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Chapter 845

He closed his eyes and spit out heavy smoke, with white eye circles lingering on the top of his head, slumping in the loneliness.

The taste of tobacco, for the first time, felt so astringent.

However, he did not reject it and even had some obsession.

After drawing one, another one follows.

He didn’t stop until there was some numbness in his throat, and he couldn’t taste any smell, and he didn’t stop until there were no more cigarettes in the pack.

The lights in the emergency room were still on.

The doctor said that it may take some time. The patient is very strong, and the child is also fighting very hard…

The throat was astringent, some choked, but more moved.

He knew that Sara was that strong at all times!

Taking advantage of the gap, Dixon Ethan went to the street to grab a set of clothes as quickly as possible, opened a room in the nearest hotel, bathed himself cleanly, and changed into new clothes.

Sniffing himself, it is very fragrant, the nicotine smell has disappeared, and he is satisfied.

He heard that the poison of second-hand smoke will be soaked in the clothes that you wear, and then quietly spread so that all the people around you will be infected with these harmful poisons.

He wants to protect her, never want to hurt her a little bit…

What’s more, she is so vulnerable now!

He had thought about telling Brook John, but without her consent, he would never say.

Love is always so.

Put herself in the situation and think about it, if he were Sara now, would he be willing to tell such bad news to his loved ones?

Make him sad and sad with him?

Happiness can be shared, and if one is divided, there will be more happy.

But the pain is not…

Separating one share will only make the owner of that share suffer with you!

It can’t be reduced, but it adds a person’s sadness! What’s more, if you still love someone, why bother!

He doesn’t know how many hours have passed…

The door of the emergency room was pushed open with a “wow”.

Dixon Ethan was also shocked suddenly, the gray handsome face immediately became shiny, and he got up and greeted him over there.

“Professor Thomas, how is she?” Dixon Ethan also forced himself to calm down.

Professor Thomas glanced at him, his eyes a little regretful, and he shook his head for a long time, “The child… is gone!”

Dixon Ethan also stiffened slightly, his lips opened, and he was a little weak, “Then…she…she?”

“Miss Evan’s situation has temporarily stabilized. Due to excessive blood loss, she is still a little weak! Try to disturb her as little as possible!” The professor kindly told him.

“Okay…” Dixon Ethan also nodded, “Professor Thomas, why did she have a sudden miscarriage? Is it…is it because of her disease? What is her disease?”

Professor Thomas shook his head with a solemn expression, “Abortion is not related to any pain, it is the contraceptive that Miss Evan took too much before pregnancy! The harmfulness of contraceptives must not be ignored. Taking three pills a year is enough to cause endocrine disorders in the body. Miss Evan has more than three…”

“Contraceptives?” Dixon Ethan’s tall body suddenly stunned, and his dark green eyes were stained with crimson color. The pupils first enlarged, then slowly shrank and condensed.

The fingers were squeezed tightly, and then let go.

“Professor, then she…”

Professor Thomas raised his wrist and looked at the clock. “After half an hour, all the doctors and professors of our cardiology surgery held an emergency meeting, as well as the professors of various internal and external departments who returned from abroad. Explore and analyze, I believe there will be results soon!”

“Okay…thank you, Professor Thomas!”

“No need!” Professor Thomas shook his head with a smile, “It is an honor for me, to help Mr. Dixon, you go see the patient, but you must pay special attention not to disturb her, and always pay attention to her emotions. Don’t irritate the patient, she needs a stable mood to rest!”

“Okay, thank you…”

Dixon Ethan followed in the footsteps of the doctor and entered Sara’s VIP intensive care unit.

The procedures in the ward were done well, every step was strictly disinfected, and all bacteria were refused to invade it. This made Dixon Ethan quite satisfied and was the main reason why he tried to choose this hospital at that time.

The medical equipment is the best in the country!

On the hospital bed, Sara lay there quietly.

Even when she fell asleep, her breathing still seemed a little unsatisfactory, and her eyebrows were tight, without a moment of relaxation.

Probably, it hurts, right?

It’s not about the body, but also the heart!!!

Dixon Ethan also probed his hand, trying to touch her eyebrows, and help her slightly open, but in the end, he stopped.

At this moment, she is like a fragile glass doll, even he dares not to reach out to touch her…

Quietly sat down on the lounge chair beside her, his dark green eyes stared at her on the bed intently, without a moment of deviation.

She fell asleep…

It was quiet and quiet, only audible, they were breathing each other.

Her face was so pale that he was shocked.

That feeling, as if there had never been a trace of blood red in her body.

Time, a minute and a second walk…

He doesn’t know how long it took until she on the bed finally reacted.

The center of the eyebrows moved slightly, and a painful muffled hum from the lips overflowed slightly…

It hurt Dixon Ethan’s heart severely.

In the next instant, he got up from the seat and got close to her on the bed, with red eyes with a joyful smile, softly calling her, “Sara…”

After hearing a soft call, the frail Sara worked hard and opened her tired eyes.

At first, glance, what imprinted in her eyes was that calm handsome face.

The corners of the lips rose slightly and smiled faintly, even though the smile was so pale, “Hi!”

She is trying to make herself look much better.

“Hi!” Dixon Ethan also smiled and greeted her, but his throat was a bit dry. “How do you feel physically?”

“Very good…” Saar’s smile became a little bleak, tears rolling in her eyes, “It just feels, here…a little empty…”

Empty, because the child is gone!!!

She knew she knew it a long time ago!!!

The heart seemed to be rubbed and poked fiercely by a pair of invisible hands, and the pain almost suffocated her, but she didn’t show it.

She still smiled forcefully.

Don’t want Ethan to worry about her anymore!!!

Dixon Ethan also touched Sara’s pale cheeks with his big warm hands, “Sara, cry out if you want to cry, don’t hold back, you will hurt yourself!”

As soon as his words fell, the tears in Sara’s eyes could no longer be restrained. For a moment, it was like a broken pearl, which could not be stopped or received.

However, she didn’t say anything, just weeping quietly…

That appearance made Dixon Ethan even more worried. At this moment, she would rather cry loudly, but she didn’t, she just let the tears wet the corners of her eyes, but there was no sound of a whimper.

Dixon Ethan didn’t know if she knew the real reason for her miscarriage. In the current situation, it didn’t matter, or even, he didn’t dare to ask.

“Ethan, is my cell phone there?” Sara asked him with her head tilted.

“With me!” Dixon Ethan also handed her the phone, “He called at noon, I didn’t listen!”

Sara took the phone in her hand.

There are signs of damage to the phone. It must have been broken before passing out.

The pale fingers trembled a little and, with difficulty, pressed the ‘1’ shortcut key.

“Beep-beep-beep-” In the phone, a mechanical and cold beep sounded into Sara’s ears, and it was a little painful, and there was no reason for it.

“Sara…” The phone was quickly connected, and a familiar soft call came from the other end, which was extremely magnetic.

Almost, Sara burst into tears.

But, very quickly, it was suppressed.

“Well, it’s me…” The throat was dry, letting her tone sound as happy as possible, “What’s wrong? Are you busy today? I was eating with Amelia at noon, so I didn’t hear your call!”

“Well, there are a lot of things on hand today!” Brook John seems to be busy, and the secretary’s questions will come from time to time on the phone.


“En?” Brook John put the file in his hand.

Sara still smiled, “I won’t go home tonight!”

“Not going home?” Broo John was surprised, “Are you going to go to Amelia’s house?”

“Hey, yeah! Haven’t played with her for a long time, okay?” Sara acted like a baby.

“Okay…” Brook John agreed, somewhat helpless, “Then I will pick you up tomorrow?”

“No need…” Sara shook her head repeatedly, “I’m not a kid anymore. Besides, aren’t you busy? No need, I can take the bus by myself!”

Brook John thought for a while, “Okay! Then you have something to call me…”

“En, of course!” Sara smiled and nodded, and exclaimed in an uneasy voice, “Husband, you must take good care of William! Both of them go to bed early at night and are not allowed to play electric games, you know?”

This is especially worrying for her.

When two people arrived in the electric room, they forgot the existence of time. As long as she didn’t shout, the two of them didn’t even know they wanted to rest!

“Yes! Got it!” Brook John vowed to her.

Sara felt relieved a little, and the two of them babbled a lot before hanging up the phone.

Dixon Ethan’s dark green pupils stared at her deeply, “Are you not going to tell him?”

Sara smiled desolately, shook her head, and asked instead, “It’s too late, can I leave the hospital tomorrow?”

“No!” Dixon Ethan didn’t want to answer.

Sara was taken aback, pursing her lips, “Forget it…I know…”

After speaking, she was buried in the quilt again and said nothing.

In the afternoon, the hospital’s discussion meeting was over.

Subsequently, several professors and experts entered Sara’s ward and diagnosed Sara several times.

The final result finally came out.


The next day.

The hospital asked Sara to perform a discharge operation, even though her body was still weak as if a piece of paper flying in the wind powerlessly.

Dixon Ethan didn’t want her to be discharged.

Chapter 846

It’s just that he can’t hold her back.

The doctor said that the patient’s emotions should not be too agitated, so he had to let her go.

After Sara left the hospital, she asked Dixon Ethan to drive her to the civilian restaurant.

She thought, maybe she would look much better if she filled herself up.

When they arrived at the restaurant, the lady boss greeted her warmly, “Sara, I said that I would invite you last time, but you still have the money on the table. I have to invite you this time!”

Sara smiled and said, “Auntie, I have to eat a lot today. I took this big money to chop him. Don’t be so kind and let me be a bad person, okay?”

When Sara said that, the lady boss rolled her eyes and glanced at Dixon Ethan on the side, her eyebrows opened and she couldn’t help but sighed, “Your girl is so lucky!”

Haha, of course, Sara knows the voice of the lady boss.

Maybe she wants to say that every time she appears next to her is a handsome guy, right?!

To be honest, knowing Dixon Ethan is a blessing that Evan Sara has cultivated in her several lifetimes.

Dixon Ethan just smiled and nodded politely as a greeting.

“Okay, okay!” The lady boss agreed, “Let this handsome guy entertain you today!”

“Haha, thank you, Auntie!” Sara thanked her sweetly.

“Auntie, give me some signature dishes from the store, but don’t be too spicy…”

“Huh? Aren’t you unpleasant? The sun has come out to the west!” The proprietress said exaggeratedly.

Sara smiled, “Recently on fire!” A simple answer.

Dixon Ethan was also silent.

Her health is not good, so it is especially not suitable to eat too spicy food now.

Soon, various dishes came on the table.

Sara turned her head to look at him, “Are you used to eating?”

Dixon Ethan raised his eyebrows, “Is it too late now?”

Sara smiled, apologetic, “Sorry, I thought you would like it too!”

“Yes, I like it very much!” Dixon Ethan also smiled and looked at her, as if afraid that she would not believe it, and put a large piece of fried pork into his mouth, vowing, “Really, I like it!”

“Haha, that’s good…” Sara smiled very sweetly, but the faint sadness could not be concealed behind tranquility.

Here, she also likes it very much.

She just doesn’t know how many opportunities there will be…

“Then I’m going to eat!!” Sara said and started eating with relish.

Soon, they ate, drank, paid, and left the restaurant.

The spirit improved a lot.

Standing in front of the car, she looked at herself in the spectacles, a little discouraged, her face was still as pale as dead gray, she couldn’t find a trace of anger, and even the lips were purple and blue.

“It’s too late, you take me home, okay?”

“Okay…” Dixon Ethan also nodded.

Soon, Sara was sent home.

Dixon Ethan also left, and Sara hid some heart-relief pills and supplements prepared by the hospital.

There is no great place, except under the bed.

After hiding, Sara sat in front of the makeup mirror and began to put on makeup seriously.

During the period, Brook John called and thought that Sara was still at Amelia’s house. After learning that Sara was back, Brook John only felt relieved, saying that he would go home earlier in the evening.

Sara wanted to apply rouge only slightly but found that a thin layer of powder couldn’t hide her paleness.

Helpless, holding the puff, applying layer after layer.

Finally, her complexion improved a bit, and then she applied a very thick layer of blush, and then she looked at herself in the mirror, slightly.

The cheeks are too red and the redness is a bit unnatural.

No matter, red ones are better than white ones.

After finishing the eyeliner and applying the lipstick, the complexion of the whole person suddenly improved.

Her body was so weak that she was resting on the bed and suddenly remembered the blood on the sofa yesterday.

Downstairs, there was a sound of O.

Sara got up, went downstairs, it was Sister-in-law.

When she glanced at the sofa, it was already clean, but she was a little surprised.

“Sister-in-law, the sofa… has it been washed?”

“Well, yesterday I saw some bloodstains on it, so I asked someone to get it, miss, the blood…”

“Oh, it’s okay!” Sara shook her head, “Um…I… I came to MC if I accidentally…” It shouldn’t be too much blood!

“So…” The sister-in-law didn’t even doubt, “No wonder the lady looks so weak, wait for me to cook some angelica eggs for you, eat more, and be good to the girl!”

“En, okay, thank you!” Sara nodded and thanked, turned around, and went upstairs again.

Lying on the bed, but couldn’t close her eyes.

In front of her, it was all that little cute face.

The doctor said that the child is a little princess…

In her belly, she has been working hard and strong to survive.

At that moment, she seemed to hear the voice of the baby.

She wants to live… wants to stay with her and live strong together!!!


Finally, she left and chose to leave her mother!

Because, the doctor said, if this continues, even the mother will die together!

She doesn’t know if the little princess heard such a sentence, but within a few seconds, she heard the doctor’s solemn voice, “The child is gone…”

At that moment, blood was constantly pouring from her lower body, wet, sticky, so uncomfortable…

Like her tears, falling from the corner of her eyes, she couldn’t stop it.

It wasn’t until her abdomen was empty that Sara fainted completely. After that, she didn’t know what happened…

She only knows, child, left them and gone!!!

Withdrawing her thoughts, the corners of her eyes were already soaked, and the pillow towel was also wet with tears.

The body seemed to be emptied, the whole body couldn’t lift a trace of strength.

In a daze, with tears, Sara fell asleep groggily, and when she woke up, the sky was already dark.

On the sofa, Brook John was sitting there lazily, holding a book in his hand, watching intently.

Seeing his sharp profile, Sara couldn’t help but tears overflowed.

But, quickly wiped it away, replaced by the calm smile.

“John…” Called him, lazy, “Sleep so full!”

“Wake up?” Brook John hurriedly pulled out his thoughts from the book in his hand, “Did you play crazy last night? You are still sleeping now!”

After speaking, he got up and walked to the bed.

“En!” Sara nodded along the way.

But seeing him in front of her, staring at herself with a smirk.

“What’s the matter? What are you laughing at? Is there something strange on my face?” Sara asked him curiously, and she grabbed the small mirror on the bedside table with her hands.

In the mirror, a female version of the giant panda.

The makeup is gone…

Probably the reason for crying, both eyes have become panda eyes, a very sloppy look.

Sara spit out her tongue, got up, took the cosmetic bag on the side, and ran to the bathroom.

Let’s talk about adding makeup!

She walked into the bathroom in a hurry, staying in Brook John, stunned.

What happened to this girl recently? Didn’t she always like plain makeup? Why did she suddenly become obsessed with makeup? Don’t even let go of sleeping? This is outrageous!

Soon, Sara washed her face, put on makeup again, and then went out of the bathroom.

“I’m going down to cook…”

“No need!” Brook John held her in one hand, “Sister-in-law is already preparing.”

Well, that’s good.

Brook John embraced her, sat down on the sofa beside him, raised his eyebrows, and looked at her in front of him carefully.

To be honest, Sara was a little bit chilly by his gaze like this. She hurriedly smiled, don’t open her face, and asked him hip-hop, “Why come back so early today?”

“It’s early?” Brook John raised his eyebrows, “It’s already seven o’clock…”


She was just looking for a topic at random, and she didn’t even have time to read the clock.

Haha, Sara smiled dryly.

“What about you? What did you play yesterday?”

“En…” Sara raised her head and thought seriously, “Actually, it’s nothing. I went to KTV at night, all night, and then came back early today. No, are you still busy with your sleep??”

“Really…” Brook John answered seemingly absent-mindedly, and asked quickly, “You came back alone today?”


Sara only felt that the gaze he looked at her was a little deep, and her eyes flickered slightly unconsciously, and she shook her head, “No…no, it was Amelia’s husband who sent me back…”

Her hesitation and her lies made Brook John’s heart feel slightly cold, a little cold.

At noon, he accompanied a customer on a trip. On the road, the car stopped at a red light.

To his surprise, he turned his head and ran into her and him.

The two people sat in the car and seemed to be whispering something.

The windows of the car are slightly opened, probably to let the sunlight through.

They seemed to be too focused on talking, that they didn’t find him here.

Until the red light stopped and the green light turned on, he hit the accelerator and left.

Brook John didn’t have any other thoughts, but, somewhat unexpectedly, she lied.

That last night…

Who is she with?

“John, what’s the matter?” Sara asked him worriedly when she saw that his face was not good.

Shaking his head, “It’s okay, quickly change clothes and get ready for dinner!”

“Okay…” Sara nodded, and Brook John went out of the bedroom, looking at the back of him leaving, inexplicably painful in her heart.

Tears wet the eyes…

Take a deep breath, get up, and start changing clothes.

At night, Sara slept alone.

He seems to be busy and has been working intensively in the study.

Waking up, it was early in the morning at midnight, and by the bedside, there was no breath she was familiar with, which made Sara a little scared.

Fear, he suddenly disappeared from her side…

It’s just that she should be used to this feeling!

Habit becomes a habit, but some things need to be taken slowly…

Sara got up, wrapped a coat casually, and walked out of the room, and went directly to the study.

In the study, the lights are still on.

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