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Chapter 743

She couldn’t bear either of the two answers!!! So… she selfishly chose to hide it! Perhaps this is undoubtedly the best for the three of them!

In the bottom of his eyes, there was no trace of love or pity in his body.

Resolutely, he simply wants to obtain more needs and satisfaction in his body!!!

It hurts!!!

This is the only feeling of Sara!

The misty eyes were wide, forcing her to swallow the turning tears, again and again, his thin lips biting tightly, and he did not let go.

Sara’s trembling body was stiff, like a corpse without temperature, let alone a voice, not even an uncontrollable pandering movement!

Her eyebrows were twisted in pain, her eyes were closed tightly, and her trembling teeth were clenched tightly, just to prevent a trace of sound from overflowing.

A touch of gloomy bird swept past Booth John’s deep and cold pupils.

The more stubborn she is, the more he wants to be the devil who broke her wings!!!

In the next moment, regardless of her tenderness and the color of panic, he was domineering and extremely raging, time and time again!!!

Every time it came crazy as if he was determined to crush this woman under his body!

There is more pain!!!

Her back, because of his crazy movements, made her smooth back hit the edge of the pool again and again, like a sharp blade, cutting her deeply again and again…

There is blood, seeping…

Dissolved into the clear pool water, the red color gradually faded, until it disappeared…


A beast-like neighing sounded out of control, the heavy breathing sound was disordered and rapid, and the strong and evil desire breath slipped through his nose, and it was too late to wait for her to react, her body filled with heat the ground was empty, and the lower body suddenly felt cold…

Finally, he sat out satisfactorily! His face rested on her weak shoulders, breathing heavily for enjoyment.

At last…

His venting and ravaging are over!!!

The tight body suddenly relaxed…

A drop of humiliating tears slipped out of the corner of her eyes, and the numb body, with a tingling sensation, gradually began to return.

On her shoulders, he closed his eyes and rested contentedly, and there seemed to be a faint chuckle from the corners of his lips.

He is so quiet, like the one he was four years ago! Quietly lying on her body, gently feeling her existence…

Seeing this scene, Sara felt as if someone was holding that sharp needle and piercing her heart again and again, and the pain made her almost crying!

But she endured it because she knew that he now is no longer the one he used to be…

His big hand, wrapped around her slender waist, gently rubbed her smooth back, the temperature of the palm of his hand was a little hot.

The head is still like a child, resting on her shoulders obediently, a chuckle at the corner of his lips, the smile is so deep that Sara can’t guess what he is thinking at the moment, and she even more carelessly think about it.

“Sara, you are rebellious…”

His voice was a bit lazy, but it seemed to be mixed with a bit of playfulness, as if the more she was, the chewier he was to eat!

His fingers touched the bloody wound on Sara’s back, but there was no trace of shock as if he had no idea about her injury, his fingers swam over the wound, and sometimes caressed unconsciously. Fuck, sometimes fight, sometimes press…


Sara gasped a sneer, her whole body was so painful that she was convulsed, every inch of her skin was trembling uncontrollably, her pure little face was as pale as a living dead.

He smiled and pressed it to her ears, his sturdy body was in close contact with her delicate body, feeling her trembling, and whispered with satisfaction, “Sara, do you know that you are making love? When you were like a dead body, you will be obedient, like now, at least give me a little reaction…”


On her back, Sara’s tense teeth trembled and her tears kept falling.

With only the remaining strength, she propped up her body that was so painful and numb and touched the restless palm of his back with her hand. The voice trembling weakly, “Don’t touch!!”

The attitude is still surprisingly resolute!

Brook John didn’t insist anymore, the big palm quickly pulled away from her body, with an indifferent chuckle, without a trace of pity, “Afraid of pain, just cooperate a little!”

After speaking coldly, he stopped looking at her, turned around, slung his slender legs, and went to the swimming pool, leaving only Sara who was still in a trance.

Sara in the water is like a living dead whose soul has been emptied, holding a pair of dizzy eyes and staring forward blankly, without focusing.

The whole body was strangely pale, only the blood from the back was stained with a little color on the body, but it became more and more reflected that the whole skin was pale and pale, and even the entire pool water was stained with a hint of no horror that comes out.

There was an urge to vomit, and her stomach was churning, and the pain made her almost choking.

It seems that there are disgusting black bugs in the water, occupying her body a little bit, swallowing her skin, sucking her blood…

She doesn’t know how long she spent in the pool…

It wasn’t until the man’s voice sounded again behind her, who was in a trance, felt a little bit.

“Evan Sara, remember to bookmark the agreement on the table! Also, come to me by this address before 6 p.m. tomorrow!”

The consistent command tone never gave people an opportunity to argue.

After speaking, he turned and left, with a “bang…” he closed the door of the room and left the suite.

As the door rang, she, drew a bit, he was gone!!!

She smiled sadly, but couldn’t hold back the tears of humiliation. The next moment, she covered her face, buried her head in the pool, and cried bitterly like a vent.

The water in the pool made her eyes sore, and her entire throat was so astringent that she couldn’t breathe. However, no matter how painful, she couldn’t match her heartache…

In the four years she left, she once thought that she had forgotten him because her heart beating because of him gradually calmed down during her stable four-year study abroad career. She thought, that she forgot, that is not loved!

But, until the moment she met him again…

She only knew that it was not because of not being in love, but by…learning to precipitate!!!

The deepest and purest love is deposited to the deepest part of her heart. On the surface, she is as quiet as still water, but as long as she shakes lightly, everything still gushes out…

She didn’t know how long she had been crying until her throat became hoarse and her tears dried up. Sara dumbly dragged her painful body out of the swimming pool and went into the bedroom.

There was no one in the room, and even his taste was not left behind.

If it weren’t for the pain in her body that reminded her all the time, maybe she would regard everything tonight as a dream, a gorgeous nightmare!!!

On the table, lying quietly was an agreement and a post-note.

She picked up the post-note feebly and glanced at it. The address of his house was written on it. The handwriting was clean and vigorous, just like his personality.

Unconsciously, she took the agreement on the side, glanced faintly, then put it back on the table, climbed weakly on the large waterbed on the side, and fell asleep deeply, but did not sign the agreement. Give her name.

Because she is not satisfied with the terms!

As soon as Booth John left the room, his cell phone rang. It was a call from Ball James, the vice president of Suntech Hospital, and his friend.

“Young Master Brook, the matter is settled! According to your will, let the hospital call her a few times! Hey! I said, can you not let me do such wicked things in the future? Our hospital has a reputation It’s going to be destroyed by you!” As soon as he answered the phone, the man on the other end started spraying at him like a laser gun.

“Thanks!” Brook John didn’t say much, smiled lightly, thanked him concisely, but turned a deaf ear to his complaint.

“Cut!” Ball James snorted disdainfully, “You’re in a good mood, that woman has been dealt with by you? I said you are too sinister!”

“Don’t you think you are too much trouble?”

Insidious? This is just a simple start!

“Okay, I have something to do, hang up!” Regarding this woman, Booth John was a little bit repulsive from the heart and was not interested in chatting with this group of fox and dog friends too much, so that he just said a few words casually, regardless of the people over there happy. He hung up the phone.

Early the next morning, Sara went to the hospital and paid 500,000 Yuan for the operation. The remaining 500,000 Yuan still exists in Kali, and she would not touch it.

The six-hour operation was very successful.

After the operation was completed, it was more than four o’clock in the afternoon. The mother was lying on the bed quietly, sleeping quietly, her pale face seemed to be slightly bloody.

Sara’s whole hanging heart also relaxed slightly at that moment.

She believes everything will be fine!

Mommy is, so is she!!!

Sara carefully washed her face, wiped her hands, and stayed with her for nearly half an hour before she got up to leave.

Unreasonably, she repeatedly told the lady nurse before leaving the hospital.

It was half-past four, and there was still an hour and a half before the man agreed.

After leaving the hospital, she stopped a taxi, “Master, please send me to Noah Kindergarten!”

Her time is running out, but before going there, she must first visit her baby son.

Having not seen him for so many days, she missed him too much, and she didn’t know if he was doing well in kindergarten!


William flew out of the classroom when he heard the teacher said that Mommy had come to see him, staggering and rushing straight into her arms.

“Slow down!!” Sara laughed and quickly bent over to hug the cute little meatball.

After hugging him, a warm kiss was printed on the forehead, and Sara kissed him back.

Her slightly tired heart was also warmed by this little interaction.

That is an indescribable sense of satisfaction!

He blinked his big eyes, looked at his mummy excitedly and curiously, and asked her milkily, “Baby, why do you have time to see William at this time? Do you want to see William too much, so just bear it? Can’t help but sneak over?”

“No!” Faced with the little guy’s accusation, Sara pursed her lips and hugged him to the kindergarten lounge. “Mommy took a leave of absence, just to tell William good news!”

Chapter 744

As Sara said, she blinked at him playfully.

“What good news, is a baby taking William home? Ah…great, great!!” William danced in Sara’s arms excitedly.

Looking at his immature little face and that cheerful expression, Sara almost really had an urge to take the little guy home.


May she? No!!! Now she can’t take care of him at all!

Yes, she is not a good mother!

Slightly cruel, shook her head, “Not…”

As soon as the words fell, Sara could feel a loss of emotion in the little guy’s big watery eyes. He was unhappy, but he did not say that he still smiled sweetly, with a tender smile. It’s so brilliant, it’s like the warmest sunshine in the world, so warm and warm…

However, the warmer he is, the worse her heart is, and she blames herself!

Suddenly, the dull eyes of the little guy lit up again, “Ah…Baby, isn’t it grandma, grandma is fine, right, right?”

“En!” Sara put him on the lounge chair beside her, “Grandma will be well soon!”

“Great! Baby, grandma won’t want us anymore!!” The little guy slid off the chair and was so excited that he twisted his fleshy little body in front of Sara, teasing Declan laughed.

Then, she stayed with the little things for a while, and the two people, one big and one small, gathered around the small table, she and he bite into a big apple together.

“Baby, when William is not here, you have to eat more fruit obediently!” A certain man dragged a small head while feeding her an apple while reminding her worriedly.

“En!” She nodded obediently and took a bite of the apple in his hand. It was so sweet!

“Baby good! If you want to have a lot, just call William, the teacher said, we have a telephone here!” The little guy looked like a little adult and excitedly pointed to the landline lying there…

“Good!” Still nodded obediently.

This feeling of being told is surprisingly good! She seemed to enjoy it extraordinarily.

“Baby, be obedient in the company, don’t quarrel and fight with your colleagues if you are okay, and build a friendly relationship with colleagues, do you know?”

Sara’s shooting weapons! Moreover, very familiar words!!!

[William, be obedient in school, you are not allowed to quarrel and fight with classmates if you have nothing to do, you need to establish a friendly relationship with classmates, you know?)

“I know!!! I haven’t seen you in a few days, and my mother-in-law skills have grown again!” Sara went to pinch his immature face and made fun of him badly.

“It’s not that Baby is not worrying!”

“…” Where is it? Sara stared at him innocently.

“I haven’t seen you in a few days, you’ve lost weight!!” Pouting, muttering with a serious look, pure eyes filled with worries about her.

These days, she must be exhausted!

Sara froze for a moment, and then she laughed, and her little face approached his immature little face, acting like a baby, “How thin is baby, it is because William has vision problems! Okay, baby promises that every meal in the future will eat two bowls of rice obediently, okay?”

William turned his head to look at her, his immature eyebrows deliberately twisted, “Really?”

“Really!” Nodding extremely surely.

“Do you eat yolk?”

“…” It’s an inch!!!

He knows she hates eating egg yolks most, but this can only be blamed on herself.

One day she said that she opened her mouth and said that egg yolk is the most nutritious. She didn’t expect this little thing to force her to eat eggs every morning. After the protein was not enough, she had to eat egg yolk.

Biting her lip, nodding, “eat…”

The two of them were one big and one young, and they were agreed to go to see the grandma together this weekend after Sara reluctantly broke up and walked out of the kindergarten.

Looking at the time, it was five o’clock and twenty minutes left!

The post-note in her hand has been crumpled into a ball by her, spread it out, glanced again, frowning.

The address on the post-note is not unfamiliar at all. It is the most famous area in the city of Rhine. It is a place where the real rich gather. Like them, no matter how rich the family was before, they have never been there.

Soon, Sara took the subway to the destination.

When she got out of the subway station, she was stunned for a moment. In front of her was a huge mountain among the clouds. It was majestic, but it still had a fresh smell. A two-way lane that was enough to pass ten cars side by side was winding at the foot of Sara. Circling, extending to the top of the mountain.

The address written on the post-note is on the mountainside of this high mountain.

She took a scooter and went up the mountain. The driver who drove had always looked at her with a weird look. Of course, Sara knew why, and he must have never seen someone dressed as simple as her. Live there!

Soon, she arrived at the villa area where the man lived.

It’s luxurious here, so luxurious that Sara can hardly step forward when she stops.

“Miss, what are you doing?”

An elderly grandfather stood inside the solemn and luxurious Iron Gate, politely asking her outside.

It seems that the outfit should be responsible for the goalkeeper here.

Sara bowed politely, “Grandpa, I’m here to find a gentleman named Brook!”

“Oh…” The grandfather seemed to come over clearly, and while busy opening the door, he confirmed, “It’s Miss Evan!”

“Ah? It’s… it’s me…” She was a little surprised to know that.

“En! Mr. Brook has already explained that a lady named Evan will come over in the afternoon, come, Miss Evan, come in quickly!” The grandfather of the door greeted Sara and came into the yard.

“Thank you…”

“Miss Evan, just follow this road. The gray building with the triangle top in the innermost is the house where Mr. Brook lives now! You can find him there!” Grandpa carefully guided the way.

“Thank you…” Sara thanked again and then walked along the trail to the gray building.

It is now the late autumn season, and the red maple leaves in the shade of the small forest are scattered on the ground with the depression of the autumn wind, and they will make a creaking sound when she walks up, which is very meaningful.

In this mansion, there are countless various types of western-style houses, but they all belong to the man surnamed Brook!

Can’t help but sigh, it’s luxurious to the extreme! No wonder that one million is like squandering paper!

A somber smile.

Soon, the steps under her feet stopped in front of the gray building.

Somewhat surprised, different from the western-style building in front, this building is much more low-key, calm in color, simple yet completely noble and elegant.

This is his consistent style!

She took a deep breath, smoothed the inexplicable anxiety in her chest, went up the stairs of the front door, hesitated for a while, and finally rang the doorbell.

Soon, the voice of a polite middle-aged woman came through the voice controller.

“Hello, who are you?”

“Hello! I’m here to find Mr. Brook!”

Suddenly, Sara had a feeling of passing through the battle, and she seemed that it was not easy to find him.

“Oh, are you Miss Evan? Come in soon!” The middle-aged woman said politely, and the door was quickly opened.

“Ms. Evan, just call me my sister-in-law in the future! I’m a part-time worker in Mr. Brook’s house!” The sister-in-law helped Sara hold the house slippers while introducing herself.

“Good morning!” Sara greeted politely and smiled lightly.

“Haha, Miss Evan is so beautiful!!” The sister-in-law exclaimed sincerely.

“The sister-in-law said and laughed…” Sara still smiled shyly, then looked around curiously, as if searching for something.

She was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t help but ask the sister-in-law who was busy with tea, “The sister-in-law, um…Mr. Brook, isn’t he there?”

“En! Miss Evan, Mr. Brook hasn’t come back yet! He just called back and said that there was a party in the evening, and he didn’t go home for dinner. He might come back later in the evening! Please wait for him!”

“So…” Sara nodded and smiled knowingly, “Okay! I’ll wait for him!”

Asked her to arrive before six o’clock, but he wasn’t there…

Well, she knew she should have played with William for a while!

“Miss Evan, have you eaten yet? If you haven’t eaten, let me cook for you before leaving!” Then, the sister-in-law went to the kitchen.

“Sister-in-law, don’t be arrogant. I came here after dinner. If you are fine, go back first. I’ll just wait for him here!”

She didn’t eat, but she didn’t want to bother others to cook for herself. She should wait until the man came back to settle the matter and go back and do it herself!

“Really?” After hearing her say this, the sister-in-law turned around and came out of the kitchen. “Miss Evan, I’m sorry, there is something urgent at home, I will not accompany you, I think Mr. Brook knows you are waiting. He will be back soon!”

“Okay! It’s okay, you can do your job!” Sara got up and greeted politely.

Then, the two people exchanged polite greetings for a while before the sister-in-law left the house.

The sister-in-law was gone, and suddenly only Sara was left in the whole house.

Look at the time, it’s past seven o’clock.

In the late autumn weather, the night always comes quickly, and it is already dark outside the French windows.

The night here is very quiet…it’s a little cool.

Sara nestled on the sofa, waiting quietly, doing nothing.

Looking around, looking at the furnishings in the house, it is still his style, simple, low-key, yet noble and elegant.

The quartz clock on the wall was ticking, and time passed by.

The empty stomach gradually became irritated, and she was a little hungry.

Eyelids also began to fight, and she was tired, and she was a little too tired to hold it!

Hungry and sleepy…

After a long time, Sara fell asleep on the soft leather sofa.

Outside the window, dazzling car lights flashed…

Before long, the entrance door was opened, and a tall and straight body walked in gracefully.

In the huge house, there was a lot of darkness and no lights were turned on.

With a sound of “pop”, he turned on the chandelier in the hall, bent over to change his shoes, took off his suit, flung it aside, and pulled the tie around his neck tiredly.

Even though the movements are somewhat impatient, he is still elegant and sexual.

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