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Chapter 749

He kissed very urgently, but very carefully as if caring for the truest and truest love in his heart!

Let her… be flattered!

He didn’t want her.

“Sara, you are the best mistress for me, very unexpected, and very pleasantly surprised…”

Because she was shaking under him while breathing under him…

The feeling to him…

She is almost the same as the one in his heart!!!

When there is no light, he even thinks that this woman is Adam Ava.

He likes this feeling, even very obsessed with…

At least, for a moment, his heart will be full!!!

At that moment, Sara could feel his passion for her…

Even though she didn’t like to listen to his words, but there is no doubt that at that moment, her heart was also warmed by his passion…

Warmth like never before!

No matter how warm she is, she can’t forget this important day, his engagement day!

Also, the mistress…

The saddest identity!

There is an indelible coldness in the warmth…

The little hand gently pushed him on her body, even if the warmth at this moment, she couldn’t bear to destroy it.

“Be good, don’t move…”

He seemed to be sleeping comfortably, and when she pushed him, his big hand subconsciously grabbed her small hand and gently held her in his palm.

Sara was stunned for a second, and there was a slight throbbing in her heart, and her eyes turned red unconsciously.

She likes him so gentle…

Let her not have a trace of resistance, the courage to resist!

She closed her eyes slightly, and a teardrop fell down the corner of her eyes…

She was obedient and stopped moving.

Because she wants the warmth of this moment…continue…

Therefore, she chose to be quiet.

Even if she knew the man he was about to become a married man, even if she knew the man he was, the heart never had a little bit of its weight…

However, she still chose without hesitation… Sinking!!!

The next day…

The thin morning sun shines through the translucent beige curtains into the warm living room.

Finally, the sleeping man seemed to wake up a little.


There was a slightly uncomfortable hum between his lips, and he moved his body, and finally opened his eyes lazily.

Underneath, there is still a soft slice, and he feels particularly good.

Only when he opened his eyes, he was stunned for a moment, and his sleepy pupils instantly widened.

Unbelievably glared at the innocent and big-eyed woman under him. The next moment, a tall, sturdy body stood up from her, got off the sofa, and fell onto the Persian carpet.


His eyebrows trembled and he was relieved.

Frowning slightly, his chest hurts!

Even with his whole body, it seemed that he was about to fall apart.

“Last night we slept like this?” On the carpet, Brook John stared at Sara, who was still motionless on the sofa, with a look of disbelief.

Sara was still lying stiff on the sofa, nodding hard.

The whole body was already paralyzed, stiff as if petrified.

“You’re an idiot! Why don’t you push me up?” Brook John was a little annoyed and glared at her with the drooping hair on his forehead.

“Push…” Sara opened her lips and confessed honestly.


Last night:

“John, wake up… go upstairs to sleep!”

Two little hands were imprisoned to death by him, and in desperation, Sara could only use shelling to noise him upstairs.

“It’s noisy!!” He let out a low growl of dissatisfaction on her, his voice was full of sleepiness, and he also complained of dissatisfaction like a wild animal.

Sara stuck out her tongue, feeling a little unbearable, so she was quiet for a while.

However, she found that he was too heavy, pressing on her, he was heavier than a wild beast.

No more…

She sighed deeply, “John… wake up, go upstairs!!”

Sara was almost pleading, she wanted to cry without tears!

“John…John, get up, get up…” In the end, she used a repetitive serial cannon. However, she still had to wait for her to succeed in the future, suddenly…


A scent of drunken wine followed his hot and domineering deep kiss, fiercely swept into her lips and teeth, and for a moment, even her thoughts followed drunk…

The body was suppressed, her lips were blocked tightly, and she was completely subdued by him!

In the end, looking at his quiet and peaceful sleeping face, she had to defeat and surrender!

Let him fall asleep on her…

“You can call it if you can’t push it!” Brook John roughly guessed why.

“…” Sara’s face blushed in an instant. After a long time, she continued to add with difficulty, “Also called…”

Looking at her red face, Brook John came over instantly.

He probably tried to block her mouth last night!

“Can you still get up?” He asked, his voice cold, without a hint of concern in it.

“Yes… I should be able to!” Sara said, moving with difficulty.

“Ah…” She whispered in pain, and the small body fell heavily into the sofa again.

A small face has been twisted into a ball, and the pink cheeks are flushed with force.

“If you can’t do it, don’t try hard!!” Brook John gave her a cold look, then stood up, bent over, and hugged her on the sofa sideways.

When Sara was picked up suddenly, her heart trembled suddenly.

Her big eyes stared at him in astonishment, “What…what are you doing?”

Brook John only glanced at her faintly with a low eye and did not answer her question. He held her upstairs and walked to her room.

Pushed the door open, walked in, and put her stiff body on the big bed. The strength of his arms was not too gentle, but fortunately, it was not heavy.

“Evan Sara, this is a tribute to you last night!”

He put his hands around his chest, staring at her condescendingly.

A chuckle at the corner of his lips, like an emperor, made a jealous announcement.

Suddenly, bending over to get close to her, the smile on the corners of his lips deepened.

The pure male masculinity breathed in Sara’s soft nose, and her breathing stopped for a second.

He pursed his lips, his cold fingers touched Sara’s red cheeks, and a kiss fell on Sara’s forehead and chuckled, “Sara, I found that you are a multifunctional doll! All my women, you are the most fun of them…”

Having said that, Brook John paused slightly, glanced deeply at the bed with a stupid face, and when he saw that she was silent, he continued to sigh and added, “You are not only a good tool for venting desires. You’re an extremely perfect stand-in when you don’t turn on the lights at night, Sara, actually I’m really curious, do you have any poison? Or, in fact, you already knew that I like Adam Ava, so, deliberately learn from her taste. Come close to me with her feeling?”

His words were so soft as if he was talking those touching words of love with his lover, but only Sara knew how powerful his words were for her…

Every sentence, like a sharp needle, pierced deeply into Sara’s heart.

Hit the nail on the head!!!

‘A perfect stand-in when the lights are not turned on at night!!! ‘

Ah!!! That’s it…

It turned out that last night, he was so hot and so religiously kissing her, but only because…

Does she have the smell of that woman, the feeling of that woman??

Could it be that on her first night, it was because she had the smell of that woman on her body that he would ask her in a daze?

She didn’t like this answer, she didn’t like it very much!!!

The eye sockets were a little moist.

She stretched her eyes to the maximum and forced the tears back again.

Sara took a deep breath, only to find that her chest was so painful that she was suffocating.

After a long pause, she turned her head to look at him, her eyes moist, “Mr. Brook, I don’t think I’m so boring to learn those things! Also, I think it’s better to cancel our agreement!”

“Unless you think there is no need to pay back the 500,000!”

Brook John still chuckled slightly and sat down on the sofa opposite her.

Spread his hands, slender legs folded, lazily draped on the back of the sofa, with an emperor-like arrogance, slightly lowered his head, the deep pupil tightly locked her on the bed.

“Evan Sara!” He called her, his voice somewhat awe-inspiring.

“Thank you to remember the time stated in the agreement. One year, three hundred and sixty-five days, one day is indispensable!!”

His tone seemed to be a little impatient, he paused, and then continued to add, “If you really can’t keep going, think about the mother on the bed, I think you will keep going!”

In his mocking smile, there was a little more strategizing.

On the bed, Sara’s pink fist was slightly tampered with, “Mr. Brook, are you not afraid of being known by Miss Carter Sophia?”

Brook John smiled contemptuously, got up, stepped on his long legs, and walked to her beside the bed.

Leaning down slightly, looking at her with interest, then lowered his head, his thin lips touched Sara’s sensitive earlobe, the burning breath swept across her ears intentionally or unintentionally, and a deep and charming smile, “Sara, yes I will take her to see you in time…”

After speaking, he turned around and left without waiting for her to react.

“Brook John, what do you want?” Sara’s whole body trembled suddenly, a trace of impatience and anger flashed through the flushing eyes, and she let a low growl out of control at his left-back.

However, the answer to her was only a “bang…” and the door closed coldly.

In the huge room, she was left alone…

He said he would take that woman to see her…

What does he mean?

Inexplicably, it made her feel cold.

Today Sara chose to strike!

No reason!

With his words alone, she has no strength to toss with him anymore.

At noon, the tall and straight body appeared in her room again, lazily and weakly leaning against the door frame, “Evan Sara, get up, I’m hungry!”

His stomach can’t stand it anymore.

Sara was a little surprised, he didn’t even go to the company today.

She didn’t say a word on the bed, closed her eyes, and went to sleep.

She didn’t fall asleep the whole morning, and the man’s words in the morning kept running back in her confused mind.

The so-called multifunctional doll…

Even she can’t help but want to despise herself!

Her heart is cold and painful.

Chapter 750

Since the agreement cannot be canceled, she also decided not to cooperate so obediently! She shouldn’t be the Adam Ava in the dark!!!

Because she is just Evan Sara!!!

“Hey! Evan Sara, it’s almost a bit, get up to cook!!” Brook John twisted his sword eyebrows and continued calling her patiently.

Sara opened her eyes and glanced at him faintly at the door, and asked him in a cold voice, “Mr. Brook, does the agreement mention that I am your nanny?”

Brook John’s charm pupil tightened abruptly, his sword eyebrows slightly raised, “Evan Sara, are you on strike?”

“…” No one answered his question.

Obviously, noncommittal.

She didn’t even bother to look at him.

“OK!” Brook John raised his lips and sneered, “Don’t think I will starve to death without you!!”

After speaking, he turned around and went out of Sara’s room, not even bothering to close the door for her.

Sara smiled indifferently, her face a little pale, she never thought that this man would starve to death without her!

After leaving her room, she heard him calling downstairs, “Sister-in-law, please come back and cook for me, okay? Well, she seems to be sick… Yes, I am starving to death! “

Is he starving to death?

He seemed to be hungry in his feeble voice, but it wasn’t her business, didn’t it?

She is not a nanny, not a cook, she is just his so-called mistress!!! So none of these have anything to do with her!!!

She lifted the quilt, got up from the bed, changed house clothes at random, and after washing, she left her room and walked straight to the kitchen downstairs.

She is hungry, so she has to find something to help her hunger.

She didn’t cook the rice, she just found a bag and cooked it.

Brook John stood at the door of the kitchen, and deeply stared at her, “I want too!!”

However, the busy Sara seemed to be unable to hear his voice at all, and she was too lazy to look back at him, still forgetting to continue the work at hand, and picking one or two from time to time to taste the taste.

“Evan Sara!!!” Finally, a certain man broke out.

A low, sullen voice resounded in the huge house, breaking the abnormal tranquility of a room.

“Guru Guru…” However, what answered him was the sound of boiling water on the stovetop.

But she in front of the stove is still very busy.

“Evan Sara, do you dare to rebel?”

Suddenly, he peeped his long arms, pulled her busy, and pressed her small arms tightly against the wall behind him, while his sturdy body was heavily attached to her soft and delicate body. Don’t let her move at all.

“What are you doing!!?” Sara raised her eyes and glared at him, her anger hard to hide.

When he first pulled her, it was a little bit, the boiling water in the pot was about to splash on this man, but fortunately, her hand was quick, and she threw the spoon in her hand to prevent it from getting on his arm.

However, although she was fast because she was caught off guard, some water droplets splashed on the back of her hand, and he was pressing tightly on the wall now, making her aching pain.

“I also want to ask what you are doing!!” Brook John let out a low growl, and the hot masculine aura with the smell of wild beasts poured into her nose.

The man was angry.

It was probably because of being too hungry, so he let the Buddha feel like Sara. At this moment, he just wanted to swallow her alive.

Sara tilted her head subconsciously, avoiding his familiar charm.

His pure and masculine aura would always unconsciously lead her restless heart so that she had to avoid it.

Her eyebrows curled up, bowed her head, not looking at him, “Mr. Brook, please put my hand down!”

The tone is rusty and indifferent.

With that said, Sara struggled a bit.

She could feel a bean-sized water bubble on the back of her hand, but she was squeezed against the wall by the man’s strength one by one.

If it doesn’t hurt, it’s fake!

The entire back of her hand seemed to be burnt, hot, and spicy, and her entire little face was wrinkled in pain!


The more she struggled, the more his strength increased.

At this moment, he is just like that angry child, if she doesn’t cook for him, he won’t let her down.

Sara raised her eyes, staring at him with a straight look.

But the corners of his sexual lips were a chuckle, and there seemed to be a bit of pride in his eyes.

Is he proud that she can’t help him?

If so, he would be too naive!

“Guru Guru” hot bubbles were blowing in the pot, and finally, even the noodles rolled out.

The lunch at noon was soaked up today!

He seemed to be even more proud, chuckled slightly, and leaned closer to her, “Sara, it seems you can’t eat your noodles!”

“En…” Sara answered casually and calmly.

Isn’t it just a meal? She won’t be starving! Unlike some men, revenge is as serious as a child.

He let go of her, circled his chest, and stared at her arrogantly, “Okay, obediently, let me cook!”

Sara didn’t look at him. Since he had pulled away from the wall, she turned and walked out of the kitchen, not even bothering to turn off the fire.

Today she vowed not to be a babysitter. The two of them are hungry together!

What’s more, her hand is now chuckles, and she will get irritated if she doesn’t take the medicine. When she is seen by William on the weekend, he should worry about her again!

“Evan Sara”

Brook John was surprised by her stubbornness today.

He rolled his eyes to the sky, all his patience was exhausted, and his long arm drew her under his body again, but this time it was not her arm, but her tiny hand.

It’s soft and warm, and he feels much better than he expected, but…

Sara’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly, it seemed that there was some stickiness on the back of her hand.

“Pain… let go, let go!!!”

Immediately afterward, he heard Sara’s panic and painful cry.

It hurts!!! The man’s strength was comparable to that of a cow, pressing on the back of her hand, the pain made her almost paralyzed.

Stunned by the sudden cry of pain, Brook John subconsciously let go of her hand.

Lowering his head, his eyes fell unconsciously on the back of Sara’s injured hand, and the deep black pupils tightened in a circle.

The back of her hand was completely pale, and there was still clear water coming out from time to time, which was a little frightening.

Brook John was stunned for a second, and then subconsciously moved the sturdy body that was pressing on her.

No need to ask, he probably knew what was going on, as if it was his own sake, she got burnt to her hands!

Sara flashed out of the kitchen, Brook John turned off the fire on the stove, hesitated, and finally followed her footsteps upstairs.

Sara didn’t know if there was any medicine at home, but she just went into her washing room and carefully squeezed a layer of toothpaste on her hand in response to an emergency. She couldn’t go out to buy it.

“Hey! Evan Saar, how can you do this?” Brook John rimmed his eyebrows, and stared at the back of her injured hand with dry eyes, doubting her idea in a warm tone.

Sara was a little surprised when he appeared. She glanced at him lightly and didn’t know what to do for a while.

“Hey! I want to ask you something!” Brook John lost his patience and let out a low growl at her.

What this woman is going crazy today, she has been arguing with him ever since she got up!

“I heard that toothpaste is useful for treating burns!” Seeing that he tended to get angry, Sara responded lightly.

Brook John glanced down at the back of her pale hand, and it was even more shocking after applying a layer of toothpaste.

Probably it was because he hurt her, he always felt a little sad.

Although he was a little surprised by these thoughts, he thought that the human heart is made of meat anyway. Besides, even if she is his enemy, she is still a woman after all!

Men should be soft-hearted to women!

Brook John didn’t speak, he went out of her room, and directly dialed the number of Sister-in-law.

“Sister-in-law, where is the medicine cabinet at home?”

“Oh… OK! I’ll find it!”

“It’s not me, it’s Miss Evan, um! Okay, then I’ll wait for you to come over!”

After speaking, Brook John hung up the phone and went to his room.

The sister-in-law said that the medicine cabinet seemed to be stored in the small cabinet of his desk.

After a while, finally, he found the medicine box and came out.

After hesitating for a while, he went back to the woman’s room.

Throw the medicine box next to her on the sofa, “Medicine!”

“Go on!”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Sara was left alone, and she was startled looking at the medicine cabinet that suddenly appeared.

Within a few seconds, the man who had just left folded and walked in again.

Sara was stunned again, looking at him inexplicably with her big eyes.

Brook John put aside his eyes awkwardly and refused to accept her inquiry. He bent over and sat down beside her, took the medicine box, opened it, and turned it over for a while.

Finally, he found an ointment suitable for burns.

There was still no sound, the big palm pulled her injured little hand, not gentle at all, it seemed that he was not worried that he would hurt her injured little hand, after fiddling for a long time, he began to give her medicine seriously.

At that moment, Sara felt flattered.

Why is this man suddenly…?

Subconsciously shrank her little hand, looking at him defensively, “You…what are you doing?”

She couldn’t believe it, how could this man be so kind to her suddenly?

As a result, had to be skeptical.

“Evan Sara, don’t look at me with that flattering look. Do you think I am caring for you when I give you the medicine? Don’t have fun there!”

Brook John saw what she was thinking in her heart with just a glance.

“…” Sara is speechless, does she enjoy him? he is just narcissistic!

Brook John gave a sneer, but the palm of Sara’s small hand became tighter, and the big hand applying the ointment did not stop.

“Evan Sara, this is the end of the rebellion!! I just want you to get the medicine early, so you can cook for me!!”


Ten sentences, nine sentences are inseparable from his meal!

Sara didn’t bother to continue quarreling with him anymore, just what he said.

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