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Chapter 807

Didn’t this stinky kid proudly show in front of him that he found his daddy some time ago? What now? This kind of family activity pulled him to devote him? Is there a mistake!!!

“My daddy is busy…” Someone was a little guilty.

“I’m busier!!!” Brook John gritted his teeth and thought.

The little guy lowered his head with a guilty conscience, “Dancing this kind of dance…no, it’s not my daddy’s style…” When the little guy said this, he looked at him carefully and looked at the side and his expression became uglier.

“…” Brook John was so angry that his lungs would burst.

Does this stinky kid mean that he is this damn little rabbit idiot style??

“Old William, I didn’t mean that!!” Seeing that someone was about to explode, the little guy hurriedly comforted him.

Wagging the short tail behind him, rushed in front of him, and his big, smoky eyes looked at him pitifully, “Old William, my daddy, how can he put it…” The little guy tried his best to think.

“If you let him dance this kind of dance… in short, it’s very awkward, it’s not suitable for his temperament!!”

His daddy is that kind of very deep man, let him dance this cartoon cute dance, guess he would rather commit suicide first?

What is more and more black!!!

His father is not suitable, is his Brook John suitable??

Pulling the bunny suit on his body like aggression, he wanted to take it off. As a result, the deep pupil met the pitiful big eyes of the little guy, and the small body followed him, “Old William, I want to jump with you. …”

“It’s just a paragraph, really…just a few minutes!!”

William’s words, as well as his eager expression, instantly softened Brook John’s whole body.

He was just joking with the kid.

The heart was filled with his feeling of dependence in an instant!

The undressing stopped, and he gave him an awkward look, “Okay, let’s jump! I’m so tired, I’m so tired after jumping to take a bath and sleep!!!”

Then, the whole hall began too lively again.

Late at night, the lights in the hall dimmed, and then the lights in the bedroom turned on.

On the bed, it was still their weird conversation.

“Old William, are you happy?”

“Do not know!”

“The last time you gave a birthday cake to my birthday sister, was she happy?” For a while, my sister and aunt, depending on the kid’s mood?

His question…

Brook John was stunned for a second.

“No delivery!” His voice fell a few times.

“Why?” The little guy rolled over, blinking his big eyes, looking at him in confusion.

Brook John found that this kid was gossip!!!

Probe’s hand squeezed his little face, glanced at him, “She’s not here!”

“Ah…that is to say that the birthday sister missed the appointment?” The little guy replied thoughtfully.

Suddenly, he looked at him again, with a look of sympathy, “Old William, it seems that my sister doesn’t like you…”

“…” Does the smelly kid need to speak so straightforwardly?

Why does he feel that the sympathy on that little face is not like true sympathy, but more like a little gloating?!!!

Brook John gave him an unwilling look and said, “Should be less self-righteous!!”

“…” The little devil shrank his head on the quilt aggrievedly.

It seems that this guy is broken in love, so he is anxious with him.

Brook John also turned over and stopped paying attention to him.

However, the thoughts in his mind were also a little messed up, and there was always a familiar face that could not help but come to his mind…

Early the next morning…

It was only seven o’clock when he heard the little ghost talking on the phone leaning on the bedside.

Holding the landline in his hand, the milky voice was particularly sweet and greasy, “Lil, you have to be early, not late! Yeah…I and Old William have plans for a show, you and Daddy won’t see it when you are late! Really!!!”

“En! Okay, Lil good… Okay, goodbye! Touch!!”

Finally, the phone hung up.

“The kid is so noisy!!” Brook John couldn’t bear it, covering his distressed face with a pillow.

The little guy curled his mouth, and patted the pillow on his head with a little hand, and harassed him, “Old William, it’s time to get up, don’t be late, wait for us to make up first!!”


A certain man started to sleep in a bed again!!!

What a terrible thing! Putting on makeup, is there any mistake? Who told him why the kid is so difficult?

Also, who on earth gave birth to a kid who is so annoying and so boring!!!

However, it seems that the answer to this mystery can be known today!!!

Inexplicably, he was a little expectant.

Brook John was so hard to sleep that he couldn’t sleep anymore. Helplessly, he got up from the bed and went to the bathroom.

He doesn’t know if the little devil was beaten up with chicken blood, and only went to bed after one o’clock last night, but his head was so good that he had just woke up after a thousand years of sleep.

Through the glass door, he can still hear the clang of the little guy in the bedroom.

“Old William, remember to praise her for being beautiful and young when you see Lil! She will be very happy like this!”

“Oh…” What a filial son!!!

“When you see William’s Daddy, you can praise him for being handsome!”

“…” He is indeed a filial son, but…

“Don’t!!” The man praised him for being handsome? He is either crazy or gay!!!

“Old William, are you afraid that my daddy is more handsome than you?” The little ghost didn’t know when he slipped into the bathroom and asked next to him.

“Hey…” Brook John snorted disdainfully, then glanced at himself in his glasses, and then at the kid under his feet, really puzzled.

He doesn’t know what kind of woman and what kind of man can be combined to give birth to a baby that is so similar to him!

Something made him look forward to…

The two lingered at home for a long time, and finally went out and went to the kindergarten.

Before Sara and Dixon Ethan arrived, William led Brook John to put on makeup.

Brook John refused to live or die, “Wait to change! Wait for you to say hello to Lil!”

Asking him to greet others with that kind of weird makeup, he was really worried that he would lose face in the future and meet her again.

“Okay…” Finally, the kid agreed.

“Old William, let’s go out and wait! Let’s go… Go to the door to pick up Lil, she will be there soon!” The little guy seemed particularly excited and ran towards the door while pulling Brook John.

On the way, he met several classmates and their parents.

The little guys greet them politely, and the parents seem to like him especially, “Oh, William is so cute!”

“Thank you, Auntie… Auntie is also very beautiful!” The little guy replied like a monster.

The classmate’s mother raised her eyes and faced Brook John. She was startled for a second when she saw his handsome face, and then smiled, “Baby looks like Daddy…”

Brook John smiled politely and was a little embarrassed. Just as he was about to explain, he heard William’s classmates say, “Mummy, this is not William’s Daddy! His Daddy’s eyes are green, very beautiful…”


Suddenly, Brook John seemed to remember something. He remembered that it seemed that little things had been mentioned to him.

And the green eyes…

Inexplicably, it made him think of that night again, that man!

William talked a few more words with his classmates before leading Brook John out of the school again.

It was a bit cold outside, and the cold wind hit his face, making him hurt like a knife.

Brook John subconsciously took off his jacket, bent over, and squatted in front of William.

He kept rubbing his hands, his cheeks were flushed with cold.

Brook John began to scold him, “Let you go in and wait, you still don’t listen!”

While counting down and helping the little guy wrap his clothes, fortunately, what he is wearing today is not a windbreaker, otherwise, this guy would not be able to wear it.

Of course, a coat is enough to wrap the whole body of the little guy tightly.

It should be hard to catch a cold like this?

“Old William, you don’t need to give William, William is not cold!” The little guy squeezed to return the clothes to him.

Brook John stared at him pretendingly, “Don’t move!”

Start buttoning the kid jerky.

“Old William, you will wait until you wear a dress…” The little guy felt distressed.

“I won’t be cold, I’m a man! Do you think we are all the same as a weak little thing like you?” Brook John always did not forget to damage some little devil’s head when speaking.

However, this time the little guy didn’t seem unhappy.

“Yes! Old William is a manly man!” The little guy said, taking his calf, he nestled into Brook John’s arms, stuck out his hand with difficulty, and wrapped Brook John’s sturdy body with his small body. He lives, even if he doesn’t feel dissatisfied with him, “Old William, I don’t feel cold when I hold you!”

“Boy, you are going to hold me out of breath!!”

Brook John grumbled and roared.

In the bottom of his heart, it was warm and warm…

Even if he is now wearing a thin shirt, he can’t even feel the slightest coldness.

A noble black Bentley flashed under the eyes, shining brightly in the faint sunlight.

“Ah… Daddy is here, Daddy is here!! Lil, Lil……” The little guy danced excitedly.

Brook John also looked back…

Then, stunned.

He saw a tall man in the driver’s seat coming down from the car seat, that burly figure, that indifferent expression…

Then, those dark green pupils…

That man that night?!!!

Brook John looked at the man opposite in shock, and then at the joyful little thing in his arms.

“Old William, Old William, isn’t my daddy handsome, isn’t he handsome? Lil, over here…”

The little guy was completely immersed in his joy.

And the Lil in his mouth seemed to be messing with something in the car, and she did not get out of the car for a long time.

As soon as Dixon Ethan got out of the car, he ran into him who was holding William. He was startled for a second, but his expression did not change much.

And Sara in the car has been tidying up the family lunch at noon today, so she doesn’t even bother to pay attention to the people next to William.

Until carrying the food in her hand, got out of the car.

Chapter 808

When he saw the familiar face, Brook John was stunned. For a moment, his mind was completely crashed, and the thoughts in his whole mind were completely blank.

“Lil, Daddy, come here, here…” The little guy shouted excitedly.

On the other hand, Sara was completely stunned and motionless.

There was a buzzing in her mind, and the pink cheeks that were originally ruddy were already pale.

The cold wind blew, poured into the thick coat, and Sara was shivering from the cold, that kind of coldness came from the bottom of her heart…

At the bottom of her head, her toes have been cold…

Then, there was a panic.

Dixon Ethan also tilted his head and glanced at her deeply, and then put his hands tightly around her cold little hands.

His hands are big and warm…

However, no matter how warm it is, it can’t drive away from the panic in Sara’s heart.

Sara walked up to William at a swift pace, and with a little hand, she pulled William in Brook John’s arms.

With obvious anger, but more fear!!!

This anger…

It’s all from a mother, protecting her baby.

She looked at him defensively.

“Lil…” The little guy didn’t notice the change in the atmosphere of the adults at all, so he ran into Sara’s arms happily.

“Lil, he is Old Uncle William, isn’t he handsome?” The little guy nestled in Sara’s arms and introduced excitedly.

And Old William…

Brook John, a pair of deep pupils, full of shock, exploration, and many, many looks that made Sara puzzled, and locked her in no time.

The two-faced each other for a long time.

Finally, Sara first came back to her senses, and her pale face gradually returned to matte.

Old William? He is Old William???

This answer is too shocking! The world is too small.

Sara’s heart is in disorder.

With a cool smile, “Thank you for taking care of our family during this time!”

Sara’s eyes are full of defense.

Her eyes fell on his shirt, frowned, and then settled on her awkward little body.

Moved for a second…

“Come on, baby, take off your clothes and return them to uncle!”

As Sara said, she put William down, taking off the jacket from the little guy with one hand.

Her hand…

Trembling, obviously panicked.

“Lil, what’s wrong with you…?” The little guy looked at her worriedly with a pair of innocent big eyes.

“Mummy is okay…” Sara smiled at ease, shook her head, and unbuttoned the heavy coat of the little guy.


Two words made Brook John wake up like a dream in an instant.

The body is a bit chilly…

For a moment, he couldn’t believe it.

The woman who has been sleeping by his side for so many days…

She is already the mother of a four-year-old child!!!

And the father of the child…

His eyes were dull for a second, and he turned to look at them under him.

His coat has been removed…

Then, wrapped around the little guy again, the heavy coat of the man with green eyes.

He hugged the little devil, wrapped him tightly in his arms, and smiled lovingly, “Little devil, are you frozen? Come on, Dad will take you in!”

“Aren’t Lil and Old William go in?” The little guy looked at them puzzled.

“Daddy will take you in first! Come on, be good…” The little guy was also held by Dixon Ethan and went into the campus.

Brook John and Sara were left behind.

That moment…

Looking at the little guy who was also taken away by Dixon Ethan, for a second, Brook John’s heart was convulsed.


A pain he has never felt before!!!

After a long time, he found his voice, somewhat mocking himself.

“Little devil… is your son?”

Sara took a deep breath and nodded, “Yes…”

A word, but like a heavy hammer, hit Brook John’s heart fiercely.

“Haha!” Brook John smiled coldly, self-deprecating in his eyes, obvious.

“It’s okay, I’m going in!” Sara didn’t look at him, and said, before going into the school gate.

Step, just take a step away.

In the next moment, the big hand that had been strong pulled her back again.

Grabbing her, the look of inquiry is a little cold.

“Who is the child’s daddy?”

It seems that he is exploring something…

The pupils of the eyes were dark and thorough, glowing with a panic-tinged brilliance.

Sara’s pupils flickered, bowed her head, struggling to escape his confinement, “Did you not hear how William called him just now?”


The man just now??

Kid, call him, dad!!!

Brook John’s sword frowned deeper, and the look in his eyes became deeper and deeper, “Look at me! Look at me!!!”

He doesn’t know why, there is always a voice in his heart telling him that things are not as simple as they saw.

He feels…

There is an unusual emotion between himself and that little bit!!!

He clasped Sara’s weak shoulders with his hands, trying to make Sara, who was guilty on the other side, look at him.

“Brook John, what are you going to do?” Sara was guilty, so she was also angry.

He’s annoying to be so probing!!!

The fact, as long as she doesn’t tell him, he will never know!

Sara suppressed the anger in her heart, snarled at him, and questioned him, “Who is the child’s father and what does it have to do with you?”

She doesn’t understand!!!

Brook John’s heart throbbed.

The big hand holding Sara’s shoulder became tighter, “Tell me, why is the kid so like me? Why is he not like his father at all!!!”

This question was so strange, so strange that he had to try to explore it.

Sara’s face turned pale because of his questioning.

The whole body is stiff, and the blood seems to start pouring back into the body…

Finally…withdrawing her rational thoughts, she raised her small hand and bounced his big hand away from her shoulder.

Looking at him indifferently, there was no trace of affection, not even a trace of panic or guilty conscience, only a touch of anger, printed in her watery pupils, and asked him, “Brook John, do you think the child will be your?”

Her question made Brook John completely startled.

She was right. Did he think that the child was his failure?

Looking at him, Sara smiled indifferently, “How long have we known each other? Do you think we can have a four-year-old child between us?”

This is simply a big joke!!! Even Brook John thinks!

Child, not his own! It’s just that he looks like him!!!

The child is that woman’s… is that woman, the child that she shares with other men?!!!

In the bottom of his heart, there was an unspeakable uncomfortable feeling, as if being blocked by a big rock, so stuffy as to suffocate.

Without looking at her again, he turned around and prepared to leave.

“Old William!!!”

After only two steps, suddenly, he heard the tender and familiar call behind him. Belongs to that nasty kid.

Brook John stopped his steps.

“William, come here, not allowed to go over!!” Seeing that William was going to chase Brook John, Sara was a little anxious, and she pulled William into her arms, grabbing him in time, and writing with a worried expression. In the fundus, it is obvious.

Her words made Brook John froze.


Without looking back, continue to move forward.

“Old William, Old William!!!” Behind him, the little ghost’s call continued, as if he was still crying.

Inexplicably, it made his heartache. As if in time, William realized something…

Seeing Old William leaving behind, he wanted to cry inexplicably, as if, from now on, between William and Old William, he would never be friends again…

It was an indescribable feeling.

“Old William, you big liar, you said you want to accompany William on the show!!! The big liar!!!” the little guy cried.

Tears pattered straight out of the eyes.

The cry was heard in everyone’s eyes, and his heartfelt as if he was being rubbed hard.

Brook John’s steps did not stop…

Every step, but it goes like a lead!!!

He doesn’t want to be this liar! just…

He has no courage to stay!!!

He couldn’t adapt to this kind of family atmosphere…

Brook John also tells himself time and time again, so be it, just leave him alone!

Isn’t it? Who is this child? What does he have to do with him?

At best, at most, it can only be said that he is the offspring of the woman who killed his mother!!!

It’s fine for him to cry, what is his business??


The steps under his feet, the more he goes…

He was just afraid that he would care, afraid that he would look back…

“Woo…big liar, big liar!!” The little guy’s crying voice was particularly uncomfortable.

Sara’s eyes were red and she kissed William, “Baby, don’t cry, let Daddy play games with you, okay?”

Sara tried to comfort him, but unexpectedly, the little guy cried harder.

Struggling to get out of her arms, “Old William has no family, Old William has only one person…”


Originally let Old William come to his family gathering, just want Old William to have more family members.

Originally, William thought that Lil would consider Old William her family, but today’s Lil is not kind at all…

She did not leave Old William, but let him go!!!

Lil doesn’t like Old William!!!

This is the perception of the little guy!!!

Sara was helpless and let him go.

As soon as her hand was released, the little guy ran straight to Brook John’s back with two rows of tears.

At that moment, Sara stood there, looking at the opposite, one big and one small…

The tears kept flowing.

Is it true family…?

Even at the end of the world, there will be strong affection!!!

After all, father and son, blood is thicker than love than water.

Brook John only felt a complex feeling lingering in his heart, and he was extremely uncomfortable as if his chest was tightly pressed by a big stone.

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