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Chapter 765

Sara struggled a bit, avoiding his confinement.

Brook John smiled indifferently, with a sneer on the corners of his lips, “Evan Sara, I’m sorry to come out to meet people, so you should just stay at home for me!!”

Sara touched her hand slightly, stroked her painful neck, did not raise her eyes to look at him, and answered him with a cold tone, “I am not a canary!”

Brook John stared at her smoke pupil tightly, then continued to ask, “Why are you here?”

The tone is always high above.

“Visiting friends! And my mother…”

Sara didn’t lie, but just hid the point of volunteering!

To be precise, “Visiting friends, and my mother, by the way, volunteer in the hospital!’

Brook John pursed his lips. Just as he wanted to say something, he suddenly saw a familiar figure in the rearview mirror.

Ball James?!

Somewhat surprised, but soon, it became clear!!!

A sneered sneer at the corner of his lips, raised his eyebrows, and approached her: “Are you familiar with Ball James?”

Ball James?

Sara turned her head slightly, tried to avoid his breath, and answered faintly, “It’s okay!”

He’s quite familiar! At least she is a good friend to him now!

But don’t know why, after hearing this man ask like this, she dare not answer him honestly.

“Do you like him?” Brook John asked suddenly.

The smile on the corners of the lips deepened.

Sara was stunned for a second, staring at him in puzzlement.

“What do you mean?”

She did not understand.

It’s not that she doesn’t understand his words, but that she doesn’t understand his expression, his eyes!!!

Brook John probed his hand quickly, and his slender fingers hooked Sara’s slender jaw. The strength was significantly heavier than before, and he did not give her a chance to struggle.

Through the rearview mirror, it can be seen that Ball James, who was lazily leaning on the guardrail, was taken aback for a moment.

That man, he understands!

This expression means that he cares!

So, the relationship between them is not as simple as ‘okay’!!!

Brook John gave a cold and charming chuckle, his thin lips were close to her pink lips, and a voice gently overflowed between his lips, revealing the evil spirits that made Sara panic, “Sara, he seems to be very like you, or… I will give you to him for a few days, right?”

As soon as his words fell, Sara couldn’t help but froze.

In her mind, there is a gap of one second!!!

‘Send you to him to play for a few days…’

What does this man think of her? Tool? Doll? Or does that kind of person do their best?!!!

The heart throbbed hard, somewhat sharp.

Breathing, she feels pain for a moment…

There is an urge to cry!!!

But, she will not cry, nor can she cry…

Smiled indifferently, facing him calmly, “Brook John, do you think everyone is like you, so perverted?”

After speaking ridiculously, Sara probed her hand and slapped his big hand which was imprisoning her, “Also, Brook John, I am Evan Sara, not your belongings!! You have no right and no right to decide me anything. Let me go…”

“Really?” Brook John’s deep smoke pupil flashed an icy cold bird, and in the next instant, a probing hand grabbed her struggling.

Sneered, “Evan Sara, I will let you know that you are my, Brook John’s belongings or my personal belongings!!!”

There was a fit of strong anger burning in his eyes, just like the trapped lion.

It seems that in the next moment… she will be wiped in, even if there is not even a bone left!!!

“Let go of me, Brook John, what are you going to do!!!”

Inside the car, Sara’s panic call sounded.

A scream of exhaustion rang, and Sara’s soft ten fingers were almost embedded in his back.

In just a few seconds, this man wanted her without warning!!!

“Woo…” Sara bit her lip fiercely, sobbing with pain.

A pair of small hands are like the trapped little beast, trying their best to push the man on her.

It hurts…

He hurt her!!!

“Brook John, let me go… let me go!!!”

Sara was crying and struggling hard.

This is not at home, but outside!!! This bastard just wanted her like this!!!

Ball James at the entrance of the hospital was completely stunned when he saw the scene in the car.

However, he didn’t see Sara, her painful expression, she struggled with all her strength…

Also, her tears of humiliation!!!

However, through the rearview mirror, Sara saw him…

Also, the stunned and stunned expression on her face…

Sara paled with a small face, staring, looking at Ball James in the mirror, weakly crying for help between her pink lips…

“Help me, James…”

“James…save…save me…”

The tears wetted her entire cheek pale as gray…

The lips are getting dry.

The voice is getting weaker…

Her sight also began to blur…

Only Brook John on her body can hear the call between her lips!!!

Between her lips, all she shouted was the man’s name!!!


It hurts!!! There is blood spilling between the lips…

“Evan Sara, shut up, shut up!!!”

Hearing the names of other men from her mouth will only make him angrier, want to vent more, and even more want to let this woman know that she is his private property, forever, will only Belong to him!!!

Brook John screamed like a beast, and a thick bloody smell between his lips leaked into her throat, and Sara’s throat throbbed, and his movements followed her struggle. Her call for help gradually intensified.

The pain was great, and the whole body couldn’t stop convulsions.

Every time, between them, let her ‘unforgettable’!!!

That moment…

Sara seems to see hell…

The darkest hell!!!

Inside, there is not a trace of light…

Very long time…

Finally, his movements gradually calmed down…

Heavy breathing sounds sounded throughout the quiet car.

With the sound of “wow”, all the curtains in the car closed, completely isolating them from the outside world.

He kissed her who was fainted under him, and the movement of his waist was also gentle.

“Sara…Be better in the future…”

Between his lips, he kept whispering a word, his voice hoarse, full of passion.

“Be obedient, just be my private property…”

Brook John is domineering.

He has never liked to share his personal belongings with anyone, from small to large!!!

This woman is his private property, so he can’t tolerate others robbing him and sharing her with him!!!

She is just his!

Sara in the seat has long been delirious.

There was chaos in her mind, and her whole body seemed to fall apart, and the pain was almost faint.

She couldn’t hear him…

It’s not that she doesn’t know, but she doesn’t want to listen!!!

The whole body has long lost the strength to struggle…

She doesn’t know how long it took before he retreated from her body.

And she just fell asleep so faintly…

Her face was pale as if she was dying of illness, and there was no trace of blood.

Looking at her like this, at that moment, Brook John had a trace of regret.

But only a small point!

He was just wondering if he was too much!

Although it is not the first time for her, her body is too jerky, so she can’t adapt to his offensive at all. Perhaps, he hurt her?

Although she is his doll, he should have had fun with her!

He just doesn’t know why. It seems that he also wants to know what kind of feeling this woman feels when he is lying on her body and being loved by him. Will she be as cheerful as him??

Probably, the conquering qualities of men are here!!!

Lowered her seat, and then pulled out a blanket to help her cover it.

When the curtains were opened, the man had disappeared at the entrance of the hospital.

John smiled, with a bit of pride, blasted the accelerator, and drove away.

Sara didn’t know how long she slept, and when she woke up, she was awakened by the phone on the table.

Outside the window, there was already a piece of blackness, like the hell, she saw before she passed out…

Just about to answer the phone, suddenly, a big hand grabbed her in front of her and answered her phone.

Sara was stunned, frowning slightly.

Looking at him, she was puzzled, but with vague anger.

“James? It’s me, Master Brook!”

James’s call…

Sara didn’t dare to listen!

Today’s scene, probably, he saw it!

What will he think of her in the future? Look down on her, or avoid her?

Weakly buried her body in the quilt again. At that moment, Sara was thinking, if she is the only one left in the world…

A person, no more pain, no more worries, no more…

These, which made her almost unbearable, humiliation!!!

Tears drenched the pillowcase.

Every time, after being forced by him, she has the urge to leave.


Where is the agreement signed, even if she wants to escape, where can she escape?

If she leaves, she believes that this man will use his so-called damn legal means to protect his legal rights!!!

She owed him 500,000 Yuan and signed him a one-year lease of life!!!

Even if such transactions are not allowed by law, but she has too many worries, there are moms, there are lingering, and he is so powerful…

She will never be able to hold him back!!!

One year, she only hopes that this year will pass quickly…

From then on, they owe nothing to each other!!!

“She’s fine! I took her home directly, and she is still sleeping!”

Outside the quilt, Brook John’s gentle voice sounded.

Lie!!! He lied!!!

She, Evan Sara, is not good at all!

Chapter 766

“Okay, then I’ll hang up first…”

Then, soon, Brook John hung up the phone.

Putting on her cell phone, he did not leave. Instead, he stood beside Sara’s bed, condescendingly staring at her, and commanded domineeringly, “You are not allowed to contact him again! You are not allowed to go to that hospital in the future, as for your mother, I will arrange her transfer!!”

He took it for granted.

Even everything about her mother was properly arranged!

Sara lifted the quilt and sat up from the bed, with fluffy and messy hair, and shouted angrily at him, “Brook John, who do you think you are? Why do you decide everything about me??? I don’t want it!! I don’t want to hear it!!! I don’t want”

She hates him for granted and hates his domineering!!!

Also, hate him for deciding everything about her for her so powerfully!!!

“Evan Sara, do you really like Ball James so much?”

Brook John’s slender fingers tightly clasped Sara’s chin, and his eyes were filled with the cold light of a bird of prey, staring at her, and let out a low growl, questioning her.

The force on the fingers is very heavy.

He clasped her chin, feeling a little bit painful, and it felt like he was going to be embedded in Sara’s skin.

Sara’s eyebrows couldn’t help but frown, her little face frowned, and her little hand subconsciously grabbed the big hand on her chin, “When did I say that I liked him? Me and him… just, just good friends!! Brook John, you…you let me go!! It hurts…”

Sara was tightly clasped by him, and even her breathing became a little uncomfortable.


Brook John’s fingers on Sara’s chin were slightly loosened, raised his eyebrows, his eyes were a little bit of disbelief, “Really?”

When asked by him, Sara was stunned for a second, and then immediately patted him with the big hand that held her.

It seems that there is no need to explain so much to this man!!!

“Brook John, even if you transfer my mother to the hospital, I will still go to that hospital!! I am not the canary you raised unless you hold me with fetters and make me unable to move. If you can’t get this door, I won’t go!!”

“Evan Sara, are you deliberately against me?”

Brook John’s cold bird of prey passed by a gloomy pupil, but did not seem to be angry, but asked her indifferently.

The eyes that grabbed her became deeper and deeper, and there was a deep meaning that Sara couldn’t see through.


After a long while, Brook John nodded, a deep sneer at the corner of his mouth, and it seemed thoughtful.

However, he acquiesced to her!

Seeing him nodding, Sara was in a trance for a moment.

He agreed?!

Accident!!! Very surprised!!!

As for Brook John, nothing seems to have happened.

Still looking indifferent, he turned away the topic very casually, as if he couldn’t see her stunned and stunned.

“It’s almost eight o’clock, do you want to get up and have a meal first?”

He asked her in a particularly flat tone.

Suddenly, he added another sentence, “I have asked the Sister-in-law to prepare the meal!”

Sara stared at him with a puzzled look, and then slapped her eyelashes suspiciously.

She always feels that something is wrong!!!

This man…how could he be so cold all at once, and so gentle all at once.

Just as Sara was still in doubt, Brook John handed over a glass of clear water, instantly dispelling Sara’s doubts.

He is still him, but occasionally he doesn’t bother to care about her!

“Swallow the medicine!”

It’s avoiding pregnancy medicine again!!!

“This medicine is 72 hours old. I have taken it in the morning. I don’t need to take it now!” Doesn’t it work for 72 hours?

Sara subconsciously resisted.

She didn’t know the side effects of this medicine on her body.

When she was in college, her physiology teacher taught her that it’s good to take this pill twice a year. If you take a large amount like this, your body will break down sooner or later. In mild cases, endocrine disorders, severe cases of amenorrhea, or directly cause pregnancy problems.

“That’s unscientific. Be good, swallow it!” Brook John persuaded her kindly and gently.

Sara only feels the slightest cold in her heart.

The hand in the quilt clenched slightly.

Is he so afraid of being pregnant with his child?

A probing hand took the water glass in his hand, grabbed the white pill in his hand, the next moment, raised her head, threw it into her mouth, swallowed it.

The pill is bitter…

Swallowing down the throat, the bitterness seems to spread to the whole body through the esophagus, and finally, penetrate deep into the heart.

Very bitter, bitter!!!

Sara took a sip of water, and another sip, until she drank all the water in the cup, and then stopped.

But still, feel the pain in the stomach uncomfortable.

Put the water glass on the table by the side, too lazy to look at him again, turn over, and continue to lie down, “I don’t want to take this medicine anymore!!!”

Brook John just chuckled, did not answer, glanced deeply at her on the bed, and then went out of her room.

Before leaving, he suddenly paused, turned around, and looked back at her, “Sara, is the employee of our company who committed suicide is your friend?”

Sara in the quilt was taken aback for a moment, then looked back at him quickly.


The husband of her good friend!!!

“Brook John, you…” Sara wanted to say something more, however, he at the door had already brought the door and left.

Only Sara sat on the bed in a daze, confusion in her mind.

Why did he ask her this suddenly?

Or is it just a casual question?

The next day, Sara went to the hospital early.

Brook John seemed to know it too, but it was strange that he didn’t stop her.

That’s okay, it saves Sara from messing around with him.

The hickey on the neck is still faintly visible.

Fortunately, Sara used a warm towel last night and woke up in the morning, it was faded.

She found an ordinary high-necked towel to put it on and went out.

After arriving at the hospital, after a while, Ball James came over.

Sara was a little afraid to face him.

There is no doubt that he must have seen it yesterday!

She didn’t dare to imagine what kind of woman she was like in his heart now!

“Evan Sara, you owe me a meal, invite me today!”

Something that surprised Sara was that this man, as if nothing had happened, just walked in and shouted for her to treat him to dinner.

Attitude is the same as usual.

Sara was stunned for a second.

Looking at him stunned, she couldn’t come back for a while.

It wasn’t until Ball James reminded that Sara suddenly recovered.

“Evan Sara, are you listening to me?”

“Huh? Huh?” Sara returned to her senses, her little head straightened, “Yes, there are…good!”

“Okay! Then we’ll make an appointment, 12 o’clock noon! This young master is free!” Ball James finished speaking and turned to go out.

“James!” Sara suddenly called him.

Ball James turned around and looked at her in astonishment, “Something?”

“I…” Sara hesitated for a while, took a deep breath, and looked up at him, “That…that, yesterday afternoon…”

“I see! You skipped work yesterday afternoon. Yesterday you went out. I went to find you, but I didn’t see you anymore. I came back! It’s okay. Volunteers skip work occasionally and the hospital won’t say anything! “Ball James said lightly and casually.

As a result, Sara believed it!

She thought that yesterday, he didn’t see them in the car at all!

Sara has been thinking…

If, yesterday, he saw them in the car, would he come to save her?

Later, Sara was fortunate, but fortunately, he did not see them!

What if he saved her? She was originally the mistress of that man! So, three people will probably be embarrassed by that time!

“Okay…” Sara smiled and nodded, unconsciously relieved.

In the morning, Sara took the time to accompany Bailey Amelia for a while.

Bailey Amelia’s spirit was not as good as before, and her whole body was haggard, and her face was pale and pale.

“Amelia, you can’t go on like this anymore. If this goes on, you will lose your body!”

Sara persuaded her distressedly.

Bailey Amelia didn’t answer but shook her head, the tears in her eyes had never stopped since she saw her.

“Sara…actually, sometimes I wonder if I will die and be a hundred! Jacob’s huge debt of 5 million is on my back, really making me breathless! The police investigation has also begun. Jacob would have to wake up, and when he wakes up, he will get better, and sooner or later he will be arrested in jail!! Oooh…”

“Amelia, what are you talking about?” What is meant by not waking up!!!

“Amelia, don’t be like this, there is always a solution!!”

Bailey Amelia shook her head, with a sense of despair, “Sara, there is no way, my whole life is over, sometimes I don’t know what it means to live like this… these five million, I can’t afford it for the rest of my life!! Sara, what evil do you think I have done!!?”

When Bailey Amelia said that, she cried and fell into Sara’s arms.

Her pressure was too great, so big that a weak woman could not bear it.

The huge sum of five million dollars, her husband’s long sleep, and the disaster of jail, each one is enough to make her desperate.

The only thing that made her feel relieved was that she had a baby in her belly!!!

However, how late the baby came…

Even though, what about giving birth to her now? Maybe she doesn’t even have money for milk powder!!!

“Sara, I am going to remove the child…”

Bailey Amelia told Sara of her thoughts.

Sara was shocked suddenly, “Amelia, don’t mess around, the child is innocent!”

“Yes… the baby is the most innocent…” Bailey Amelia nodded, tears streaming down her head. “But, Sara, I asked her to let her accompany me to this world to suffer? I can’t afford her, Sara…I can’t give her happiness…”

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