon Lily closed her eyebrows and intercepted his hand, “I…I’m fine…”

Her voice was a little embarrassed.

It hurts.

Dixon Lily seemed to think of something again, raising her eyebrows and asking him, “Lewis Justin, what do you like her?”

Lewis Justin was a little unhappy at her sudden question, frowned, “Is this the content under your jurisdiction?”

Dixon Lily shrugged, “Forget it! I’m not very interested either! I just doubt your appreciation level!”

That kind of “female”…

Dixon Lily thought that if one day her life was sacrificed for that “woman”, then all this seemed too worthless.

“Go out.” Lewis Justin gave a cold command, with a little anger on his eyebrows, as if Dixon Lily’s words touched his anger.

Dixon Lily didn’t stay for more than a minute, got up, and left.

Anyway, when Allison Ava is mentioned, he is like this.

On the bed, Lewis Justin stared at the ceiling with his eyes open.

Allison Ava…

Yes! This “female” has been his fatal point since he was a child. He is usually a person with strong self-control ability, but every time he encounters this “female”, his emotions are always difficult to maintain.

Ava, in his impression, has always been a gentle, moving, clean and pure “female” who completely integrates ‘truth, goodness, and beauty. Therefore, he is reluctant to hurt her any bit. Therefore, since he stepped into the black- After the Dao, he never had any involvement with her until the other day.

Because he felt that she, who was so clean and innocent, could not be tainted by his life.

However, from that pool to today’s little lie, and that slap, he seemed to lose sight of her more and more.

She is not as good as the one in his heart five years ago…

There is no simple temperament, but a little more distraction. In the past, even if she doesn’t like a person, she would never use this despicable method, but now…

Perhaps, five years can change a lot!

It’s just that she changes again, but her position in his heart still exists!

Once they walked through the creek together, across the creek, the childhood love, that love, can never be erased!

Therefore, at all costs, he is still protecting her.

Three o’clock in the morning.

There was silence in Times Park, and the towering villas were shrouded in silver and jade moonlight, adding a sense of mystery.

In Times Park, those who should be resting have already fallen into a deep sleep, and Lewis Justin, because of his injuries, is still lying down on the hospital bed.

A black figure, riding a silent motorcycle, hurried towards Times Park.

She was dressed in a deep black costume, and her figure completely overlapped the bewildering night. A large black scarf wrapped her entire cheek tightly, leaving only a pair of dark green eyes exposed, with a pair of a black hat with a long tongue, the brim of the hat is pressed very low and very low, almost covering the entire pair of eyes.

And her figure is petite, but round, from the arms to the abdomen to the thighs, everything is sensual.

It’s just that, even for her, she is as sharp as a midnight elf, fast, accurate, and ruthless.

Correct! She is Allen Bella…

Tonight, it was her theft plan. By taking care of Lewis Justin, she had already figured out the structure of the entire Times Park.

Therefore, tonight can only succeed, not fail!

Pressing the button on the wrist, a black silver wire shot out and settled accurately on the settling window on the third floor, and held it tightly.

The agile figure bounced, and the whole body jumped along the silver wire to the third floor.

If she guessed correctly, this room is his study room for Lewis Justin!

The windows are locked and cannot be pushed open. Allen Bella quickly took out the cutting knife from her bag, and neatly drew a small square on the glass window closest to the window lock. The next moment, with a light touch of her finger, the glass piece automatically fell into her palm…

She quickly reached in and opened the lock of the window. The next moment, she took out a pair of white glasses from her bag.

This kind of glasses is a kind of high-tech special glasses, which not only illuminates the eyes at night but also acts as an infrared detector.

For a rigorous person like Lewis Justin, probably his study not only has a monitor but more, perhaps an infrared ray for anti-theft!

Chapter 676

Sure enough, as soon as she put it on, each infrared ray was printed on the bottom of her eyes, and the nearest one was less than five centimeters away from her side. If she moved a little bit forward, she would be finished tonight!

While sighing in her heart, she became more careful.

Infrared is very tightly distributed, but all of this can be said to be easy for her.

The monitor in the room has been looking at it. Allen Bella has already grasped the situation of Times Park. Generally, in the early morning of the evening, no one will be in the monitoring room anymore. After all, she wants to sneak into his Times Park is not an easy task!

And she has done enough homework before taking this step!

Moreover, once this step fails, the subsequent process will only become more and more difficult.

After entering the study room, Allen Bella had no time to look carefully but directly locked the target on the computer on the table.

Turn on the computer and crack the password.

It is conceivable that the password is much more complicated than Brook Mark’s. Undoubtedly, the more complicated the password, the more energetic Allen Bella will solve it. For her, this is not only a technical challenge but also a sign. There are very important things on the computer.

When she saw all the information inside, Allen Bella was almost shocked that her heart seemed to stop beating.

There is enough transaction information to make this man die hundreds of times! These, even the police station has never met.

Inexplicably, she twitched her heart a bit, a bit astringent.

But very quickly, she copied the data into a special U disk, succeeded, shut down, and then slowly sneaked out of the study step by step.

A black figure is riding a motorcycle, quickly disappearing into the night…

No one noticed.

Everything seems to be so smooth.

Until, the next day…

“Lewis Justin!!” The door of the ward was opened, and David came in uninvited.

Although the eyes are still calm and comfortable, the tone can hardly conceal the flustered look.

“What’s the matter?” Lewis Justin curled his eyebrows, seeing David’s appearance for the first time, feeling something happened.

“Lewis Justin, at three o’clock in the morning last night, the study was stolen! The computer was deciphered, so all the information may have been leaked out!”

Lewis Justin’s deep eyes became more and more sunken, and complicated emotions were jumping in the bottom of his eyes, but it was so mysterious that no one understood what he was thinking at the moment.

After a while, Lewis Justin said, “Call out the surveillance video for me to see!”

“Yes!” David hurried to go out after speaking.

“Wait.” Lewis Justin stopped him, “David, how was the matter I asked you to check last time?”

David bowed his head, somewhat apologetic, “I still don’t have a clue, and there is no possibility of finding any informants.”

“Really?” Lewis Justin raised his eyebrows, with a faint smile in his eyes. He reached out his hand and took the pen and paper on the table, wrote two words vigorously, and handed it to the opposite David.

David took the note, stunned, looked at Lewis Justin in shock, and then glanced at the note in his hand in shock. His expression was a bit complicated, and he nodded after a while, “Yes! I know!”

Then, turned around and went out.

On the hospital bed, Lewis Justin fixedly looked at the strange figure in the video.

The delicate corners of the lips rose slightly, and the smile was ridiculed, and it seemed to be a bit playful.

For a while, he murmured meaningfully, “So it was him…”

“Lewis Justin, do you know who he is?” David was a little surprised.

“I don’t know…” Lewis Justin smiled deeply and shook his head, “but I have seen him! The deal in the abandoned factory half a year ago happened to have a face-to-face with him when I left the factory! He… he was physically fit at that time. The shape is not so fat!”

This person is deliberately trying to hide something.

“Lewis Justin, what about our information? If it falls into the hands of the police…”

Lewis Justin sneered, and interrupted David indifferently, “Does the police have less information about us? A little more and less makes no difference to us! Only this time, I want to accompany you. These people have a lot of fun…”

There were evil and dark eyes in the deep eyes, and the smile on the corners of the lips was unfathomable.

It seems that this game is getting more and more fun!

Inside the police station-

Allen Bella put the information in her hand on Sir Kevin’s desk, “Sir Kevin, information!”

Simply speaking, turn around and leave.

“Hey, hello! It’s rare to come back and sit down! Bella, if you take down the big drug lord Lewis Justin this time, your future will be limitless!”

Allen Bella flicked her coat back, “Sir Kevin, don’t tell me that there are none of these now! I didn’t sleep well last night, now I will go home to sleep up!”

“Oh! By the way…” Allen Bella thought of something again, turning around and looking at Sir Kevin, “Sir Kevin, what happened to the person I asked you to find? Did you hear from her?”

[This person is very important to Dixon Lily. The reason I have not mentioned in the previous article is to tell everyone that this person is Dixon Lily’s pain, and she is unwilling to mention it under unusual circumstances)

Allen Bella’s eyes showed a touch of sadness.

“Bella, I found someone for you, but there is no news from her anyway! You said whether she would be the way you heard, long ago…”

“No!” Allen Bella denied, “She is still alive, I can feel it! Moreover, she is still alive close to me… Kevin Sir, my sixth sense! Believe me! After all, she and I are twin sisters…”

“Good, good! Bella, don’t worry, I’ll help you find her! Sir Kevin will help you find her!” Seeing Allen Bella’s red eyes, Sir Kevin was a little panicked.

“Thank you!” Allen Bella nodded, “Sir Kevin, it’s okay, I’m leaving now!”

“En! Bella, be careful alone over there!” Kevin Sir said earnestly.

“I will! Don’t worry!”

In the maple leaf forest on the campus, bright red maple leaves are all over, as if she raised her eyes and dyed Dixon Lily’s eyes red.

Her sister!!!

Correct! Allen Bella also has a lovely twin sister, only fifteen minutes younger than herself.

When she thinks of her, her heart will always hurt!

Her name is Allen Lucy. When she was a child, she was cute and beautiful, but all these cutenesses were only shown in front of her family. When facing outsiders, she always showed a very introverted and fearful appearance.

That year, they were seven years old.

That year, they lost their common parents.

That year, they entered the orphanage together.

That year, an official uncle brought her wife to the orphanage to adopt a child, and the couple caught her first glance at Allen Bella.

The aunt of the orphanage told her that the official uncle’s house is very rich. After she went there, she would have endless snacks, various small toys, and a large house to live in.

At that time, she naively asked the aunt of the orphanage, “What about Lucy? Is she with me? Are we going together?”

The aunt said, “Only Bella will go alone, and Lucy will continue to stay in the orphanage. There will always be someone who will adopt Lucy.”

At that time, she lay on the table and cried without saying a word.

She went to Allen Lucy, “Lucy, do you want a delicious snack?”

“Want…” At that time, Lucy was just as simple as a baby.

“You also want fun little toys, and you want to live in a big house, right?”

“Yes…” Lucy nodded.

“Lucy, go with your uncles and aunts who are officials! Lucy, tell them your name is Bella, Allen Bella! Also, remember to laugh when you see them because if you laugh, your uncles and aunts will give you so many delicious and fun things!”


When the aunt of the orphanage called, “Allen Bella, get out of the queue.” Allen Lucy, who has the same face, walked out timidly. However, she still remembered the words of her sister and kept laughing. “If you laugh, your uncle and aunt will give you a lot of delicious and fun things.”

“Oh, Bella is so cute! She is so beautiful to smile! From now on, she will be a beauty…” The adopted auntie was satisfied with a smile, Allen Lucy.

Seeing Lucy being taken into a luxurious Bentley by her uncle and aunt, Allen Bella still feels a little envious, but when she thinks that Lucy will lead such a good life, she is envious. Sank.

She waved goodbye to Lucy, but her face was covered with tears…

“Lucy, sister will go to see you, she will go!!”

While crying, she chased the car for a hundred meters, until the body disappeared from her eyes and was never seen again.

At that time, she had long been crying.

However, after half a year, she regretted this decision!

Because the official uncle and aunt’s house was suddenly found out of corruption and bribery, the uncle was taken to prison, and her thoughts were sold to the desperate aunt…

Since then, she has never heard any news about Lucy.

Later, while searching, she heard that Lucy had already died in an accident!

At that time, Allen Bella was crying so hard that she felt that she had killed Lucy. If she hadn’t pushed Lucy to the couple, how could Lucy fall to this point?

However, no matter how much regret, it has become empty. More than ten years have passed, but she still has not found her thoughts.

Inexplicably, she just kept believing that her thoughts were still alive, in a corner she didn’t know.

“Hey! Girl, what are you thinking about? So engrossed!” Suddenly, a gentle questioning sounded, directly interrupting Dixon Lily’s thoughts.

Dixon Lily came back to her senses, smiled indifferently, and hurriedly collected her thoughts, “You are here!”

“What was thinking of?” Brook Mark asked her curiously.

“Nothing.” Dixon Lily shook her head and hurriedly changed the subject, “Hey! Did you know that Lewis Justin blocked a shot for me…”

“Well, I know, I went to see him!” Brook Mark nodded, his expression a little solemn for no reason.

Looking at Dixon Lily on the opposite side, he said deeply, “This is not a good thing for you!”

“Of course!” Dixon Lily shrugged, but misunderstood what he meant, thinking that Lewis Justin’s injury was not a good thing, but ignoring the deeper meaning of Brook Mark’s words.

Brook Mark didn’t say anything further, but there was a faint sad expression in his eyes.

After a while, he asked her, “Did you know that Lewis Justin’s Times Garden was stolen last night?”

“Steal?” Dixon Lily looked at him suspiciously, half-loud, and couldn’t help but chuckle. “This thief can be regarded as having a good eye. There are a lot of gold and silver treasures in the Times Park!”

“It’s not those things that were lost.” Brook Mark said lightly, “It’s the information! All the information in Lewis Justin has been copied! This thief is very skilled and is also an extremely powerful hacker. This skill can be used. It’s not something ordinary thieves can reach! This is a professional player from a special training team!”

Brook Mark was very determined, his eyes fell on Dixon Lily’s body, which was slightly complicated.

Inexplicably, Dixon Lily was a little flustered by his stare, but she didn’t dare to show it. Only the little hand lying in front of her stiffened slightly for a second before she said again, “Who is this?”

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