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Chapter 877

On the grass in front of the yard, the sun was shining warmly on the two people who depended on each other, happiness, lingering.

She doesn’t know how long Sara hasn’t breathed fresh air so comfortably, or how long hasn’t been so leisurely bathed in sunshine.

It turns out that the feeling of life is so beautiful.

Tilted her head, closed her eyes, laid her head lazily on Brook John’s thick shoulders, and took a deep breath.

This feeling is so good…

“Time flies…”

Sara muttered to herself.

“Yes?” Turning his head slightly, looked at her puzzled.

“En…” Sara nodded, “When I entered the hospital, it was still winter. I came out, but it was almost summer! So fast…”

The breeze swept across two happy cheeks, warm, but still with a refreshing feeling.

There is no heat of sweltering heat!

Very comfortable.

“It’s still far from summer!” Brook John smiled, probing his hand, and wrapped her waist. “When summer comes, shall we go to Bali?”

“Go to Bali?” Sara was surprised, raised her head, looking at him with some doubts, “Why do you want to go there suddenly?”

“Well, go on the honeymoon!” Brook John put his head lazily into Sara’s arms, seemingly with some ambiguous feelings, and a little guilty, “We haven’t been married yet for our honeymoon! I want to go…”

Haha! It turned out to be so.

Sara couldn’t help laughing out loud, deliberately teasing him, “But we are no longer newlyweds!”

“But no one stipulates that only newlyweds can go on their honeymoon!”

Brook John looked a little wrong.

“That’s true!” Sara nodded, “That must be with William…”


Take their son on their honeymoon? Isn’t this deliberately creating a third party for him?

“Can you not bring him?”

“Of course not!” She has never seen such a dislike of his son.


Fell into silence.

Then, Brook John thought about it for a long, long time, and finally, he thought about it.

“Then can I take one more person?”

“Well, whatever you…” Sara nodded generously.

Brook John only felt pain all over, how could this woman not look forward to the two-person world with him? There is no romantic cell!!!

The day before leaving the hospital, Sara had visited a doctor.

After Brook John went to the company and came back, he saw that Sara was not in the ward. After asking the nurse, he learned that Sara had gone to Professor Thomas’s office and followed her to find her.

“Professor Thomas, that… I still have something to ask you!”

“En! Madam, please say…” Professor Thomas said politely as Sara sat down.

Sara sat down, a little awkward, her face flushed, “Um…I just want to ask you, is it true that I can’t have children anymore?”

She remembered that the doctor said that those who had undergone chemotherapy would affect future fertility.

Most of the children born are deformed!

However, she still remembered that John said that he wanted a little princess.

“This is not necessarily true. If you follow your previous chemotherapy procedure, you may be unable to have a baby in your life. However, if you are in this situation, you can wait a few years to see if your body is already toxic. You can still get pregnant if you get rid of the situation. It’s just a matter of time. It may take at least five years!”

“That means there is hope?” Sara’s excited smile was dyed in the eyes.

“Of course…” Professor Thomas also became happy.

“That is, I want to say that I was pregnant before, but then I miscarried. The doctor said that it was because I took too many contraceptive pills, which caused… Well, I want to ask, will this be right in the future?”

Outside the door, a pair of big hands on the knob suddenly froze, and his body also froze in place and motionless, his face turned pale, very ugly.

“Madam, this kind of contraceptive pill looks like a small one, but it is very harmful to the body, so I remind you, don’t eat those things in the future, then you can adjust your own time a little bit. Body, when the toxins in your body are gone, your body will be healthy again, so it is completely possible to get pregnant again! Good luck!”

“Thank you, doctor…thank you, thank you!!”

After listening to the doctor’s words, Sara repeatedly thanked him, and her hanging heart fell instantly.

The two chatted for a while, and before long, Sara got up and was about to leave the office.

She put her hand on the handle of the office door, then pulled it, blindfolded.

Outside the door, stood a tall figure, stiff, staring blankly at her who appeared at the door.

Sara was also stunned for a moment, but soon returned to her senses and tried to draw a smile.

Probe her hand, go to take his arm, “John, how do you know I am here?”

Brook John pursed his lips and said nothing.

“The doctor just said that I can still have a baby!!” Sara tried to use good news to dilute his emotions but still did not have much reaction.

Her heart trembled slightly…

“What’s wrong? Not happy?”

She knows what happened to him!

Brook John tilted his head slightly and looked at her, “Have you had a miscarriage?”

The voice is very soft, but it seems to be full of emotions in it.

Feeling distressed, across his deep eyes…

Sara’s heart was pulled for a second.

For a while, she can’t say what it feels like. For a moment, she thinks of the baby who is still in the future and born.

Her eyes were a little red, but she didn’t dare to look at him, avoiding Brook John’s inquiring gaze, Sara smiled meaninglessly, “That’s all the past, it doesn’t matter, we still have opportunities in the future!”

Brook John’s thick arrow eyebrows were slightly drunk, and his expression was a bit complicated.

Look at her, “because… the reason for taking too many contraceptives?”

Seeing him like this, Sara didn’t know how to answer for a while, don’t think about it, he must have heard everything she and the professor had just said.

She had no choice but to nod, “Well…maybe! That’s not all, then I just found out that I was ill, so my body is not very good, and it’s hard to keep the child!”

She didn’t want him to feel too guilty, after all, it had been a long time since, not to mention the doctor said they still had a chance.

Moreover, she remembers someone saying that the kid who slipped away will not disappear forever. The next time she gets pregnant, the kid will still come back, so as long as they work harder, the baby they lost will still come back!

She firmly believes!!!

Brook John twitched his eyebrows faintly.

After a long while, he bowed his head and shook her little hand, “I’m sorry…”

Apologize in a low voice, but very sincere!

The palm of his hand was cold.

However, Sara can deeply feel the guilt and distress in his heart.

Sara shook her head, “It’s okay…really! The baby will be back!”

Brook John just looked at her steadily, his eyes were very complicated, causing Sara to scurry.

Then, he bowed his head and lightly kissed Sara’s red lips.

He touched her hand and hugged her tightly into his arms, very hard.

“Sorry Sorry…”

Between the lips, three words have been murmured!

“It’s okay, it’s okay… Everything has passed…” Sara embraced him backhand, hugged him, and comforted him.

It’s like comforting an injured child.

At this moment, Sara could feel his discomfort and the injury in his heart.

He held her for a long time…

“Sara…” he suddenly murmured her name.

“En…” Sara whispered to him.

Brook John gently opened her, eyes focused on her, took a deep breath, then pursed his lips and smiled, “Forget it…”

“En?” Sara looked outside, looking at him puzzled.

“what’s happening?”

“It’s okay! I’m just thinking, verbal guarantees are useless, in the future… prove with practical actions that I… love… you…”

Three words…

Three sensitive words!!!

Sara was dazed for a moment.

Her heart shook a little hard.

The corners of her lips floated slowly as if her heart was filled with a honey jar.

I love you!!!

Three strange words…

He had never told her these three words before, the first time she heard…

It turned out to be so sweet and so beautiful!!!

Sara looked at him and couldn’t help but laugh silly.

Rubbing her head shyly into his arms, her little hand grabbed the collar of his suit, “Do you know that actual action is indeed the most important thing, but girls are more rational, and they like to listen to men. The child’s verbal actions…”

These words…

Brook John pursed his lips and smiled, “This is a hint to me, which three words do you prefer to hear?”

“…” There is no girl who doesn’t like listening, right?

Sara’s face was reddened, she was hard to say shy, “Forget it! Don’t listen, it’s the most important thing to do!”

Sara said, pushing him away slightly, out of his arms, and turned around to go back to her ward.

Unexpectedly, she took a step, but was pulled by her little arm by the man behind her, violently pulled her back, and fell into his thick chest again.

“Ah…” Sara couldn’t react, and uttered a low voice in surprise, poking out a small head from his arms, glaring at him with anger.

However, Brook John’s deep gaze grabbed her for an instant, with an ambiguous smile underneath his eyes, the next instant, he bowed his head and contained Sara’s slightly open red lips.

At the moment his lips were attached to her, there was a low voice overflowing between Brook John’s lips, even though it was very light, she still heard very real, he said, “I love you…”

The voice is very awkward, but she can feel his sincerity!!!

It seems that this is the first time these three words have been said.

Chapter 878

Even though Brook John had loved Adam Ava so deeply before, because of the shame of the big man, he had never said these three sacred words.

Only after he and Sara experienced such pain, he seemed to understand the depth of their love!

Love her, so tell her in person!!!

“I love you…”

“I love you…”

Kissing her, muttering constantly.

Sara was stunned for a moment, and for a moment, her mind was completely blank.

All she knows is that between her ears is the very magnetic sound from his lips, I love you, I love you…

In her breath, she could only feel his strong man’s breath, and that deeply moved.

Responding casually to his suffocating kiss, her eyes were already soaked.

It seems that she has never been happy at this moment…

At this moment, she doesn’t know how long she has been waiting…

She thought it was a luxury, but she didn’t expect it to become a reality.


Three months later, the hospital happily told them that Sara’s condition was completely cured, and the tumor had disappeared completely.

That is, a disease that had never been breached before was breached under the guidance of Dr. Blair. Since then, he has become famous in the medical world.

But their family seems to have a lot of emotion.

On that day, Sara was discharged from the hospital.

The family happily came to pick her up and leave the hospital. What made Sara even more gratified was that John called her mother to be a mother. This feeling was an indescribable sense of warmth and happiness.

Perhaps even he is slowly accepting the relationship between her mother and his father.

Sara knows how difficult it is for him to take such a step, and it is inevitable that she still feels a little distressed for him, but the distress is more gratifying.

Later, Emma and Brook Jacob drove back to their home without entering the house. The little devil seemed to know everything, so he hurriedly got into the grandpa’s car and clamored to go to sleep with grandma at night.

No matter, Sara had to let him go, anyway, there will be opportunities to play with the little ghost in the future.

She hugged the little guy in the car, and was reluctant to drop a deep kiss on his little mouth, “Baby, don’t be naughty at Grandma’s house, and come back soon…”

“Lil, don’t worry, William has always behaved, so don’t worry about it, hurry up, and quickly follow Old William in!” The little guy said as he pushed Sara, who was clinging to him.

Sara curled her lips and stared at his hurt, “Bad guy, you don’t even want me at all…”

As a result, the answer to her was a “pop…” and the door was closed unfeelingly.

Then, the car body flew out like a rocket and then turned around to look over, long gone.

She can only hear the childish voice of the little devil still floating in her ears, “I’ll let you hug enough after a few days…”

“Let’s go…” Sara dropped her shoulders and looked at her husband who was opposite.

“En…” Nodded, his smile was a little weird.

“Wife, go to the house!” Brook John pulled Sara aside, picked up her luggage, and walked into the house.

Opening the door, Sara was startled for a second.


Everything is still familiar, familiar furnishings, familiar taste…

Can’t help it, take a deep breath, this feeling is good!

It seems that it’s been a long time since she returned home. It’s no wonder that she always feels that there is an empty piece in her heart. Then, the moment the door opens, the moment she steps in, really, she can deeply feel the whole thing. The heart is filled instantly.

“Wife, you are welcome back…” Brook John gave Sara a big hug and circled Sara into his arms.

Sara closed her eyes, put her head on his shoulders, reached out her hands, and hugged his waist tightly, “husband, this feels good…”

Brook John just smiled, did not answer, and hugged her tightly in his arms.

In the afternoon, Sara had just packed everything, but Brook John was pulling her to go out.

“Why are you going?” Sara was surprised, but still tired of getting up on the sofa, “I just want to stay at home…”

It’s been a long time since she went home, and it feels better to stay at home, and she can’t bear it.

“Go for a walk…” Brook John came to coax her while holding her little hand, “Shall we go shopping?”


Sara looked at him in shock, “Do you like shopping?”

It’s weird!

“I don’t like…” Brook John shook his head, “but it’s not the same with you!”


Sara tilted her head on the armrest of the sofa and muttered, “But I don’t want to go shopping today, husband, can I change it tomorrow?”

Brook John’s deep eyes flickered.

Of course not!!!

“Then we go to the supermarket, OK? The refrigerator at home is already empty!”

“Really?” Sara stared at him suspiciously, then got up and walked to the refrigerator.

Open it and look angry.

It’s okay if she doesn’t look at it, she knows at a glance, the refrigerator is full of piles, but the only food, instant noodles!!!

Instant noodles, in addition to instant noodles or instant noodles!!!

“You two live by this?” Sara grabbed one of the boxes and waved at him angrily.

Brook John smiled, “Where do I dare, at most I am alone! I usually eat when I’m hungry. Usually, Sister-in-law cooks, don’t worry, I won’t let my son eat these things!”

“You are not allowed to eat anymore!” Sara softened and said helplessly, “Let’s go, go to the supermarket to buy something, these instant noodles are not needed!”

“Okay…” Brook John turned around joyfully to pick up the car keys.

Before driving, he did not forget to send a text message ‘cracking’.

In the supermarket, there is a raging shopping war, but it is obvious that someone is not in the slightest.

While Sara was carrying all kinds of ingredients, she saw an unconscientious husband who was still staying beside a shelf not far away, bowing his head, playing with the mobile phone in his hand.

“Hey! What do you want to eat, hurry up and get it…”?

Sara was helpless, pulled him, and was about to walk to the shelf, but when she walked over, the guy panicked for a second and hurriedly took away the phone in his hand.

Sara flashed a suspicion, glanced at him incomprehensibly, but did not say anything, and let him go.

Gods and secrets don’t know what the hell is going on, he doesn’t say, she doesn’t ask, just waiting for him to take the initiative to explain honestly to her.

And the three people on the other side, after receiving his text message, drove back to the mansion in a hurry.

Someone said that he wanted to surprise his wife at night so that he began to toss the three old and young.

After sneaking into the mansion smoothly, the kid took the phone, and pressed his little finger on the keyboard several times, “Successfully arrived!” ‘

As a result, the two elderly people in the mansion quarreled.

“I think it looks so good…” This is what the grandmother said.

“Balloon, too… too naive, right?” Someone on the side disagreed.


The little guy expressed serious agreement! Dragging his head and nodding like garlic.

“Cut…” Mother Emma said dismissively, “What do you know? Girls like these childish things…”

This is true!!!


“I think red roses look good!” This is his grandma’s preference.

“But I think Lily can better set off Sara’s temperament!” Brook Jacob suggested.

“…” speechless.

Temperament or something at this moment, it is all clouds! What they want is romance, what they want is the atmosphere.

“Have you ever seen a carpet with white lilies?”


Shaking his head, really not, think about it, it is a bit strange.

Yep! A certain little nanny also agreed!

She doesn’t know how long it took, Sara had already finished all the ingredients and even was dragged by the man beside her to a cheap mall to buy a lot of cheap clothes.

Today this man is a bit weird!

Not a little weird, but very weird!!!

Usually like this…

“I want to go to the mall next door to buy some casual clothes…”

“Go to galleria!” The tone cannot be refused.

She knows all that can be sold in galleria Mall are luxury goods.

“Too extravagant, don’t go!” Sara resisted.

A certain man was dragging her away, “How could I let my wife wear that cheap thing…”

“The marginal line is dazzling.

But today…

“Okay, everything is done, you can stop work and go home!” Sara was going to the parking lot.

“Wife…” He hurriedly pulled his wife away, “It’s still early, go home?”

He looked pleading.

Sara looked at him in surprise.

Still not going home after buying it? What to do!

“I’ll go home and make good food for you!” Sara smiled and patted his handsome face with pity.

Brook John pulled off her restless little hand and put it tightly into his palm, “Shall we go to the next store to buy clothes?”

“Huh?” Sara twitched. She heard him, right?

“Ah what? Let’s go! I heard that we are catching up with the discount now!” The latter sentence is a casual fabricated to seduce his wife.

In a cold sweat, Sara was dragged by her husband to the next shopping mall.

Not only did he let her buy what he called cheap clothes, but he even paid attention to discounts in shopping malls, which was too weird.


Sara finally couldn’t help but ask aloud.


“You…” Sara swallowed, still hesitating whether to ask this.

If it is true, wouldn’t it just poke his pain point directly?


“What?” Brook John tilted his head to look at her.

Seeing her imaginative appearance, he probably guessed what was going on.


“You…did your company collapse? Or, to treat me, you spent all the money at home? Is that right? Husband, husband?”

Seeing Brook John didn’t answer, Sara was about to cry anxiously.

If he took the entire company down for herself, then what face would she have to face her husband and see her father-in-law?

Brook John looked scared and couldn’t help but tap Sara’s head with his hands, “Is the head just to show up? Or is your husband just so capable in your eyes?”

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