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Chapter 859

Frightened, as soon as he opened the door, he saw her pale little face, the bloodless her, and the white enough to dazzle his eyes!!!

Falling on the steering wheel, hissing and crying…

The shoulders are shaking, like a child abandoned by others, so helpless, so vulnerable…

After entering the hospital, it was easy to find her ward.

The nurse said that Miss Evan’s condition is a bit serious and the case is also very special, so basically, the doctors and nurses in the entire hospital know her name.

The big cold hand buckled the door lock of the ward, his chest seemed to be severely blocked by a big stone, making him suffocated and uncomfortable.

The smell of formalin filled his breath, and there was a cramp in his stomach…

However, no matter how painful and numb he was, he couldn’t perceive it.

The doctor’s words are still in his ears, so clear and shocking!

The doctor said that her disease is called pericardial angiosarcoma, which is an extremely rare case in the world. So far, none of the patients with this disease has survived.

In fact, in addition to using implant therapy to continue around, there is another way, that is chemotherapy.

However, the pain of this treatment is not acceptable to ordinary people, at least, there has never been a precedent in this world.

Chemotherapy is painful at first, but in-depth chemotherapy, again and again, will only make her more and more painful…

And in this case of her, not only one or two chemotherapy treatments were enough to remove the cause of her disease, but twenty times, thirty times, or even more…

Every time they do it, the pain will deepen…

However, this is the last and only chance for Sara to survive!

Push the door open…

As if a gust of cold wind swept across his cold face, he couldn’t help but tremble, a bit cold…

On the hospital bed, there was a small body lying quietly, so slender, so thin, yet so familiar…

It was familiar enough to sting his eyes.

The scarlet pupils shrank in a circle, and the eye sockets were stained with a layer of mist, making him uncomfortable…

The steps under his feet froze in place, motionless!

At that moment, he almost forgot to breathe…

He hasn’t seen her in just a few days, but it seems that after a few centuries, she has lost so much…

He took a deep breath, clenched his fist tightly, gathered courage, and walked to her beside the bed.

Seeing that familiar sleep, the corners of the sex-sense lips finally raised a knowing smile, but behind that smile, there was a bitter heart hidden.

So bitter and bitter…

It’s so painful that he can’t open his eyebrows…

The corner of the mouth is smiling!!!

Finally, he saw her again!

Still so cute, so quiet, so obedient…


The little guy is getting smaller and smaller. It was originally a long and small melon face. Now the real face is a small slap face. The cute baby fat has long disappeared without a trace and her slender little wrist…

He probed his hand slightly, and carefully put his big hand into her warm bedding, and gently clasped her slender hand very carefully.

His heart trembled fiercely, and his eyes were wet in an instant.

Here, where is there a trace of flesh…

The barely gripped wrist is almost only the dry skeleton left, so delicate and so weak!!!

Cut into the bottom of his heart, pulling pain straight!

Does this guy usually not eat? Why is she so thin, or the hospital food is too unpalatable…?

Silly goose! What a fool!!!

Brook John’s thick big hands gently attached to Sara’s pale little face with reluctance and affection and stroked her carefully little by little.

Everywhere he goes, his heart always clings to it.

She is so skinny, like a fragile glass doll, so fragile, as if she could shatter her even her breath…

As a result, the big hands floating on her face became more and more careful…

Until, the delicate eyebrows trembled lightly, and the slightly curled eyelashes also raised, and then, the closed eyes slowly opened.

At that moment, Brook John’s heart had never been so nervous…

After seeing Sara’s slightly dim pupils, he couldn’t help but his eyes were filled with mist.

She woke up!

There was something astringent between his throat, his apple knot rolled, his thin lips were pursed, and her name was whispered, “Sara…”

She on the bed, blinking, blinking again.

The action is very light but very cute.

Brook John smiled faintly, with a gentle smile, his fingers still wandering on her little face, “Did I bother you?”

Finally, this time, she on the bed reacted.

“John… John?” There didn’t seem to be too much consternation, just trying to prove something.

“Well, it’s me!” Brook John nodded, his throat was so dry that he could barely make a sound.

But Sara smiled faintly, her smile was a little bleak, but she was filled with joy, her little hand clasped the big hand he attached to her face, and laughed, “I’m dreaming again, I’ve been dreaming this same dream recently. I always dream that when I wake up, opening my eyes is your gentle face…”

There are so many such dreams that she can’t tell her at all for a time, whether this is reality or a dream!!!

Brook John lowered his head and laughed softly, but his eyes filled with smiles were all bitter, “Do you miss me that way?”

When asked by him, Sara’s dim eyes burst into tears unsuspectingly, and nodded, “Well…” She misses him!

Every day she wishes she could see him clearly in her dream, touch him, and hear his warm voice, but every day she woke up and opened her eyes, only to find that everything was nothing but nothing…

Lost, accompanied by a deep feeling of love, melted into her heart, so painful and hurt…

Brook John’s throat also choked, and the big palm held her carefully and tightly in his palm, whispering in a slight bit of resentment but without a trace of blame, “Why didn’t you tell me…”

Sara shook her head, tears staining her pale and thin cheeks, “I can’t say…”

“Why?” Brook John’s throat was dry and painful, “You are afraid I am worried, or I am sad?”

“It’s all…”

“Don’t you think that as soon as you leave, I won’t worry or feel sad? There’s still lingering, won’t I be sad?”

Sara didn’t say anything, but shook her head, letting tears wet her cheeks.

“Yes! I admit…” Brook John choked in his throat, even speaking with a trembling sound, his eyes were red, and the eyes were stained, “I admit, I and William would rather you abandon us than I would like to see you lying on this hospital bed, but we are a family… right? We said when we got married, whether it is health or disease, we must be persistent. Did you forget? “

“No… I have never forgotten it!!” Sara’s eyes filled with panic, assuring anxiously.

“I know…” Brook John hurriedly calmed her, “Come on, don’t cry! Close your eyes first, sleep well, we will talk tomorrow…”

He could feel her tired.

“I don’t want…” Sara shook her head.

“Why?” Brook John raised his eyebrows, looking at her dissatisfied, “Why not behaved?”

“I don’t want to sleep…”

Obviously, the eyelids have started to fight, and she is already tired and almost going to sleep, and she is still holding on.

“Don’t force it! Be good, go to bed first…” Brook John persuaded her distressedly.

Sara shook her head, “I’m afraid I will see you once I close my eyes and never see you again…”

Sara’s words deeply hurt Brook John’s heart and smiled helplessly, “Fool, no!”

“Don’t…” Sara shook her head, unwilling.

“I promise, the person you see when you open your eyes tomorrow is me!” Brook John promised with a smile.

“Really?” Sara’s eyes flashed with a rare light, and the little hand holding him became tighter as if she was afraid that he would disappear in the next second.

“Really…” Brook John nodded affirmatively, “Be good, go to sleep!”

“Okay…” Finally, Sara listened to him obediently, closed her eyes, and went to sleep.

However, she couldn’t help but ask him, “Am I particularly ugly now?”

“No, you are still beautiful…”



“Haha…” With a silly smile, she buried herself in the quilt and fell asleep sweetly.

Tonight’s dream is sweet, but it’s not real enough…

It wasn’t until she fell asleep that Brook John felt relieved, and suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to call William. Presumably, that guy must have died at home.

Look at the time, it’s okay, it’s not too late, it’s only ten o’clock, the little guy has been sleeping late recently.

Out of the ward, he dialed the home phone.

“Old William, are you busy tonight?” As soon as he answered the phone, the little guy hurriedly asked him.

“Well, a little bit…” Brook John replied, “Daddy may not go home tonight. Are you alone, are you afraid?”

“William is not alone. Aunt Amelia came over and said that Daddy is very busy today and may not be able to go home!”

“Really?” This surprised Brook John. No wonder the little guy didn’t call himself. “Will you let Aunt Amelia take a call?”

“Okay!” The little guy turned around and handed over the phone in his hand to Bailey Amelia, “Aunt Amelia, Daddy asked you to listen to the phone…”

“Okay… baby, can you go to the house and go to sleep? Aunt Amelia will come here!” Bailey Amelia tried to spread the little William, after all, some things are too cruel for children.

“Okay…” William seemed to be aware of something, but he was still very good, blinked, left, and went upstairs.

“Amelia, thank you…” Brook John thanked her heartily.

“No!” Bailey Amelia was also moved, “You know, I just hope you are good!”

Chapter 860


“Sara, how is she?” Bailey Amelia asked Brook John carefully.

On the other end, Brook John was silent for a while, and it was quite a long time before returning to her in a low voice, “She is fine, she has fallen asleep…”

“That’s good…” Bailey Amelia also nodded, feeling the heavy breath in his words, thinking for a moment, and then said, “Then…are you going to tell William?”

At the other end, Brook John fell into silence.

“I will tell him!” Finally, he got his answer.

William has the right to know all this…

“Will this be…too cruel to him?” Bailey Amelia asked him.

Brook John didn’t answer, only knowing that Sara’s departure was just as cruel to William, who was only four years old and might cast a dark shadow on his small heart in the future.

These are not the results they want as parents.

Anyway, at least, let him know that his mummy has always loved him, and has never abandoned him!

“Okay…Anyway, I believe you all do it for your children!” Bailey Amelia sighed lowly.

“She will get better!” Brook John added another sentence quickly, with firm words.

“Yes… definitely! I believe that good people will be rewarded!”

Brook John smiled faintly, “Then please help me take care of William…”

“Okay! Don’t worry about staying with Sara there…”

“Okay, thank you…” Brook John thanked her, and then hung up after saying a few more words.

Back to the ward, Sara had already slept soundly, looking into her eyes, he couldn’t help but smile slightly.

Then, gently, sat down on the chair next to her bed.

The big hand, gently leaning into the bedding, held her thin hand, so careful…

He promised her that tomorrow when she opens her eyes, he will be able to let her see him!

So, he was sitting here, and she could see his familiar face when she opened her eyes in the morning.

Sitting quietly, staring deeply at her on the bed. Gradually, tiredness came and his head fell on the bed, and gradually fell asleep.

Early morning…

The first ray of morning light spilled into the warm ward through the thin curtains, and the door of the ward was gently pushed open.

The moment Dixon Ethan opened the door, he ran into Brook John lying on the edge of the bed.

Slightly startled, the deep green pupil tightened in a circle, hesitated for a second, then turned around and gently left the ward.

Perhaps, at this moment, he really shouldn’t disturb the harmony and ease between them.

Probably, for them, such an atmosphere is the truest and happiest!

When the warm and soft light sprinkled on Sara’s slender face, her always pale cheeks had a little color, which seemed to be more energetic than ever.

Probably because the sun was too comfortable, Sara, who was immersed in her dreams, couldn’t help being pulled back to reality by the warm sun.

The slightly curled eyelashes blinked, and then slowly opened her eyes.

She tilted her head and looked over the window, then subconsciously squinted her eyes, probing her hands, and placed in front of her eyes to block out the slightly dazzling sunlight.

The weather today seems to be good…

The body moved slightly, and she was taken aback as if something was pressing on her bedding.

Then she turned her head to look over, stunned, her mouth was slightly open and staring at him lying on the edge of the bed.

His face is slight to the side, and the delicate and slightly tired facial features are imprinted into her eyes, so real, and so close to her…

It was so real, almost something made her afraid to touch…

Is she still dreaming? Or, is she continuing the dream of last night?

Last night, in her dream, he said that she would let herself open her eyes, and the first thing she saw would be him…

Her heart trembled fiercely…

Tears were accumulating in the eye sockets, but she resisted, not letting herself cry.

The probe hand, trembling a little, wanted to touch him and feel his authenticity.

However, as soon as she stretched out her hand, he on the side of the bed suddenly raised his head.

A pair of deep black pupils gripped her tightly, like a hunter who catches the prey, staring straight and scorching at her, like a hunter who catches prey.

That kind of feeling, as if the person who is about to live will see through the opposite her.

The atmosphere froze there for a moment, and no one took the initiative to speak.

Sara’s misty eyes stared at the familiar and superb face in front of her in a daze. Only a few days later, he was thin again.

He’s just that, thin, but still so handsome, the facial features are always so superb, so outstanding…

They don’t know how long the stalemate lasted. Finally, Sara couldn’t help breaking the stalemate, and she trembled, “Hi…”

With a smile, very embarrassed and embarrassed.

But only she knows that now she is like a drum in her heart.

She didn’t even know how to speak to him.

“Hi!” Brook John raised his eyebrows and answered her indifferently, calmly, and the corners of his sex-sense lips rose slightly.

He wants to see her, when will she pretend to be calm.

Then, they fell into silence again…


At the head of the bed, the tiny desk clock was beating slowly, with a steady rhythm, but it struck Sara’s heart as if beating a drum, which made her heart beat faster.

“You…” Sara spoke a little dazedly, paused for a moment, and then continued, “How could you…”

Brook John only raised his eyebrows faintly, “If no one tells me, are you going to hide it from me for the rest of my life?”

As he said, his big warm hand pressed Sara’s small hand into his palm.

Even though the tone was reproachful, she could still perceive his deep love and distress for her from his small movements.

“I…” Sara couldn’t say a word for a moment but bowed her head knowing that she was wrong.

The soft feeling on the back of the hand is very comfortable, and there is a warm and comfortable feeling directly into her heart.

Between her breath, she felt sour and moved a little to cry.

Brook John sighed and looked at her aggrieved little face with some helplessness. He stretched out his hand and gently pulled her fallen hair to the back of her head, “Be good and don’t lie to me…”

It is good!

Sara nodded, tears rolling in her eyes.

His voice still rang in Sara’s ears, and she didn’t dare to look up at him at all, “Do you know how I and William came here these days? I’m waiting every day, but forever I don’t know where the end of the wait is that feeling…Do you know it, it’s not good at all…”

His voice is very dry and astringent.

Every sentence, like a thick twine, slapped Sara’s heart fiercely.

She choked, looked up at him, apologetic, “I’m sorry…”

Brook John shook his head, “I don’t want to listen to sorry, you have never been sorry for me, I just want to tell you, since we are a family, whether it is pain or happiness, let us bear it together and let our family come together. Is it okay to get through this difficult time? To be honest, Dixon Ethan also knows that all of your things make me very fascinated, but after another thought, this is not your fault, but my fault…”

Speaking of this, Brook John paused slightly, and the deep black pupils tightly locked Sara, whose eye sockets had been soaked on the opposite side, and apologized seriously, “I’m sorry, Sara, I neglected you before…”

“No…” Sara shook her head, “Really not! You are so busy, and I deliberately deceived you, it is normal for you to not know!” Sara couldn’t bear him like this.

Brook John smiled faintly, somewhat miserably, “You don’t need to make excuses for me!”

He probed his hand and helped her to wipe the tears from her cheeks heartily, “Don’t cry, you will only make me blame myself more!”

Sara choked her head and shook her head, did not speak, just kept wiping tears.

Looking at her lovely appearance, Brook John couldn’t help laughing out loud, rubbing her head with a big hand, and gently disturbing her hair, “Little fool!!”

Only he knows the three words, and how complicated the emotions are contained in them…

Miss? Spoiled? Distressed? There is too much helplessness…

“What do you want for breakfast?”

“I haven’t washed my face yet…”

“Come, get up! Be careful!” Brook John bent over and tried to hug her.

“No, I’ll do it myself…” It seems that she hasn’t seen him for a long time. The sudden intimacy made Sara feel a little uncomfortable, and her small face was suddenly red like the sunset in the sky.

The feeling of shyness added to her slightly pale face.

Brook John ignored her, picked her up, and went straight to the bathroom.

He was very cautious about holding her movements, lest he would hurt her if he tried too hard.

Sara looked at the bottom of his eyes, felt it in her heart, and smiled, “I am not as fragile as you think! There is no wound on my body…”

Brook John smiled, relieved, “That’s good!”

Looking at herself in the mirror, Sara suddenly recovered.

A trace of loneliness flashed under her eyes, turning her head, looking at him who was staring at her constantly, “Am I particularly ugly now…”

Smile, a bit bitter.

Without waiting for him to speak, Sara approached him and pushed him out of the bathroom involuntarily, “You go back quickly, you didn’t go back all night last night, William must be anxious to death!”

Brook John was surprised at her sudden reaction. He leaned on the door frame, motionless, so he could watch her in his spare time.

“Fucking-wouldn’t you be more anxious not to go back for so long?”

As Brook John said, a probe handed Sara who was beside him into his arms, “Don’t be silly! Okay…”

The voice was heavy, full of distressing meanings.

“Have you never heard the phrase ‘beautiful in the eyes of a lover’? What’s more, you are really beautiful now! Really!!!”

Brook John seemed to be afraid that Sara wouldn’t believe it a little and nodded his head for sure.

Sara sneered, “If it’s so hypocritical…”

“Occasional use, the effect is not bad!” Brook John also followed with a bright smile.

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