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Chapter 769

At that moment, Sara’s teeth bite loudly.

Sure enough, before she looked up, Sara could feel that she had become a focal point in the entire hall immediately.

No way, Sara had to bite the bullet and catch up with the man in front of her.

Seeing her approaching, Brook John just turned around and continued to move forward.

“Who did you meet for dinner at noon today?”

He was walking in front, but he didn’t forget to ask Sara, who bowed her head and followed him behind him.


To tell him that it is Ball James, will he be angry? Then when he gets angry, he can avoid talking to her?

It seems possible! She can’t say that she is killed!

“Which friend?”

Brook John didn’t look back, so much so that he didn’t see the entanglement on Sara’s face, but just continued to ask indifferently.

Sara frowned, feeling a little frustrated.

Why did he ask so clearly!!! Hukou investigation?!

“You… a friend you don’t know!”

Had to continue talking!


“…” Sure enough, he won’t stop asking if he doesn’t break the casserole!!!

So so? Who is it??

Sara gritted her teeth, thinking hard.

“Bailey…Bailey Amelia!!” Sara’s mind flashed and her name appeared.

“Really?” Brook John sneered, “It seems that she is in a good mood, her husband is half-dead, and she is still in the mood to catch your dinner!”

“…” Does this man speak too directly? What is half-dead?

“Also… okay!” It seemed that she had cheated, and Sara couldn’t help but squeeze a cold sweat for herself.

“En! Then it seems that her husband’s jail situation will not affect her anymore!”

“Huh?” Sara was completely embarrassed.

In the next moment, she hurriedly laughed and caught up with Brook John’s footsteps.

As the saying goes, don’t hit the smiley people with your hand!!!

“Um, Mr. Brook she is still very…”

“Evan Sara!!”

Brook John did not listen to her but interrupted her directly and coldly.

His eyes were fixed and locked tightly in front of her.

“Huh?” Sara stood in front of him, blinked her eyes, and looked at him puzzled.

Brook John smiled indifferently, pressed his slender fingers on Sara’s sharp chin, and whispered, “Give you one last chance!”

After speaking, he put aside his hand, let go of her jaw, and walked forward.

Only Sara was left in a daze.

Give her one last chance?? What chance?

Sara is tangled! Puzzled!!!

The little cheeks twisted together, and she began to think hard.

At last…


Probe’s hand, hammered her little head, really depressed!!!

This dead man is too easy to deceive!!!

Helpless hurried to catch up with Brook John’s footsteps.

Brook John didn’t look back at her, raised his eyebrows slightly, and asked her, “Have you figured it out?”

“En…” Sara nodded and curled her lips.

“Are you going to tell me the truth?”

Cut! Ask her if she knows, it’s wrong!

“The friend who made a dinner appointment at noon is James!” Sara lowered her head and explained truthfully.

As soon as the words fell, Brook John in front of her suddenly stopped, turned his head, and glared at her.


What is it! Blocked her way and smashed her head.

Sara just wanted to complain, suddenly, raised her head and looked over.

A wall firmly stood in front of her! A solid human wall still exudes a cold breath.

Sara took two steps subconsciously.

Unexpectedly, Brook John took another step to catch up.

At this moment, Sara was a little grateful, but fortunately, they had already left his company.

“Brook… Brook John, you want me to tell the truth!” Sara put out her little hand to push him.

Fuck her ghost truth!

If this idiot woman insisted that it was the woman named Bailey Amelia, he would believe it, but he didn’t expect to turn around and become that man!

“You two are dating?” Brook John stood in front of her, his eyes gripped her tightly, his pupils flashed with hostility that made Sara recoil again and again.

Sure enough, it was a wise decision not to show her in that hospital!!!

He hates, or is extremely disgusted, that the woman who hates him has an affair with other men!!!

Even if this woman is just a plaything under him, he can’t allow her!!!

“No!” Sara immediately denied, “I just want to thank him and invite him to dinner!”

“Really?” Brook John snorted coldly, and a few obvious ridicules flashed under his eyes.

It’s the best!!!

Next, Brook John didn’t embarrass Sara anymore.

This surprised her, and she felt the same as when he suddenly allowed her to go to the hospital yesterday.

This man made her wonder!!!

Two people went into the restaurant one after another.

This is a high-end and luxurious western restaurant, and it is her first time to come.

Brook John led her to sit down in a high-class private room.

The box is not big, but the atmosphere is very good, and the warm feeling still reveals a touch of ambiguity.

It is not suitable for them.

At least, this feeling will make Sara feel a little nervous sitting here, a little uncomfortable, and even dare not raise her eyes to look at his opposite.

Soon, the two ordered the order, and the food plate was quickly brought up.

Brook John didn’t seem to be in a hurry to eat, his eyes were deep, and he fixedly looked at her, “Aren’t you looking for me for something?”

“Yes…Yes!” Sara nodded, and then glanced at the food in front of him, “You better eat first, and talk about it after eating!”

It’s almost half-past one, and if he doesn’t eat on time, his stomach will have trouble again, right?

Brook John didn’t insist, so he picked up his knife and fork and started to eat elegantly.

After eating for a while, Brook John found that the opposite person seemed to have no intention of eating.

Lifting his eyes, the deep pupils confronted her, “Do you think you still have a chance for that man to eat today?”

“Huh?” Sara was stunned for a second.

In the next instant, a few guilty consciences flashed under her eyes, and she hurriedly denied, “Nah…

That’s what she thought! Dining with Ball James is at least more comfortable than with this man!

Brook John put the knife and fork in his hand and stared at her thoughtfully.

“Evan Sara, if I am not mistaken, you have something to ask me today, right?”

Sara looked up at him, hesitated for a while, and then asked carefully, “Well, about Bailey Amelia’s husband Fisher Jacob…”

“No talk!!”

Before Sara could finish speaking, Brook John uttered two words indifferently.

Without looking at her, he picked up the knife and fork on the table and ate gracefully.

“Brook John, listen to me and finish talking first!” Sara was anxious.

“Retire Ball James’s date before discussing it!”

Brook John didn’t bother to lift his head and confessed domineeringly.


“Brook John, you… are you too much?” Sara was a little sullen, staring angrily at the group of men who were eating lunch leisurely on the opposite side.

He ignored her anger.

Still slicing the steak on the plate without rushing, and not forgetting to remind her opposite, “You still have half an hour to think about!”

“You…” Sara was completely angry. The man was just playing tricks on her, “Brook John, didn’t you say that I can talk with you after dinner?”

“Is there?” Brook John finally raised his eyes, glanced at her lazily, twitched the corners of his lips, and gave a wicked chuckle, “I just remember, I said, if you don’t eat with me, everything is free to talk!!”

After finishing speaking, Brook John responded with an extremely ugly sneer.

Sara took a deep breath…

This man is simply a rascal!!!

Sara’s tampered tightly again and again, and she told herself time and time again that it was okay and not angry! She still has something to ask of him!

Forget it!!! She doesn’t want to care about him anymore!

If she cancels it, she can cancel it. She doesn’t have to eat today. There will be opportunities later.

Sara angrily took the mobile phone in her bag and directly sent a text message to Ball James.

Did not get a reply from him, probably, still in operation.

Seeing that Sara sent out a text message, Brook John was only slightly satisfied.

Putting off the knife and fork in his hand, he looked at her sharply, and said calmly, “Talk about it!”

Seeing Brook John’s unparalleled appearance, Sara had an urge to rush forward to bite him, but fortunately, her endurance was not bad, and she stunned all her anger.

Let’s talk after they have negotiated the matter!

“Well, I want to talk to you about Fisher Jacob…”

Sara glanced at him carefully, swallowed slightly, a little nervous.

After all, this is no small thing!

Seeing that Brook John’s stern face still has no ups and downs, Sara slightly complied with her heart and continued, “Mr. Brook, do you think there is still room for maneuver regarding the appeal of the embezzlement of the company’s huge sum of money? “

Sara wanted to ask, can the appeal be canceled, as long as the money is paid back?

After all, the big things are small, and the small things are harmonious enough!

“Miss Evan also knows that it is a huge sum of money?” Brook John raised an eyebrow and asked her, with a mocking interest in his tone.

“Of course!” Sara nodded but felt a little guilty.

“Okay!” Brook John nodded with interest, and leaned back lazily on the back of the sofa, with his hands around his chest, his charming pupils half-squinted, and he looked at her opposite thoughtfully, “Tell me, with why do I want to cancel the appeal against Fisher Jacob!”

This one…

Asked Sara.

Sara fell into silence…

After a long time, Sara answered him again, her eyes fixed, looking at him, “Mr. Brook, count me, please, okay?”

She knew that if she wanted to tell this man how pitiful Amelia was, about Amelia’s children, and her husband’s body, he would probably only reply to her, ‘Does this have anything to do with me? ‘

He’s so troublesome, it’s better to be straightforward!

He can do it, she can’t fight hard, if he really can’t, she has to give up!!!

Brook John stared at her thoughtfully, with a deep smile on the corner of his lips.

But, for a long time, did not answer.

Chapter 770

“Mr. Brook…” Sara tried to fight again.

“Or…” Finally, the man opposite reacted.

Pursing his lips, his sturdy figure stepped forward slightly, bullying her, his eyes hot, staring at her, “Let’s make another deal!”

“Deal?” Sara was surprised.

Staring, looking at him.

“Wh… what deal?”

Brook John shrugged, “It’s very simple!”

Is it? She believes that he is a ghost!!!

“I heard that you were a volunteer in Ball James’s hospital?” Brook John leaned back into the soft sofa again, with his slender legs folded, his evil pupils half-squinted, and asked her in a jealous tone.

“Are you investigating me?” Sara was a little sullen.

“Haha…” Brook John sneered contemptuously, “I haven’t had that free time!”

He just inadvertently glanced at the list of volunteers when he was passing the hospital lobby, but he just happened to run into her name!

“Yes! I don’t want to stay in that room every day!”

It’s empty and big, and surprisingly quiet, people will be suffocated to death after a long time!

“What do you mean by the deal you just said?” Sara didn’t want him to get entangled in her problems anymore. After all, they didn’t come out to talk about her!

“Evan Sara, since you don’t want to stay at home, that’s good! Come to my company to work in the future!”


Sara only thought she had misheard, staring at the man in front of her in disbelief.

“Didn’t you hear clearly? Do I need to repeat it? Or, you are not going to agree at all?” Brook John raised his sword eyebrows slightly as if he knew her thoughts well.

“I…” Sara couldn’t dazzle for a while.

After a while, she sighed a little, raised her eyes, and met his deep black pupil, “Brook John, what do you want to do?”

She doesn’t understand it!

What is this man thinking?

Why did he suddenly let her go to work in his company? Moreover, what can she do after going? The knowledge she has learned is completely irrelevant to their company!!!

“I won’t go!”

Sara refused without thinking.

She didn’t want to face him at night and continued to suffer from the oppression and ridicule of this man during the day.

Moreover, she likes working in the hospital, she can accompany many children in need of care, and she can also accompany her mother every day.

Only at this time would she feel that her life had a little more sunshine, and she didn’t want to be deprived of the little warmth in her life by this man!

Facing her refusal, Brook John just chuckled.

The handsome face is still the usual strategizing, unpredictable, “Miss Evan, I have to remind you, if you have something to ask me today, I think you have no right to refuse me!”

Sara was startled when she heard what he said.

Her face changed slightly, and anger crossed her eyes, “Brook John, why do you do this kind of insidious trick every time?”

At this moment, Sara suddenly realized.

Why did he promise to let her go to the hospital last night? It turned out that he had already planned it!!!


Brook John seemed to be unable to hear her accusation, but raised his eyebrows indifferently, “Miss Evan, I think you’d better pray that your friend’s husband won’t wake up in his lifetime, otherwise, as soon as he wakes up we have to carry him to the prison and squat, and life is not so easy!”

“You…” Sara suddenly became angry.

What did this dead man say!!! What does it mean to be unable to wake up for a lifetime…?

“Brook John, are you not tired of this trick every time you come?” Sara glanced at him contemptuously, and the fire of anger in her heart continued to rush to her forehead.

“I won’t play if I’m tired! It proves that I’m not tired if I’m still playing!” Brook John was also patient with her.

He smiled indifferently, his eyes were not warm, “Three seconds, no talk after expiration!!”

After Brook John finished speaking, he smiled deeply and waved to the waitress waiting outside the box, “Check out!”

“…” She hasn’t eaten yet!!!

“Okay! I promise you!!!”

After two seconds passed, Sara made up her mind, took a deep breath, and screamed firmly at the opposite of him.

MD!!! Every time she was beaten to death by this dead man!

But, can she refuse? She can’t see her friend go and make the baby in her belly, right?

Sara has an urge to yell at him. Fortunately, she has been well-trained since she was a child, and she has only suppressed the sinful urge in her heart.

After roaring, she waved her hand to the waitress who had just walked in, “I’m sorry, miss, I haven’t eaten yet, please check out later…”

She is about to starve to death!!!

After waiting for this dead man for half a morning, she ended up with such an ending. She can’t starve herself back, right?

Brook John nodded in satisfaction, but he did not forget to add, “I won’t waste so much time like this!”


Sinister and cunning!!!

Sara couldn’t help but slandered him harshly.

“Tomorrow at nine o’clock in the morning, report to the company on time!” Brook John’s overbearing voice once again sounded over Sara’s head.

And many more…

“Mr. Brook, I want to know what I am going to do with your company. If I am not mistaken, your company is engaged in jewelry design and market investment, right? But I studied interior design. Those of yours is completely different from my major. By the way, wouldn’t I be a decoration if I went to your company?”

She can go and learn by doing, but she just wants to try to convince this man, because she doesn’t want to go to work in his company.

“Don’t worry about this, I have already thought about it for you!” Brook John seems to have thought of this level a long time ago, his face is calm and confident.

Since he got up on the sofa, he walked out of the box. As he walked, he didn’t forget to tell her what he thought, “From tomorrow on, the hygiene and tea problems on the 42nd floor will be yours. Under the banner!”

After talking…

With the sound of “Wow”, the box door sounded again, and then the door was closed tightly.

Suddenly, only Sara was left in the box, holding the knife and fork in her hand and staring at the closed box door blankly, as if the words of the man were still floating in her ears…

“From tomorrow, the hygiene and tea problems on the 42nd floor will be under yours!”

Sara stayed there for a long time without knowing it, until she was so hungry that she kept grunting, and then she suddenly recovered.

As a result, Sara was frustrated.

Even if she is not professional, she can be regarded as an authentic returnee, right? Dare to go to his company and fall to this point? Responsible for hygiene and tea issues?!!!


At that moment, Sara wanted to put up her middle finger and stand in front of the man and say this word to him!!!


The little head drooped in frustration and began to eat the food on the table.

This matter can be considered settled, right?

But they seem to be a little off-topic just now!

It was already half-past two after Sara had eaten. During the period, she received a text message from Ball James but told her to invite him next time.

After leaving the restaurant, Sara took the bus and went back to the hospital.

Whatever it is on the last day, she must be done well!

“Sara, Sara…” Just as soon as Sara stepped into Fisher Jacob’s ward, Bailey Amelia greeted her excitedly, and at this moment there was finally a slight smile on her haggard face.

“Amelia, what’s wrong? Is there any good news?” Is Fisher Jacob awake?

Sara talked and went to see Fisher Jacob on the bed.

“Sara, Brook, Brook canceled the prosecution against Jacob!! Sara…Thank you, thank you!!!” Bailey Amelia excitedly hugged Sara and wept with joy. Her heart is full of gratitude and touch for Sara.

“Amelia, what you said is true?”

“Of course it is true. Just now, a gentleman surnamed Gray called. He said that he is the special assistant of Mr. Brook, especially to follow up on this matter!”

“It’s him, it’s him! Amelia, the matter is settled!! Great… the child can stay!!”

Sara also seemed extremely excited. It seems that Brook John’s work efficiency is not enough.

Now she hopes Fisher Jacob can get better soon.

“Sara, thank you!! But… But, how did you convince him?” Bailey Amelia couldn’t help but ask her.

Sara took her and sat down on the sofa chair beside her, “It’s nothing, I just promised him to go to work in his company!”

“Ah? Go to work at his company?” Bailey Amelia was a little surprised, glanced at her suspiciously, and smiled with tears, “Sara, isn’t that guy like you?”

“How come!!” Sara denied it without thinking.

That man just didn’t want to be too leisurely!

Hey, if Amelia knows the relationship between the two of them, She guesses she won’t say this again.

Of course, she would not tell her that she didn’t want her good friend to worry about herself!

“Since he doesn’t like you, why did he let you go to work in his company?” This confused Bailey Amelia.

“I’m not going to work, I’m responsible for the hygiene and tea issues on his first floor!” Sara pouted and said the last words that the man left her with invincibility.

“Huh?” Bailey Amelia was also taken aback for a moment. The next moment, her face was a little sorry, “Sara, is it because of me…”

“Amelia, I just got an extra job, what you have, as long as I have a job, I am very happy, don’t think about it!” Sara tried to comfort her.

“Thank you…” Bailey Amelia was moved, stunned, and frowned again as if thinking of something, a little worried, “Sara, then… will he know about the continuous matter…”

“No!” Sara shook her head affirmatively, “Don’t worry, I will pay attention to these things! Besides, his floor is surprisingly large. I am the one who cleans, and it is difficult to meet him every time in a day. Don’t say it’s lingering, nothing will happen!”

Sara is sure.

“That’s good…” Bailey Amelia just felt relieved.

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