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Chapter 833

Brook John curled his lips, raised his eyebrows, leaned close to her quickly, and asked in a low voice, “Did we love each other tonight, and you won’t feel it when you wake up in the morning?”

“Cough, cough, cough…” His words made Sara choked suddenly. She didn’t breathe for a while, her small face was already red as shame as a peach.

“Be serious!!” Sara tilted her head, pretending to be angry, and glanced at him shyly.

Brook John didn’t seem to care, lifted his lips, and felt pretty good.

Then suddenly, thinking of something, he approached her, after a long pause, he said softly, “I’m sorry…”

The voice was low and uncomfortable.

Sara was stunned for a moment and tilted her head in surprise.

Sniff, only an inch away…

The heat is pouring in the nose, and the ambiguity is constantly rising.

Sara was fascinated for a second. Soon, she came back to her senses and pulled away. Her small face was red, and she looked at him inexplicably, a little shy, “What…what’s wrong? Why do you suddenly apologize?”

Brook John touched the upright nose, his eyes flickered, and looked around, “Just…what happened last night…”

Last night?

Sara froze for a moment, then came over, chuckled, and quickly managed her expression. Seeing his embarrassed appearance, she couldn’t help teasing him, “Hey! An apology is not to look at the other person’s eyes. Does it seem sincere?”

Brook John narrowed his eyebrows slightly, turned his head, looked at Sara, and said softly, but it seemed to be a little bit of petting, “Sure?”

Sara laughed, silently, looking at his eyes, as if expecting something.

Brook John curled his lips helplessly, stroked his nose awkwardly, and looked at her, “Alright! I apologize for what happened last night…”

This time, he looked into her eyes very seriously.

His pupils are very bright.

It’s as if all the stars are embedded in the sky!

Very brilliant, very beautiful!

Sara put her hands behind her back, pursed her lips, and smiled, shaking her head.

“Are you laughing?”

“No!” Sara quickly turned around and continued to pick the ingredients.

Where was Brook John willing to let her go, peeked into his arms, and dragged the dexterous her into his arms, bowed his head, staring at her like a torch, and stared at her for an instant, “In the future…Don’t go too close to other men. Let him hug you even more!”

Uh, remember what happened last night!

Sara raised her head and looked at him, her eyes curled like crescent moons, smiling, “Are you jealous?”

Is it? probably?!

Brook John snorted, “Don’t you think I should be jealous?”

“Haha…” Sara couldn’t help laughing, “Of course not!”

What does it mean to be jealous? Does the representative care? Like her?

Why shouldn’t he!!!

“Why laugh foolishly! Promise me first…” Brook John’s long arms around Sara tightened a little bit.

From time to time, strange eyes were projected towards them, and Sara was ashamed to pat him tightly around his long arm, “Let go first, so many people are watching…”

“Promise me first…” He was not afraid of others watching!

Besides, what is so shy about the love between husband and wife?!


She was stunned for a moment, and the strange feelings were cut in her heart.

Unexpectedly, one day, he would use the two words “love” to describe the relationship between him and her…

“What about you?” Sara looked up at him, “Will you…”

“I promise, no!” Brook John didn’t wait for her to finish speaking at all, categorically cutting the track.

An obvious joy flashed through Sara’s eyes, she smiled and nodded, “Okay… Then I promise…”

The atmosphere today is particularly good.

It was so good that Sara almost couldn’t believe it.

“This… this, and this…” Brook John seemed to become active too.

“We can’t finish it, it’s too much!” Looking at the violent cart, Sara curled her lips helplessly.

“We put it in the refrigerator, we can’t finish eating today and tomorrow…”

“But you usually don’t go home for dinner?”

Brook John tapped his fingers on Sara’s head, “Forgetful, I just said it, I will go home from now on!”

Sara shrank her head and laughed, “Well then…”

The happy smile between the lips is hard to hide.

“Is the kid going home tonight?” Brook John asked Sara seemingly casually while choosing dishes.

“No…” Sara pursed her lips and replied, “Mommy said he wants to stay at home for a week… I seem to miss him a little bit, you say… Do you want to take him back?”

“Don’t!” Brook John almost blurted out the words.

Sara was taken aback for a moment, then her face changed slightly, and she looked at him puzzledly, “You…you don’t like him?”

Brook John was taken aback for a moment. The next moment, he couldn’t help but laugh and slapped his big hand on her little head, but with obvious pampering, “What are you thinking? I am his father, why don’t I like him?”

“Then you…” Sara felt aggrieved.

Brook John rolled his eyes helplessly, and leaned close to her, “You don’t want to live a two-person world with me so much?”


It turned out to be like this…

Sara’s face flushed slightly, and she was busy quibbling, “Isn’t there a chance like this before? But it seems that there is no difference!”

It’s not that he went home late at night and fell asleep.

She is on the right, he is on the left, facing sideways.

“Hiccup”. It does not affect them at all!

“Are you complaining?” Brook John’s heavy ink pupils were dyed with a playful chuckle.

“No…” Sara said embarrassedly.

Brook John pursed his lips and smiled mysteriously, “Here’s something different tonight!”

After finishing talking, he stopped talking to Sara who was stunned and pushed the cart to the cashier.

“Hey! I’ll leave you here again in a daze!” Looking back at Sara, who was still motionless, called her.

“Ah…” Sara returned to her senses, her little face was already hot enough to fry eggs, and she rushed toward him.

Her heart was a little breathless with tension.

Ouch! Ouch!!! She started to look forward to this different night today!

Evil, evil…

Brook John looked at her infatuated look, and the corners of his evil lips couldn’t help rising, and he knew what she was thinking in her heart without guessing.

Go home at night.

Sara went into the kitchen and started cooking, and Brook John went upstairs to work.

Today’s work during the day was suddenly interrupted by Adam Ava, so he had to go home and continue to do it. Fortunately, there was not much, and he could finish it soon.

Soon, when the work was over, Brook John came downstairs, while Sara was still playing around in the kitchen.

He didn’t go in to help but went to the wine cabinet to get a good bottle of red wine, a goblet, and a red candle.

The things are a bit numb, they are placed at home, and it is the first time they are used.

The reason is simple, just want to give her a different feeling!

After preparing everything, Brook John just entered the kitchen.

Sara was still frying the food in the pot, Brook John quietly approached her, probing his long arms, and gently hugged her behind her, resting his head on Sara’s shoulder, “Are you ready?”

Regarding his sudden closeness, Sara was shocked for a second, but quickly recovered, laughed, and a little bit of anger, “You go out first, don’t hold me, it’s so oily and dirty! Soon! All right!”

Brook John didn’t let go, still sticking to her, “There will be a power outage tonight…”

“Power cut?” Sara was a little surprised, “Why was the power cut suddenly?”

“En!” Brook John nodded innocently, “The power is cut off!”

“Huh?” Sara pouted helplessly, “Would it be very cold at night?”

This one…

He never thought…

“No!” He was sure. “I hold you!”

Sara laughed. He seemed different today.

“Well, you go out quickly, I’ll finish my meal quickly, and when the power goes out, I won’t even be able to see the meal!”

“Well…” Brook John curled his lips, “Then hurry up!”


When he went out, Sara speeded up the movements in her hands, lest the power would suddenly be cut off.

Sure enough, quickly, all kinds of dishes were prepared.

Sara sat down at the table, looked at the red and red candles on the table, pursed her lips, and smiled, “What are you doing?”

Brook John pretentiously shrugged his shoulders indifferently, “Just in case the power goes out…”

As soon as the words fell, suddenly, the whole room fell into darkness.

The only thing left is the red candles on the dining table.

The romantic atmosphere was filled with indescribable warmth, ambiguous, and fermented rapidly in the dark.

Sara froze for a moment, blinked, and looked at Brook John aggrievedly, “How could it be so fast?”

Brook John shrugged, “Will it be cold?”

Sara laughed, “How can it be so fast…”

“Sit here a little!” Brook John waved towards Sara.

Sara was startled at first, then, obediently, leaned in.

It seems, for the first time, they ate so close…

“It feels so awkward…haha…” Sara smiled silly and couldn’t help but say aloud.

A guilty conscience flashed under Brook John’s eyes, and a large piece of meat was inserted into Sara’s open mouth, “Eat first!”

“Uh, “You…what are you nervous about?”

Why did she feel that he almost didn’t even dare to look at her?

When Brook John was asked by her, his eyes flickered, and he turned his head awkwardly to look at her, his handsome face approached her small face, and his slightly curled eyelashes flickered in front of his eyes, which was particularly moving.

Putting down the bowls and chopsticks in his hands, he chuckled, his pupils half-squinted, and looked at her evilly, and the corners of his lips raised slightly, “Are you seduce-lead me?”

“Huh?” Sara, where is there!

She hurriedly wanted to retract her little head, however, Brook John held it tightly in the next instant.

With a long arm, a backhand hooked Sara’s neck domineeringly, and almost instantly, when he bowed his head, his lips caught her lips…


It’s all oil!!!


Sara protested, but it was invalid.

Chapter 834

Brook John let her go until she was almost suffocated by the kiss, and he couldn’t help complaining, “Evan Sara, you are so dirty…”

Sara pouted, stared at him aggrievedly, and complained, “Who makes you use your hands and feet makes people’s mouth full of oil…”

“I did it?” Brook John approached her, chuckling wickedly.

Having said that, the evil one shook his big hand in front of Sara.

Sara flinched, moved a little away, and shook her head, “The same goes for moving your mouth…”

Brook John lifted his lips and smiled, pulled the paper aside, and then buckled Sara’s face and gently pulled over.

Pulling the paper softly across Sara’s red lips, the movement is very light.

“Thank you…” Sara bowed her head to apologize, her cheeks flushed, and her heart warmed for a while.

Brook John pulled a piece of paper and wiped the corners of his lips, only to glance at her slightly, picking up the red wine on the side, and pouring two glasses gracefully.

Picked up a cup and handed it to her.

Sara shook her head, “I don’t know how to drink…”

She said, but she still picked it up.

Brook John tilted his head slightly, the wicked pupils looked at her deeply and pursed his lips. There seemed to be a slight smile in the bottom of his eyes, and there was a gentle taste, which made Sara a little silly.

“Just drink a little…” His voice was very soft, like a poppy, fascinating and bewitching her desperately.

As a result, Sara nodded obediently.

Obediently picked up the wine glass, touched it with the wine glass in his hand, and then raised her head and took a tentative sip.

The delicate eyebrows are light…

The smell is so strange, the wine will be weird!

On the opposite side, Brook John held his head, half-squinted with evil eyes, and with the soft candlelight, it was so easy to watch all the actions of little women.

Sara clumsy tongue, “So Lie…”

Brook John raised his eyebrows and smiled and snorted.

It seems that this little woman doesn’t touch alcohol on weekdays.

Feeling Brook John’s scorching eyes, Sara’s flushed face became rosier, and she didn’t know whether it was because of the alcohol or the reason for her being too nervous.

However, the atmosphere also seemed ambiguous.

Romantic red candles, mellow red wine, and a dark room…………

(Cannot be described) …


Finally tired!

Sara lay on the sturdy body of Brook John, gasping ambiguously, almost unable to find her voice in her throat, “Very… very tired, right?”

Brook John smiled, holding her in his arms with long arms, tightly, and deliberately teasing her, “If you still want, I can continue…”

“No more, no more…” Sara shook her head, a little tired.

She surrendered!!!

If this continues, it is estimated that she will not wake up again tomorrow.

Sara lay on his chest, like an obedient little cat.

The tense heartstring was loosened, quietly enjoying the hard-won warmth of this moment.

With his long arms around her slender waist, his fingertips lightly brushed Sara’s blushing cheeks, and drew her slightly messy hair behind her ears, gently stroking Sara’s soft hair.

At that moment, Sara had no sympathy whether it was a lover’s tenderness, or… a little charity after the lingering.

But, without a doubt, it really…makes her especially like and addicted.

As a result, she didn’t want to think too much, just so, wholeheartedly attached to the rare warmth of his fingertips.

The night is getting deeper…

The two of them hugged each other tightly, lying on the sofa, no one wanted to move.

Sara is still going well…

It seemed that he was so laborious just now that he is still a bit unsatisfactory now.

“Tired?” His big hand, still stroking her hair, asked her in a low voice.

“En…” Sara nodded gently on his chest, “A little bit…”

“Come on, go upstairs to sleep!” Brook John slightly propped up her body, the next moment, got up, hugged Sara who was a little tired on the sofa and walked upstairs by the faint candlelight from downstairs.

Sara nestled in his warm arms closed her eyes and rested briefly.

Very strange, she seems to get tired more and more recently.

Probably, the heart tossed too much some time ago!

Holding her, went back to the room, gently placed Sara on the bed, pulled over the quilt, and then got into the quilt.

He hugged her tender little body tightly and rubbed her into his arms, “Is it cold?”

Sara closed her eyes and shook her head.

With him, she’s not cold at all.

Just, “I haven’t bathed yet…”

“The power went out! Let’s wash it tomorrow!”

Too! “En, good…” Sara nestled into his arms and fell asleep deeply.

For the first time in twenty-two years, she slept so comfortably.

Also, for the first time in twenty-two years, even the breath smells of happiness.

Also, for the first time…she can feel his presence so quiet, so peaceful, and so close.

Late at night, when she woke up again, she was awakened by the light in the room.

Sara opened her eyes eagerly, her little hand blocked the dazzling light, a little uncomfortable.

Tilted her head and glanced at the man beside her, the corners of her lips couldn’t help but raise slightly.

What a taste of happiness!!!

It’s not sweet…

Think about it, let time be so frozen!

Married for a month…

For the first time, being so face-to-face, looking at his peaceful sleep.

Even, some made Sara reluctant to press the light, and reluctant to just fall asleep like this.

The gaze settled on his handsome and innocent face, and he taught her not to look away.

Suddenly, the corners of the exquisite lips flashed a wicked smile, and in the next instant, a hooker pulled the opposite Sara into his arms without warning, “You will drool again…”

The lazy voice came out gently between the lips, very lazy, but extremely magnetic.

Sara sneered, “Where is there…”

“Well…” Brook John hugged her tightly, rolled over, “Wife…”

Touch her ears and give her a soft voice.

Sara couldn’t help being startled…


The heart trembled suddenly and stiffened for a second.

After a long time, she came back to her senses, held back the sweetness in her heart, responded to him lightly, “Well…”

Never thought that this man would call her a “wife”, absolutely, incredible!!!

After that, she didn’t hear any more words from him, and after waiting for a long time, there was no sound.

Sara moved slightly, raised her head to look at him, smiled, curled her mouth, and gently squeezed the bridge of his nose.

So, he fell asleep again!

Still thinking of getting up to take a bath, she was held tightly in his arms.

After thinking for a while, forget it, don’t want to wake him up again, tomorrow he will have to start the morning work!

Just get up early in the morning and take a shower!

As a result, Sara carefully turned off the lights and fell asleep deeply in his arms again.

She had a sweet dream…

In the dream, there is him! Own husband…

There is baby, William!

In their dreams, they seemed happy to be greasy of sugar!

The next day, the first ray of sunlight in the early morning was reflected through the thin beige curtains into the charming bedroom, and it sprinkled warmly on the happy couple on the bed, and the two of them woke up lazily.

“Ah…” Sara got up and held up a lazy waist. She slept so well last night, unprecedentedly comfortable!

Brook John was lying halfway, resting his head on the bed, with a satiated face and head tilted so that he could look at Sara who was nothing besides him.

Even he was deeply surprised, as if, never thought about…

She and he can get along so peacefully.

A detective pulled her aside and rubbed her into his arms domineeringly.

“Ah…” Sara was also startled by the sudden strength, and she fell into his arms and couldn’t help complaining, “You are so reckless!”

“Haha…” Brook John seemed to be in a particularly relaxed mood. She complained about it but still couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Sara was a little embarrassed by his smile, “I…I’m going to take a bath…”

As she said, she pulled the quilt, tried to wrap her naked body, and moved to the bathroom.

However, before she had time to get out of bed, Brook John jumped up, and in the next instant, he hugged her across the bed-he was awkward, and strode to the bathroom.

Sara was stunned for a moment, shaking back to her senses, flushing with shame, “John, you… you put me down, I just go by myself!”

“Wash together…”


As a result, in the bathroom…


“Ah… That’s stupid! This is a bathtub, not a swimming pool, so it’s heavy…”

“Who told you to do it? Besides, the bathtub is too big, right?” A certain woman protested, but she didn’t have time to speak in the future. She said suddenly, “Ah… again… again!!!”

This time, Brook John decided not to put his wife underneath anymore, instead, he held her on his body.

No matter how much he sinks, she won’t sink anymore!

This time, see how she protested.

Sure enough, this trick is good.

It was a noisy bathroom, and gradually quieted down, and then began to have a warm-ambiguous groan-groaning especially rhythmically.

The buzzing sound, accompanied by a heavy gasp, came one after another throughout the beautiful bathroom.

The water seeped through their fanatical bodies, which was exceptionally warm and comfortable.

They don’t know how long it lasted.

They didn’t come out of the bathroom until both of them were washed. It was probably two hours later.

Sara’s bitter face couldn’t help complaining, “What should I do? I’m going to be late for work…”

Brook John seemed to be unable to hear her. He was still lying on the bed perfectly, looking at her panicking dressed in front of the mirror with a smile.

Soon, after finishing everything, Sara picked up the bag on the table and went out.

Suddenly, she thought of something, paused, and looked back at him, “It may be too late for breakfast. Go out and buy it yourself, okay?”

Brook John smiled faintly, nodded, raised his eyebrows, “You want to go by yourself?”

Sara didn’t answer, perhaps because she didn’t hear too clearly, she was ready to leave after speaking.

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