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Chapter 733

He stretched out his hand and held her tightly in his arms again, “Girl, take care of yourself!”

Perhaps, the sorriest person in his life…

It’s her, and their baby.

“Tell Anna that I am very fortunate to be her father, but I am also sorry that I have not fulfilled my father’s responsibilities! And… I love her!!”


It is a love whose blood is thicker than water.


After marriage, he will settle abroad.

He didn’t want to go, but he couldn’t tolerate him not going.


He must use all means to save Lucy!!!

“Tell her that one day, Daddy will come back…”

“It’s okay…”

Dixon Lily’s voice was already choked.

Although she didn’t know what happened, she could feel the helplessness and loss of him.

She knows that this man’s heart belongs to her!!!

She can feel eagerly…

However, his people are thinking about it.

She can’t grab, nor is she qualified to grab him!!!

“Okay, Justin, time is almost up… I have to go and see Lucy.”

Dixon Lily came out of Lewis Justin’s arms, took a deep look at him, and went out.

She knew, maybe this one…

It will be their last goodbye.

Turn around, tears slide down…

The love of many years has finally come to an end!

The bride is still putting on makeup.

She is pretty and glamorous, sitting in front of the mirror, the smile on her lips is hard to hide.

But tears hung in her eyes, forcing herself not to cry.


Dixon Lily pushed the door in, and Allen Lucy called her softly.

“Come, come here and sit down.”

Dixon Lily walked over, took Allen Lucy’s hand, placed it tightly on her palm, and sat down beside her.


“There are some…” She chuckled, so happy.

That kind of smile, that kind of beauty, shined on Dixon Lily’s broken heart.

Dixon Lily thought, perhaps, this is enough!!!

She is happy, she is happy too.



“Very early, very early, I fell in love with Justin…” Allen Lucy’s voice was a little choked.

Dixon Lily couldn’t help it, her eyes flushed.

“I fell in love with him when he gave me drug treatment…”

Allen Lucy raised his head slightly, said with a chuckle, eyes full of memories, filled with happiness.

“He is so indifferent, but also so tender, even if I bit him and hurt him, but he still doesn’t say a word! To me… he never said he would give up.”

Even though, she knew that he was probably because of her sister at that time.

Because she is her sister’s younger sister, he will take special care of her…

However, she still fell in love with him without hesitation!!!

Even, to get him, she sacrificed too much…


Suddenly, Allen Lucy tilted her head and looked at Dixon Lily.

There were tears all over the eyes.

She doesn’t know whether it is happiness or panic.

But, looking at her at a loss.

The voice choked, “Sister, do you also love Justin…”

Dixon Lily was taken aback by her questioning.

Her face paled for a second, and then she smiled faintly and stretched out her hand to help Allen Lucy wipe her tears.

“Fool, you are getting married, what are you still thinking about?”

Finally, Allen Lucy cried.

Tears couldn’t help but flow out. Even with makeup, she couldn’t help it.

“Sister, for so many years, my dream has been to marry Justin, and I want to be his wife! So, sister, don’t you blame me, OK?”

Allen Lucy cried bitterly.

“Sister, I admit that you sent me away when I was a kid and made me fall into the dusty road. I hated you from my heart! I hate you for taking away my happiness… But today… Sister, Let us write off all our previous mistakes! We are even, okay?”

They are flat…

Lucy’s words, like spikes, slammed on Dixon Lily’s heart, blood-drenched.

It turns out that her younger sister still doesn’t understand the world so much.

They are flat…

Since they are sisters, what is injustice?

Love, this kind of thing, no one can say right or wrong.

It’s just that Dixon Lily is a little bit chilling…

It turns out that their sisters have been thinking about too many things.


Dixon Lily took the tissue and carefully wiped away her tears for Allen Lucy, “Don’t cry, all the makeup is spent! The dream is about to come true today, why should you cry?”

Perhaps, she was crying because of the confession in her heart.

“Sister…” Allen Lucy threw herself into Dixon Lily’s arms.

“Sister, don’t you blame me?”

Is it weird?

She doesn’t know, all she knows is that love is never right or wrong.

Love is love!!!

Some things and some emotions are difficult even if she wants to control them.

“Of course I won’t blame you! Your sister is also very happy now, so you must be very happy and happy in the future…”

“Happiness…” Allen Lucy murmured, blinking her red eyes, looking at Dixon Lily, “Can I do it too?”

“Of course…” Dixon Lily nodded affirmatively.

“It’s also…” Allen Lucy smiled, “I will be happy! Justin… will treat me well.”

“En…” Dixon Lily raised her lips and smiled. Even though her smile was very bitter, she blessed them from the heart.

Above the wedding-

The warm and touching wedding march spread throughout the hall.

The white gauze skirt on Allen Lucy’s body is beautiful and holy, and the floor-to-ceiling skirt reaches the door of the hall. At this moment, she is stepping on the red carpet, like a fairy in a dream.


So happy, so that everyone around the week, envy.

They could only hear their sincere vows ringing throughout the church.

“You would like Allen Lucy to become your wife, starting from today to have each other and support each other, whether it is good or bad, rich or poor, disease or health, love each other and cherish each other until death can separate you.”

On the stage, the priest smiled and turned to the handsome groom Lewis Justin.

His eyes were sincere and his tone was solemn, “Mr. Lewis Justin, would you like to admit that you accept Miss Allen Lucy as your wife?”

Lewis Justin glanced at Allen Lucy opposite, smiled faintly, nodded, “I am willing.”

It’s just that no one knows…

At that moment, his aftermath fell on the tearful woman who was not far away.

The love between them came to an end at this moment.

He eventually became her family!!!

They, after all, there is no possibility…

“You should take care of your wife with tenderness and patience, love her, live with her only, respect her family, do your duty as a husband for your family, stop having feelings with other people, and Does she remain chaste? No matter what the environment, you are willing to raise her for life, cherish her, comfort her, respect her, and protect her?”

The priest’s solemn questioning reached Lewis Justin’s ears again.

However, at this moment, his heart is in chaos.

‘No more feelings with other people…’

Can he swear with a clear conscience?

Where are his feelings…?

His feelings have never left a shadow…

How did he come to tell this lie before God?

Even he can’t pass his level…

“Groom? Please reply…”

The pastor seemed to notice his distraction and reminded him anxiously.

And Allen Lucy on the opposite side, under the tulle, looked at the opposite Lewis Justin with tears in her eyes.

Those eyes fell into Lewis Justin’s eyes…

His heart is ashamed.

Even if it is a lie, he must continue, right?

He also promised the “woman” who was in a hurry opposite…

This wedding, he will go through to the end!!!

His gaze settled on the solemn cross on the opposite side.

In him, he is not only carrying love…

There are too many things that he cannot give up.

There are some things, after all, he can’t have both.

He wanted to love the “female” named Dixon Lily, but he could not.

He wanted to give Anna a warm family, but he couldn’t…

His father’s love, even he dared not show…

He doesn’t know, since when, he forced himself on such an irreversible road.

Just because of the girl beside him…

This is the happiness she wants!!!

“I do.”

Finally, he answered loudly.

Aside, the bride finally raised a happy smile.

And Dixon Lily on the other side…

But finally, she was relieved.

It’s just that the tears can no longer be contained, like the broken pearl, falling continuously.

The bridegroom’s vigorous voice penetrated the entire church and deeply penetrated her heart.

“I Lewis Justin is willing to accept Allen Lucy as my wife and live with her. No matter what the environment, I am willing to support her for life, cherish her, comfort her, respect her, and protect her.”

The priest smiled satisfied.

Turning sideways slightly, he turned to look at the bride beside him.

“What about you? God’s most beautiful child, Miss Allen Lucy, would you like to admit Mr. Lewis Justin as your husband?”

“I do!”

Allen Lucy’s answer did not hesitate, and her expression was overwhelmingly joyful.

The pastor laughed and continued to ask her, “You are willing to marry him at the right age, be his gentle and dignified wife, come and obey this person, love him, take care of him, comfort him, respect him, and do your best for your family. When it comes to your duty as a wife, no longer have feelings with other people and remain chaste towards him?”

“Yes! I do.”

Her firm voice resounded throughout the church.

Finally, Dixon Lily gave a relieved smile.

That’s it…

She gave her sister to her favorite!!!

It feels…

She can never tell…

The bitterness in sweetness is beyond words.

“The bride and groom can exchange rings.”

At that moment, Dixon Lily turned around and walked out of the church slowly…

At the moment at the door of the church, she heard the priest’s solemn voice coming again…

“The groom can kiss the bride…”

In this way, with the cheers of the crowd, she stepped out of the church step by step.


The sky was still very blue, and the white clouds floated gently in the air like holy gauze.

Everything is so perfect and pure…

It is clean and does not stain fiber dust.

And her heart, at that moment, was impetuous.

Take a deep breath, take another breath…

Tears fell uncontrollably…

The voice, softly overflowing between the lips…

“I love you all…”

Yes! In the church, that is one of her two favorite people!

At that moment, they were happy!

That’s nice…

And also…

“Bless all of you…”

Go old together!!!

A blessing from the heart.

In this way, the wedding she attended was over.

Her love, too, went to the grave.

Goodbye, my love…

Everything will start again!!!

Her life should also have a new starting point.

She raised her head and looked at the dazzling golden sun, tearful cheeks, and raised a fortitude smile.

Yes! Nothing can beat Dixon Lily!

Chapter 734

Love is gone, she still has family affection!!! Her happiness is still…

Even if it is not perfect, it still exists truly.

That’s it!!!

Sometimes, the reality is not that perfect!

That’s it, that’s enough!!!

On the bed, the little guy was nestled in Dixon Lily’s arms, and her soft little hand stroked Mommy’s big hand.



Dixon Lily moved and looked down at her.

“If you want to cry, just cry…Anyway, there is still Anna…”

The little guy has a serious attitude. She stretches out her little hand to wipe Dixon Lily’s tears.

Dixon Lily showed a faint smile and shook her head, “Mommy won’t cry…”

However, while speaking, her eyes were already reddened.

“Mummy…” The little guy’s body drilled into her arms.

After a long time, she said, “Is Uncle Lewis Justin, Anna’s daddy?”

Dixon Lily looked at the little thing in her arms in shock, “You…know?”

The little guy stretched out her hand to hug Dixon Lily’s body tightly, and muttered, “Mommy always calls Uncle Lewis Justin’s name in your dreams… and Anna is also named Lewis…”

She was just guessing.

Grandma once mentioned her daddy to her, and every time she would say, “Your mommy, she just doesn’t like anyone anymore, except your daddy, hey…”

Mommy loves Daddy very much. This is Anna’s only impression of Daddy.

But since Uncle Lewis Justin appeared, Mommy would always call his name in dreams, and sometimes even wake up crying…

“Mummy, Anna will be here in the future, we don’t want Daddy…”

At that moment, Dixon Lily knew that Anna was angry.

Dixon Lily felt sorry for Anna in her heart, but she understood that this kind of emotion was not a good thing for the growth of a child.

“Baby, what’s the matter with you? Do you hate Uncle Lewis?”

“Anna doesn’t hate him, it’s just that Anna doesn’t like him always crying mommy, and Anna doesn’t like him marrying aunt.

The little guy pouted and answered seriously.

Dixon Lily flushed her eyes, “Little fool.”

Reached out and gently embraced her in her arms, “Everyone has difficulties. Maybe, it’s not your father who doesn’t want us, but… there are always so many things in this world that can’t do both.”

The little guy blinked her big eyes suspiciously and looked at Dixon Lily in amazement, still looking puzzled.

Dixon Lily laughed, “Okay, go to bed now, you have to go to class tomorrow! Mommy has enough of you to be a grinning thing.”


Seeing her mother finally smiled, the little guy smiled happily, raised her head and pecked on her pink cheek, and then obediently closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Time always flies quickly…

In the blink of an eye, more than a month passed.

In this month, Dixon Lily did not see Lewis Justin and Lucy again.

She knew that Lewis Justin had visited Anna, but Anna never told her that she had heard of it from the teacher.

Maybe the little thing is worried that she will be sad.

On this day, Dixon Lily returned from the night shift and walked to the gate of the community, but was stunned by the familiar car in front of her.

In front of her, a tall and familiar figure leaned lazily on the body, with a lit cigarette between his fingers.

He lowered his head slightly, taking a faint sip from time to time.

And between his eyebrows, there seemed to be a faint injury hidden there, unable to fade away.

As if feeling the gaze looking at him, he tilted his head and his eyes fell on Dixon Lily’s body.

In the next moment, he extinguished the cigarette butt in his hand and smiled gracefully at Dixon Lily on the opposite side, “Long time no see.”

Dixon Lily was shocked for a second.

But quickly, she came back to her senses and walked towards him, “Come to see Anna?”

“No…” Lewis Justin shook his head, “The little guy should have fallen asleep long ago.” As he spoke, he looked up at the small window belonging to Anna.

The lights there have already gone out.

“What’s up?”

Dixon Lily looked at him curiously.

But there was already a wave of dark waves in her heart.

“No…” Lewis Justin shook his head.

The smile on the corner of the lips is a bit bitter.

In fact, for so many days, he always wanted to see her, but he never came.

Maybe he has no courage!

Or…he can’t pass his level.

Now he is already her brother-in-law, but still thinking of her in his heart.

To see her is undoubtedly the worst torment for him.

He always goes to see Anna when he has time, and can always learn everything about Anna from her mouth.

However, he still came today…

Because, if he doesn’t come, in the future, he will not know if there is any chance.

“I’m leaving…”

Simple four words, but very heavy.

Dixon Lily was also obviously startled, but quickly returned to her senses and smiled faintly, “Where do you plan to settle?”

“I may not be settled, but for the time being, I may not return to China in the past few years. America!”

He has contacted one of the best hospitals there.

“This…this, that’s fine.” Dixon Lily twitched her mouth, her smile a bit bitter.

“Lucy…Lucy? How is she doing recently?”

“She…very good.” Lewis Justin smiled.

He opened his lips as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything.

In the end, he said, “Girl, if you have time, go see Lucy.”

“Okay…” Dixon Lily nodded, but her heart was bitter.

“I called her, but she never answered…”

“Really?” Lewis Justin shook his mind slightly, his eyes gleaming, but he could not detect the truest thoughts in his heart.

“Go abroad, help me take good care of her…”

“I will!” Lewis Justin nodded, “You… also take good care of yourself! And Anna… If I can, I would like to take care of her, but I know that I can’t take her away from you!”

No one knows how much he wants to take care of their mother and daughter…

He wants to live with them in such a small house.

This way, a home, how great!

However, such happiness is just a luxury for him!!!

“Don’t worry about Anna! I will take good care of her!” Dixon Lily smiled.

“Go back, it’s so late, Lucy will be worry…”

Dixon Lily urged him.

In fact, at this moment, she feels pain as if she is stepping on a thorn.

“Okay…” Lewis Justin nodded heavily, glanced at her deeply, and then said, “Take care of yourself.”

“I will…”

At that moment, Dixon Lily’s voice was a little choked unconsciously.

Perhaps, this is theirs, they met for the last time!!!

Time, like quicksand…

Passing between the fingers, it is almost impossible to touch.

One year later, Dixon Lily’s days became calmer and calmer.

After sending Anna to class at 8 in the morning, she went to the company by herself, picked up Anna at 6 in the evening, and started cooking again…

Every day’s life seems to be extremely fulfilling.

The little guy is sensible day by day.

The only disagreement with her is that the little guy counts on her all the time to find a good man to marry her.

Therefore, troublesome, she will always encourage her teacher, or her classmate’s parents to keep on a blind date.

Sometimes Dixon Lily couldn’t laugh or cry.

Many times, she warned the little guy, “If you have a blind date with mommy, be careful that mommy throws you out!”

But the little guy still smirked shamelessly, and she kept holding her thighs and rubbing them, “Anna, isn’t this worrying about mommy’s lifelong affairs!”

“Faulty!!” Dixon Lily nodded the little guy’s head heavily.

That day, Dixon Lily received an ocean call from Lewis Justin.

On the phone, his tone was extraordinarily heavy…

He didn’t say much, only that Dixon Lily should come to the United States for a trip, only that Lucy missed her.

Don’t know why Dixon Lily cried when she hung up the phone.

There is no reason, she doesn’t even know what happened, but somehow she just wants to cry.

Some people say that the hearts of twins are always connected, even if they are far apart, they can perceive everything about each other.

And at this moment…

Her heart was so painful that she was suffocating.

Her sixth sense told her that something happened to Lucy!!!

Almost without even thinking about it, she found an acquaintance to apply for a visa and arranged for Anna’s return in the past few days. Dixon Lily embarked on the plane to the United States.

Dixon Lily never thought about it, but Lucy greeted her with that pale and bloodless face…

She just lay on the bed.

Her eyes were sunken and her body was so thin that she was almost unformed. She lay there, with a pair of lifeless eyes, staring blankly at her who was already crying by the bed.


Allen Lucy called her softly, her voice choked, almost inaudible.

Tilt her head and glanced at Lewis Justin, “Justin, I want to chat with my sister alone…”


Lewis Justin left the ward.

In the whole room, only the two sisters remained.

Dixon Lily held Allen Lucy’s almost dry hand tightly, tears raining down, “Lucy, tell your sister what is this? Why did you suddenly become like this…”

“Sister…Don’t cry…” Allen Lucy smiled, but tears flowed, “This is what I deserved.”

“What silly thing are you talking about!!?” Dixon Lily cried and scolded her angrily.

“Sister…” Allen Lucy’s voice was so weak that she was almost speechless.

“I didn’t tell you, I…very early, I got AIDS…”


These two words are almost a bolt from the blue for Dixon Lily.

This means that Lucy’s life has long been taken away by God.

“No, it won’t be like this, how could it be, Lucy… how could it be like this?” Dixon Lily burst into tears, her voice choked, and she could hardly believe all this, and she was unwilling to believe it.

Allen Lucy choked, tears already wet the pillow towel, “Sister…I know, I won’t live for a few days! And, I also know…Justin, the one who has always loved is you…”

“Lucy, let’s not say this, okay?”

“Sister, listen to me first…” Allen Lucy’s tears fell anxiously, “Sister, people will leave, and the words are good! I…I’m afraid I won’t say it again. When I get to hell, Lord will not let me go.”

“Lucy, don’t talk nonsense, don’t talk…”

Dixon Lily hugged her and cried bitterly.

“Sister, do you know why Justin married me?”

Allen Lucy asked her sister softly, the corners of her lips were full of bitterness.

“I… I lied to him…”


Allen Lucy smiled bitterly, tears hung on her face, and couldn’t dry up. “Justin always thought I got AIDS because of him. Someone came to kill him that day. When I was trying to protect him, I was caught …I was raped by a human wheel… Later, he found me… Later, when I went to the hospital for an examination, I found that I was AIDS…”

Allen Lucy’s words made Dixon Lily cry hard for a long time.

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